Sunday, March 23, 2014

have you been still tonite?

seated in the heart 
the life force 
the shining all
not one drop of suffering is here
in this silence 
like cooling moon beams on a deep dark
this tranquil heart that shines as all
like nectar from the sweetest flower 
honey, fruit of the heart 
pouring like rain
soothing to the mind that is drenched in maya
oh let it pour tonite 
for there is no more being lost in the byways of thought 
let it rain on all that are thirsting for clear waters 
the Guru shines here, she does 
she knows the road out to where all is  
as one 
when she calls you to this path that is like fire 
she is in you burning bright like a lantern
that will not go out 
she will be there burning the dross away
she sits like a buddha still and perfect 
in your heart 
and night becomes lit and the path is born in you
to be walked 
like a sadhu with his staff that bears his weight 
thru the most treacherous courses that come 
thru the hills and valleys and crevices that 
appear and can be dangerous 
the sadhu steadies himself on his staff 
and walks straight forward 
the Guru shines in him like a force 
that continues to push his boundaries 
and tear his notions of how things are 
to shreds 
this is the reality dear souls 
for one cannot know what the next minute 
will bring 
and mind wants to get complacent and *think* 
it has it figured out 
not for one minute is this true 
you know not about yourself and know not 
your inner strength until this personal world 
is burned to ash
do not be afraid of this for it is the best thing 
that life offers 
it is the most secret thing 
which means it cannot be known by those that are 
not in the way of being open and desiring of it 
and putting efforts there 
but even with efforts, there is a place 
that effort cannot reach  
only grace takes over then 
and though ego may want something else 
it goes in the direction of grace 
like a torrent of rushing water compared 
to a trickle (which is ego)
this happens when ego gets thin and weak
the power of grace then becomes the all consuming thing 
may you know it souls that seek
then all that was felt dimly before or felt like a whisper
becomes real and alive like love, 
soul fire, spontaneity,
quietude, beauty
pure life, all of it 
is enlivened in you

so have you been still tonite? 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

an auspicious day

what an auspicious day
the birth of Guru
she came to be out of suffering
and worked thru the conditionings of mind
to lay them to rest
she came to be free, yes
but she came to be a light to humanity
and set those souls that are desiring of freedom
on the waters of truth
to be awakened in themselves to the heart
the light, the one

when i first met her
she seemed so ordinary in one sense
and yet so much the mystic and saint on the other
this is what drew me to her
as i could sit and laugh like a friend with her
but yet there was something else, so very potent
that came through in the most ordinary moments
and this is called grace
it cuts thru the false like a knife
and slices and dices the persona to bits
this is no joke my friends
one can be anywhere and at anytime
doing absolutely anything and this comes
this bursting apart of the person you thought
you were
and then an entirely different reality opens
in which one is *purely present*
and nothing else exists
time does not exist
as so many times
we can be driving and it may seem like
we were driving for lifetimes, but we only went
a few miles (this happened the other day when driving with Guru)
or a day will feel like seconds or like it never happened

i will say, this form has not always been well
it has had many illnesses that came in which i
i did not come back quickly by any means
but since coming under the halo of Guru
the body heals as mind dissolves …
which does not mean that the body will not have it's
ailments no matter what
but as the knots are freed, so is the body focus
which brings a loosening on every level
this is what has come here …
i know for sure Guru has saved my life and i
will not deny it …
she knows and i know …
but there is no harboring of *i did this* and
*you owe that*….
Guru just is .. timeless and present in all moments
and this leaves no residue of what just took place
but the grace is here and flows without end
how it is so present in all moments
and is felt on every level --
even in the hardest times..
and the stillness that *is* goes without saying
it would have never been known without
Guru's blessing and gracious presence

friends of heart
be well this day and rejoice in the grace that has come
in your life
if you are blessed to be under the halo of Guru
or if you are blessed to simply have a form that will
give the opportunity to go forward and learn
life lessons
than be grateful and love this moment
it is here now
and what is needed will indeed come to your life
if you are open
although it will not be what you *think* it is
(it will be better in the end)
and ego may not like it, but trust in this
if your heart is sincere and you move forward
it will be the best blessing and will open you to
which will in time bring stillness
beauty and peace
there is nothing that has more worth
not in this life or the next …

great day and om

March is the month of Guru's birthday

Such blessings of deep compassion and wisdom that flows without self-interest from our dear Guru
How much her presence has blessed our lives!

The time of Guru's birthday is a time to be in deep gratitude
The time is one of great auspiciousness as this light of truth has risen to bring refreshment to souls in the dark.
The time is full of great potential to make progress within and be in stillness.
The time is one of basking in the blessing of good company and rejoicing that the path has come into being ...
as this path carved out by our Guru has brought great changes for the good in our lives.
This path has brought peace where there was once tears and confusion
It has lit the way for us to be out of earthly woes and sorrow
It has brought laughter and fresh life  where once there was confinement.
The blessing of the presence of Guru in our lives is beyond measure
Beyond compare 
No words can ever express the gratefulness
Hari OM dear Guru

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the true nature

he came and sat on a simple bed where his devotees 
brought him sustenance that was from the earth 
where all things grow well when tended to with care 
he took the bountiful offerings and regarded them as his own Self
for where were the distinctions of this and that to a one in pristine silence?
he would sit on his bed and give darshan, a look to his eyes that bore thru
the ego with one glance 
oh yes, my dear souls .. one glance is all it takes from a master that is true 
so when he gazed at you, the heavens awakened within and what was false 
as the shadow that rises, would sink low and vanish
that quickly, nothing said, nothing done -- only a look
when a soul came to kneel by him and he sat with an open heart, his heart would 
fill up
like an empty vessel that has waited in the sun for fresh rains 
and when the rains came to this parched vessel, it would be revived and glow of life 
that was sleeping it seemed and waiting 
the seeker then, knew himself to be pure and of one heart and mind 
the first time this happens, it is so stunning and the knowing or understanding that comes
so completely different than mind … like the sky, boundless, yet grounded in 
the life force … no one is there .. no one is home, and yet all moves so gracefully,
spontaneous … 
no death exists here my friends, not even a drop, not even for a moment
and so the seeker basks in this …
one day when he was sitting still and calm, a man came to him and said,
"what is this world? and how can i be rid of this suffering?" 
and the sage said, " this world is like a dream, it is insubstantial as all that is seen for it 
comes and goes… it is here upon awakening and dies in deep slumber … where is it then?"
the seeker knew not what to say, but he could not deny that this world disappeared every night 
and came back to him upon opening his eyes …
"to be rid of suffering, spoke the sage, is not anything you need to worry about.. just simply remain as 
you are. this is all and be quiet, not letting thoughts intrude… self inquiry yes, but not by rote 
mechanical asking… nothing will change this way… an open heart is the best thing, an open settled 
presence and not worrying about when and all of that…. what weight you put on yourself.. why keep
heaping more and more?"
the seeker just sat and sat and eventually bowed deeply thanking the sage and moved on his way…
the sage, when he got up, walked out of the ashram into the open air that smelled of earth and animals 
that roamed about and smoke from the fire pit that was dying away…
the world to him was like all else.. not distinct and separate from the Self … 
when he walked about the grounds, his devotees would walk with him and offer comfort for his 
form and offer water or set down a cloth for him to sit on when he rested…  
he would walk up and around the mountain that he loved so dearly 
he would sit down a long while and be happy there, lit up with radiance and peace …
stillness was his nature
like love that was living, like joy that was living 
stillness was his nature 
and what he spoke of was that stillness is the true nature of ALL
not just in one special soul
this is not true ever 
stillness is 
and is in ALL equally without end 
this is is what is the TRUE nature 
may it become the center for all that are wanting to be free

Friday, March 14, 2014

never away from the source

pour out the world into the heart
it will melt there
like wax melting from a candle
it will melt
and the dross will be washed away
that has come from being in the world
as a *doer*
then, my dear
the mind will not be clouded
and driven by that which is empty
in nature
like phantom mist
that rises above the beautiful heart
and enshrouds it's majesty
it is like this with mind
and as a one that is blind
knows not what this world appears like
so a one that is in ignorance knows not the
and in himself has no understanding of what
is truly there
under the darkness
but as one that is blind can see when the
blinders are removed
so one that is purified is freed and knows
this life as it is
a clear, tranquil presence
in which all moves within, but truly goes nowhere
not ever away or apart in reality
this is the truth
that there is no death in reality
for all just simply moves and yet
stays eternally grounded in love and light
as God and in God
and never away from God
or the source

why bother with mind
my dear
the heaven and hell realms are what they are
energies that come and go
like all things
not a reality to a one that is free
for this one
is not moved by that which comes and goes
but remains seated where he is
which is in truth
and that which comes and goes plays on
but the mind remains unattached
like a wheel that turns
but remains motionless in the center
do you see this?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My very Self

i met you at dawn in the rising of the sun
i met you in the wondrous seasons that open
with vibrant life 
i met you in love with the other 
and i met you in love with that which
brings pleasure 
i met you on the road by the beggar 
and with the lonely man that sits by himself 
as if he is separate 
then i saw you standing by the road 
and ran to meet you there 
your skin was glowing 
your eyes sparkled with light and love 
and joy fully found 
i went to hold you my dear heart 
and then you vanished like a dream
and i shook to the bones 
and went to walk away 
from you and the world 
and there my soul of all, i found myself
seated within as silent beauty
where is this mind now? 
i know not so much of the time 
yet you shine as all, my dear heart 
my love that i sought out so long 
you shine as this all
in the simple stones that sit silent 
and the vibrating sound that comes and goes 
in the hills that are rich with life so 
and the sky too
how it glows of life and of this one 
the rain on the window 
the bursting of rainbow 
the earth rich and sweet 
the song of the bird and the song of the 
train in the morning 
oh life 
i have loved you without realizing 
that you indeed were my SELF 
and that you are what is the best 
the source 
this life, this love 
my very SELF

Monday, March 3, 2014

she rises

when mental waves die 
what is known is that
Kali is the *all*
the seen and the unseen
the pure life force
and is not something to be seen outside 
she is the heart of hearts 
she is the center of the wheel
and the wheel
and the whole thing
she is not to be left out of the world 
or the mind 
or the single essence 
how can this be?
when her energy is in all hearts 
and in all things 
and there cannot be life without it 
she is the moon in fullness 
and in shadow 
she is the moon on the head of shiva
and the moon in the heaven
and the moon in the rising of truth
like a moon she rises and rises 
to be not hidden any longer 
away from souls that sleep
and he will wake then and know her
as being his own soul
that has no name or face 
but is undressed and perfect 
glowing in the heart 
as his own soul

when mental waves die 
life is not as it was thought 
a life that has within it a burden
of *doing*
this is not right at all, dear souls 
it is like carrying a heavy sack on
your back that is not needed 
so cast it down and let the mind be 
without this heaviness
then it will be open and free
like God is 
he knows what to do 
and he will do it 
and do it rightly 
for he is pure intelligence 
know this friend 
and be of good heart 
and be of clarity
and stillness

when mental waves die 
there is nothing that needs protection
for what and who is needing protection?
this is very false indeed 
there is not anything to fear when the heart 
is open and rejoicing in the one 
what could be lost?
if one knows well that he is not a body or 
a mind 
and that all comes from the
very same source
which can never, ever die 
what is there to fear?

when mental waves die 
the time of sorrow dissolves 
like a wave into the ocean
but the ocean never knew of the wave 
that felt itself apart 
not ever 
because the ocean is always as one 
and knows this well
so what else is there to know?

when mental waves die 
Christ is not understood any more 
as a story that is to be inspiring or 
he is enlivened as truth in the heart 
and is known as the source from which
all springs 
not a story of a persona that came to do this 
or that 
he is understood as a one that pointed the way
to the heart 
which is only grace working to bring the shadows 
and lay to rest the motion of thought 
which is dark truly
as it calls the soul to be apart from the light 
which is always and forever here