Tuesday, July 22, 2014

what exists here and now -- Brahman...

what does the sage say about God?
God is synonymous with SELF which is the essence of 
ALL -- there is nothing apart from this essence
or there could be no life...
what does the sage say about *me*?
that it has no separate existence, not now or ever..
the snake will never, ever be the rope --
this means mind can never, ever be real, not for 
an instant
what does the sage say about *you*? 
that there is no such thing in reality
what exists always, always is the absolute 
undivided consciousness
made of sat, chit anand 
*me* and *you* are only superimpositions 
on the one reality 
that is the true reality
the other is but a dream --- an imagining of mind 
a mental trick that allows for the forgetting of the one reality
-- and though it covers over and appears real,
it is not -- it is only emptiness with no power in itself
what does the sage say about youth and old age? 
that it is of the body which is made up of elements 
and impurities.. it is made up of parts: arms, legs, head, torso,
feet, belly, thighs and so forth that are like anything else in nature 
which intrinsically decays and will pass away
 -- these parts can never, ever be the absolute
which cannot be parted out or pointed to,
nor can it rise or fall, nor can it pass away -- it is a mistake to identify
with that which decays
as the truth is we are always and eternally ONE,
undivided in nature, pure beingness, of the nature of Brahman which is ALL
what does the sage say about practice?
that it is not to be looked at as being apart from the practitioner
or turned into mechanical action or to turned into devotion that is dualistic
in nature, but to be centered in the heart and quietude
allowing the sense of duality to fall away….
what does the sage say about the world? 
that it is not separate from the absolute --- it is one with God and one 
with all -- 
what does the sage say about the body?
that it is to be detached from -- it has no knowledge within it, it is 
insentient and is not to be nourished with thoughts that tethers the mind to it …
without this type of detachment the mind will be ridden with fear and concern
about so many things that bring on a feeling of duality ---
what does the sage say about thought?
that it is the source of confusion, doubt, imaginings and the full host of 
suffering for the soul -- there is nothing else that brings suffering … 
and with this said, all thought is to be removed by following guidance given
by Guru and steadfastly abiding in the heart/quietude/practices without
being lost in the mental shifting states….
what does the sage say about Brahman?
that it is the one, undivided essence or substratum of all seen and unseen
it is made of knowledge only and nothing else 
knowledge is the non-dual source of all 
it is not knowledge *of* something as the mind thinks, but pure, undiluted reality
that has no separation within it, it has no conceptualization or imaginings in it
consciousness is what Brahman is made of  which is the SAME in all ---
consciousness is what you and me are made of which is the SAME in all--
consciousness is what here and there is made of which is the SAME in all
consciousness is ALL….
this is Brahman…
the playing out of mind loses itself to this essence that is Brahman
it dies away there and then Brahaman is revealed as that which has always been
behind the playing out and sense of division…
this is Brahman
ONE, eternal -- complete, without parts, without affliction, doubt or burden…
ONE always -- Brahman
what does the sage say about non-duality
as the wave has always been water and never can it be anything in between --
this is non-duality ----- all has and always has been ONE without exception, everywhere 
and always ----  ONE 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

song of pure life #2

how Ribhu sings
what a sage is he
when his words come
there is no thinker there
sweet and perfect,
flowing like a clear river
when he was a boy
he was living with Shiva
Shiva was his mentor
holy was this time
when the meeting of two
became one
timeless and forever one
Rhibu listened with rapture to Shiva
who told him
young soul,
i love you well and dear
and want to speak of the one
to you
listen well dear boy
and he listened intently
with love and openness
to what Shiva gave him
he became the absolute
and spoke to Nidagha on the mountain
of this beauty so full
so filled with life and love
when he spoke to his
disciple Nidagha
he spoke words like this;
child, you are the absolute (brahman)
and you must know this for certain
without a drop of doubt
as told to me by Shiva,
it is not until the nescience or darkness is
removed that only then the supreme consciousness
can shine
in it's beautiful radiance in which there exists no other
it is only the agitated mind that covers this perfection
this is what must be cast out my child
and with love and courage
one is to abide in pure consciousness
or (the SELF) without waver
there is no other way to be in this beauty
my child, the world is nothing but one, non-dual
and without any stains of mental play
or affliction
all is pure consciousness now and always
listen dear soul,
the wise know that there is nothing different than Brahman
he spoke words like this (Rhibu)
not a single breath, word, deed, body, mind,
branch, tree, root, flower, berry, blossom
ant, beetle, spider or anything that crawls, flies or
moves about are anything but Brahman
all bodies, living and dead
all wondrous and majestic mountain ranges, all the phases of the
moon and the appearing
and disappearing of the seasons
the sky with it's various shades
the oceans with their movement of waves and creatures of all sizes and
all Brahman and nothing else…
the light, the dark is Brahman
the night and day
the ignorance, the liberation
all Brahman and nothing else
he sang like this (Rhibu did) of the glory of one
that is not separate
the heavens, the hell realms (what are they when all conceptual
thinking falls away?)… non-existent and nothing more
so Rhibu is a sage that sings of pure life that is woven into
everything seen and unseen
and nothing can damage this purity that is of Shiva nature
the seeker that hears the wisdom (of the sages) and drinks
it in lovingly
he will be blessed with Shiva nature
he will be like Shiva himself with no ego nature anywhere
he will be still and filled with love
he will be as all the sages
always and forever ….

more writing on Rhibu -- as all the writing, it just flows
and takes on it's own style...
please know that the main message is within the writing...
may it be enjoyed for what it is….

shanti om