Friday, November 30, 2012

A light so glorious

undiluted truth
so glorious
so sweet
that it melts the souls that walk by
and they cannot say what they came to say

if they are sincere and honest in heart
when they speak, it is to say thank you
for showing me what is true and right
thank you for showing me the way out
of my locked cage
i will go renewed and drink of the waters
that are pure 
i will be something that rises in beauty
like the sun
i will smell like the sweet earth
and put to my lips only words that bring joy 
and revive hearts that ache
i will be what i was meant to be
the SELF always

When love finally arrives

what time of day is it when the love of life 
finally arrives at your door?
is it the noon hour when all are busy with finding something to eat?
is it evening when the shadows dance and fall slowly
dissolving into night?
is it the morning when you are rubbing your eyes 
and cleaning the evenings rest from your soul?
is it the winter when the snow falls softly leaving 
a blanket of white that quiets the world 
and quiets the heart in a winter wonderland?
is it the summer when all that was shut away comes to life
and fills the heart with so much love and rejoicement?
is it the dark hour of despair when one feels they can not take
another step and are so very lost in the dark alleys?
is it the bright dawn when the light creeps through the shades
and melts like butter on the blankets and bright shiny things 
sitting on the tables and shelves sparkle?
could it be when love is not in your heart that this is 
when you are wanting?
could it be that when you have turned your back on 
what is true that you feel like something is missing?
or my dear heart
could it be that you have not seen what really is right
here and now?
this is what is called the right seeing that does not waver
it is what shows up clarity and finds itself right here

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is it not amazing

Christ laid down the law
like a crusader of truth
and what was lurking as unreal

is it not an amazing thing that his light
shed beauty on a land that was hidden in darkness
is it not amazing that lost souls came and drank from the pure waters
but did not always follow his law like it was laid down
so this is why the bible is not understood
there is so much beauty there if one reads with the right heart

what is said in the pages of the bible is the law of truth
and what is to be followed without mixing in
your own truth or version of it
if this is done, the words do not ring as real
and cannot live what they are meant to be

is it not amazing that Christ came as a wanderer
of the earth
and shorn the fields of mind clean with his mighty
tongue that spoke only grace
is it not amazing how the seeds he scattered grew only purity
and the hands he held were only his fathers which was found to be
non-different than him

isn't it amazing that Christ pierced through the net 
of the false 
with his sharp sword of knowledge
and beat down all that threatened the land of glory
which is peace

isn't it amazing that Christ loved himself as he truly was
without clothes and name or face
this is how he loves you too
and sees you this way

Isn't it amazing how the words of Christ are the same as all
the sages and Gurus
they are here to clear the land of shadow
and not to play 
in your world
they love you like the light you are 
and want you to be happy
isn't it amazing

Bread of Life

The bread of life is what is eternal
it is what the sages say as being the sustenance
and not to be tossed aside and picked at
it is what is to be your meal
day in and day out
it is the life force that sits in the heart of all
it is the substance of now
it is what is to be eaten in joy

like Christ walked the earth
but was not of it
because he ate of this truth
and became it
though he did not speak lightly about the 
ones that played about with his words
he enjoined the ones that taunted the truth
to come to him 
and find his light
he did not chase them 
they ran from him
because he was light himself
and when set against shadow
there was nothing of substance to hold

this is the commander of all
his word
it makes of itself a perfect whole that 
never wanders from the light
it lives and breathes
what the sages are and what Guru is

not a body or a physical form 
but light that is eternal
speaking the same always
though there may be some  variances or shades of 
yet the heart is the same
because truth is ONE and never has been separate

this is spirit
friend it is the hearts message and it rings
of freedom
if you listen
it will begin to live in you
and you in it
would this not be a good thing?

sannyas/sadhu life

if you want to cling to the past 
then it is best to go and chase those things
because what the wandering sadhus are 
really meant to do is wander
alone and naked
not pick up the chains of the world
and try to find refuge there

the sadhu is like the meat of the seeking
he is what the writings of the rishis speak about
as being lords of themselves and not
wearing the robes for the wrong reason
to flaunt about
and gossip 
which we see so much of 
what a terrible thing to wear the robes
and not truly have the heart of peace and 
seeking in joy and wanting to really know
this is such a shame to see

the sadhu's staff and rod are the holdings 
of the truth that guide him like a light
they bring him steadiness and joy
they hold him upright so he can walk in the 
land of the shadows and not be afraid

his earthly wear is orange
which is the color of burning the dross
this is so glowing that the eyes cannot see it
easily because the heart is the one that fires

he walks barefoot and sometimes naked
because he is like a newborn babe
he is fresh and new
and released from his past entanglements
he does not worship at an altar
the open sky and land are his home
where he wanders
he does not stop to rest unless he 
has to 
so he keeps up with nature
and stays in pace with her wondrous changes

one may come by and kiss his feet
but this is not for him
it is for the devotion of the soul to find 
a way into the heart where the sadhu is
and is not meant to worship his form
but to love the truth

a sadhu's body is not thought about
to him
it is like anything else of the earth
and is not to be worshipped or worried about
he does not sit on pretty thrones
he sits on rocks or the hard ground
and does not care if his body is sore
or bruised
he lays his head on mother earth
and sleeps a few hours 
then wanders again

what is his name?
-he has none
what his family?
what is his bread?
the earth and what is given to him by others
what are his questions?
- what is truth?
-what is real?
-what is my true nature?
how does he go about finding it
-by being still
how does he live?
how does he dwell?
-in caves or wherever he finds himself
how does he know when he has completed?
-there is no one left to ask anything
how does he find God?
-by being still
how does he worship?
-by loving his own heart and seeing God everywhere
how does he know what love is?
-by being love
how does he know what kindness is?
-by being kind and honest with all of nature
how does he know when the light is near?
-because he cannot find himself like he was
how does he know the beginning?
-by finding the end
how does he know the end?
-by finding the beginning
what is his true name?
-the absolute
what is his joy?
what is his mighty sword?
-the sword of knowledge
what is his birthright?
-to know his true nature
when is his mind pure?
-when the shadows rise no more
is it true that he dies and is never reborn?
-yes, if his mind is completely still
what can i do to be like this?
-let go of attachments
what can i do about fear?
-stop thinking of yourself
what if i am a householder?
-then your heart is in the home
what about truth in the home?
-find it in love with your family
what will i do if i live without knowing the truth?
-you will have another chance

Does this not sound nice?

if you could be anything
maybe it would be a king
or a man with great knowledge
or a shipman that rides through the ocean
with the winds pushing at his back
or a big fat moon that shines luscious
and warm on a still evening
or the clouds moving and shifting
over its glow

if you could be anything
maybe it would be a bird flying
wherever the winds take it
thru the blue sky
bypassing the hurried bodies below
does this not sound nice?

If you could be anything
maybe it would be yourself
but the best self
that does not carry the baggage of 
your old self
and then you could move easily
like spirit
and live and breathe within all that dances
in the light
this is what you really are
and what you have come to be
does this not sound nice?

There is nothing so true

there cannot be a love so true as the ONE
there cannot be a summer day so beautiful 
and warm
there cannot be a bluer sky
or a prettier face
than the light that rests in you

there cannot be a wonder so amazing
there cannot be a crate with such
sweets or a bin with such ripe berries
there can only be what it is you are
and this light is the most amazing
and sings your name 
without the heaviness of *other*

there is nothing so joyous 
as your child
but THIS is even more joyous
and it sings of your love 
without taking it away
like a dance in the still of the morning
and a precious smile from the fruits of 
your labor
and the most amazing light that is you
so do not hold back
from yourself
dance with your child in the heart
as this ONE lives eternally

your heart is in the home
but you have not fully been there
you have wandered about
in the land of other
and never fully opened to yourself
which lets in the light of your family
without clinging
this is the truth and is what comes in 
the day of knowing 
and putting your soul to rest
this light is what you are
and it is all the love you could ever hold
and more beyond
come find it
it is dancing now

precious seeker
you are the lamp that lights the way
for others
and are the example for humankind
is this what sounds right in your world
or are you elsewhere
because this is what the scriptures 
and what is said in those books is the most high
so you should live it
and not care about your little world
as it will break down eventually
love what is before you to do
and stop thinking of yourself
so much
this is how the lamp
can be lit
and if you look backwards
you will not see it
like the treasure it is

The jewel in you

The one that does not run away
but stays in the heart and lives life 
as it is
will be the one that calls to rest
all the demons that have haunted
this one will be the one that cannot
be unreal
like a dream shadow and a fantasy

Trust in this my love
that if you were not here
you would not have this jewel in you
but you are here

and this jewel shines strong
as the mightiest mountain
that sits in glory 
for the passerbyers to watch and shake
their heads at the mystery of creation
because it is so amazing
and does not know anything else
but its own sweet essence

this is the jewel that sits in you

Be like the masters

Be that you have fallen
and not set yourself right
but got lost in the shadows
this is the way then 
and the beginning of 
taking the road out

see this cannot be right
when the world overshines
the truth
it is lifeless this way
and cannot breathe of the fresh
wonders that sing everlasting

as this BEING is so very steady
it has not at all been tainted by your reality
that does not know itself
it is just simply what it is
and cannot go away
it will not come to you friend
for you must seek it yourself
and let go of that which binds
the heart and shields the eye
you need to never be the one that
carries untruth
this is so wearisome and will not hold
any water 
but will lose the meaning of your life

please friend
this cannot be the way
it is the wrong that cannot turn
itself right
it is the dark that cannot move or be
anything that is a wonder
it is nothing that lives
be the way of the masters
and saints
come into their world
as it brings joy, love
and such wondrous peace
that it makes the souls in their sleep
die a good death
and never wake up to 
the unreal again
then, they too can be the same
as they are 
the truth