Sunday, September 24, 2017

what is natural


live free oh men, women
cast out those shadows that are not your friend 
but simply ego masquerading in many forms so as to take one away from what is true 
be not happy with ways of men that are set on being worldly
and framed in that which is not harmonious with what is best for all 
for this type of behavior and mind set 
is what is making the long lasting imprint of ignorance and 
hardship to the planet
i say to you there is another way that is synced up with the natural laws 
of the universe 
this way that is natural to your soul is where to go 
not out in the world of dorership and agitation of mind 
the world will cary on without your being involved in it and being more of a witness
to it
or a one that is simply present and alert, quiet within and living in a depth beyond 
the waves of phenomena 

see this is not something understood by thoughts or by activity 
but understood only by heart 
heart is not to be understood, but is what is the natural state of all
when those thoughts that dance so freely now are lessened, slowed and eventually