Sunday, September 21, 2014

what remains

a life lived in stillness
is the most high
not like a one that is above everything else
but like a one that is the SAME as all else
if this makes no sense,
then good…
for mind cannot turn the light
into an understanding or a ray
it can only begin to question
and then the snake eats it's tail
and leaves the ground of being
to be known
this soul does not know himself
as he was any longer
that one has died and left the o ne
to replace the suffering persona
what grace dear ones
what grace...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

what are you?

what are you dear?
in the heart 
what are you?
not as you think 
for certain
not as a measured thing 
that has this quality and that
not like this in the least
in the heart 
you are as you truly are 
which is unborn
made of only pure life 
untouched by form and mind 
untouched by thought 
untouched by even one thing that 
can be named 
oh heart friend, 
yes, you are perfect 
it is true 
and what is to make you think
otherwise is this spell of maya
it plays and moves as the world 
it creates dream substance 
a shadow over the heart 
that sits clear as the most precious 
come find it my friend
seek not what the mind is after 
and dive into the heart 
like a one that is to die to what is known
and you will be freed of suffering 
in this light 
love is as still waters 
so pure and clean
as God in it's right state 
be in this light 
and let the shadows go
know yourself
then all is set right