Tuesday, February 2, 2016

the turn of the season....

see, my friend, my hands do not move so readily when i sit 
to write..
but this matters not for all the words said will not make the 
heart open or bring truth 
for that is between you and God truly
for you must face yourself and see what is there that is 
driving you in circles of mind 
without seeing and letting go of this illusion, it continues 
to grow in different ways and delude the mind
what matters is one continues no matter the coming and going 
and remains steady in the light 
for so much will come forward to be seen of lifetimes of clinging 
and phenomena of all sorts of color and varieties 
and voices too that speak
haunting in their way and soothing too, but this is not it dear souls 
for you (sturdy inside) will not give in to this type of play, but will 
see it for what it is and it will come back again and again
until it rises no more...
what a journey, yes?
but one can only keep putting one foot in front of the other and 
be open to what is taking place in this moment as best possible...
so yes, i have written on so many things and said nothing at all really that 
is new... 
and now there is not a typical flow of writing after writing as grace changes 
the course and things drop in it's time, but i will say as the writing is flowing
this moment that there will come another time for this 
writing to blossom in it's new life... 
and so we wait as the leaves once green (with the coming of this phase)
are now turning to gold, orange and red and will fall away with
the turn of the season...
but that moon is still there, vibrant and glowing.... full....
and so we go on ....

may all be well and all be blessed with spirit-light 
and freedom...

om shanti