Saturday, June 28, 2014

nothing to give..

he came, this sage
and sat in the streets where the men walk by
preoccupied, not ever glancing away from their world
of desires and daydreams
he sat silently in the streets not saying a word
until a man that looked like a pauper came to him
and said, dear man why do you sit so still and silent?
not any reason spoke the sage, i am just sitting
there is nothing more to it
the pauper said, do you mind if i sit with you?
the sage said, i do not mind
so the pauper sat by him
they both sat
finally, the pauper said, i am lonely and have nothing
the sage said, i have nothing, but am not lonely
the pauper said, well, this is different.. i do not understand
well, said the sage, i am not desiring anything for all is full
and complete
oh, said the pauper, this is a good thing to hear this moment
i will sit with you awhile longer and hope to get some of this
good feeling you have
the sage laughed and said i have nothing dear man
yet i am not feeling lack
i am simply quiet inside and because of this, all is very well now
and cannot be otherwise …
i cannot understand your state my friend, but i will say, it sounds okay
to me
i wish to be like you, but i am very tired and old and need
comfort for my weary bones
dear sir, said the sage, you are quite well too in spirit --
look over there, the sky is a brilliant red, how it glows of life
yes indeed, it is pretty spoke the pauper
look too, at the puddles of water on the street, how they sparkle of life
yes indeed they do spoke the pauper
you are a funny man, said the pauper -- i will sit awhile longer and then
go from you so you can enjoy your time…
as you wish said the sage
i know not what to give you for you are the same as me dear soul
look within yourself and do not keep wanting to be different
the lord has made you the same as i
how can i give you something that you already are
this sounds odd to me said the pauper -- i am not really getting this
but i wil mull it over a bit here and there …
but for now, enjoy your time and thank you for speaking of yourself
the sage did not say anything else -- what could he say?
there are no words to express this beauty that is of life,
love and stillness
and lives within all hearts equally
and without end...
he just sat and all was well with him
and this was all…

om shanti

song of pure life...

a long time ago 
there was a sage named Rhibu
he was manifested by Shiva 
who lived on Mount Kailasa
in the himalayas
he was taught by Shiva of the 
the timeless reality 
that lives beyond words, 
beyond mind, beyond all conceptual
Rhibu drank this wisdom deeply and
when he was illumined 
went to the holy mountains and taught
Nhidagha the essence or truth of existence
Nhidagha was a seeker that listened intently
to the words that poured like honey from Rhibu's mouth
his words were like rain to a soul that was parched 
and walking for many a day, year and lifetime
in the desert of maya with her spell of illusion
Rhibu spoke with beautiful words and a voice 
that sung without waver 
that all things and all playing out within the sensual world 
are nothing but Brahman
all is Brahman and nothing else…
all is consciousness -- 
everything from the grain of sand to the beautiful sun in the sky
all Brahman... 
Rhibu was a one that honored Shiva with his entire 
he offered his mind and body to him 
he offered his life to him to be taken in and 
bathed in the purity of this grace 
in which there existed no form or personhood
but was only made of the substance of truth (or atman)
existence, consciousness and bliss
with his full devotion, Rhibu gave his flowers of love 
which is his own self
that was longing to know what lies 
beyond this world of suffering and desires and all that comes 
with this 
he sang of the love that is inherent in Shiva or pure consciousness
and the purity there that is like the clearest pool of water 
stainless, without anything that speaks of separation 
void of any questions or seeking…
nothing like this exists within this tranquil essence
Rhibu was a sage that sung of the non-dual essence
he sang of what it was and what it was not 
(like all sages that are true) 
he sung with eloquence of the one -- the knowing beyond 
all knowledge 
he sung with love and joy of the the heart that shines in all 
without end 
without division
without me and you and this and that 
without death
nothing and everything 
he sang of life in it's purity….
Om Namah Shivaya…

this is the writing that flowed this evening…

shanti om

Monday, June 16, 2014

seeing of the heart

crying out for God?
my dear 
how can God go anywhere? 
he is the living light
when all the searching stops 
lo, he appears 
as the soul fire 
the beautiful heart
that is in all things 
and when the ones that speak
of him 
say, "be still and know"
then listen friends 
and do not be swayed 
by thoughts
that bring in their wake 
instead, free the mind to be 
in the heart 
as God will become the center 
he is not to be found outside yourself
because he is not outside 
he is inside the soul
and breathes life and love and joy
as a single being 
and when the love of God 
is seen in all things 
from the smallest to the largest 
without distinction
without separating this is me and that is you
and all of this 
then the heart is open
to the one 
but even here, there is more to go
for the mind is to still without a drop of 
ego nature
then pure consciousness is what remains 
and this is the end that is the beginning (of life)
so let not the thoughts speak to you 
for they will take you away into the place of shadow
and deception
there is no thought that can ever
see rightly
for the heart is the shining force always 
and it *sees* perfectly 
it is the one 
and it is to be entered into in surrender 

this is the writing of this moment 

maha shanti om