Thursday, October 4, 2018

a friend indeed, she is

what forces call you to be out of heart?
what forces work to frame your mind in ego?
what forces frame this way of believing you are not truth
bliss, heart?
what forces frame your world to be in another way
besides life true and real?
what forces frame your life to be in the persona way
rather than heart of all?
what forces work to move you to be out of life
in its naked state?
what forces work to make you believe that *one* is not
true and *many* are the way it is?
what forces work to leave a wondering in your mind
to leave a wondering in your body
to leave a wondering in your lips eyes ears
hands and voice?
like what is it that is this freedom
i know not what it is
i only know this world i have in me
that revolves and brings story makings
of she he they i and other
this i know
so this is the way it is for me

love though
this is not the way it is
life has it's shading ways and freedom ways
it is like the darkness comes in moments
when there is no light
but light is there in the sky as the heavens and as the
energy of christ vision
life is there like this
it does not live in shadow
yet it cannot be covered by it

death will work it's wonders
death the death of mercy
it is the knife of kali
it cuts imaginings to bits
to fragments
and then works again to cut the rest of what is there
that makes one believe God is not inside but out there somewhere
to be known only in thought

death comes to the mind as friend indeed
she is friend to one that opens in love with god
she is friend to men women that love god over other things
of the world
she is friend to those that wonder about nothing but live here
in heart of all
she speaks her words of energy not with what you think
like here i am
but takes away the prison voice that speaks of things of
takes away those things
and opens to the shaman breath
like whoosh
like here is the other way of spirit
and here too is open heart
and here too is the substance of absolute
and here too is the stilling
the leaving of all that is not truth
the reality
death she is not evil when she take away ego
she is friend indeed
death of suffering
death of dream
death of playing of me mine song
and life come instantaneous
birth of light
birth of timeless
birth of shiva
birth of all
birth of 0
here, this is it love
this is it


  1. Namaste, thank you for this writing. OM.

  2. Namaste this is beautiful! I "bumped" into it. So grateful for are still writing these! I had .. forgotten for some reason. I've been swallowed back into my life. 🙏🏼

    1. Namaste, I am glad to be back on heart pointings. Good to hear from you. om shanti