Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ramakrishna (sage of divine love)

there was once a sage named Ramakrishna
he was a man that was deeply devoted to
the black mother, Kali
he was so in love with this goddess that
he sometimes even dressed like her
this was not anything strange truly
for he was so identified with the godly element
of the mother
that he took on her essence in a way
that was not like a man in ego
but more as a man that lost himself
in divine love
with this beautiful force of mother
Ramakrishna was deeply absorbed in shanti
much of the time
he would sit with his mind lit up with God
he would sit with rapture and
many times be seen very
absorbed in samadhi or sunk in bliss and
ecstasy of love of the divine
he was like a sponge that soaked up the
love of God
he did not have an ego defense that said
no, i cannot be this way or behave this way
he simply was in play of the one
what he came to teach was that all is one and not
to be afraid of simply living and enjoying the play
of leela or the divine
to be seated in the soul of God
and bloom like a flower from this sweet earth of God
that comes from God, has it's stay in God
and then returns there
never is one ever away from God or this one source
Ramakrishna was a man of suffering as he underwent much
bodily pain in his form
but he said, that though his body suffered, his mind would be
sunk in bliss of the absolute
he was in love with being *in love* in a way
as he wanted to keep the play of mother in his heart
and dance with her forever in love
and so he said, he was to *taste* the sugar  which means
he preferred to *dance with*
he chose this type of consciousness
to him it was most beautiful and precious
and sang of mother pure
he came this sage, Ramakrishna in form and in truth
he was a kind soul and sat easily amongst men of seeking
and spoke of love and light in rich poetic type words
where he brought many to be quiet and filled with love
he loved a woman that he lived with, but they were as partners
of creation that were not separate in their way
both were of the bhakti mentality which is the path of devotion
of the highest
Ramakrishna was a gift to humanity with his single pointed devotion
he loved so complete that he lost his personal identity there
he was not to be taking up with ego's ways
that brought men to be feeling different and special
he was not special
but gave his identity to mother
where she became the doer and the singer thru his form
that sat as the play of God
this is the well of wisdom that is here now as always

how can this be?

has kali any more cutting to do?
and where is it that there is 
can you see it in the mind?
or see it outside of you?
this is an interesting trick
is it not?
that mind tells of all these things 
when it cannot be shown
not here or there 
not forward or back 
not in front or behind 
not above or below 
not inside or out 
there is mind to be seen 
oh for heavens sake this is 
kind of a strange fix 
for if mind could be seen
as some-thing then well maybe 
one could say yes,
there is such a thing as mind 
and such a thing as me and you
but it cannot be shown 
so, are you dancing in it 
somewhere lost?
how can this be when you are 
not ever away from this present moment?
how can this be?

what makes a sage to be a sage?
it is not that he looks different 
or acts different 
or walks different 
or talks different 
he has a form 
he has a personality 
he has all that any soul has 
and yet he is free
how can this be?
because he is simply in quietude 
there is no longer an active 
ego in him
nothing else is different about him
so what is this ego?
it is an attachment to body/mind
which is composed of the "i" thought 
which comes from where?
from where does this "i" thought arise?
it arises from nothing 
but this cannot be understood by intellect 
it can only be cognized directly
in stillness
it can only be cognized after much 
sadhana (lifetimes) 
but the funny thing is that one has never 
gone anywhere 
through it all 
one is and has always been free 
it is just this ego that is the covering 
which is made only of energies 
that put together something of a persona
but again, this is only thoughts 
that will be lost in the absolute 
if one perseveres 
and does not lose sight of the heart 

Friday, October 18, 2013

it shines as life...

fill your cup friend
the water is running and running
overflowing with life so rich
metta is it's nature
and so is shanti
press your lips against the cup
of wisdom
and hold not back yourself
from it's sweet nectar
stop dancing with maya
in that dream you will be
shifting constantly on your feet
and not able to be quiet
and simply be
metta is falling like rain
turn your face upward and see
the light
and breathe in the present
forever you are in truth
dance no more
with her illusion
that comes and goes
like heat to the mind
that takes it in
but knows not the best for it
a child knows this truth
naturally he is playful and free
yet is not aware of the one
a sage knows without a doubt
his true self
he journeyed thru the hard road
that brought him to be as God
you, my friend will journey too
but where are you journeying
this evening?
are you walking away into the world?
or are you present and sitting quiet?
and breathing life complete?
this is the best of the best
and will bring settled life
to your heart
metta flows now in all that is
it shines as light
metta shines as life

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

like buddha

live fully
before the mind
took you away into
the river of thought
before the mind put
it's spell of created
appearance on you
live fully
as you strive for
be most attentive to
your soul
and do not be
indulging half truths
and memories of
what is now gone
be settled in life
as a buddha
be settled like a
seeker that knows
there is only grace
and grace will be
what gives and takes
and grace will be
what brings the soul
to paradise
when the time comes
do not worry souls
be settled in yourself
like buddha

feet of the masters

put your life into the search
press your head against the
feet of the masters
as the sannyasi that has cast
his burden off
to be like the foreigner
which means he is no longer
connected to his homeland
he is single in his search
as a sun that shines in the
cloudless sky
alone and in full light

measure your days by
what you let go of
and not by what you
then you will be content
with very little
and not seeking more of
this or that
as a man does not come into
life with things
he does not know about
but only feels love and goodness
that warms him
and pleases him well
and where does this goodness
from God alone
and nowhere else
see, this is the most important
to be of goodwill and service
to God
and then forget all about
everything but his perfection
in which the heart opens
into and fills up with
yeah friend,
put your life into the search
and forget your little self
be still

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

life breathes...

she said,
the mind is like a wave that goes outward and attaches
to objects
but objects are not made of anything but consciousness
so why to attach to them
and make them into something they are not?
such as the body
why is it attached to any more than any other object?
why to confine oneself to this alone
at the exclusion of all else?
it is simply thoughts that attach to the body
it is not anything else
and thoughts are impermanent and shaky
they are not what remains as constant
they have no knowledge of anything
but are simply a playing out of shakti

she said,
the body is like anything else material
which is not within pure intelligence
it moves according to energies of mind
which come from nowhere and go nowhere
it moves in accordance with intentions
which again are only energies
the mind does not have power unless
the soul is identified with it
and gives it attention and focus
then it becomes alive and moves
in accordance
with the mind-set of the individual
the mind is like a race horse
that is running at full speed
to stop it is not easy in the least
but the brakes can be put on it
with imbibing in practices infused
with pure consciousness that comes
directly from Guru/Master/Sage
this, as well as a strong
desire for liberation
all of this will work within to destroy
the delusive energies of maya which have
captured the soul
and made the soul believe in something that
is entirely false and
the soul, when taking in the love and light
of the Guru that gives grace of practices
and mantras and transmission
falls into a steadier way of being
grounded in the moment
and taking in life with a different mind
and heart
one that is more open, attentive and awake
but yet the mind will continue until
the breaking point comes
and all is washed away into the ocean
of reality
then that which has always been is
revealed as one

she said,
the Guru is the most highest blessing
of this lifetime
there is not anything other that will
break the spell of maya
the Guru is inside also, but is not
to be what the sadhaka is to rely on
for if mind is running, there can be
delusion and deceptive understanding
that is not to be trusted
so the outer Guru comes to show the way
inward to the heart
where life breathes as the source of all

this is the writing that has flowed this evening..
the first part of the writing seems similar
to the tripura rahasya
the rest just flows freely and spontaneously ....

om shanti

under the dust of mind

who can see?
a man chasing thoughts?
a forgotten heart that sits
under the dust of mind?
a shaded passage way leading
to nowhere but more
empty dreams?
a prince on his throne of
a man that is tossed about
in the world of joy and sorrow?
who can see?
a prisoner in his cell is free
if he is within stillness and beauty
a homeless man is completely content
if he sees no other
a merchant that sells his goods
is free if he sees all as God
a man is free when he is not
identified with his form
and mind
life is free
no matter the mind play
no matter the movement
it lives forever
in peace and stillness

Friday, October 11, 2013

scythe of knowledge

kali is not having any mind
to her, 
the *one* is what is true 
and when the mental waters 
are not still
she will be what haunts you 
with a sting 
she will be what calls to you
in your dreams that are 
made only of emptiness
she will put more 
(delusion) out there
or cut the imaginary ego
to bits with her scythe of knowledge
(if the heart is surrendered)
then she will live
in quietude (like she always does)
as the 
gem of greatest worth
when she is like this in your soul
there is no more suffering
there is nothing more to do or say
or know 
for the one has risen strong and enduring 
like the mantra that has dissolved into 
the source 
or the ray that drowns in the sun
or the wave that dies in the ocean
then there is strength in being 
then there is strength in light 
then there is strength in grace 
there is nothing that can shake this kind of peace 
that burns of it's own source 
as a fire that needs no fuel 
in pure consciousness 

calm waters

as the ocean rises in the mind 
the created is born to be seen 
and when the ocean dies down 
the uncreated is known as one heart 
this is what the scriptures speak of 
and the sages sing of 
it is known in the stillness of the soul
where there is nothing that has ever 
existed but one 

by this light there is no more understanding 
of this and that 
there is simply the direct cognition of all
which is the perfect heart of God 
not in this world is there this truth 
it is found in the still waters 
of the source 
that shines in splendor 
in fullness and glory

Thursday, October 10, 2013

cave of the soul

a man that is full in love
makes his world turn to ashes
as a soul that has no home
or no possessions inside
he walks into the fires with an open heart
and moves into the cave of the soul
where all that he once took to be real
fades as the sunset fades behind the mountains
here is where he resides
whether in mental waves or without
he sits inside the cave of himself
and watches the movement
as if from a distance with objectivity
as a disinterested onlooker
a man sits in his heart like this
he moves in the world in the heart of himself
he moves in the shadows in the heart of himself
he moves in the coming and going in the heart of himself
he moves in the falling away and the rising tides
in the heart of himself
he moves with his Guru in heart in the heart of himself
he places his mind in the ganges
to be rinsed away
(but this is the love and light within)
where there are no borders that define
no calling thoughts that color over the perfect light
that make one to see the world in separation
a man is like a light when he frees his soul
to this beauty
and then he is what he has always been
what he is prior to the story of mind
before the conditionings came into play
that made the world look to be something it was not
something of the personal
how very funny this is
to believe the world has anything to do with a me
it is just an empty appearance that rises
and falls in quiet beauty that is non-dual
it plays as God and in God and of God
not anything else ...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the burning glow of atman

a seeker that is serious
about entering liberation
is not afraid of living in the heart
because he is to be as shiva
he is to be seated in truth
as one heart
as one soul
as one God
as one essence that lives eternal
putting out his thoughts
and allowing kali to burn the fires
of purity
and destroy his false notions of himself
as being a body and mind
he flows in right understanding
of what is true and what is false
he loses his soul that is personal
and by this losing
gains rich wisdom of the non-dual
he gains this by giving up his
thoughts that he has brought on himself
by believing he is a body
which is simply a house or a vehicle
of experience for the soul
but is not in any way at all his true self
it is like a mirror that reflects the source
but is not the source itself
it is as an empty appearance
that does not have in it true knowledge
but has in it blood, flesh, bones, pus
and odours which are extremely foul
and offensive
this is not the atman
it is the decay or the corpse
it is unconscious of the lord that is like
the most high and the most glorious
of all
in this world and the next
in all of the worlds
in all of the lands and the realities
in all of the heavens and the hells
this lord shines in splendor as the
living one
it has not a name or a face to be seen on it
it has not a frame to hold it in
it has not a foundation for it to rest on
it has not a world for it to come and go within
it has not a story to be put on it
it has not a land to live and die in
as it does not know any story
it does not know any me and you
it does not know the mind with it's ways
that are so very calculated and forgetting
of the heart of all
it cannot be seen by the eyes
it cannot be heard by the ears
it cannot be brought to the lips or
felt by the hands
or gathered in by the soul
for if you try to bring it to you
there will be nothing but more of what you are
trying to seek
which is mental in nature
if you attempt to create this lord of all
it will allude you greatly as mist on the ocean
it will fall from your hands that are grasping
but this does not mean that this joy
that is God
it is here forever in the heart
as the one life force
and will be known
only when the soul is in quietude
and not chasing after thoughts
and not attempting to be a certain way
as in attempting to
be *like* a man of God
how very unreal this is
as a *true* man of God is not
what you think
he is a man of truth
which means he *is* love and light
and nothing else
not a body or a mind
he is a zero
and cannot be defined in any way
shape or form
this is what he is
when the mind is destroyed
like the stick that stirs the fire
then what remains is only the burning glow
of atman
it does not need to be fueled
it is it's own source
that is in all beings equally and fully
and in all things equally and fully
and in all that is here or there equally and fully
and in all that is seen and unseen equally and fully

this is the writing of this evening
may it sink in deep
and find you in good health and spirit
that is not to take away anything from it
but just to let it resonate in your heart
and fall into the cave of light
where all is simply as it is
and not made into a thought
or made into a structure of mind
may it sink in
and be as it is
simply a passing vibration
that is here now
and gone
and then
what remains is just this moment
without anything else layered on it
what remains is just rich peace
not anything else
just now

om shanti

Sunday, October 6, 2013

what matters

the little things are not what matters
the big things are not important either
the most important undertaking is the journey
to the self
there is nothing that has more value
than that which does not decay
or pass away
this is the most essential of all of life
as it does not forget the one
it does not put the heart to the side or unfold
into suffering
what can be said but,
do walk on in love and light
and do not look back to what is now gone
for those things  have brought an ache to the soul
(as all personal experience does)
what is here now is light
for all to be in
what is here now is the most perfect
and is like the godly man that comes
to the world naked, unclothed
fresh in full awareness
can i say it differently to the one
with ears to hear
and to the soul in need of fresh water?
there is no other
there is only that which sits in the soul as all
which is non-dual
there is only one
there is not anything else that is true
come and find it soul
be like you are
in beauty and truth
be real
be free

Friday, October 4, 2013

this one that is silent..

has she come to you?
this one that is silent as the green grass
and the open fields and mountains
in their splendor?
silent as the moon
on a dark night that is
so undeniable when simply seen
with eyes that are not clouded over

has she come to you?
where you are seated or walking or
talking or working
or playing?
no matter what you are immersed in
any moment this beauty that is of
her blessing may be born in you..
so do not say that you are different
and cannot know..
because she is your very being
and she cannot be away from you
for even a moment
one will not see though if
chasing after thoughts
and building structures of
me and mine identities
then she will not be known
but she cannot leave you
not even in the most turbulent
for she forever lives
under the dust of mind
as the sighted one
as the clear reality
as the open valley that is empty
filled with life so bright
as the majestic mountain range
and the golden colored sky
she lives as this
as all that is seen and unseen
without being changed
by it

has she come to you?
my friend
she has and is within you now
breathe in this light that is
she will be
she will be what you are
in your finest way
as God
as love and light
as shanti
as sat chit ananda
as one without a second

has she come to you?...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

rising moon

she enters the world like a soft breath 
and turns it to dust 
to blow with the winds of time 
she turns it to ashes 
and she is still there 
in beautiful rich being 
she is there smiling like a stainless 
rising moon 
in the sky so dark 
it is like this, she that sings of 
nothing at all
but lives and lives and lives 
never will this real being 
be destroyed 
but do not think she is a persona
this is not right 
she is the light of life 
she is the knowledge uncovered 
she is the created and uncreated
made as one always 
she births the appearance 
but does she change ever? 
oh no 
she is in her love shiva as the 
perfect heart 
and she knows what love is 
and she knows that it is unchanging 
she does not know anything 
but God
she is still
and in light always
forever she lives