Wednesday, September 30, 2015

untouched spirit

i do not know you my dear
spoke the absolute
i know only this joy, this abundance
this love so pure and holy
this great still presence that exists
if i knew you, i would come to your
mind and say
do not entertain this drama you hold
any longer
set it free, release it to the heart
set it free, release it to the beauty of life
set it free, release it to the one essence of all
set it free, release it to the single source
because when you entertain this drama
it holds some significance in your mind
it holds some kind of reality that is to take
you to believe in it
and when it is believed in, a certain kind of life
blooms there
and more of this drama is created in your spirit
God exists not of this drama world that revolves
but lives in beauty and love eternal
and his son Jesus died on the cross and rises
up in heart and love as to say
"there is no death"
this imagery or energy of resurrection is one
that is to be taken in and felt deeply in your soul
so that you know, that this aching heart that is of the
world is only a shadow and not true
what exists is this heart so bright and wondrous
like the risen Christ, you are free always and never
suffered at all
like the risen Christ, you are as the dove, fresh,
holy, not bound by the physical and in all places
at all times and not touched too
like the risen Christ, you do not have wounds of the world
or anything that happened to you
only the body which is a vehicle for spirit was touched
the *car* that spirit drove for a time in order to navigate
this realm of the world which is not at all solid
was touched, but never pure spirit
like the risen Christ, you rise from the aching, the hurt,
the pain to be lifted out and in beauty
to be lifted out and in single flow
to be lifted out and in shanti light
to be lifted out and in the nectar of stillness
to be lifted out and in freedom everlasting
to be lifted out and in such peace that does not waver
to be lifted out and in such joy that is lasting
to be lifted out and in deathless presence so light-filled
to be lifted out and in timelessness of all
to be lifted out and in comely light so full
to be lifted out and in mother light of all
to be lifted out and in shiva moon so full
to be lifted out and in crystal clear clarity
to be lifted out and in the beauty of all
this is it dear hearts
you are not this suffering form, not ever
so be like you truly are which is the Self
and do not go back to entertain this drama
so paltry is it that it turns to dust so easily
when touched by the light of God
and it does not return
all of the wisdom imparted comes from this light
so pure
and it is flowing to your heart now
taste it and *Live* it
it is flowing now and always...

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mother Mary

she lives pure
untouched as the lotus
fresh and without cares
she blesses each heart with love
as her presence radiates
joy, rebirth, heart, soul, union,
kinship, one undivided light
she makes the night lit up
with such grace that shines as
the full moon
risen up to be seen as light, light
she takes in the ones that are open
to love
she hears their call to be made whole
she takes them in and gives them love
that is unconditional and free of
attachment to form and mind
she takes them in and shakes the dirt off
that left them to be blind to the
heart of God
and anoints their forehead
with fresh water
that comes from soul-spirit
shed of anything that clings to
mental ways
when she anoints the forehead
she places a lotus blossom there
she places a lotus blossom on each
hand and places a lotus on the heart
and places a lotus on each sensory point
that is attached to the world
like the eyes, ears, tongue, hands and even
feet there sits a white lotus that purifies
that attachment
then these ones are anointed with
shanti energy
so like the sun, the moon, the earth
all in one
and reaching beyond, to the heart of it all,
where it all comes from,
the original source
then, that one walks away in the world
with this energy  flowing,
purifying, cleansing, holding the
light close
what more is there to do when this
purity is at the center?, but sit still,
hold it near, bask in it, rejoice in it
and do not move from it
she is this grace that gives so
freely without self-consciousness
may you sit quietly and be present
so this grace can make it's appearance
and shine
and cleanse the mind of dross
and impurities
then the white lotus shines pure

Mother Mary vision

you have come here
to sacrifice the ego
so keep coming child
and do not fear the light
put your head to rest in God
she is here, Mother Mary
she will anoint your forehead
with fresh water
and take your chin in her
lovely hand to pull
up your face
and meet her eyes
so crystal clear are they!
they penetrate into your
soul like moon beams
and brighten your days
and light your mind up
with visions of beauty
this is where i saw her
i was walking out of
my place where i live
and before me manifested
a path of pure white lotus
each with a candle glowing
at the end of this path was
Mother Mary
holding a lotus blossom
and offering it to me
she is a vision of loveliness,
adorned with white framing
her face and falling on her
she radiates purity so strongly,
lovely like doves flying and harps
playing and moon beams falling
behind her was the full moon
round and perfect
without any flaws of the world
this vision just came out of the blue
different, a little then the others
as it was projected outward more
i gestured to her most certainly
in a humble way of gratitude and
honoring of her purity
then, as i was swimming in the
there were white lotus flowers
floating everywhere
like a water lotus garden, so fresh
walking up the stairs,
lotus flowers lined each stair with
a candle
sparkly little lights with fresh
white blossoms surrounding them
then, as i was walking,
there was a lotus blossom placed in the
hearts of the passerbyers
later, my hands dripped with blood
an image of the stigmata was upon them,
very soon, this changed to lotus flowers
and my hands were made of light
more lotus flowers were placed on my eyes,
my ears, my mouth, my heart and feet
as i walked, lotus flowers fell from my
Mother Mary anointed my forehead and
looked at me with her loveliness
as a way to say, this is to take away suffering
her image is one of beauty untouched!
i want to say to you, to feel her too
in your heart
for there are many, many lotus flowers
arising from this purity
and are offered to all of humanity as
a symbol of purity and to say,
be quiet, be present
be in love with heart
here she is, Mary
what a presence of eternal beauty
she comes as love itself
she offers the sweetness of the flower,
the ripe fruit of sacrifice
she suffered truly
and purely
and now is in heart as one, undivided whole
feminine love divine
pure love....
Mother Mary

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

this moon coming

this full moon is coming as a blessing
it shines as a singular light
in the darkness
it shines as a substance of heart
it shines above the play of the world
it shines above the cause and effect
nature which is karma
it shines above the forgetting of the
it shines above the mental waves and
it shines above the linear reality
it shines above the heavy phyical
type of nature
it shines above the wandering world
it shines above the desire for something
it shines above the here, there and in
it shines above the little ego
it shines above the coming and going
it shines above the logical mind
it shines above the me and you
it shines above the sleepy mind
it shines above the divisionary mind
it shines above the layers of mind
it shines above the layers of thought
it shines above the birth and death
it shines above the sensual experience
it shines above the sensual playing out
it is not to be taken to be outside of the soul
it shines as heart
it is the fullness of life
it comes out of the shadows sometimes
appearing in it's wholeness to say
that life is complete, perfect and without
impurity in truth
it cannot be denied glowing full
lit up so bright for all to see
how can one deny this beauty so
*right here*
how can one deny this heart so
*right here*
how can one be blind to this light
so *right here*
reflected in it's light is this one
taste of it, breathe it in, dance with it
be in sync with it
hold it near and let it do it's beautiful work
of rinsing the mind clean
so the heart of hearts can shine
the same as this moon
full, beautiful and complete
this moon coming

Friday, September 18, 2015

thus spoke love

i have not forgotten you my dear heart,
spoke love
for you were the one that lived as stillness
in the heart so true
we lived there so freely as two beautiful
stars that shine pure
we played and danced in the moonlight
in the rich, dark evenings
we spoke of nothing that can be recalled
but we spoke so true in the heart
we spoke the *heart to heart* language of love
and this is the best language my friend
but now you are lost in the world?
and maybe have forgotten me?
the one you loved so very much before
this movement of thought took over
it covered your love, the heart
see i am here always waiting my precious
for your love to come back to me
i remember your presence so beautiful and fine
and when you spoke, my heart shined
because you beamed of love true
and when you sang my heart
warmed with light
because you sang of the non-dual one
this is what warmed me so much
because with this language we merged in
beauty and love
so beautiful is this merging of hearts
so pure and of God
do you hear me speaking to you now?
thru the wind and the heavens i am speaking
thru the sun, the earth and the moon
thru your whole being i am speaking,
come back to me my love,
be as one again
for i will wait for all eternity for you footsteps
and bring you flowers of light when you appear
and give them to you and smile with happiness
come back to me
dear friend

i come to you in your heart to say
that when you are near, i burn bright
as a light
and whisper to you come nearer
be by me and sit awhile, stop all
your *doing* and stay with me
this love of yours, this love of *all*
stay by these waters awhile and breathe
this in
so easy i am in flow of life and harmonious
come join me here my dear
for your time in the world has taken you
somewhere else entirely
i wait here always for your dear presence
so that you will know yourself as you truly are
a *light*, an angel of heart and purity
i wait always for your footsteps that are like
music to me
i wait always for your sweet face to appear from
the shadows so that  i  can run to you
and you to me
and we can embrace in beauty as perfect friends
that have always been

when you come to me, i will be here
as your own soul
i will play the sweet music of heart
on the waters and the wind
i will play of the time of awakening
it comes like a light flashing
in one moment
it comes like a bright dawn over
the mountains
it comes like the first summer day
but the brightest one of all
it comes like the unsung music of
and like earth rich in full bloom
so sweet is the truth that comes from
this soil my dear friend
when you come, i will play this music
for you
and we will eat of the love everlasting
i am not of the world that you are living
my dear
i am not of the nature of time
i am not of the outer experience
i am inside the soul
i am giving you a map to me
for i long for your sweet presence
i long to speak to you the language
of heart again
and recall those days when we were
in stillness

Thursday, September 17, 2015

more lovely imagery...

more lovely imagery today:

within this little rock, what was seen were many changing shapes.. Guruji described this as all the lives and manifestations lived...
then a hand rose from the rock that was holding up the earth..
what was felt here is that the earth and all the cosmos are held up and moved by grace .. this is the total support for all the happenings in the world (and cosmos)...
and that people carry their luggage (or the world) mistakenly on their shoulders, head, or hold these heavy bags while, walking, moving and even sitting...
the scene was of a woman walking with heavy bags in both hands, running to board a train...
this was meant to reflect all that is carried on our shoulders pointlessly when grace is the total support for all...
then, one of the cases that people hold came into view and opened up...
at first some possessions could be seen in there that changed and then turned to total darkness ...
a message that this baggage that is carried is empty of any true, lasting substance..
then many snakes came out of this emptiness within the bag -- indicative of kundalini rising when one
begins to open up and come within the heart..
these many small snakes merged more into one larger snake like a swirl or as Guruji puts it "rotor rooter of consciousness" which cleans out all the debris and allows one to see what is transient and what is eternal in nature ..
soon, an image of a heart appeared ...which is what happens as kundalini rises, it completes in the heart and remains there ...
the luggage that was being carried completely vanished then within the light as the journey had completed... and all became light, full, free and without the heaviness of worldly baggage...

another very nice image that speaks to the path of light and the pointing to let go, relax into the heart, stay in the practices and quietude and that all is being cared for by grace...

 om shanti

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

unfolding journey

when i first started the path, so many visions of nature came that were deeply vivid, crisp, clear
.. more so than even real life...
though some of it was very beautiful, it was also very ungrounding and all consuming along with continual kriyas, perceptual shifts, vivid dreams and much, much more phenomena for many years that still continues to some degree or another...
the imagery seen way back was of solid structures disintegrating, churches burning, houses burning, mountains falling into the ocean... also, crisp, clear images of the ocean, going over mountains, trees, rivers, sky with clouds.. jumping off mountains, going deep into the ocean and on and on... 
the mind was one-pointed while these images rose up...
then, for several years, much of the imagery fell away ...
a little while before the work took place that is now being done with Guruji, there was a lot of Shiva imagery that came out of the blue ... it flowed into my consciousness like a stream... 
i just let it happen as another odd phenomena out of so much that has come up...
now, imagery is again quite predominant and seems to relate a lot to the spirit realm we are working with... at first it was ungrounding, but now less so.. it is just accepted as another aspect of this unfolding journey...
the imagery, when working with Guruji, comes and unfolds by itself within the connection with spirit and with her..
it comes as a kind of language that helps to put together the energetic puzzle for that soul...
it is very simple compared, i feel, to regular language in that there is a direct perception of what that soul is saying thru the image that comes without words much of the time... it feels, in many ways, to be a language that is of the *soul* which is so very nice and on a different level compared to regular language.. as there are not so many cues to try to figure out...regular language can be so very loaded and laden with so many things...
when the work is being done, the imagery comes forward -- sometimes there are some words spoken, other times not and yet the *feeling* is there that is again as it's own language .. it does not have any intellectual type of figuring it out to it ... there is no adding it up or calculating or that type of thing..
the best way to say it is if a picture of an apple is seen -- one does not need to think *apple*.. this sounds so simple, but it is something like that ...
the imagery and energetic feeling comes through consciousness and is felt in the body on a certain level.. the emotions are felt, but do not leave a residue ...
more like one is like the sky or a screen in which this imagery or *soul language* can play out and then vanish, and then one conveys what is being seen, heard, felt in language terms...
as regular language is used, there is a *dumbing down* of the scenery...
kind of like if you viewed a beautiful sunset the evening before and were describing it to your friend the next day... there is no way those words are going to capture that same feeling...
it is something like this, but there is a mystery too that cannot be described...
this is just left to be as it is ....
this is really all there is to it ... 
it is very simple really and not anything that i expected would come, nor does it matter if it goes tomorrow or changes... 
it is simply the flowering of what is here now...

one of the images that came today was about love: Guruji was talking about losing yourself in that love...

the image arose of a beautiful white rose, full and with sparkley type of lights within it ...
from the side of this rose, another rose emerged, bright red and not in full bloom
slowly, these two roses merged, the red one fading into the white one, but still the red one could be seen
within the white one.. living within it as if they were never separate...
this is what happens within pure love as the energies sync up and come within complete alignment..
the two merge as one being .... 
this is pure love
it is love minus the *me and you* feeling...
when this personal aspect fades away, then pure love is what remains..
a very beautiful image that is a message from spirit to those that are open to listening... this rose is here for you my dear
may you breathe it in and come to know this purity of love that lives in all hearts...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

really nice stone energies



these stone energies came in radiating such wonderful light, love and beautiful messages for humanity....
very healing energy...

om shanti

Monday, September 14, 2015

the tree

by the clear water
there is a tree
grander than the ordinary
it blossoms when the season turns
the petals falling like rain
sweet to the eye
it does not sorrow at letting loose
it's fine beauty
for there will be another time
when life comes this way
as a bright awakening of color
the tree stands bare against the moonlight
looking stark and with a
beautiful substance of twisted
life climbing to the sky
the world comes and goes around it
moving, dancing...
the tree remains
and small buds arise
with the opening of spring
when all of life blooms and
there are new and bright scents about..
green tendrils appear
when the sun warms
and the world moves about
coming and going...
yet the tree does not sorrow
or bear any loss from the change
it lives as it is
in ripe flowering or naked beauty
as grace is the master of this arising
that is a sweet painting in motion
not of the mind
not of the world
not of the one that hurries by
not of any-body...
it is as it is
such is the way of pure life

Sunday, September 13, 2015

energy and light

as kali lives as the mother of all
she also lives as the great deluder 
she will cover the light if the soul 
objectifies the world
then this one loses rightful seeing 
and clarity of mind 
this obscuring of light is not a true reality
it is a dream that appears to be in form or
different aspects
like an original light that breaks up 
into many spectrums of color that
vary in intensity and hue
this is all that creation is ...
varying forms of energy and light..

Saturday, September 12, 2015

nothing new really

i am not at all special
see i know nothing really
i sit with Guru and
some things just flow out of this 
that seem unusual maybe, 
but not at all really
if what flows out is heard with openness... 
it is simply
the usual way of the struggle to seek peace
the usual way of the struggle to find higher ground 
the usual way of the struggle to love and be loved 
the usual struggle to shed the suffering 
what is new really here?
we all long to be free deep in our hearts 
nothing new or unusual here

i walk with Guru so much in this life 
she has been a catalyst for the opening of 
spirit, light and love 
this is the way it is 
as the coverings fall, there is more space 
for grace to shine and make it's appearance 
in so many ways 
but dear, it does not come to a personality or body
it just comes as the unfolding of life moves 
not really a big deal

when she comes here i know her way
she is an angel of love and light 
she brings her wisdom burning 
and how it burns in those that are around her 
in the dark night, it burns too as a light to follow 
as she moves, the knots are loosened in those 
that are caught in intellect
she is the bird that flies free
and love, she cannot be captured by any
come near her fire and burn souls 
you will know her love then 
she is this life pure 
i know her well
she loves as God loves 
she will throw the curtains open 
and then light shines through bright 
and warm
do not turn away your eyes, but open
unto her
love this moment as her grace 
love this moment and be free of the burden
you carry
love this moment
of now

moon rising

the lingam, dark and rich 
i saw it laying there the same 
in my mind's eye 
with a bright aura around it
from it came a crack that opened 
and springing from this, rose a flower 
that danced in the open air
thru this rich emptiness of atman 
the flower of the world rises 
shakti, the appearances so 
colorful and varied 
and filled with all sorts of experiences 
the flower rises from 
the source 
yet is forever connected there 
not separate 
the lingam 
dark and rich

white lotus
flower of understanding, 
truth and heart 
it manifests in it's beautiful purity
the ashes of the world have been
rinsed clean
deep within it's heart sits the diamond 
the *jewel* of all 
hidden and mysterious it lives 
shining in it's splendor 
white lotus 
flower of the heart

she is the goddess of heart my love 
she comes to to you and reveals this message 
see the world as a dream and do not cling there 
for it will leave nothing but sadness to be 
she leaves this message 
on the earth and in the garden of life that blooms 
but do not sorrow over this souls 
for life is eternal in it's spirit 
it is forever returning to be reborn
again in another form 

see the goddess, see how she changes 
shapes in the moonlight
and in the rising of the sun
and in the winds that come and go
and in the shadows that play about
and in the call of the birds 
and the wild creatures 
and in the body, the eyes, the words,
the movement 
through these changing shapes
she leaves her message:
oh souls do not cling to the transient
but find yourself in your *true* self
forever living as one

the moon rises over the mountains 
and leaves it's reflection on still 
it flows from the heart as a light 
to be seen by all
to flows from the source as a fullness 
that is undeniable 
see it glowing now, so bright and lovely
set in a deep, dark sky
it is an image that makes one feel 
and taste and believe:
oh how beautiful and mysterious 
this life is!

moon rising 
phases and stages of mind 
ever changing, transient 
the light hits as love shining 
shedding nothing but purity
that lives eternal
melting the shadow 
melting the coverings 
and that which has always been

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

silence of mind

the risen Christ is
life untouched
and beauty so full
like heaven and earth
in union
like mouna, silence of mind,
silence of word
like Shiv/Shakti
like mental waves dissolved
like mental waves extinguished
like mind in it's pure state
not of this world, yet in this world
as All
He IS dear hearts
look within and find his light
so full of heart
the time of crying is over
and the holding up of thy hands
sink into this light so present
and feel this living clarity
feel it in you
feel it and just *Be*

Monday, September 7, 2015

With open arms...

the risen Christ he is so beautiful
like a Saint, Master, Buddha
he comes to the 
one that is aching 
and sets himself down there 
to be a living light 
he does not ever hold back his love
he does not ever turn away any that 
are open 
nor does he turn away those that are 
those ones just need to turn towards him
and feel and see and accept this 
he never fails to bring heart to the soul
that is asking with sincerity

the risen Christ was born from the ashes 
of his
suffering like a dove so fresh and untouched 
he rose
he is here  now as love and light 
he is here as precious, still waters 
he is here as moonlit evenings that are sweet
he is here as endless peaceful days 
he is here as fresh, pure air 
when he comes, he takes the dark away 
like a light that has been turned on 
then where is the dark?
he does not impose himself on any
for he is inside the heart 
and when the heart is opened unto him
he is there with open arms 
i have watched him come as light
to open flowers in the early morning
and give sweet nourishment to the earth 
he gives like this friends 
and so much more 
the ring of his song is beauty and joy
the way his music wafts thru the air 
is like a sweet summer day scented with new life
the way it hits the heart is as the sun
melting the coverings
and leaving that which 
lives eternal
the way it moves one is like the ocean, deep
and mysterious 
filled with wonder and glory everlasting 
what has he to say to you my dear?
but be still, be still
do not suffer any longer 
be the light that you are 
be that which lives eternal
be still, be still

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I am spirit

I am spirit only
pure and true
I am that

I drink from spirit only
clear and healthy
I am that

I am blessed by spirit
stainless and beautiful
I am that

I am created by spirit
the treasure of the heart
I am that

I am untainted
unburdened and joyful
I am that

I am of God and in God
and never apart from God
I am that

I am love, light
and resonate as om
deathless am I
I am that

I am as still waters
reflecting the heavens
the moon
and tides
I am that

I am as still waters
reflecting the birds
that fly
and the sun
and opening of life
I am that

I am as still waters
a paradise of life
the clouds
the rain
and changing seasons
I am that

I am as still waters
in which life dances upon
yet I remain pure
I am that

I am as still waters
and have never been
or died
purity am I
I am that

I am spirit
I am that which is aware
I am that which is not touched
by the coming and going
I am that which is touched
only by truth
I am that which is beyond the body
I am that which flowers of joy
rise from
I am the flowers too that are scented
of love
I am the dove in the moonlight
and the fresh rains
I am spirit mighty and gentle
I am not anything else
but light
I am sustained by light and in light
I am
I am
I am that I am