Sunday, July 28, 2013

how wondrous is she

she has a way about her
that lights the night on fire 
with one word or glance 
that comes from stillness 
and a beautiful presence 
that is like a heart 
that loves for loves sake 
it cannot be denied when 
one is with her 
the beautiful aura that shines 
and glows as a halo
always about her form 
and face and figure 
like a white linen cloth
that has not been soiled 
is her nature 
she comes into a room
and the playful thoughts 
go scurrying about 
into their darkness 
where they cannot be 
seen or heard 
she has a way about her 
that is like the moon full
and glorious 
on the most deep dark night 
for she sings songs that 
are of the life force 
that are of the universal one 
without saying a word really
her heaven comes to shine 
in you when you are near 
she is like this 
she does not look to make a friend 
or look to take away anything 
that is of your natural way
or look to add to you or subtract 
but loves you as you are 
and guides with still presence 
and then lo, the mind is quiet
and beautified as God is 
oh my friends she is like 
this and much, much more 
because the mind does not 
know how deep love goes 
in the quiet depths of the soul
it is so rich and so sparkling with clarity 
and she gives this to those that are open
without knowing it ever 
for she is the coming of joy 
that lives in your spirit 
she lives in the playful way
she lives in the open
how wondrous is she 
how ripe with youth
and joy
oh love she is your soul
in it's purity 
and you are in her 
and she is in you
how very precious 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

the monastic life

in the past when the climate was
pure for seeking 
seeking was much honored
and not put aside or taken casually
those that were renunciates took to the 
path in it's traditional way
which was to don the ochre robes 
and wear the ornaments that spoke 
to the monastic life 
which were varied in their nature 
but very much honored and seen
as marks of a heart that was in the 
contemplative order 
when a monk takes to this life 
he is as a person that
has renounced responsibilities
such as rearing family and working 
in the world 
this type of undertaking has as it's base 
great meaning and purpose 
it is to keep the mind focused on God 
the monastic is to be always disciplined 
in the way of putting the eyes 
on the light in terms of scriptural reading 
and contemplation
he lives in a secluded area because he 
is as an island to himself in a way
as he is the sole being that is responsible 
for his journey
and there is no one else that can walk it for him
he is the one that is the keeper of the faith
and he is the one that is the protector of his silence 
he is the one that is the guard of his kingdom
he is the one that lets enter into his paradise 
seeds of untruth or seeds of great blessings 
that grow in the form of quietude and joy
not any one else plants these seeds 
he is the one that waters the blessings 
or destroys them by looking to the impure thought 
the monastic is not a person of the world 
he is as a soul in love with God 
which means he is in love with the SELF 
that is in his own soul
when there is quietude within his mind 
he finds joy in this 
when there is silence that has no personhood in it 
he finds great sustenance in this 
which steadies him to move on into the 
unshakeable stillness in which no experience 
can touch 
he is like a mystic 
as a sadhu that wanders to the light 
he is the same 
the monastic life has it's purpose that is 
good and pure 
but as this path shows when one can be steady
in stillness while in the world 
this stillness will be very solid 
and not easily moved 
as this is much, much harder ...
but can be done 
and will come to those hearty journeyers 
that are true inside and seek pure life 
this will indeed come 

for now onward..

amazing grace

he wanted only for *his life*
to be good and full of things 
that brought happiness 
he did not understand that true 
happiness resided in his own soul 
when the coverings fall away
and that what was termed 
*his life* 
was as false as the shadow 
that dies at the arising of light 
he did not know that 
wanting to cling to *his life* 
as a separate thing 
was what was bringing suffering 
so he went thru life this way 
but when the Guru came 
he found that he had misunderstood 
so much
as that which he thought was real
and true before 
was challenged to the core 
and began to fall away like 
meat from the bone 
he then was able to see clearly 
what is true and false 
and how he was his own worst 
enemy to believe the mind 
in his ignorance he did not know 
but once his eyes were opened 
as painful as it was to see 
his mistaken knowledge
he could no longer go back
to the traps that brought 
only a seeing that was 
caged in conceptual understandings
and conceptual judgements that 
arose from conditionings long ago
how very false they were 
he then moved forward 
into the heat of Kali's fire
sometimes not even aware 
that this flame was consuming 
the underpinnings of his world 
that was held up by false beams 
of thought and conditionings 
kali's fire was consuming these
beams and moorings 
little by little 
until the whole structure was to fall
into the sea that was the life force of all
in this walk to the truth 
he did not know his life was never truly his 
to begin with 
for what he called his world was a private thing
and this was not real
it was as a dreamer dreaming 
it was as an illusion on the hot dunes 
in the desert that one races after again and again
he was not aware of any of this 
until the Guru appeared 
and set his little private reality to flame 
had he not stepped into the flames 
where would he be now? 
lost in some other place within his head 
as all that are lost in the world 
set out to find that which can never 
be obtained 
and thru his deep desire to be free and 
out of suffering he came upon this path 
though he knew not what he was asking for 
and what that meant 
because before,
the righteous path was 
merely a *concept* in mind 
and now to *live* it and embody this truth
how completely different than a philosophy 
about it 
how completely more real this was
onward he went 
his private reality fading fast
as mist on the ocean
and this was a very good thing my friends 
as what replaces this world
that he has guarded and protected
so fiercely
is sat chit ananda
what amazing grace 
and what good fortune that has come
to his heart 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

not two

when he walked thru the forest
there was the call of the animals
and their terrible cries
that echoed in his ears
and made him shiver to the bone
he laid himself down on the earth
to rest awhile and he slept
in his dream there was a man
that came to him
and told him of his true self
the man said he was as a light
that did not sorrow
and did not change
but was clear
and beautiful in fullness
this man in his dream said
that God was one and in all
and of all
when he awakened
he felt refreshed
and sturdy ready to go on
he felt a new breath of life in his bones
and got up to move forward
his mind was not yet still
but he did not worry about it
for he knew that his heart was
and he knew his way was clear
if he were to stay steady
as his Guru instructed
he walked thru this thick forest
which was as the sensual world
with it's dance that tempted
and said here i am come and enjoy
these fruits that are tasty
and will bring pleasure (and pain)
come and chase after me
for i am the dance of mara
i am the tempting goddess
that puts a spell of duality on you
oh come dear seeker and find
me dancing and singing of creation
and holding a fruit in my hand
that looks so ripe
come eat of it and see
come chase me again and again
this dance was swaying everywhere
it seemed
yet he did not go after it
he instead looked to his heart
that was pure as the unruffled water
and this is where he went to find succour
he went to his own soul
that was quiet
though his feet burned from walking so long
and his mouth was dry
and his mind was in and out of quietude
he walked on through the forest
he laid down at night under the stars
and moon
and listened to the roar of the jungle
it sang of something that was
to be mysterious
and he could not tell if it was his own
mind or the sound of something outside
of him
how could there be two?
he thought as he dropped to sleep
he slept dreamless
forgetting his cares
and his questions did not come
they were forgotten
as a door that closes
and leaves the world that he knew behind
his dreams were many times vivid
but not this night
he resided in a timeless realm
that he knew not his former existence
when he awoke he felt again
that he knew himself not
as he was
he got up and was not at all
in the spell of mara
what an odd thing
that he could not find himself
as he was
but he moved on and
eventually melted into the truth
like a ray of light
that was poured into the sun
he was in himself
like a true being
not two, not two
this was the beginning
of life
and he walked on
as before
still and at peace


when me and mine 
as the sunset fades 
into the dark night 
then what is real
is revealed 
is a living reality
that has never changed 
it is revealed 
as the moon is revealed 
when the clouds 
the night then 
is lit 
with this glow 
that is full
and it is not to be denied 
in the sky
so very self evident
this is the one heart 
my friends 
it is the light 
that knows not anything 
but still waters 
it is the radiant presence 
that is single 
it is the radiant light 
that is one 

one truth

the many flow
from the same source
like a bloom of creation
that is embedded in the
one soil of truth


in freedom you and me
are but a dream
on the waves that pass on
on the waves that roll 
on and dissolve 
the sea remains 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

not different

a man came today
in the night 
he walked alone 
and silent 
he held his staff in hand 
he walked steady
on the ground of being 
not faltering 
and going backward 
but ever forward 
where the dawn was 
breaking over the mountain
his eyes were not focused 
on the shadow nature 
that rose and fell
but inward was his glance 
as the single pointed 
he was not as a man that 
was looking for a goal
wandering to a particular
he was a man 
that was grounded in this moment 
he was not as a man that 
was looking to gather and collect 
not at all
he was letting grace 
take that which occludes 
and that which covers 
as a veil
his eyes and heart 
he was not anything special
outwardly to be looked upon
he was not anything different
in his form that moved 
as all forms do
he was a man of heart 
a heart that is in all hearts 
not different 
he was as you and me 
within grace always 
he was as the fresh rains
he was as the spacious sky
as you and me 
when the cloud cover 
and pure life is revealed
he was simple in heart 
as you and me 
when the covers fall
and the mind awakens 
he was not different than all 
in reality 
he was shanti
he was journeying to the 
soul that is pure

Thursday, July 18, 2013

sacred waters within

have you been to the sacred river?
have you bathed in it
as a wandering monk?
have you put your head in the water
to be purified?
and touched the feet of the holy sage
and shaved your head
and wandered naked in the forests and hills
and felt the earth hard under your feet
as a blessing of spirit?
have you sat in the caves where all is quiet
and of the earth cold and bare?
have you placed your shoes on the ghats
and walked into the waters that rush in vigor
so powerful as to be felt deeply within?
have you met the sage on the banks
where he sits on the stairs?
he is the one that is the far seer
he is not of the world and it's false ways
he sits on the bank
where he is like a beautiful seer
that knows all
and knows nothing
he is the one that is deathless
he is the one that is shanti
he is the one that is free
he stays pure as the lotus above the mud
as the water rushes with flowers of devotion
that float by
the seeker walks into the waters naked
and in this way he is purified
he is purified in truth
he is like the sage in beauty
because he has come to the waters
to be drowned in love and light
like the sage
he is the same now
he knows this well
as he is what the heart is
full and undying

have you come to the sacred river
to be lifted out of the mind shell?
to be purified as love?
to be like shiva nature?
where he resides on the mountain top
in deep meditative still being
where he is not touched by any change
no matter how good or bad
for he lives like a king of himself
like a king that resides in deep beauty
he lives like a filled vessel of truth
he lives like the mind made pure
he lives as timeless reality
have you come to be like him?
have you come to the edge of your world
and kept going
into the heart where all is in quiet,
gentle flow like shiva?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

so much better

when kali is alive and living 
as stillness 
she is then in the form
of truth
that has once laid coiled 
at the seat of the spine
and when awakened
moves as a snake 
through the passages 
(the chakras)
bringing forth debris 
in consciousness to be seen
and released
the debris moves thru
and changes occur that 
are not at all within the norm
for the one experiencing them
it is like an opening of energy
and divine flow 
that moves the form 
into kriyas, mudras 
lights, visions
and perceptual shifts
flood the being 
on many levels 
this is some of the
phenomena that can occur
it can be frightening if 
one does not understand it 
and even when one does 
it is difficult 
the one that is in the heart 
and has an energetic connection
with Guru
will move thru the 
experiences much better 
than if there is no such 
connection in place
the one that has a thirst for 
truth and is honest 
and sincere 
will move thru the shifts 
much better than 
if there are poor motives 
even under the best 
it is difficult 
this is for certain
there are so many changes,
shifts and then balancing out 
stillness, then back to mind 
and all the rest in between
it is not something that 
comes easily
(the peace that passes
all understanding)
it does not happen over night 
by any means 
it can take lifetime(s)
of steady efforts 
surrender and continuing 
forward into the fires 
yet it is worth it all
in the end 
to be within quietude 
and deep peace 
for what else is there worth
the mind may tell you
there are so many things 
that will bring happiness 
but have you been in quietude
you will know differently
that the best of the best 
is a quiet, peaceful mind 
nothing can compare 
and all that you *thought*
would bring happiness vanishes 
as a dream dreamt long ago
then that which is pure 
lives as a steady abiding peace 
so very much better than
anything mind generated 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

torch of understanding

"go and sin no more"
these are the words in the bible 
which means to not 
go back to the darkness 
that wreaked havoc on the spirit
this means to not take departures 
from the righteous path 
that bring one away from truth 
because a man cannot be pure 
if he continues to dip into the 
source of impurity which is thought 
he must instead dip into the well of knowledge 
that has come from the lips of 
completed masters 
the masters tongue is pure 
and words flow that are not 
tainted by the world 
they flow from the source directly
like a river of grace 
in these words is shakti 
lit with the torch of understanding 
as the lamp is lit with ghee 
so the words of the Guru 
are lit with understanding 
the ones that hear these words 
and are in the way of wanting 
freedom sincerely
take in these words like soul food 
and keep taking it in 
as if the life was dependent on it 
because there is not anything else 
that will give so purely as the 
master that is in heart 
will give 
the mind wants to believe that 
there is something else that will 
bring happiness 
but truly only a completed master 
will give what is needed to break thru
conditioned bonds of egoism
and destroy the energy of mara
for this energy is not easily put down 
and this energy is to need a stronger force 
that sends it to sleep and die away 
in the heart 
this one is the master that has 
risen from the dust of experience 
and can now speak to the ins and outs 
of the journey as if it was a map for those 
souls that are in need of joy, harmony
and lasting peace 
this one points the way to the heart 
and the seeker follows inward to the SELF 
the master knows the heart as this is where 
he abides always 
not tethered to the world and it's ups and downs 
not tethered to the changes that come 
he is in the heart free always 
he speaks from here to aide the seeker 
to go inward and find out for himself 
the truth 
that is not shaken by any experience 
he points inward always to the source 
of all
and the seeker is to go inward 
trusting the words and guideance 
as a young one trusts his 
and not question constantly why, why
but to find out 
seek it out 
find the source 
and then come and say why, why
but these types of questions will not rise then
for they are all put to rest in the heart 
where mind is not active 
and love and light and peace 
are the center 
which is the most glorious presence
and is the gem of true worth

Monday, July 15, 2013


oh monks and seekers
live out your days in righteousness
live not apart from the sun (the truth)
as this will make your life 
one of honor 
beauty and deep mystery
that will not forsake you
even at the moment of death
as all fades with the
rise of the sun
this eternal one 
will never 
ever die 

oh monks and seekers
make the journey to yourself 
in earnest 
for you cannot know yourself 
without knowing the one 
you cannot know the heart 
without first dying to the truth 
then all is set right 
all is made clear 
all is in it's balanced way
be like this 
be real
be the buddha that you are 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

lilly of white

oh monks and seekers 
be not in the way of the world 
the world is gone in an instant
and will not offer any steady
sustenance for the soul
be in the way of light 
that takes not the soul to 
waters of impurity
but brings fresh rains 
of grace to the heart 
and awakens love and light 
as a lilly of white 
that does not ever whither 
but is fresh and pure always 
as it knows nothing 
but this moment

Thursday, July 11, 2013

stable in grace

so easy friends
to spin stories of untruth when there has been
no coming close to the fires in a sincere way
the mind is so very convincing when one 
is in the throes of this confusion
and there is no space
to step back and witness 
what is taking place 
it is this type of thing that gets people 
going on dark paths 
it is like satan as he was in the choir 
of angels to begin with 
and wanted something for himself 
so he fell from this place of light 
into darkness where clear seeing 
vanished quickly 
this is what happens to ones that 
go off on tangents of twisted stories 
and seeking to confirm what is 
so very egregious and distorted 
the mind is like a child and given 
room it will roam and become 
bigger and bigger in it's way 
of seeking untruth
then one has moved so very far away
from the core of perfection
what a sad thing 
but when one is seeking love and light
in sincerity 
there is no need to fear about this 
type of thing 
as one will not be turned away
into false roads that lead to 
no good end 
one will move forward into facing 
the mind with it's false ways 
with the stability of grace that is 
given by Guru
what a blessing
for when the mind stills 
there are not these interpretive dramas 
that play out and haunt the being 
with such delusion
there is only beauty, truth
and light
what is better than this?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the staff

a mystic carries his staff
(representative of Guru's teachings
and grace)
like a one that could not 
be sturdy without it 
he carries it to steady himself
as he moves thru 
the ups and downs of the world 
he carries it to be not afraid 
and disturbed by 
any experience no matter how 
joyous or how biting 
he carries it to set himself 
on the righteous path until 
the heart is entered 
and peace is an abiding 
he carries it to let no thoughts 
be in charge of his journey
for he does not know the way
to the heart 
he does not know the turns 
and the passages that will come 
around the corner 
he does not know when it will end 
but he does not worry
as he has within his heart
the guiding force
of non-dual wisdom that shines
when he finds himself in hard times 
he goes to his own soul 
to be within what is right 
within quietude he dwells
he does not resist experience 
but surrenders into what 
comes as a wave that passes
and breathes and relaxes 
in the heart 
always moving this way
without fear or anxiety
he does not see without the grace given 
he cannot be clear without the grace given
he cannot be steady without the grace given
so onward into himself he sinks 
into this way of unknowing that will 
bring in it's time 
the greatest blessing of all of life 
the peace that passes
all understanding 
this is the journey of the mystic

Monday, July 8, 2013

set the table

set the table for the one
this is not hard to do
if you breathe air of gratitude 
and honor what is given as grace 
if you lay your thinking down
and come and sit in the moment 
that is freely given 
then you have set the table 
to eat of that which is good 
and righteous 
on the table there are many flavorful 
foods that you can enjoy 
one is the smile of being fully present 
the other sweet music of life
that flows
and another thankfulness
for this time given to seek the heart 
another is the teachings that you can take 
a big heaping of 
they will go down easy if you are open 
in heart and mind 
what else is there on the table? 
that which takes away separation
it is the best of all
may you partake of it heartily
as it is the life force
that cannot perish no matter what 
so here are the blessings 
enjoy and may you 
be stable in seeking 
that which is 
peace eternal

where is there to go?

striving for perfection
is like striving to be
something else
but you are *now* love and light
so there is nothing to strive for
only to be quiet in your heart
and be living
purely in this moment
then what is there to strive for?

striving like a person that is
to reach somewhere
is like being in a splendid garden
and feeling left out
but how can this be true
when the heart is within all
and cannot be outside?
so what is there to struggle with
but to be in this presence freely
in this stillness
it will be seen as
your own soul

striving as something to be reached
is like a king in his rich quarters
that sees it not
but says, i must go elsewhere
to find my treasure
yet here it sits in fullness
where is there to go?

striving as a creature to become
something other
is like a poor lamb
seeking it's mother
when she is right beside him
and *in* him always
what distress comes from this
but have no fear
for she is your very heart
and cannot die

Sunday, July 7, 2013

grace in charge

it is only when the cacophony
of mind dies and stillness is born
that pure life is freed to be known
without the *direct experience* of stillness 
there is no understanding 
of that which is false 
there is no true seeing 
there is only a *concept* of silence 
which is as far away from the truth 
as ever 

the mind cannot die without surrender 
surrender is imperative for the heart to 
be made manifest
it cannot shine otherwise

the mind is to be a servant to heart 
as the ox is to the master
it is surrendered to the one in charge 
which is grace 
it is not to be calling the shots 
like one that is in the drivers seat 
and making all the moves 
and commands to go here and there 
and this is this way
and that is that way
but it is to be still and surrendered to 
the light that is so pure 
then what comes is spontaneous 
and not of planned action
that has expected outcomes and all of this 
which is of intellect 
this is not correct vision my heart friends 
what is correct is *heart* vision
that is not in mental unrest like the mind 

so take this pointing to the soul
and be relaxed in stilled presence 
like a being of grace that you are 
be quiet 
be still
be in love with the moment 
and do not go outward in thought 

this is the flow of writing 
that has come this evening
may stillness reign

great night and om

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

spirit true

the ego is the little
and not the mystery
let it go my love
as a wave that dies
and sheds it's appearance
to become the source
let it go as a burden
finally thrown off
into the sea that takes
away that which is heavy
in nature
and gives of itself
only lifting light
so full and dancing
in freedom
so like shiva in his dance
in which ego is destroyed
underneath his precious feet
that are grounded in the absolute
in which kali is the play then
the lila, the dance, the fragrance
of reality
it is this joy that is to be born
in you my love
it is this joy that is perfect
it is this joy that is to be as a
night that is fully lit
yet you are not convinced yet
oh seasoned traveller
what will make you believe
that you are spirit true
and that you cannot be out of SELF
not for an instant

oh seasoned sadhu
oh seasoned seeker
you have walked this road for many a day
and year
have you a stopping place to be in
the earth of now
that is here always in your heart?
have you a stopping place to be
in yourself quiet and peaceful?
if you make this life a journey
that unfolds to bring happiness
why not now my dear
be happy and still?
be light in nature and not
restless inside always
you have a breath to take
take it now
and relax
into the mystery
that is as grace is
purely intelligent
and will unfold what needs to play out
in the right time
be settled now
and rest in the heart
be still

a mighty wave

oh my dear
love has not been lost 
it is now like a light 
under covers 
it is now as a misty 
feeling in your being 
it is now like a quiet 
whisper in your soul
in it's quiet way
it is speaking
to be in yourself fearlessly 
to be in your life fully present 
to be in the way of beauty 
that has no other
this pull that calls you on
to be in truth and light 
can it be a swell like a mighty wave
as it rises in it's presence to take over 
the mind 
and drown it in light that has in it 
no suffering 
no sting 
no burden 
only priceless freedom
only mind fresh within emptiness 
that does not grasp
or make up stories any longer 
about this and that
and you and me 

how very untrue this energy
that comes from nowhere 
do not cling to it 
my friends 
for it is not to be a light to the soul
it is like an empty playing out 
on the sea of deep mystery
on the sea of the constant 
this energy of mind moves
look deeper and see 
what is here that is lasting 
and be in truth 
be a sage in this life 
and do not wait 
for this is the heart of your soul
in it's best presence 
it is the heart of your soul
in it's awesome being 
it is the heart of your soul
in it's finest coming out 
yet you are not convinced yet?
oh my dear 
be still and be in it 
and you will laugh at yourself 
for believing this way of the false 
that never was *you* in reality
but only a ripple 
that goes on 
to be dissolved 
in the SELF 
that lives forever

Monday, July 1, 2013

love made true

leave mind go
then only is the light free to
be revealed
then only is the heart made
to shine
then only is the mind
in it's original state
then only are we, they
and the many
turned to ash
to be in the one of all
then my dear,
is love made true