Saturday, October 25, 2014

life awaits...

know my friends
that one is to be *living* the truth
this is so very different than an understanding
of it
this is so very different than being separate from it
for the mind will do this
make distinctions and separate out a you
from all else that lives
this is the trick that it plays
like a room of mirrors that eludes itself
and in this room of mirrors, there is no truth
to be found
only a revolving wheel of thoughts and all that
comes with this …
but when the mind stops this revolving and comes
to rest in the heart
then and only then is there peace and what is seen
is not separate, but the same in all directions and at all times
and under all conditions
then and only then, there is stillness that forgets the world
with all it's miseries and events that happened to a persona
then and only then, the mind is cleared of all obstructions
and misunderstandings that have been collected due to clinging
to this false notion of individuality...
so very much like a ghost of sorts (this false sense) that rises and attaches to the form
but in itself it is formless and is not at all real or solid
this is the reality
and having no place to attach, when the mind is purified, this energy
will die away like mist in the morning light
for it is not able to withstand forever
this light of love that is God, Guru, Allah, Brahman, Absolute
or whatever name one wants to call it
it is the absolute reality that is ONE and undivided and without end and without
beginning and most importantly without suffering, fetters, bindings, attachments
nothing like this ever existed in this perfection
and this perfection (the absolute)
is what is to be entered into with courage and heart and love

oh my friend
i know you to be well and out of suffering
always and forever
you are the burning atman, the fire of allah
the mountain steady and filled with majesty
you are the prince of peace
like Christ
how he came to free the souls that thirsted for clear waters
he came like a prince and was crucified by the ones that loved
him in the beginning even
how very sad indeed
but, the bright note is always that Christ showed the way to the eternal
to the holy of holiest, the one, the sun that sits glorious and filled with light
and love and purity
is this not a beautiful thing?

sons and daughters,
seat yourself by the waters of joy
this evening,
the sky is filled with colors of bright hue that have only
been spun by the heart
the earth, so filled with riches… deep and wonderful mysteries
lie there awaiting new birth always
the ocean, spreading far and wide with rolling waves
that sing so joyous
and the life within it how filled with abundance!
the children running about and playing in the light that
dances by the shore and in the breeze fresh with warmth
the hills too are filled with the call of the earth and the wild creatures
how free they roam about, laying their heads in the dirt at night, filled with
the song of life
in the jungle, what wonders are there!
animals of such power and strength and such rich greenery and dancing mysteries...
in you too, this life dances my friends…like all that live and all that have died
and all that are to come…
no one is left out of this life that gives of itself… and leaves the man to seek his heart
if he so chooses…
this is the beauty of life… to choose to walk the journey of heart… to be set free of shadow
to never call it back to the soul…
yes, indeed, this is the greatest opportunity…
and those that continue, how blessed are they?
these ones are to know in time the non-dual treasure that sits like a beautiful gem
splendid and without comparison
eventually, this is the reality...the best of the best awaits
but know dear ones, that this reality is here and now and not out there like a thing to be
taken and possessed… this is so very false…
the ego wants to own this treasure and it cannot, not now, not ever…
so do not be deluded by this type of thinking…
it is the ego that is to die completely away before life is…
before this perfection can be made manifest…

...and so the journey continues…

Friday, October 10, 2014

steady, ever steady….

it takes such a strong will
to pass beyond mind into liberation
but strong will is indeed what is needed 
for the mind is so very much soaked into the soul
(or this thought of being a body with a separate existence)
and this is what needs to be rooted out without a drop
of this feeling remaining 
for if there are seeds of desire/attachment remaining 
then these can sprout up again and sprout they will
if watered with attention 
this is why it is so important to look within and be vigilant 
with the mind by utilizing the practices given by Guru
and continuing steadily without being pulled by so, so many
if one can be patient and continue through all experiences 
that come 
and stay with it 
then there will be fruit to enjoy
the mind will not stop it's course without the strong force of 
grace which is embodied in Guru
but for this force to penetrate deeply, one is to be still
and not driven by anxiety or looking always for pleasurable 
experiences… you see, this is so selfish (which is the way of ego nature)
ego is indeed a selfish energy that all the time whines for *me, me -- i i*
this is what is to be seen my friends and seen well…
for this ego will rise up strong when given attention and nurtured.. 
when the will is strong to go beyond this energy that has been 
seen to bind and bring suffering, then one will not be distracted no
matter what comes or goes….
my friends, there cannot be an understanding of what a great treasure 
stillness is until this beauty is experienced deeply…
then and only then will one know the treasure there …
and as all the sages say, stillness is the only way to be out of suffering 
and without karma and all of the cycling that comes there …
the mind cannot go beyond mind, not ever --
nor can there be an intellectual understanding or insight about what is 
being spoken of 
so friends be quiet --- and when mind is in place drown it in the practices 
and stay steady, every steady…

om shanti

Saturday, October 4, 2014

here, now

oh joy,
this time is the now
like the earth song so filled with divinity
like the mother love that carries not a drop of 
suffering with it 
for it lives forever 
like her (the mother) she lives on and on 
as an angel of truth and as an angel of light 
like this, but not as something to be seen
by the eyes 
for you to see her rightly go to the waters of light 
where all is to be made clean
and this untruth is to be taken away
the untruth that speaks of other 
as you go to this water, know that it will rinse the 
mind clean of shadow which is mistaken knowledge
this knowledge is not real
not now, not ever 
it is like a pollution to the soul, so out of tune 
is it with the one 
and how it drives the soul to be out of truth
do not be afraid ever of this energy
for it is not real by any means 
it is like an empty playing out 
that comes from nothing 
know that the waters will drown this foe (ego)
he is not a friend of yours 
he is like a thorn on your skin that pricks and burns 
and with this movement (of ego), sorrow is born to you
but oh friend, have no fear
go to the waters in yourself that are clear and made of 
beauty only
and know that when the mind is rinsed, all the dream risings 
will come forward in a gush to be washed away
this is quite normal
do not fear this type of uprising -- stay in the heart and be 
as a still one 
and forget yourself and what is to come and not come 
for you cannot say in yourself what is to be 
only God knows this 
not you for sure 
and what is to come is what is to come 
it will be no matter what you haveto say about it 
it is like a trick to think you know the next step
so instead, why not be quiet with what is here? 
this flow of life, so present and wondrous 
yet not apart from anything 
the mind will have it's time to dance -- it is this way
but it has an end to it 
it has an end, and then the beginning of life is 
but this is not a beginning as the mind thinks it is 
for pure life always IS 
and mind truly has not ever lived 
not even for a moment as a true entity
for it dies away -- it dissolves away and is no more 
oh my friend, 
yes, know this reality and stay in this moment 
here, now
this moment