Thursday, October 11, 2018

sing your love of God

will you bleed your wounds
on the soil of earth?
shave your head  and look into God's eyes?
kneel by crystal waters
where all that manifests
comes and goes
moves thru though
does not blemish the purity

will you live with light?
say your prayers always flowing in love?
will you stop bothering with ego?
it does not let you live truly
it makes a blame on something else
or makes a world that says false things

oh love come be by this water
so free
flowing like angels sing
under the moon here
death will not be a haunting thing then
it will bless you
and put mind in it's place
of being more of a tool
to work with while in this plane of life
but will not disturb the flow of work
to be done
which is Christ's work of seeding the heart
with all that is good
seeds that flourish and unfold their wondrous
flowering of color , beauty life
these flowers dance to the tune of light
all moving freely there
doing away with other ways
that are harmful
these flowers move to the flow of joy
dancing in the moonlight
here by the waters
of light and beauty
be this way
dear one
come now sit by these waters
and sing your love of God

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Energy reading Nidhivam temple, India

Energy reading Nhidavam temple, India

It is said that Krishna and Radha visit here every evening and do their passionate dance.
And that those that witness this may go kind of mad.

Forest dweller
forest energy awakens in the evening
it sparks this life that takes place where there is a uniting of energy
flow of the divine
moving like dancing forms
having their beauty of touch, kiss, caress
within this forest beauty

Radha, sweet and tender she is
she comes in barefoot, softly
her toes barely touch the ground
coming in this way
she drifts on clouds
she moves like a dainty thing
bells tinkle on her ankles, on her wrists
bracelets glisten with light
she is female energy divine love that comes in
like a fragrance wafts thru the forest

here there is a tangling of energy
that is like when there is sweetness together
like when there is something that makes it's way into the heart
and finds it's life there
to be born as two
as two in beauty, love and wholeness

this area does capture this nightly dance of leela
wondrous, precious freedom dance

Krishna with his way of coming in
he comes in like a waft of divine force
he comes in that way
enters in
enters in this area like a fountain of water
that rolls down from the sky heaven
and she is there Radha
beauty divine love
there they meet
there they embrace, there they caress
in union
and have their love there

when there is a letting go of these energies
then dawn comes
it comes over the mountains
and the forest then
with magic that comes in the evening
changes back
to regular forest
where there is nothing (if someone walked in)
that could say there was a magical dance of beauty
that took place in the evening
they may not notice that

but in the waters
in the trees
in the wind
in the dark and in the light
and in the dawn
they know, they know
that Krishna and Radha do visit nightly
nightly like a praised thing
a praised thing
in which the things around this dance of fragrance
the things around
bend low to this scene in order to listen,
be alert
like ahhhhh, here is this beauty yet again
and how it resonates in every cell of those that may
be near it
even the plants bend and listen and say there they are those two
those two
with such mystery and such fragrance and such love
love like angel love
so this happens here in this sacred place

mind with these things
mind may think, oh no this can't happen

how can this be, these energies come in nightly?
so beautifully and sweetly, softly, secretive
this cannot happen
yet this is like a touch of something that may come to you
and awaken you
to your own divine bliss
and open the heart
and say, like yes!
something exists beyond my own thinking
my own thoughts and words and ways
that i feel things are or are not
and when this awakens
then one knows these realities

Those that witness this divine dance
do not go mad like what some say
but like one that is in nectar of sweet divine
like that is flowing thru their bones,
eyes, ears, breath,  tongue and touch
and so they may be ecstatic
and feeling inside, "this is nice"
and they may look  to people that are looking
at them
like they are off balance
but they have really been struck by
honey like nectar
they awaken then to something beyond these
constructs in which one says
these things don't happen ever
they will never happen to me

can this divine bliss happen to anyone?
who could this come to, this divine ecstatic bliss?
-only those that have wanted beauty above all things
does this matter if that state comes?
is this something that is really needed
or that all that are enlightened will feel?
can this happen to one that is not
completely enlightened?
if the goal is for this ecstatic bliss to come
is this the wrong way to feel?
-yes -- these things will come on their own

nothing else is flowing now with this reading.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

a friend indeed, she is

what forces call you to be out of heart?
what forces work to frame your mind in ego?
what forces frame this way of believing you are not truth
bliss, heart?
what forces frame your world to be in another way
besides life true and real?
what forces frame your life to be in the persona way
rather than heart of all?
what forces work to move you to be out of life
in its naked state?
what forces work to make you believe that *one* is not
true and *many* are the way it is?
what forces work to leave a wondering in your mind
to leave a wondering in your body
to leave a wondering in your lips eyes ears
hands and voice?
like what is it that is this freedom
i know not what it is
i only know this world i have in me
that revolves and brings story makings
of she he they i and other
this i know
so this is the way it is for me

love though
this is not the way it is
life has it's shading ways and freedom ways
it is like the darkness comes in moments
when there is no light
but light is there in the sky as the heavens and as the
energy of christ vision
life is there like this
it does not live in shadow
yet it cannot be covered by it

death will work it's wonders
death the death of mercy
it is the knife of kali
it cuts imaginings to bits
to fragments
and then works again to cut the rest of what is there
that makes one believe God is not inside but out there somewhere
to be known only in thought

death comes to the mind as friend indeed
she is friend to one that opens in love with god
she is friend to men women that love god over other things
of the world
she is friend to those that wonder about nothing but live here
in heart of all
she speaks her words of energy not with what you think
like here i am
but takes away the prison voice that speaks of things of
takes away those things
and opens to the shaman breath
like whoosh
like here is the other way of spirit
and here too is open heart
and here too is the substance of absolute
and here too is the stilling
the leaving of all that is not truth
the reality
death she is not evil when she take away ego
she is friend indeed
death of suffering
death of dream
death of playing of me mine song
and life come instantaneous
birth of light
birth of timeless
birth of shiva
birth of all
birth of 0
here, this is it love
this is it

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sai Baba of Shirdi channeled satsang #2

Sai baba of shirdi
in the garden of shirdi
that was giving satsang from his heart
that is like pure waters

work is *still* my friends
do not put mind on work
like, "i work" don't say "i work"
this is so not correct in your words and thoughts
this "i work" is problem
for then you feel heavy
like work is something to take different than any other

it is heavy then sometimes
heavy like oh boy i got to go do work
when work is same as all moments
to give opportunity
to be alert, be awake, be aware
be not asleep
like sleeping man, woman
be awake like sun comes up in the morning
be awake like that
in the flow of the universe that is always natural
natural in that way
you are no different than that natural flow

so pure waters speak
and the pure waters quench thirst for life speak
like that
pure life my love
pure life my love

time is false
it is illusory
time no exist
in life really
this is not right

put silence first
put silence first
silence from my lips speak tonite
say words that are not dampened
by philosophy
that is mental
my words speak like that

pure waters flow here in the heart
yes they do
wash there seekers
wash in my heart please
i here
i live for you seekers
i live for you to live my way
that is how i live
i always live for others
not myself
for i don't feel that to be a true thing my self
i am just God's love
and God's heart and God's knowing
and so are you my seeker

i live for you to come to baba heart
and be still my friend
my light is here to be your light
my heart is here to be you're heart
my words are here to bring you to know
your true nature
my friend
my dear seeker

my love
my light is your love light
is your love light
i am baba light
here this way in shirdi garden

shirdi garden i helped to bring life to
without feeling of doing anything
like i water
i love
i do it

nothing created around me (like temples)
was anything that mattered
i just know myself, so nothing else matter
even if body go
no matter
same, same, same consciousness
same, same, same

now be still and come here and listen
kneel down pray
pray to god
pray god
and love allah
love allah
my feeling is all is God and allah
all is that too

so don't be afraid of things that seem different
no don't do that
give bread to all
give bread to strangers
if you can
and feed them
and give them clothing
if they hurt
this is okay
this is what you are too
is someone that hurts
please be kind to others

don't give when you feel you don't want to
not good
but you don't own anything seeker
you don't
leave it
leave it by the roadside your possessions you have attached to
they no needed
no needed
not at all
not at all
be like poverty man
which means not cluttered in mind with lots of obsessions,
lots of dreams
lots of heartache
this means you are holding on
be like poverty and that means don't hold on
don't hold on
it's okay
it's okay
to let that go
you not hurt then
you not hurt then
you hurt when you hold
is when you hurt
you think other different it's not true
it's opposite of that
it's letting go bring peace
letting go

when you go away from body
you don't take those things with you
my dear seeker
what i say please listen

be still be quiet my seekers
be quiet
no worry
no think
no question, wonder constant

don't do this to your mind
be like this sage here
this sage of pure waters
be like that

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Perfect already Sri Baba of Sirdi channeled satsang #1

Channeled satsang Sai Baba of Shirdi 8/22/18

i speak my heart
i speak in love here
as i will not be sitting in any other way
but as one that is complete
in complete unification in the self
never out of that am i

i live in this way
when i walk here in the garden
i breathe in music that is here
my friend the garden
the garden is not apart from me
watered with love and care
that rains from mother
the mother
the creative force

when i walk
i no speak for many many time
for many time i no speak
and this is something that was not an effort
for i was in my heart so deep
that all was like a dream for so long
and nothing seemed to touch this heart of God
that rang of all religions
of muslim, of hindu, of catholic
or all that has manifested to be called religion
this was all here in the feeling of one
of one
of one orchestra
so i no speak for many time
and this is the way of my life
when i was on the planet

this left me vacant of anything that i could
name as my personal self
that vacated my soul
no longer feel that way
as i walk in this garden or land
this vacancy left nothing in me but light
as i walk this land of mother's creation

so no longer will i speak like i am a separate form
will i speak this way never
so my way of speaking is same as anything else that speaks
like the rain, the breeze, the thunder, the snow fall
all of it is my same voice
this is me

this one that is speaking
is clear of what one could say a physical way
or a physical solid way
this never was what i am

so i no speak here for so long on this planet
not because i feel i want to be anything at all
but because the voice of these religions came together as one
or the voice of "all" was consuming me so complete
that there was no need for speech
for that spoke enough
that was the communication that didn't need
me to put my tongue over it
so i no speak for so long
this tongue stay still
no speak
i can not say anything to make better
was is perfect already
this here people
this is true now

you no use words to cover over mystery
no need your words
it no need your way of judgement
it no need you to manipulate absolute
it has it's own communicating way
it no need you
it doesn't need you to get in there and try to
work with anything
it is already there

so what i say to you is be quiet
and not construct your own reality
reality already exists
it exists
so you just need to be quiet
let that rise up
to be felt like this garden
smell it
taste it
love it
let the rain fall on your face
your eyes
your head
and feel that as reality
not with things like i want, i need
this i speak with silent tongue

stay mute stay silent so long
stay blind stay deaf in my physical way
in my judgement way
but not blind
or deaf to my heart ever
it make no different what my body do
this heart is always beautiful as it is
so how can this baba make different this heart so beautiful as is?
this no can happen

so i say this to say be as i am
mouna, still and deep in surrender
when i walk here
but i not in that way now
that is done i am in way of light now
i am in way of pure light now
no body to see yet i live
i am
i am

Monday, July 16, 2018

oh world

oh world,
we will speak of love
with clear voices
we will move in stillness
we will shy away from darkness
we will make a light of this world
like men, women of love
not like ones that speak of shadow
in their eyes there is something of deceiving energy
that is speaking like being for humanity on
the surface
yet under there are workings that are of power,
avarice, deception

but we, who are of good spirit
abide in the heart
and want good for people
will come above this
like a wave above the waters that are settled
in their complacency
sinking low at times with heaviness of shadow
or not having the advantages that others have that can
we will rise above the waters this way like a wave
washing onto the earth's surface
and brush away the crust of darkness easily like this
because there is nothing that can come against love,
light and decency
not ever
even if the shadows fall so hard and darken the world
those that are in the heart of love, light and respect for those
things that are aligned with god
will not be darkened ever

oh world,
let us rise up against these atrocities of men, women
that have eyes only  for power, money and greed
let us free our hearts of anything that holds back our voice
clear as a bell that rings thru the land
to make those that are open hear us
and feel yes,
there are ones that are in clarity, honesty, truth, goodness
to give blessings to this world
to bring messages about life in it's freedom for all
not just for some
like those that are in positions of power
this cannot be the world we want dear souls that are of good
for our world is free
but minds of men that are slicing the pie
to be for only a few that are like them with money etc
are our leaders now
this is so not right my friends

we will make this right, i know for certain
for our light is here shining bright like a new dawn
like a beacon of goodness
of rich heart and wealthy in spirit truly
wealthy in riches of the lord that shines in all eyes
in all hearts equally
this is the prayer for humanity that flows

come out of your shell
of hiding people
for your clear voice
sounds sweet to the ones that love you
and that love the world
and see it in a pure way
want to bring it back to freedom
where all are cared for
you are good to the world people that love truly
you need to come out and be your best self
like this is right,
i know what is good for all
this is not right,
what is good for only a chosen few
we must right this lop-sided energy that rings out with
strength now because our world is worth saving
our people (which are all people) are worth saving
please now speak up and let your voice come out clear
with good factual knowledge and good gentleness that is
not shaken by the rafters of air that smells of hypocrisy
air that smells now of men that are arrogant, ego-centered
driven by greed
driven by low natures
driven by falsehood
driven by showmanship so like actors that care not what the
next moment brings
only about themselves
only about fear, corruption, exploitation, shamefulness that they make out
to be noble
shamefulness that they make out to be helping humankind
shamefulness that they make out to be oh so intelligent
shamefulness that they make out to be what *all* want in their heart
this is not the truth
those that are of good nature want peace, justice, freedom
and want our earth to be the best it can be
the air to be clean
the waters to be happy with their life that swims about and gives food in abundance
the creatures to be happy with their life that brings balance, food, and diverse life of such
beauty to us
the sand, the mountains, the grasses, the lakes to be clear, clean and play freely in the
the homes of all to be safe
good food to eat for all
good life to be lived for all

oh now world
goodness can reign
in our land
goodness can be the foundation of our lives
may this be the way it is

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

see this is the way


vision this morning

initially the clouds were seen
and a cord was attached there golden looking
that connected to the earth


moving thru a cloud tunnel
one could view the variety of shades of
grey to white and all the patterns of
shapes and texture
moving thru as if being transported

at the end of the tunnel
the open sky with light and sun
flowing thru
opening into that vastness
and then out of that and over a dark jutting
mountain into the sun

then the cloud tunnel emerged again
as one journeyed thru the end of the tunnel would
open now and again
one time there was a peek at the world with people
moving busy in their daily life
a large building could be seen and a man walking along
with a brief case
he was moving quickly with the crowd to get somewhere
then that closed
and the clouds parted again briefly
what could be seen then were leaves bright green with
sun melting into them
the leaves fluttering in the breeze
this happened again a few times where nature visions
were seen and a peek at the world and then that would close
leaving one in darkness
and again the vast sky

there were other visions too that i cannot recall now
these were sharp visions, crisp, textured and vivid
still happening these visions changing all the time becoming
more subtle and emerging again
nothing still as all consuming and taking over one 24/7 like before

but here now my friend
comes another
and there is nithyananda the avadhuta
and a hand emerging
like pointing
see this way is the way it feels to say
onto the path of one
leaving baggage of heavy world behind
not to look back at what was left
keeping it creates heaviness like this is mine and that is yours
and this is my world
and the other world out there with it' drama
all this phenomena flows of the same source souls indeed
like a prism of light
flowing from the original source

Saturday, May 12, 2018

spirit session 5/12/18

moon over still waters
timeless moon
secrets there
secrets hidden
secrets water
secret light
hidden in heart

moon reflect open
open heart
heart of psyche

will open mind
open heart
to this connection
living grace of this
this saint like energy
of purity
open to that

*heart being open
and then have brilliance of moon reflecting
and then the stillness
the stillness that's there
it is like questioning mind and
and seeing that it is like a reflection
you haveto be still in order to see it


there is a book open
bible passages
bible open
each word has something of value
with words that string like line of shakti
come out

*they have their own energy
the bible passages
have their own energy
they carry weight and energy in what they
are saying

they are like all things
not to be viewed like
here i am
like i read, i memorize
listen with something else that comes from all things
with these passages
not like with, i remember this about me
this about full

*don't intellectualize and memorize
be open to full depth of meaning
some want to take things out of context
and spin into something else
like prosperity messages
which takes it 180 degrees away from
(Christ's) teachings
you haveto look at the whole thing
the whole passage
rather than take it out of context

life like this
like one with things
not like me orient
life like this
and bible passages
speak to passage way to heart

*it is an opening to heart if you understand it

what is seen is a round light
through there is a passage way
it is like a path that is seen thru that
that narrows and goes deep into this space of light
that is what the passages are like
like a thorough way
(to the heart)

*one must stick to narrow way
within honesty integrity transparency
"broad is the way to destruction
but narrow the way to salvation" is the quote
that comes

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

wondrous reality

the dream dreamed of being born
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is singular, whole
the dream thought itself to be separate
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is unmoving
the dream dreamed itself a body
the wondrous ocean of reality remained as it is beyond birth and death
the dream dreamed many good and bad experiences
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is clear and without distinctions
the dream dreamed the body was the self
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is pure intelligence, no-thing
the dream dreamed that it would die someday
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is beyond mental polarities
the dream dreamed of pleasure and pain
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is impersonal, free
the dream dreamed of fear and disappearing
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is serene, vast as the open sky
the dream dreamed that it was special
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is steady as the mountain
the dream dreamed that it was some-body
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is full and complete
the dream dreamed that it had done good and bad things
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is calm, untouched, pure
the dream dreamed of many people
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is eternal, limitless
the dream dreamed of doing
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is beyond personal experience
the dream dreamed of suffering
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is - O-NE
the dream dreamed of happiness
the wondrous ocean of reality remained as it is a paradox of wonder
the dream dreamed of a future
the wondrous ocean of reality remained a it is beyond understanding
the dream dreamed of a past
the wondrous ocean of reality remained as it is unaffected, timeless
the dream dreamed that there may be something beyond
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is completely free, beyond
body and mind
the dream began to question it's existence
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is still, tranquil, everpresent
the dream questioned where it came from
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is unchanging and without stain
the dream began to slow down and quiet as it had no answer to the question
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is constant, without a ripple
the dream began to freak out as it had no answers and maybe that meant
it wasn't real
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is calm, unchanged, timeless
the dream began to lose it's power
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is tranquil and beauty-filled
the dream began to die out
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is cam, unchanging and at complete rest
the dream began to pull itself back with all it's might
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is beyond duality and mental concepts
the dream began to fade and all was still
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is mysterious, empty
yet completely full
the dream came and went, came and went
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is beyond the play of mind
the dream questioned if it truly existed if it could come and go, come and go
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is beyond fluctuation of mind
the dream began to quiet down
the wondrous ocean of reality remains it its undying perfection
the dream began to fade out
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is quiet and without a trace of
the dream dissolved as it was only a transient wave
the wondrous ocean of reality remained as it is, still, undying, calm and within perfection

O-nly the ocean remain as it is and has always been
perfect, whole, complete PEACE
nothing separate
nothing ever existed but THIS
this ocean that lives within all and all within it
Not two, not two

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

seeking freedom

master, i have been away in the world
and found it wanting of peace 
what am i to do now as i cannot be content with 
the waves of mind and desires that are so all consuming in their way
i desire to shed this covering of the false 
and enter into liberation
how am i to do it? 
i am not anything special in my way, nor have i great strength 
nor do i possess perfect qualities...
i am not a renunciate...
what am i to do? --
can i know God even though so very basic in my ways i am?
the master said, sir yes you can know God in your heart 
if you are truly desiring to be set free
and devote your energies towards the good
which means towards honest living and pure intention
this flame will be lit and will grow to consume the separation in time..
if you are devoted inside to purity and truth -- and these are watered 
as one waters seeds in a garden...
this will grow in the being and eventually bear fruit...
do not trouble yourself with when or how or who...
simply stay in the heart, focused on the present without going about 
putting barriers up for yourself ...
if energy is placed towards this end of liberation, 
there will be a time when the right conditions will manifest
*if one remains surrendered and sincere*
and critical mass will be reached 
and the whole structure of mind will topple...
whether now or in the next life -- it matters not ...
the timing is up to grace ...
what matters is that energy and focus is placed in the right direction now..
this is all one is to do --
the seeker said, my master i feel so unequipped to be a student at times 
my heart is torn in many directions --
though i seek to be free, i am divided in my way and caught up in the world 
and it's pursuits 
please tell me how to let go of this, so my mind is focused entirely on God 
the master said, you are not divided truly, this is mere imagination...
like a mirage ... 
if you can let go of this thought that you are this way or that way...
then there is an opportunity to go deep within and see what else lies 
under these identifications...
but if you get lost in the thoughts, then this will not aide your journey...
you can be focused one-pointed -- in one direction ....
this will take time, keep making efforts...
the seeker said, you make it sound possible, like it is a choice that can be made...
the master said, it is a choice in one way -- and choiceless in another when one is  
surrendered within... 
but there is no need to worry about anything else, but being present and keeping focused 
on the experience that is now...
soon enough mind will become more centered and then one continues to look at mind ...
and confront it directly with self-inquiry...
it will be seen that ego is no-thing -- it is not to remain, but will dissolve when 
it's identity is sought out...
like seeing a mirage of a tree with roots and getting up close to it
to examine it directly and it dissappears...
what reality does it have truly, if it dies away upon clear seeing?..
the seeker said, master thank you very much for your wisdom
i am to go now and be off to my life, yet i will take with me what you said
and make efforts to keep the mind focused and not put on my self troubles and 
questions that lead to no good end... 
i will do this with my heart and if i forget, will go back at it again
for there is nothing more to be done, but to let go it seems...
the master said, yes, let go and do not bring back what has been discarded...
do not try to understand experience, simply live it -- not analyze and all of that ...
thank you master for this blessing said the seeker and he bowed deeply
and touched his master's feet 
and his mind quieted and he breathed easier in this moment .,..

and then he got up and went his way in the world...

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Taking Steps

My dear
don't you understand
the time has come to change
the mind has intruded for so long that you don't know
any other way
come let go of the shadows
silence is a million times more beautiful and true
the clothing of illusion
never did belong to you

Come outside where the air is clear
come and leave the smoke
when the mind is clear and free, you will get the joke
when the edge of your world and the unknown come into view
you will be struck that what you grasped to as reality
was simply mist and not true
like dust that covers a jewel
the most precious treasure sits
and waits for you to follow it's sweet scent
thru the open doors of which you are not familiar
thru the passage ways that open to what one does not know
thru the dark woods where thoughts echo and dry leaves blow
thru the solid wall that grace cuts through
ove the steep hills and down into the open valleys below
diving deep into yourself this is the only way
come, follow now
the light is breaking thru

One must take steps, and though it may seem like you will fall
and fall you must in which eternity you dissolve
fallen facade of mental contructions
fallen past of pleasure and pain
fallen ghosts that haunt and cycle to create a world that never existed
fallen shadows that cloud the light
fallen robbers that steal peace
fallen roads that lead away from the real
fallen seeds of thought that blossom into more
fallen tree that gives rise to the feeling of other
all left behind when one crosses the line
of your world and the unknown

Hush child,
the wind is crying loud
keep walking steady, there is nothing to fear
inside there is an emptiness that calms and washes the ache
and when one walks in the world but is not of it
there is nothing that can harm
for nothing is lost in this ground
of pure life and mystery
it is here and now
and the truth of what you are
but you must take the steps
to discover...

That nothing is lost but the suffering...

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

smile now please

energy speaks different much of time 
energy say something else that is rather surprising 
like i not know what will be written 
i do not have any knowing now 

here goes 

many moons rise on waters beautiful 
like sun rise over hills each morning 
many nights fall on land 
shaded in darkness where heads sleep on pillows 
with dreams 
skies brighten at dawn, mountain tops emerge with shadows 
waters sparkle with stars twinkling in them 
these things emerge spontaneous as all things emerge 
there is no doer in them 

beautiful waters flow in river beds churning over rocks 
with foamy white caps 
small pebbles move make clicking noise as touch each other 
grasses sway too with breeze over open valley empty with song 
of divine beauty
fine dirt there too with smallest pebbles 
sit still but move with breeze too 
and lift up to go with way of wind song 

as this play freely flows 
life lives dancing like men that throw burden  off
light in heart so freedom can live in that space 
light in breath, air, so freedom cannot be made into 
a box of something other 
the flower lights up with the best light filtered by sun 
brought to it sweetly
flower lights up
is there something that world not understand in this?
each one on earth know this  type of way of life 
of course 
not hard to know 
not hard to understand 

this mystery is inside soul too of course it is 
the inside and outside are the same 
waters flow beautiful on river 
have borders on each side rock hard with substance 
hold in the running water so it can go 
to ocean 
path is like this my dear too
hold in the flow of beauty to go directly to source 
if borders are infused with grace of guru blessings 
grace of heaven 
then waters flow to source without being caught in circles 
so easily 
treading water 
here i am in same spot again 
here i am feeling same like never changing 
need to flow to heart now and always 
to die to death of all 

this one writes here not knowing what comes 
my dear 
can you know that things just happen spontaneous 
without our participation
come now 
one need make efforts to be still
and then something else emerges 
opens of itself

here now 
is this writing today 
bring to heart and smile 
flower blooming brightly in the garden heart 
smile now please
om shanti

Saturday, February 24, 2018

let's go on this way

oh friend
i cannot call myself anything at all
you know
i do not go around thinking
i am a nun
i am a god person
i am celibate
i am a monk
i am a sannyasi
i honestly have thought these thoughts
so little if at all
for there is only one thing to know
is the mind active or is it quiet?
now what can you place on that
that gives a symbol of identity?
all that matters is the end point
that is the beginning of life
ok so let's go on this way
in this simplicity
like this

let's go on to walk with a simple
measurement of what is central to spirit
the rest is clutter making like pieces
thrown about
silence is to come with ending the patterns
that circle like whirlpools
without end
up and down ways
back and forth ways
what we want and what is best is forward ways
towards light simplicity peace
moving that way
progress is made

Friday, February 23, 2018

Wakan Tanka - "Great Spirit"

spirit: body
body have stripes and patterns
on me
striped with symbols of like my spirit
i striped it with that with my people
it is just that way you know
it is that way
that speaks of my soul
don't make it bad people
it's the way (of our people)
as we go we put our heart
on our face and our form
of this where i live in my heart
so, listen people
listen and bond with sacredness to
what matters to you that brings love
because there is that need right now
and i want to say that i come with this ...

and now i see a native american spirit
and they are all in white and have
 the (headdress) of feathers
all in white,
so beautiful
it is like he has angel wings
it is just stunning

*now how to bring that connection to nature out
and honor it and dance with it
they did so wrong to the native americans
and really missed that opportunity

*maybe they are waiting for white buffalo

i do see the white buffalo mixed in with this native american
like they are one

spirit: we are the same
me white buffalo
in our hearts and that is a symbol
of that pure spirit

*like Wakan Tanka (translated as "Great Spirit", "Sacred" or

spirit: yes so that in us and in all beings
this is what it is

i do see also shiva with the white bull with his hand
on the (bull's) head like this
and shiva and the native american
have their hand up like no fear
their spirits are overlaying each other
they are one and the same

*right spirit crosses everything
it doesn't matter
whatever symbology works for you
it is the same
there is only one God energy

*and yes we need to be more in touch with the earth
for sure

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

spirit session 2/18 delicate touch

i see a quill
like an old writing pen
and a tablet
there is a hand holding the quill

**monks would write by hand these manuscripts
in the past
these beautiful manuscripts

spirit: "i author writing in the past... i authored it...
it is the older time
i am speaking of christian time

i see some churches and an older feeling

spirit: "i write ( i see a big heavy book)
i authored much in my hand-manship that was delicate
like pieces of fine lace
like fine lace in my craftsmanship of this writing
that was one pointed in my mind
my mind was right there, right there

**many beautiful manuscripts
and scroll work were written in those times
the monks would sit by the candle and painstakingly
write every bit of it
in mostly latin

churches are seen in that time
of Rome

i see him laying there
and a cross on his chest
with his robe
when he passed
and that is a strong image
filled with light

**yes because they were doing a lot of
prayer and surrender
and that was their thing
to do this beautiful writing day and night
with one pointed focus

and you can see that laser that came
through him like a channel
it was like him, but not him
like a divine flowing light
and that is strong
you can just feel that that is what moved
this writing for him
it was a peaceful time for him to do this
he is reflecting that
saying that is the grace of this connection
and that it can be in all things
all action
he wants to convey
that is what the action was
for him
delicate with love touch
of angels

Monday, February 19, 2018

flowers are better vision 11/27/15

this morning, i saw a vision of a soldier
he was on the battle field dressed in uniform
then, i heard,

when are you coming home child?
when are you coming home from this battle?
so many are wounded
so many have died
when are you coming home from this battle?

one could see the vision of him there
there were images of dead bodies
and bloodshed
above this vision of the battle field
was a goddess energy in pure white robes
then, i could still see this soldier there
and beside him was another vision
of a soldier that had come home
he was embracing his mother,
she was weeping
so happy that he had returned home
and in full health...
then this was heard,

i sent your mother to you
she is weeping
her tears cover the earth
she is crying for you
she is empty for you
(an image of a mother on her knees
wearing a black robe could be seen
she was pounding the earth and sobbing)
when are you coming home child?
when are you coming home from this battle?

then what was seen was a black machine gun
and the battle field
then a flower could be seen falling from the sky
a white flower that looked like a daisy
then many flowers began to fall from the sky
falling on the dark machine guns
falling on the batteflield
falling on the bloodshed and tears
what was heard then was,

that man who said to his child
"they may have guns, but we have flowers"
he was right to say that
he was right to say that to his child
he said that to his child
he was right to say that
flowers are better
this was heard as these flowers were raining
from the sky
many, many white flowers falling,
then this was heard,

flowers are better
flowers cover the earth
they cover the earth in springtime
they bring life to the earth
they bring color, beauty and glory
to the earth
they are like a new beginning
they are like springtime
they cover the earth

may this blessing go out to humanity
then a spotlight was seen
a huge ray of light coming from it
that went round and around
as if to send this message of love
out to all

the next vision was one of a black
machine gun again
it had a white flower sitting on top
of it
then blood began to spill on this white
staining it in red
big drops of blood, thick and red
falling on it
then this was heard

this is not the way oh, world
flowers are better
then, these words from a song
were heard,
please people, no more violence,
wars or tears
send this message out to humanity
then the spotlight was seen again
going round and around

the last image was one of an
army truck
loaded with men
waving to their families
heading off into army life
this truck was traveling forward on
the road
behind them,
walking in the opposite direction
the form of a man was seen
he was walking away from this
he was looking within himself
he was looking
at the war inside himself
then, on his form appeared
the orange robes of a sannyasi
then, his dress  changed to
that of an ordinary man
this man was then seen inside his
house with his family
as if to say, this searching within
can happen anywhere
right where you are now
it can happen...

after this image, the goddess arose
her image of white purity was there
above the world
waiting with open arms
then this was heard

i sent your mother to you
she is crying
she is waiting for you
she is waiting for you
to come home...

Saturday, February 3, 2018

connect to heaven and earth, spirit messages 2/2/18

Spirit: the sound comes from the center
it rises like energy, shakti, energy
rise, rise
center point
bhindu light
all rise
and that is that
that's the truth
that's the truth
it's not your voice
it's not your hearing
it's the divine

* It's that *IS*

Spirit: it's all that
it's not your body
it's not your thing
your person-things
it's not your
i say this because i lived very
one of taking my things
like captive

*trying to hold onto it
and found out you can't
grasp it
it is not yours
to begin with

*i took my things like a captive
to me
like i was the keeper
i no keeper
i kept God away by that

*If you get possessive and become materialistic
you loose that opening to experience that divine
and again realization does not happen to a *me*
one at that point goes into that divine IS
and that me story is lost
and then it becomes the play
so one can either progress towards the play
or try to gain powers, get this, gain that
and you constrict yourself by doing that
and really loose the beauty that can come forward
releasing the "me, my, i" then you can have the flow
of the cosmos....


Spirit: if i am living
"my way"
i am living in the night
i live in the night without stars
if i live just "my way"
i live like a dark night without stars
you have to be
connect to heaven
connect to divine

*if you become (really) ego-centered
you enter that darkness
you cut yourself off from the beauty
off from the cosmos
it's a sad way
it's like a hell realm
and you get all that darkness
nothing can come in of value
like a no-,man's land
they have done it by themselves

it is not where you want to be
a starless night
without a moon or anything

i see a dark night
with stars
planets and things

this spirit wants to say
they want to say
one must keep the connection
with heaven and earth
stay connected
stay connected to energies
that are cosmic
and healing
balancing of body, mind, spirit
not just *me-stuff*

*and you have to open
open to others
open to sharing
open to giving
this is what is happening with polarization
happening now
i am fighting against them
rather than celebrating humanity
what is happening is creating differences
and the further you go
the more ice-olated you become

and the reality is all are affected by it
as this mental enclosure goes out in waves

*understand there is the polarization happening now
and the more you follow dark and *me* only path
then one will go into no-man's land with no light
not where you want to be
so open to the universe

Friday, February 2, 2018

sensor - woman of wands

When i was doing the other readings this evening, the pendulum tapped this card and then tapped my chest, like "you, this card is for you"....  and i must say dear friends, this feels just right with how the messages of spirit not just in the sessions, but always sing thru the soul.....

The voyager tarot guide book reads:

As a sensor you posses psychic powers which you receive through your wands of perception, your antennae (headdress, fingers, hair, skin, neurons, aura). Through the wand of the auric body, you pick up vibrations that give you mediumship and extraordinary sensory perception. Through the wand of excercising and attuning your physical body, you are endowed with clairvoyance (seeing the truth), clairaudience (hearing the truth) and clairsentience (feeling the truth). And through the complex wand of the internal nervous system, you assimilate great quantities of information quickly. Trust your way of knowing.

Your faculties of "psi" and intuition allow you to see through many masks, defenses and disguises. With an extremely discerning intuitive intelligence, look for the obscure and hidden, the good and bad. Far from tempering your razor-sharp perception, offer your observations honestly. You are a transmitter.

Natural and wild, colorful and artistic, sensual and ritualistic, you are a shamaness - here to vitalize, liberate and heal.

Mother nature and the divisive mind-set...

The pendulum chose these cards for this particular query. The pendulums are very precise and will tap the card that is in alignment with the diagram for this query. It will tap the way the cards should be lined up -- it is a beautiful divine-filled tool ....

How the divisive mind-set of the day
is affecting mother nature...

Mother Earth, Harvest (included with these cards
was, Son of Earth and creativity... i paired them down)...

in the center : Balance

Delusion (ten of crystals), Anger (four of cups)

Off to the side not touching the other cards
is eight of worlds, Change... as there is always that

beautiful cheek against the earth -- spirit session today 2/2/18


Some very nice spirit sessions today, here are some of them -- lovely messages...

om shanti

Spirit: in the moonlight i walked in peace
i met my master there
i laid flowers at his feet
i sung the same song as his heart
which was like sweet perfume

i see the moon
i see some stepping stones
and the moonlight is coming down
in shafts

Spirit: Live like
fresh rain
don't stop opening
my master say, i did
i did what he say
now i lay flowers at his feet
he is in me

*Keep your path fresh
stay in the moment
enjoy what's there
and be open to whatever comes
your way for your path
and honor it


Spirit: taste the honey on the vine
not just on the vine
not just in one spot, the honey
the honey  flows
the honey flows
like sweetness
the honey flows
and opens
this is kundalini and bliss state
this is a drop of bliss
that enters in the heart like honey
taste it
 love it
be with it
it is your love
it is your love
until there is only one
and bliss

*honor kundalini
don't fight against it
let it take you on the journey
you need to go on
and reveal what needs to be revealed
and purge what needs to be purged
honor the sweetness of it
it is there to take you to liberation
don't fight it


Spirit: lay down
lay in fragrant beds
like buddha did
he laid
he laid like he was same as
he laid like same
like not in separation
he laid like the earth
he laid that way
like still
he is the green grass too
he is the hanging flowers
like cups that hang
he is
he's those things
he's that
he laid down the same as earth

*like the COS in full manifestation
very nice


Spirit: black, white
yin yang
yin yang
come together yin yang
not separate any
as i speak i am saying words where my mind is
where my consciousness lives
i say words that way with that
yin yang
with that ardinarashvara
with that yin yang

*what they are trying to say is that
whether black or white
it is not separate
it is like seeing the whole of the cosmos
as one
it is one
it is one
not two, not two
that which is moving
that which is not
the black not moving
the other in motion
in every situation
a seed of light
it's all one
stay in that balance


Spirit: death a friend
when it comes
death not evil
death an energy
of change
not evil

*it is a transition point
moving one forward
with your life

this energy is making a lotus now
which is that blooming

*things continue forward
it is not an end point, death
sometimes it is a release
don't be afraid of death


Spirit: the forests have to be loved more
the forests have to be kissed more
and beautiful cheeks laid on the earth of it more

*we need to take care of the planet
the trees bring fresh air
they bring everything
they help to clean the environment
forests are very important to keep the
balance of the earth

Spirit: the earth is the giver
what happens is taking too much
it's just not right
lay your beautiful cheeks on the earth
and feel it sing to you

this spirit wants people to be more
conscious of nature

this spirit is sending some hearts to the
like these are my kisses to give to the trees
that give life to all

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Blood moon energy tantric tarot reading

Tonite, the clear pendulum chose these cards as an energetic diagram of the energies of blood moon.

The first card is, *Ally* which has to do with raw kundalini fire (at times in it's untamed state). This card is a boon as it is a destroyer of the lower energies that can wreak havoc.

The second card is the *Phoenix*, which rises from the ashes -- a symbol of mystical attainment.

The third card is *Deep End* -- represents plunging into the waters of consciousness ...
diving deep into this water without hesitation or need for boundaries...

The fourth card is, *The Magic Carpet* which represents traveling into new realms of the psyche -- moving beyond the physical boundaries of temporal body. Also, the phenomena that occurs in terms of visions, hearing celestial sounds, psychic phenom, spontaneous action, and all the ongoing wondrous ways phenomena plays out during the journey takes one on quite a mystical ride.

The fourth card is, "Just passing through". This is showing that all things in terms of phenomena pass away in time, and that the journey in all it's phases is a transient experience ...

The last card is, "Shiva, the pillar of fire" -- which is the end result of the journey when all phenomena has been burnt up, destroyed and only pure consciousness remain.

A nice reading regarding blood moon energy

Sunday, January 28, 2018

tantra board tarot

strangely my friends 
the pendulums sit on this tantra board 
of the tarot card reading 
they automatically connected the energy
of the seeker with kali's heart-feet
it was odd indeed 
yet really not so strange here to see it 
for there are so much oddities that flow 
at times 
i am not unaccustomed to it 

so the pendulums sit here 
and to pick up the rudraksha pendulum
is something else 
it pulls to the heart 
and leaves the mind empty really
i cannot speak to you about how and why?
i don't know 
there is an energy there that is clearing and 
has come 

dear i will tell you 
the way the cards line up is not something 
i would have chose 
the energy of the pendulum chose them 
like a way to say look! do not miss this card 
this one and this one ---
and they line up this way, no other way
and they are these cards and not the other 
many cards that can be chosen
they are these cards
the stars, kali, vision quest 
yes these cards only


you know friend 
one must be open to hearing and allowing 
the flow of forces that clear to come 
if one is afraid of the mysteries 
then this flow will be blocked 
due to fear 

what comes forward to be seen and cleared 
is not what one thinks 
so much can seem on the surface this or that 
yet it is not 
for i will tell you what the voice of spirit speaks 
if i was saying one thing inside 
spirit would say in the way of yes and no 
and more to my mind-heart that is not true 
this and this is not that way
this is not the way you think
now this would happen when there was that 
spirit communion that was like a grip hold 
and not as strong now 
but what was offered by spirit was something that said
that what was felt as hard or wrong or crooked 
was not that way truly
underlying that cover was something that is not 
made of anything like that 
and that cover too
is always fine in whatever way 
it plays out  
and is felt 
one need not worry about it 
and know that the soul inside is always well, whole
complete and lifted in it's bed of the cosmos 
that gives freely all things 


oh dear 
say this to me sweetly 
for i long to hear your way of speaking 
you have so long been in thought 
but do you feel the whisper of spirit 
that says not these things at all
but something of the mystery way 
it is not absent from you ever 
it is not ever away
not  ever 
it is in you deep and well 
it is in you like the lingum in the yoni

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Spirit heart counsel

Spirit: "Deaf to my song of person. The ears are being shut to my song of person."

*I'm just not even hearing that story hardly any more, ok? It becomes like an old tape
that one has played, and this tape becomes broken and the projector
is just spinning now but the tape is not there.


Spirit: I see your name and it's like"starlight, that's a good starlight to follow
(hand pointing towards Guruji)."

Spirit:"Siddhananda lives spirit, lives Psychic. Good team. Starlight follow."

Spirit: Since being here (in the energy), my mind says not the same things to me.
Mind says, like more lighter things to me... like lightness...

*So things are beginning to shift. They came in here with more heaviness/depression, but now
it is shifting.


Spirit: "Adi, she says (referring to Adi Shankara). Adi she speaks. She says that with right words."
Adi in all things... the living and the dead... Adi in all.... Ahhhhhh Adi, Adi, Adi.....

*they are immersed in the play. They are immersed in seeing what is at the center of it. That unchanging *IS* and then the dynamic play of it. The beauty and fragrance .... that fragrance ... that beauty.....

Spirit: "I am Muslim. I walk like God... I..I am Muslim.  I have many paths though.
I am not staying Muslim just only."

*So they are more open to other traditions even though they are primarily Muslim.
They see that there is that one thread that runs through all traditions.

Spirit: Om flower. Aum flower. (This is the way of the spirit saying thank you).


Spirit: "River, river of beauty...river of spirit speech. Speaks spirit, very nice thank you."

The spirit is appreciative of the work and thankful it has opened up again.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

river of spirit language

on this day of 25 january 2018
i am writing about the spirit light work 
with Guru

today i will say there was more of a fluidity 
to the sessions 
for here, it took awhile to get the sea legs back
because without the crisp clear visions, i had no
feeling of how the work would flow 

but the work does flow dear readers 
as an artist finds it's canvas after awhile 
and the drawing, colors and portraits just 
appear on their own without the doing of that 
one drawing it--
for it lives in their soul-blood
it is like this for sure 

so long ago, from young, there was a seeing 
of things and hearing things 
of which i was not comfortable with 
and a feeling of channeling too
(painful at times)
yes, but these things were not spoken about 
when one is merely a child 
so nothing was said, not ever
and of course this continued
and became more pronounced with time 
and with the energy of kundalini getting stronger 

and now may we return to these sessions
the energy is not like channeling this time 
i must say the channeling done during the blood moon
was an all consuming experience that bubbled up 
and filled the form-mind so that the experience of the spirit
was felt so deeply 
and this is why the visions were preferable to this 
as they would come in an instant with strong illumination
and seeing of the personages of spiritual nature 
in vivid detail, lustre and finery so strikingly heart speaking 
as if being right there
and now the vivid detail
and fine strength of illuminated imagery is diminished,
but not in the least lost in the heart 
as it sings now in a different way 
it is not felt like the heavy intense channeling before, but lighter 
flowing from the heart and head 
as an instrument feels the delicate wisps of the one plucking 
it's strings 
or the beat of the hand on it's texture of skin
it arises from the heart, souls in it's own odd nature of coming forward 
the spirit-rock-energy is held and the sound of the voice of spirit is there 
it does not take over this one's being as before 
it simply vibrates more surface in a way or more lighter 
and that one's spirit-voice-story moves outward in words or displays of what is 
there with hand mudra signs and verbage 
not at all unnatural feeling here, but i must say -- not something that was 
spoken at all about before 
as i felt in some ways 
rather odd and different is the only term to use 
as the seeing of things was so very pronounced for so long 
i felt that i wished for it to go and not come back
as i felt unsettled about having such an odd way of being

i am speaking in a flow of words now my friends 
if you are interested to peak inside the soul of spirit heart vision
but if you are not at all interested then please go and enjoy the moment 
but this is how the hands are moving and speaking now 

so to come to this thing of expression
with the messages and spirit counsel
is something that was honored greatly by Guru
and it was not at all feeling strange when with her 
i have never felt it strange to myself 
but felt it would be odd to others, yes! it's true 
but Guru made a space as sacred light to allow the flow of spirit 
and though this soul pulled back sometimes to not be so 
held in it's spirit-grips which occurred before 
in the blood moon time 
but now the flowing of it is much more settled, though some shakiness
and other energy openings 
are here 
it is fine and even Guru said, that i seem different around it 
partly due to her settled presence of allowing love to flow in it's
partly due to so much clearing being done 
and mantra internally said
and i did tell her thank you for making this very odd way of speaking 
seeing and feeling, blessed, dignified and lit up with light 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

spirit session

spirit session

those roses by my grave stone are dying 
this spirit said 
they have not been refreshed and brought 
me the gift of spirit 
so please oh helpers refresh those roses 
for me 
so i can sip of the wine of heart 
and give of myself to the shining light 
and not bask in the past ways of experience 
oh helpers 
did i do a wrong somewhere that i hardly 
for my heart is heavy with feelings 
and though i have left that experience 
it is still inside me 
oh helpers, Guru
set me on the righteous path 
and the Guru does indeed give guidance 
that is to say 
you, oh soul are not the form and what happened 
happened to the form only
you are spirit only 
so do not weigh yourself so heavily down by
what is now gone 
and move forward into light 

oh dear hearts 
the Christ energy enters into the scene 
and there is not a single way that mind can continue 
to go thru the shadows  
the spirit connects in with his light 
and bows deeply 
and forgets what was so heavy in nature
and sits like a child by his feet 
and sits like an innocent child 
to be blessed in love and light 
and goodness 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

rich music

here is writing on one of the spirit sessions today
though there were several coming in need or to 
simply give a message... this is the one that flowed

one of the spirits was not saying prayers 
from the heart 
Mary mother of love and light 
entered to let us know of this constriction
that was present for this soul
when she came a flood of love took over 
this being 
it was like an angel entered into the heart 
an angel that had only love in it's finest form 
to offer 
she was able to sync up with the energy spirit 
in need of help in a masterful way in which 
the space and time element vanished 
because it was right there
like an instant knowing of what was happening with this 
energy spirit 
what she said was to pray not in a constricted fashion
but to pray like being *one* with the prayer 
as musical notes were seen rising into the air 
as a way to say the prayer is the rich music (of heart)
imbibe it like food for the soul
the prayer for this spirit energy was not soul-based 
it was head based so very, very different
so then some drops of blood were seen
and some bread 
body and blood of Christ in which one consumes 
so as to become that same glorious life
this is the way the prayer should be
consumed in this very same way
it feeds you
it purifies you
it opens the soul to the pathway of light 

Guruji gave some heart-filled teachings on this 
subject which never fails to be in alignment with 
grace in it's entirety

end of this session

Monday, January 22, 2018

in the heart

Session today 1/22/18 with G and Siddhananda

This spirit has engaged in 3rd eye practices in the past

The pointing is:
     Silence is not in the head (or 3rd eye)
     but in the heart

G: All starts in the heart,
     proceeds from the heart and returns to the heart.

Big Baba Light, The Himalayan master and Kali
are called in to aide in helping this spirit
*due to the 3rd eye work, this spirit has a lot to break

Siddhananda (speaking for spirit) :
Fire, Fire
Hari, Hari
Ash, ash
Save yourself.. don't live here in the head (3rd eye)
Live here in heart

G: Let Kali come and break down the rest of the illusion.

Goddess, goddess
beauty dark
goddess, beauty of the night

Mountains cold

G: That is referencing mt. Kailash and the himalayan
     They all have the same truth.*

Mountains cold
ascend and sit in silence
mountains, mountains

dark night goddess, beauty

Fire Baba
Fire Baba here

Essence of sweetness

This spirit is now bowing (they are wearing white)
Spirit: "I want to be good."

They are here (in the heart) now

a release is felt
the ganapate mantra is being said internally
for this spirit
the energy is felt to be running or
washing off
(removing the obstacles)

This energy is felt to have opened up greatly
and can process for now

namaste (hand on heart)

Sunday, January 21, 2018

shaman vision written 11/2015

what arose this morning was of a flower presented
it was large, with open petals
the shaman was there, decked out in his finery of primal fire source energy
he was dancing his dance (and now i see him in my mind)
which happens much as i am writing
he is there looking up to the sky
the sky is dark and ominous with a great opening of light
in which he is looking at or *into*...
he is saying, that he has come from that opening in the sky
in which rain falls pure and light floods through..
he is pointing to that opening and then spreading his arms wide and outward...
he says that it will rain pure on those that are open to growing tall in beauty and spirit
the animals are there with him, he lives in all of them...
then there is a bright fire like a dhuni (but it feels to be native american in energy) that is glowing
it is burning bright as a star in the night sky

he is showing his attire that is decked out with lovely native american symbology
and brushing it away from him to say this is not him,
and pointing to his body too as to say this carcass,
if you want to call it that because i am seeing some buzzards picking at a dead carcass,
is not him
and then i see a spirit rising from this dead body...
it is rising high to be merged with gold light of all

he is reaching over and touching my chin and taking it up
and putting marks of the native american signs on my face
like stripes on the cheeks and such
and then he smiles a big wonderful smile
and looks up to the opening in the sky
there is a lotus at the opening, white and lovely ..
such purity, purity is the feeling...

that seems to be ending this writing
but he says he is not finished
for he wants to speak of the shaman way
which is as a healer that is in awakened consciousness
the shaman aids to bring healing to the body as much as is possible
but mostly to the soul
i am not getting more from him except i see tools,
like (the shaman) provides tools, in a way,
for the soul to find their own direct experience of love and light
that by this connection, grace is opened as a flood gate to allow for spirit growth
he says, though, that grace is the provider,
not this piece of flesh and he is touching his body to say, not this
his tools are spirit light, love, harmony, connection, silence,
family love or spirit family love,
which is the connection with those ones that feed the soul and
give uplifting energies to aide in moving forward (this is very important says he)...
he is not speaking with words, but some is coming through with thoughts,
other times just imagery,
other times just a feeling or a knowing...
he is showing a hammer in his hand and a saw
and grinning wide like these are the tools
which is simply symbolic for the tools of the heart...
and with this writing some hearts are flowing out of his chest
and out of mine and also out of my fingers ....
he seems to be vanishing now... we will see

i did start to write of this morning's vision where
a great flower appeared with big open petals ...
from out of the center of the flower arose the shaman,
he was reaching down and laying some flowers on the ground
and going inward to the center of the flower
where it became darker, richer, fuller ...
from this flower emerged the Guru
and from this another Guru and another ....
speaking to the same fragrance or essence in all...
and then a line of full moons in a row appeared...

this is all for now it seems...
may all be well and open into having direct experience with this moment
and whatever that brings...

om shanti