Saturday, September 28, 2013

have you seen?

have you seen mt meru?
it is like a burning heart that
sits in majesty
have you seen mt kailash?
it is as the purest form that sits
in light and full presence
have you seen the pure river in india?
or spent time in the heart of the caves?
have you taken your soul to the sages?
to be seen by God eyes
and heard by God ears
and felt by God hands
have you been to where the waters meet
to merge together and flow into the ocean of mother?
have you sat in the sacred forest
and felt the breeze blow on your face?
and felt the moving of the earth under your form?
have you been to the wonders of the world?
and placed your whole being into the experience
as a man that does not know what the
next moment brings?
have you seen the moving clouds in the morning light?
have you seen the flow of the universe?
or have you been asleep to your life?
as a man that does not see or hear or breathe or feel?
as a man that waits for tomorrow to truly live?
as a man that waits for another person to give what is needed
to be free?
if you wait like this, then life passes quickly and your time
is wasted like a seed that blows with the winds
and dies away
never to bloom fully and feel the sun fully
never to be as it should be
in perfect love and light
yet you do not haveto go to the mountains across the world
or the rivers across the oceans and continents
but only to find the purity in your own soul
that lives in this moment
as you are now
immersed in what is taking place now
is where it lives
it lives in truth here now

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

perfect whole

no man can be like himself 
until he is in truth and joy
he only is pure if he lays the coverings 
on the shore 
and goes in the water naked 
to be lifted out of his past that haunts 
if he can go into the water that is 
like the ganges inside himself
then he will put himself in the 
ocean that is as a perfect whole 
that begins to take the dross away
and shines the light on the false 
to be seen as it is 
(a shadow that has no substantial presence 
or power in itself) 
a man that lets his thoughts die to the well 
of wisdom like this
will be himself in perfect being 
and will aide humanity to be liberated
by simply being quiet and settled 
in reality 
then what happens is love becomes the center 
and this is the highest blessing
for those that are in need and want of 
finding God 
what is more important than God?
it is like the sun that is life itself 
it cannot be taken away
and burnt or destroyed 
it gives of itself in pure love 
what can be more essential
than this?

try to be still dear souls 
because when there is quiet 
then all that was there before that seemed
so distressing or so alluring or so 
will perish and then the mind is calm
and tranquil
like shiva and Guru
and the mystic that has come to the end 
of the path 
that opens up to pure life 
which is not of the personal way
or of the suffering mental waves 
any longer 
no more of this then arises in a mind that 
knows God fully and completely
no more of this arises to a one that is shorn 
of all that sings of *other*
oh my precious ones, 
have you been even a moment in quiet wonder
like this?
then you will say,
my friend, i know what you are speaking of 
i know because i have tasted a moment of this quiet 
and this was so complete that i wanted for nothing 
and i cried not and desired not 
and there was nothing but a fullness that was of all and nothing 
at the same time 
and due to this experience i am going forward to be a light 
and i know not what awaits around the corner 
but i am venturing into the fires like a sadhu and a mystic
and will be as the love that i am inside where 
there is nothing but pure light 

her ocean song...

come friend, live for once
the trees are in perfect bloom
the waters are tranquil here where the heart lives 
the fallen blossoms from the trees blow with the warm winds 
to die away in the light 
but there is no sorrow here ever 
for the full beauty forever resides in this light 

come friend, trust this God that is inside of you
and be like the right man and woman that you are 
for you came here on wings of the earth and the sky
and the love that blooms 
you were breathed from the womb of mother 
she has raised you well with her song of joy
she has blessed you with knowledge so rich like the heavens 
she has touched you with kundalini and opened your mind to 
be like her 
she has kissed you with her mystic vision that is like 
nothing else known 
she has put you to sleep  
with her ocean song of life that never dies 
she has sung to you of her stillness with a sting sometimes 
to arouse you to wake up
and in her song she says, my child
come to me (this heart of yours so pure) 
come and live in me as you are like this always 
come child be still, be still
and when she dances for you in your mind 
how have you taken it?
have you danced along or come down from this dance 
to be still and watch the shadows rise and fall
without getting lost in them?
oh friend she is your mother sweet and forgiving of every
action done or not done 
as she seeds the earth with all that is green and lush 
and lights the sky with bright colors of golden hue 
and falls from the sky sweet pure water to make souls
that ache smile with delight 
and the one drinking can say -- yes, there is no more thirst 
and no more desire for worldly pleasures and ways
and no more chasing after this and that 
there is just rich pure water to drink
there is only life as it *is*
she is this moment dear 
live here and breathe this now and know this truth
it forever lives here
as the heart of all

Sunday, September 22, 2013

when she spoke...

when she spoke to her husband
he came close and felt her being as his own soul
he came close and heard her words flow as shakti
these words that came from this pure soul
were like moon beams that brought cooling rays to the 
scorched mind that was within thought 
her words poured out from a stilled heart 
which are not like those minds in the dual realm
where there is a persona speaking about a passing experience
but these words flowed from the source directly
these words cut deep to the core 
and were to restore the mind to it's natural state 
so what did she say to her husband this sage?
she said that non-dual consciousness was not of intellect 
it was not as something gathered and collected 
it was not as something that was newly found and discovered 
it did not belong to anything or anyone
it was revealed when all that was as a dream dissolved
then it came forward as that which has always been
she told her husband to sit and be still
and see what is not of the form,
see what is not of the mental shades
see what is not of the me and mine mentality
and dive in there without hesitation
for if you, my love, can sit with pure consciousness
spoke the wife,
and be of it and in it, then the truth comes naturally
one cannot be entertaining thoughts and know it
not ever
one thought even, is like a shade pulled down over the eyes
but when the thought free state is abided in
then there is an understanding (without understanding)
which means there is a *direct cognition*
of that which exists before birth and that which remains after death
and that which exists in every part in between
oh my husband,
hear these fresh words like cool rains
that come to fall on your soul that aches
that we are as one always
never is there a creature that lives apart from the source
not ever
never is there a single grain of sand
that can live as a separate entity away from the absolute
that has given it life
oh my husband,
is space divided or occluded?
is the sky confined within borders and separation?
not ever, no matter what takes place within it
whether a cloud passes through or not
the sky remains vast and without end
as when you confine yourself to the thought that you are limited to a body
then you indeed feel as if you are only that
but still it is not real, it is just a thought
and my dear heart, how fleeting is this thought?
this thought dissappears in sleep every night
and is reborn again and again ..
look at this deeply and be free of all thoughts and be perfect as you are
then this way love is true
and this way we are as one being always
and the husband looked at his wife with full eyes that took in her
beauty and bright spirit
and drank in her love and light that she so generously opened to him
and he put his forehead to hers and was quiet within
and then he got up and walked away to sit by himself and look at his mind
and see what it was composed of that was transient
and what was to remain as a constant
he sat with this alone
and came upon many states
some were blissful and filled with beauty
and he called his knowledge filled wife to come
and said, my lovely bride that is one always
i am in bliss often and forgetting of my world
is this the reality you speak of?
and this goddess of all spoke gently to her husband saying, my dear
bliss is a very beautiful state and can feel like God
but it is unstable and appears to a persona (though very subtle this
persona may be)
it is not the empty full being that is eternal
keep making efforts my husband and eventually you will be yourself free of
any fetters of mental waves
and the husband sat for many a day and hour looking at the mind
he sat and sat
until he at last entered realization in which all other vanishes away
like it never was

more writing that has similarities to the tripura rahasya (the mystery beyond the trinity)...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


she forgives you my dear
because you have always been clear  
of all that speaks of mind 
you have always been as the perfect one 
so put your hands that pray down 
and let the heart come forward to shine 
be not afraid of life and of yourself 
be here as the universe that is empty of form
but rests so filled with peace 
in a settled way that is not of me and mine 
hearken to this word 
as a renunciate that is alone 
and of the quiet wandering way

forgiveness is a putting away of the mental baggage 
it is not saying that you are released from this or that action
because there will always be something else coming 
that needs more forgiveness 
but if you let the mind open to the light 
then all that has or has not been done
melts away into the heart 
like a stream that comes to rest in it's source 
then what is there to forgive?
when this *me* energy dies away
who is in need of forgiveness?

she forgives, 
but she is your soul shining bright as the dawn of knowledge 
she is not separate from you 
because there is no such thing as separation in truth 
and what is here is the most forgiven 
and the most lifting of all
but how can you know it friend 
if you are in your soul as a persona?
how can you know the joy of all?

Monday, September 16, 2013

the blossom falls...

a blossom falls from the tree
the summer has come and gone
a young boy looks on in the distance
he will be a man in the blink of an eye
living his own life with it's ups and downs
the water rushes in the river 
and the leaf flows with it 
as the diamond like reflections
dance in the wind
did you experience the stillness 
amongst it all?
as the empty hub of the wheel that turns?
did you breathe the light that weaves 
within every sound and movement?
how quickly it dances on the screen of 
pure life 
never to be grasped and held
how quickly it falls to the grips of death
and another song is born 
in the womb of mother

in a little while,
you will see the sun rise above the mountains
and put your feet on the ground to start a new day
all that is familiar to you will wake up
and say *here i am again*, your old friend 
*me and mine* 
where will you take your mind then?
out to dance with maya?
or sit in the blessing of the simple quiet 
that has never gone from your soul?
oh my friend,
how quickly it dances on the screen
of pure life

Thursday, September 12, 2013

when he opens...

a man that thinks
is not a man of truth
because he puts God out
by his thoughts
and puts heart under the
dust of desire
with his mental ways
but he still is like God always
he still is not a separate being
he is so much a living light in truth
and he can be a seeker of joy and light
if he puts away his worldly ways
then he is like a sannyasa
that is in the world
but not scorched by it any longer
how he is so beautiful when he opens like this
he shines then of his own light and love
and the best in him comes forward
of itself
then he is a presence that will ignite the world
to be destroyed of it's darkness
and he will be a perfect one in time
he will be as his own light

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

more writing flowing...

so what do these ones haveto say on the subject of truth
and the subject of Guru
that are in the shadows
and looking out?
it is like a window that is frosted over
and one can only see a bit of a reflection (if that)
and then all the stories that are created from this
how much suffering these ones minds must be in
how very sorrowful too
when i came here to this path
there was so much love given by Guru that helped these legs to
stand and move forward
as they were very, very shakey for quite awhile off and on
and she gave, with her compassion, strength of soul
and a sturdy path to walk that was to lead to the heart
where all that has come as a dream will perish
she took this soul and helped it to be strong
and filled with a mind that is inward seeing
vs getting lost in the tangents that seemed so enticing to mind
how i did not know, my friends, which way was right truly
i just followed what *i thought was right* and went that way
not knowing that it would only create more branches of mind
to lop off
but when she came and said, "be still"
then i began to relax and see clearer the way
and feel the breeze of life as it is, without a story covering it
without a name and face on it

when i first started many, many years ago seeking by myself
i sat in nature so much from light until deep dark
alone in the woods or by the water
or anywhere that could be felt as a fresh setting in which there
were rocks, trees and birds ... not much was needed ..
even a nice window would do fine ...
and i sat alone, day in and day out
but in a way i had closed the world out and put my heart to the search
in seriousness that was sometimes heavy
with this, i went on though
but when Guru came, she opened the doors and windows and
said, "levity is needed on this journey"...
serious is good, but in balance..
and this was a great relief for i could just relax and enjoy life
what a pleasure
and yet there was still so many layers that came and went
and phenomena
and visions that were all consuming it seemed sometimes
years of it my friends
and still more that flows, but with much much more quietude
how i did not see anything that was coming around the next bend
a Guru, i had no idea about what it would bring
and it has brought the hard road instead of the *harder road*
(which is one of Guru's sayings)...
she is a light that is to be honored and will never cater to ego's whims and ways
in her behavior or words
and this is a blessing for those with the right eyes to see

when i was young i longed for freedom, but knew not what i was asking
and when i was older longed for happiness and knew not what i was asking
and when i was older still, asked to be used for the good of humanity
and knew not what i was asking
and now i simply am quiet so much, with no desires but only this moment
living and being
yet know always of the blessing that has come for sure
in living in this community that are like kindred spirits
and full like a family
but there is something else that is deeper beyond the connections made
a still aloneness that is of one heart and light
it comes when one is relaxed and settled
not struggling to become or understand
may you dear seeker, relax and be yourself
enjoy the moment
and let go

om shanti

Monday, September 9, 2013

nothing more precious

what price is there on freedom?
there is nothing more precious, my heart friends 
and nothing that can be compared in value 
to being still and without suffering.. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

like White Tara

she lived in india in the time when seeking 
was sacred 
she would sit on the hard earth with the sadhus 
and be in deep quietude that was effortless 
when the men or women walked by her 
they would scoff inside themselves or whisper 
how could she be serious sitting there like she does 
she is just playing and not making progress
but she paid no mind to these remarks 
and sat still as a mountain, majestic and perfect 
she put her heart ever forward and knew inside 
without a doubt she was not the form 
that was being looked at and judged 
she was beyond this and rested in the heart of all
which was undying 
once a man came by her and said, 
how is it that you are born a woman and feel
you can reach enlightenment like the men?
and she did not answer this man quickly
or even change her appearance 
but remained still as the pure waters 
of ganga that race about 
and cleanse all that come into it with 
a heart of love
she sat in purity like this 
and finally said, listen to what i haveto say
oh man,
you are not your body or your mind 
because you feel you are these things 
then you see me as being a female body
that is only this 
but i am here to tell you that my heart rests 
eternally in God's light and i will be back again and again
as a female that is awake
to aide in humanity finding that which lies beyond 
if this is not in agreement with your concept of how 
realization should look
then i suggest you find a sage that does meet your standards 
and then come back to me and say that you have found 
the perfect Guru that will speak and affirm all that you want to hear
and all that you want to believe 
and tell me then if you are out of suffering 
for if i have tested your beliefs, then this is a good thing 
because those beliefs of yours are faulty and untrue 
you have been deceived by believing that i am a body 
and that you are one too
and this is why you are not peaceful inside yourself 
oh man, 
i have been to the heaven and hell realms 
i have sat in the barren caves alone and contemplated the self 
i have been to vishnuloka and have entered the sublime mountains 
that are of the lord's dwelling 
i have walked into the ganges and sank deep many many times over
i have birthed many children in kingly abodes and simple dwellings 
i have praised shiva and kali and krishna
i have prayed to the heavens with joy and deep devotion
i have lived alone for many a day and year
i have lived in the company of souls of many varieties and ways 
i have entered austerities where my feet bled from walking the plains 
of india alone and without a single companion to be found 
i have ate the dry earth and slept on the cold ground with bugs crawling on my skin
and woke up to pain of body and mind 
oh man,
how i have lived so so many lives seeking and you say to me 
that i cannot be realized because this form is female
tell to me, what you have found in yourself that is pure 
that is not of thought or of the world 
and i will listen soul
but if you have only to walk by and judge, then you are not in truth
or any discernment that is of value 
how can you see rightly when your mind is so mistakenly taking in only
appearances and making judgements? 
so go your way and be in your judgements 
and leave me here to be within peace that is unwavering 
and she sat peaceful and still
and did not move for a long time 
so still was she that even the birds wings flapping could be heard 
over the mountains and the sound of the horns honking and the sound of the 
waters moving and the sound of the gates opening and closing 
and the sound of the children playing
nothing but the sound of the pure flow of life
could be heard 
rising and falling within quietude 
and so she sat still and did not move

this writing has some of the same flavor as white tara...
she was praised for her prayers and offerings to the monks and nuns 
and told that she should pray to be a male in her next life so she can give buddhist teachings 
she said she will come back always as a female form until all reach enlightenment 
as there is no such thing as male and female in reality.... 

Friday, September 6, 2013

so free is she

see how she moves 
how beautiful and made of light is her presence 
like a goddess that breathes only purity
and love and light 
how she is like shiva in her nature 
never apart in heart from the one 
and how she came to be a light to all
as christ came and kabir and allah
on feet that are like buddha
walking towards the well of wisdom
to be drowned there 
and suffering then is lost to the sea 
how she does not know that she is perfect 
because all that remains is this perfection
and one is then of it 
and no thoughts remain about it 
as this would be a separate thing 
and not the truth at all
when you come near her fire, be open 
and ready to die the death that brings eternal life 
do not put your guard up and turn your face to 
the world 
for then she can come into your breath, your lungs 
your heart and all that is to be renewed 
and wash clean your soul 
and then, when you walk in the world 
you will not see the outer appearance and take it 
to be real
you will only know the love that is so real in all
and the beautiful quietude that lives deep 
and mysterious 
and so so very rich 
oh my friend, 
how she is like your soul in truth, shed of sorrow 
and full of life so pure and so peaceful
in her, love is like it should be 
without a name or face or form
without a changing world that surrounds it 
to darken it's glory 
and when the night comes to fall on the world 
and cover it in sorrow
she is there, like a goddess of rebirth 
and will strike hard at the dark
and make it to surrender to her which is life itself 
and freedom that is strong and unwavering 
in it's fullness will then rise
how she comes here now to your soul
be ready my dear 
for she will strike like lightening strikes
and lights the sky up with swift cutting bolts 
and then the mind is quiet, so quiet as God is
then you will be made like her, brave and free
so free is she
love yourself this way in joy and surrender 
and she will open you to yourself 
as the door that opens to the universe that is vast 
and made of rich wisdom 
she will open your heart like this 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

a man came in the evening..

a man came in the evening
he could not find himself as he was before 
and looked as if he was reborn
he looked at the hills and valleys in the distance 
and said that there is nothing separate 
he said me and mine are not real
he said me and mine are as figments 
of imagination
he said me and mine are like a misty
rising that is not separate from the source 
but as an illusion that comes from wrong 
understanding of what is true 
when he spoke, his heart was like a fire 
that had consumed all suffering thoughts 
he looked as a one that was not home 
but he was looking quite natural and at ease 
he spoke of God and the mind
how the mind projects imagery and concepts 
outward and the one that is not awake
takes them to be real
but it is simply shakti moving on the screen 
of the SELF that is completely untouched by the appearance 
he sat on the grass, this man that was free 
and belonged nowhere and had no home really
no place that he could say, "this is mine" and 
"that is yours"
and he could not point to anything and say,
"this is me here" and "that is you there"
as these concepts were mind made
and had vanished away
the trees swayed in the wind 
and the earth smelled of fresh rain and
blooming rich life 
and the mountains sat
majestic and silent in the distance
this form that is here, spoke the man
is the same as all seen
to perish with the seasons 
and be reborn 
what difference does this make
to a one that is free? 
for consciousness lives on no matter what comes and goes 
and this sea of reality is sweeping and sweeping all away
to leave pristine clarity
why to worry about anything? 
all is of grace, beautiful and still

a man came in the evening 
and then he got up and walked away
and stillness remained...  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a hole in the wall

in the time of light and love
there lived a man that had all that money could buy
he was like a rich man outwardly
stocked full of all that could be delighted in by 
the eyes, ears and tongue 
he lived in his home built up with a sturdy fence 
around it and kept his possessions secure
and with him in his mind 
even when he was gone from his house he held 
them in his mind with attachment 
one day a robber came and stole some of his things
and the man was furious saying how can this be?
that someone came in and stole my belongings thru the fence
that was locked and made of hard stone and built up
strong and sturdy
he was angry even in his sleep about it and could not 
shake it off for anything 
but one day he saw what had happened
that there was a hole in the wall where someone could squeeze through 
and he said, aha! there it is!
and he went about in a huff looking for something to repair the hole
and when he came back with all that he had gathered
and stood before the hole
he stopped for a minute and felt a strong breeze come through 
the open space that was very refreshing and wondrous 
and smelled of fragrances that floated over the sea and lands 
from afar 
he was stopped in his tracks by this wonderful new feeling
and sat still and quiet simply enjoying the sensation
that brought a sweet smile to his face
and with this small experience he broke down the wall 
and sat and looked about him at all that he had barred in from himself 
there were mango trees across the way and beautiful lavender flowers
that smelled simply divine and a water fountain that sounded like soft rain 
right next door
and friendly faces that waved at him and smiled 
he had never really seen these things before with this type of 
and he felt refreshed and a bit more light to be in this open space
how he had caged his soul from life thought he 
and he started to relax in his heart and felt a bit of peace 
that he had never felt 
who was this robber that came to him and lightened his heart? 
could it be that it was grace that opened him to himself 
as this was kind of funny that something that was so upsetting in 
the beginning turned around right 
hmmmmm  maybe he did not know
about what brings happiness at all
so he let himself ponder this awhile 
and then stopped thinking about it and went into his house 
and enjoyed what was there 
for he did not worry about it anymore 
and he was so very much happier and pleasant to be around 
his family was happier 
his friends were happier 
his work mates were happier 
and he my friends, did not build another wall around him
and he lived much freer

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

the importance of good company

the wife that was bright in wisdom,
filled with detachment and longing for freedom
speaks to her husband about the importance of good company
by telling to him
a story of a women that was caregiving her
when she was young
this woman came under the spell of a man that was
stained in his soul
she was taken in by this man for a time
and was intimate with him
and had a child that was very unruly and
and went about wreaking havoc
after a long time of being with this family
and raising up her child
she came to her senses and saw that she had
made a terrible mistake
and had been taken in by the wrong kind
and she broke away from these associates
and found her joy in holding close my mother
that was very pure in her soul
and meant only good for all humanity
so my friend severed her ties with the impure
and found the pure to fall back on
and became a very different person that was
her natural blooming self
filled with heart, love and joy
she was restored again to herself
as she was before coming under the sway
of the impure souls that she was attracted to
i, my dear husband was so very happy to have
her back as before
as we were very close and we would play together
in the woods and laugh and sing and dance
like children that were free
but when she was taken away and lost in the worldly
realm where there were souls that did not see what was good
for her or know what was good for themselves
she became something i hardly recognized
so weighed down was she in spirit
but i still loved her and did not leave her in my soul
as if i was a women waiting for her to come out of a
long sickness that fell over her
i could not tell her to break free of this bond
for she needed to do it for herself and find the beauty
of mother pure
and find the souls that rejoiced in the good and wellness
of all
and this she did on her own
when she was so exhausted with being in company
that stole her energies and made her to be
not appreciated or loved inside
and did not honor her freedom
how lost she was my husband and i mourned for her
but did not lose the purity that was inside of me
for i loved her and waited and waited
and now she is with the good
and i am happy for her again
my dear husband you can see that good company
makes all the difference as the influence of the
energies and focus of the souls around bring
disharmony or bring harmony to the being
and peace and joy
may you know that good company is primary to being still
and pure and of God
not one soul on this earth flowered into beauty without the
association with the wise and the enlightened
this is the truth
and may this truth be taken in
with love and understanding

more flowing that is similar feeling to the tripura rahasya..
but not exactly ..
same heart
may it be enjoyed ...

Monday, September 2, 2013

look deeply at this world..

there was a beautiful maiden
that lived in a forest
one day a man was out hunting 
and saw her and was so captivated
by her beauty
that he fell to his knees almost
and could barely think of anything but 
this vision of loveliness 
that stood before him
for her beauty was like an angel 
she moved with such splendour 
her voice like that of the finest music
ever heard 
her eyes deep pools of wisdom 
her form lithe and of the heavenly realm 
when this man gazed at her, he was lost 
and drunk almost on her presence 
he waited for her father to return who was 
a rishi and when her father saw this man
he knew immediately he was taken in by his daughter 
because he was of the way of seeing all
and so he said, you can marry my daughter 
and the man was in immediate happiness 
he felt as if he was the luckiest man alive 
to have such a bride so comely and intelligent 
and as the finest female form to look upon
and so they married and all seemed well
in the beginning
but, after a time 
this perfect wife did not return her
husband's  affections that he lavished upon her 
with all of his heart
and he was very disheartened by this 
he asked her, why, dear wife of my heart 
do you not return my affections as i give to you
so fully and of great joy and love?
and his wife said, i love you true my husband 
but am very absorbed in finding that which lies 
beyond this world of suffering 
for when i see this world that brings short lived happiness 
that turns always around to misery 
i am not attracted to it any longer 
i see it like a dream that brings suffering to those hearts 
that rejoice in it and find pleasure there 
i am desiring to find something that is lasting my dear husband 
i will not stop until it is found and my heart is full
you love me i know, but do you not see that this form you love 
is made of impurities
and if laid out on a table what this form is composed of
would turn your stomach and make you wretch
for it is made of odours, urine, feces, blood, hair, bones and so many things 
that are filthy ..
you see, i cannot find pleasure in body desires
or this world now 
do you not see this my husband? 
and her husband felt her love for him strongly and said
i will contemplate what you said my dear heart and feel it deeply 
for i know you are pure and desire that i am of my best 
please give me time to contemplate the world that you say is so paltry
and then find me and give me more of your knowledge 
and the husband spent his days looking deeply at what his wife said 
and he began to detach from the world 
and he waited for his wife to bring more knowledge to him

this is the writing that has flowed this evening..
it has a similar feel to some of the writing in the tripura rahasya
since the writing flows spontaneously, cannot say it is in full alignment with that 
may it be enjoyed as it is ....