Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a great path..

my love
i found a great path here 
and this is the way to go
be of right heart and set your feet to follow
the clear way 
that leads to yourself 
shorn of coverings and mental waves 
if you keep going and do not 
go back where the lonely live
feeling apart and separate
then you will be close to the pure soul
and feel it's breathe in your bones and blood 
and this will make you continue 
forward no matter the cost 
but truly my friends 
not a thing is lost at all...
what a joke this is 
to feel that something of value will be taken
what is taken 
is the suffering, the drama --
what good is this?
it is not a friend of yours at all..
in this light 
there is nothing other 
keep on sturdy traveller 
and go to be like you are truly
within peace everlasting

Monday, April 29, 2013

returning to freedom...

a man lived in a country
where there was only good 
he lived there quite easily for 
a long time ...
but eventually began to grow restless within
and then sought to know 
something other than this..
he sought to know what brought pleasure to him
and gave him something to call his own..
he sought to be *known* and given attention
for being who he was
he was not satisfied just being and living in joy
and light as a soul that was not different
he looked to find a way to move into a place that 
he could be like *he* wanted and not 
like the free being way of where he was..
he decided to leave this place of freedom
and seek out a way to bolster himself up
he packed his bags in the evening and began to walk out 
of the place of freedom
a man asked him where he was going 
and he said to somewhere *other* 
for i am not noticed here as the man that i am
i am not recognized here so i must go and find 
that which brings something to me 
that feels better than this..
the man that was living in freedom said 
you have not loved this land of of freedom 
as yourself 
you have set it apart from you and looked away 
from the simplicity and beauty that is here 
this freedom land is very peaceful if one can settle in
and be here, not restless looking about for something 
that is outside of here ...
my friend, you can go if you choose, but know that you will 
encounter a lot of mischief in your soul when you seek to
be something other than this ...
the man that was determined to go said 
i am going away 
i seek to be recognized as someone that is not of this freedom place 
i have nothing here ...
i have nothing that i can call mine ...
i am a nobody and feel very much ready to move on...
okay friend, if you must, but know it will be a long road for you
out there if you are to look away from this land of freedom
because it is in your soul and in your heart 
it is not to leave you...
you leave it, by your choice to be affirmed somewhere in the world..
i am sorrowful for you, but may the best be on your journey...
here is some bread to take --
eat it and remember the land of freedom that is in your heart...
the man took it and said okay, thank you, and left
he walked on quite miserable and in confusion
he ate the bread when he was hungry and when he did 
he remembered the land of freedom
and he longed to go back 
he walked on though looking for a place to be noticed 
and taken in...
he rested very unsettled and felt lonely away from the land of freedom
yet he walked on and on ...
until he came to a house with a light on 
he knocked on the door  --
a lady answered and said, hello, can i help you
the wandering man said, i am so very lost --
i left the land of freedom in search of something other ..
now i am at a loss for what to do...
i cannot forget this land of freedom, yet i desire to be a man of the 
world in which i am recognized and loved and found to be knowledgeable 
the lady said, oh my, you left the land of freedom --
this is not a good thing dear ...
for i have never been there and so desire to go ...
i am so very much wanting to be free and feel at rest...
my heart aches all the time in this place of the world ...
pray tell me how to find the land of freedom...
i am very much aghast that you would leave, for it is my souls desire to go there...
the man broke out in tears and said,
this place i am not sure of how to find again...
i have lost my direction there and have very little energy to seek it out..
can i sleep here and we will find a way to return tomorrow...
the woman agreed 
she found him a nice room and he fell asleep exhausted from his travels
he dreamed of a great white horse that came to him
and looked him in the face and almost felt as if this 
beautiful creature spoke to his soul 
to say -- my friend get on and ride to the place of the sun
where all hearts melt together as one 
where the body is gone and the world that appears as a dream is shed 
and the living light of all is front and center 
(the peace that passes understanding) ..
and the man felt himself to get up slowly and then float onto the horse 
where they rode away at a fast clip...
and though he knew not his way there ... 
the horse found the land of freedom swiftly and stopped at the place so 
familiar and yet so very unknown in the way of being 
completely different than the place he just left...
he got off the horse and greeted all there as if he never left ...
his heart was light, so very light ...
right away he felt the difference of being calm and quiet and not 
bothered so by pulling desires and intrusions of mental waves 
and he said, oh my -- what was i thinking? what was i doing 
desiring to be away?...
for i now have experienced the startling difference
between restless longing and seeking ...
and have no desire to leave this peace that is here 
i am yoked to this 
beauty of o ne everlastingly...
what grace to go away and come back...
my eyes are now open and not complacent --
he walked through the land, like a man of new birth...
and then he awoke with a start --
the sun was rising over the mountains and he could smell food cooking...
he walked into the room where the lady was standing 
the lady said, we can get an early start this morning to head on to our destination
the man smiled and said, yes.....
we will head out today...
and not return here ...
and he ate a hearty breakfast..
a gentle, quiet calm filling him as he ate...
a pure presence coming forward in the very place he sat..
and he laughed to himself...
in knowing this peace is right here
and he need not go anywhere...
yet he got up and took his bags
and said to the lady, let's go...
and off they went...
never to return...


take away the sorrow
and what remains is light
take away birth and death
and what remains is truth
take away longing for something other 
and what remains is *this*
take away the haunting mind 
and what remains is unconditional love 
take away the grasping ways 
and what remains is peace 
take away the *other* 
and what remains is the non-dual jewel
take away creation
and what remains is uncreated 
take away the dross 
and what remains is pristine
take away the waves 
and what remains is the calm expanse
take away the body 
and what remains is pure consciousness
take away the shadow
and what remains is the sun
take away the dream
and what remains is awake
take away the limited 
and what remains is boundless
take away the mind 
and what remains is the heart
take away the child 
and what remains is mother 
take away the distinctions 
and what remains is whole 
take away the ache
and what remains is forever healed
take away the savior
and what remains is saved 
take away the struggle
and what remains is rest
take away the effort 
and what remains is effortless
take away the doer
and what remains is grace
take away the sage 
and what remains is pure intelligence
take away the coverings 
and what remains is naked 
take away resistance 
and what remains is open
take away the name 
and what remains nameless
take away the you and me 
and what remains is pure potential
take away coming and going 
and what remains is pure presence
take away the seeker 
and what remains is eternally found 
take away the senses
and what remains is rich emptiness
take away the worries 
and what remains is shanti

you did not leave anything behind 
you forgot your heart and this is all
it lay under the dust of your experiences 
it lay like a jewel shining as a rich glow 
it has not forgotten you
because it is life 
and gave of itself for the body to be here 
and live in the way of seeking itself 
it gives in grace for this moment to be
for this heart to shine forth
as a beacon
it gives freedom of will and choice
to go this way or that
yet it does not forsake the soul ever 
it lives eternal to be found here 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

what a blessing...

i took to the ocean one day
to find myself
and went in where the water is cool
and went further and further
away from the shore
where i forgot where i came
in one sense truly
for what was left behind had no meaning
in the way of saying it is real
and present in mind..
it faded as the colors of the sunset fade
or the evening comes and the shadows are swallowed up..
so what took place in the past
is not of my concern
it is lost to sea
and with this is not real
or has any value or substance
i went away one day
and have not returned
i am as before
but without the play of mind
so greatly...
so heavy
it has been lost to the sea
and what a blessing friends..
what a great, rich blessing indeed...

equal in all hearts...

in the way of saying i am right 
then what is wrong?
in the way of saying i am wrong
then what is right?
the mind compares this way 
but what is it compared against?
another concept that it has created
from nothing ...

my friends,
see how evanescent mind is 
and so not made of anything true
it has no substance and only is a projection
that is to bind 
if taken to be real..
no matter how, good bad or 
innocent it appears.. it is still movement...
there are many waves in the ocean
great and small...
but still they are waves, movement..
and cannot be called settled, calm --
and still...
and only this stillness is what will 
bring awakening...
not an insight (no matter how amazing 

the sea is the WHOLE --
the living which is the absolute 
not this or that ...
it stands alone without a rival
without a thing that it can be compared against..
even in the way of thinking -- * i am at peace and rest *
is a wave that brings forth illusion
for the absolute does not speak
it has nothing to say about anything 
it is completely still and ever present...
the mind wants to make a claim on reality
but never can this be the truth..
for no-one can claim what is eternal...
and within all hearts equally..

Friday, April 26, 2013

what remains?

for a time
the mind lives
but it is not eternal 
and will perish sooner or later 
so what remains?
the body has been turned to ash
the thoughts, the dreams as well
put out into the sea 
where all is taken and lost 
to the vast ocean of all
what remains?
the world that you think is real
the people that revolve around it
the things, the places, the experiences
are to blow like dust in the wind
what remains?
the excitement, the sorrow, the highs
the lows, the in betweens 
the grasping, the efforts
the *me* world and all that comes
with that
is to be going
what remains?
the birth, the death
the unstable mind
the body suffering and all
that comes with that
is to be going
what remains?
the thought of freedom and bondage
the thought of *me and you*
the hoping, the struggle
the gathering of knowledge
the separation
is to be going
what remains?

what will the world become
when the mind lets go?
find out 
what will your life become 
when the mind lets go?
find out
what will your being become
when the mind lets go?
find out
what will heaven and earth
become when the mind lets go?
find out
what will God become
when the mind lets go?
find out
what will love and fear become
when the mind lets go?
find out
what will *you and me* become
when the mind lets go?
find out

what remains
when the mind lets go?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

wellspring of life...

you sang a song of freedom in your heart
before the story appeared
and the world
overshadowed the clear waters
you sang about the SELF
and how it is so pristine and wondrous
and so much not divided
you sang of the precious jewel
the chudamani
you sang of the wellspring of life
that has never been tainted or
within suffering
and then my dear what happened?
the world appeared
and the reflection became so prominent
yet it is not real like you think
it is the created which is mother
and it is her show truly
what a dream
yet you are simply here always
you are here

the tree..

by the clear water
there is a tree
grander than the ordinary
it blossoms when the season turns
the petals falling like rain
sweet to the eye
it does not sorrow at letting loose
it's fine beauty
for there will be another time
when life comes this way
as a bright awakening of color
the tree stands bare against the moonlight
looking stark and with a
beautiful substance of twisted
life climbing to the sky
the world comes and goes around it
moving, dancing...
the tree remains
and small buds arise
with the opening of spring
when all of life blooms and
there are new and bright scents about..
green tendrils appear
when the sun warms
and the world moves about
coming and going...
yet the tree does not sorrow
or bear any loss from the change
it lives as it is
in ripe flowering or naked beauty
as grace is the master of this arising
that is a sweet painting in motion
not of the mind
not of the world
not of the one that hurries by
not of any-body...
it is as it is
such is the way of pure life

in the clear waters of consciousness
the world appears
as a reflection
that goes in it's time
seeming so filled when it comes
but passing away no matter
and the one that is to see what is here
without grasping
is not like a one that forgets
this heart
that shines awake always
as a bright morning dawn
awake always

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

i am waiting

are you in the world tonite?
for i have not seen you here 
i have looked for you in the heart 
and found you to be gone 
i sat in the sun under the tree 
and heard the birds call come and go
i watched the shadows rise and fall
and felt the cool breeze on the skin
i heard the water rushing near by
and saw the sun melt slowly behind 
the mountains
i sat here long and long 
and have not  yet
heard your footsteps round the bend

i see you in the morning light 
with nothing but your soul as it is 
as a jewel of truth
uncovered of your worries
and sighted finally at last 
i see you as a saint and a master in your heart 
not set in mind like you are 
i see the truth under your unsteadiness
and hear the heart beat of life in your soul

when you come round the bend, listen!
be still
the earth is speaking it's song
of life so pure and rich
the blossoms are falling and the sky is deepening
with shades of ruby and gold 
and the sea is turning so dark with blue
the flowers are dancing too
when you come round the bend, listen
to the call of your soul that reflects this beauty

oh my friend 
you are to be coming?
for the joy is boundless 
and you are to be home at last 
i wait here in the perfection
so full and ripe 
like the dove and the swan 
and the calm water that reflects 
yet i am not as you think
i am what you are 
and we are not apart 
here this way my friend 
here now 
come round the bend..
i am waiting...

no more mind...

make the man of shadow 
see where to go clearly
and forget the cares of the world 
that has no truth 
it is not real to be away..
it is a dream
and you are in the dream 
not apart 
take your child 
and seize this one to your breast 
for the heart to awaken 
in your love 
never to leave it roam about lost 
this has never been truly
but is an illusion 
a shadow of mind 
not haunting in truth 
just echoes of empty space 

you are putting blinders in place 
for those unsighted ones to come finally
in the way of saying "enough!"
i am ready now for you to take over 
oh pray, for i cannot take another step this way
oh so much heart ache 
and am filled up with it
i give back what i took as mine 
for it gave only pain and unrest

i give this mind to the heart
and give it up willingly
to walk in the light that i am
so free of suffering in truth
so in the way of life itself
so in the seas and earth and sky
and clear being
i give it up to the o ne
so that i can be freed of all that
was never mine

the earth bed 
the sky
the sun
the seas
the hills 
the mountains 
the clear rivers 
the open lane 
the cool wind 
the rains 
the blossoms 
the dying 
the living 
the in between
the perfection
the zero

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

who is your teacher?

who is your teacher?
and from where does your teacher come?
who is your master?
has he a home in your heart?
does he call you out of yourself to sit in the sun
and be a light unto yourself?
does he wait for you when you have
gone back to the shade to play and be alone in
your private world?
does he continue to be a light for you
even when you have gone away in your mind?
does he make your world lighter and more filled with heart?
does he live the truth and breathe fresh air into your lungs
and breathe fire in your heart?
does he say come, be free and out of this suffering way?
does he show the way out of your locked cell of thought?
does he say, live life! and be a great soul that is to be out of
the world!
does he speak clear words that come from a stilled mind?
does he betray you ever?
does he sting you when you are in pain to say "wake up"
shake off this dull way and come and be yourself for once!
be out of this mind shell! --
come and breathe truth and life and joy and sing of freedom
come and be pure and abiding in grace..
does he raise your spirit out of the dust?
does he give graceful energy to make your day more in harmony
with light and more deepened in the earth of the soul?
does he say, walk upright soul -- be sturdy and in yourself
do not betray your true nature ...
be of open heart within and not hemmed in by thought and judgement..
be still -- be patient -- be as a fearless one ...
does he love you unconditional as a child of the spirit
and a soul that will fly to the mountain where shiva dwells
with his crescent moon on his head
and his spacious being that has nothing in mind ever
untouched by form or pride or confusion?
does he say to not sorrow, but live here now
as this time will not be ever again...
so live it fully as a one that is to make this life a perfect joy
and not come back again to suffer and relearn lessons?
does he tremble at challenge, your teacher?
does he bemoan circumstances, your teacher?
does he shut himself out from life, your teacher?
who is your teacher my heart friend?
is it your world that you play in?
is it your dream that you dance in?
is it your family?
is it your friends?
is it the ache inside?
what is to make you hear and feel what is real and well
in your being?
what is to bring you to the waters of heart and purity and wonder?
who and what?
the world?
or grace?
who is your teacher friend?


forgive me, says the man holding up his hands
i have not lived rightly or been true to my soul
i have gotten lost in the waves of mind and rushed
ahead of myself
lost in the world
forgive me dear lord for this

what is there is in this world that will right the wrongs?
there is nothing outside of one that will do this..
to look to the exterior will only serve to further
substantiate separation
prayer and forgiveness may serve a good
purpose on some level (if put forward
with the right heart)...
but to confront the ego
and wash away suffering, it will not do..
much (if not all) of prayer is self-serving...
commit an unethical act and then seek to be forgiven
what is this?
if one begins to live fully in honesty, integrity and transparency..
there is nothing to forgive as one's life is kept clean within
and without...
prayer will never serve to confront the source of suffering
which is ego..
it only serves to comfort the ego -- and soothe it away
and there are some that use the prayer as a substitute
for upright conduct --
this is not okay...
but for many, prayer simply mollifies the soul..
and with no true action and pure intent behind the prayer..
the energy placed there will soon dissipate..
then praying becomes simply another comforter to cling to
to begin to *see*
one needs to stand upright and sturdy
and take an honest look within..
and clean up the life first and foremost...
and when this is done then-
one is to look clearly at the mind..
observe the drama within with equanimity..
watch it rise and fall...
from where does this mind come?
to where does this mind return?
all the while *living* the path or
if not on the path living a pure life that is upstanding in character..
if one is not a *living* example of good and pure character
and continues on a wayward course..
what will forgiveness do?
and who is to forgive who?
look within your own soul dear friends of the spirit
your world is only created by thoughts and actions
and nothing more...
look at this and not outward into a God that will save
and pass out rewards and punishments at a later time...
this is to keep the mind projecting and creating ..
and procrastinating truly...
you are here now..
this is all that is needed to know..
so what is this life?
what is *your* soul in truth?
find out this
and all is absolved and rectified at once..
then the light can shine
and make this world a brighter place for all

Sunday, April 21, 2013

soap opera of *me*..

the cinema show is good entertainment for sure
it keeps the mind interested 
and absorbed in the drama
but one never feels it is about their life ..
they know within it is an act, not real 
it is a made up story about some characters that are 
playing a part ...
this is the way it is with the mind ..
it tells stories about a character called *me*
and that this character is doing this and that..
but it is not real -- it is made up by mind ...
like a movie ..
if one can look at this soap opera of *me* 
with objectivity like it is a repeating tape recorder ...
a drama that is not based on
anything truly taking place *now* 
or has any true power...
but is a transient energy .. empty in nature ...
like ripples on the water ...
moving out and dissolving again...
begin step back and *witness*
like watching a movie and observing 
(as well as engaging practices)...
then this mind can begin to be *seen*
for what it is...
which is *huge* step in the loosening of knots..

shanti om


the peaceful one
is the most loved in heaven and on earth
as this one has left the world on the shore
and sank deep inside the sea of knowledge
to be unveiled of all that is illusive in nature

the peaceful one
knows this world to be a dream
like a mirage in the desert
and has found the substance and
remains there ..
with a still mind
free of attachments and aversions

the peaceful one
is a light unto himself
he does not throw out the world
like a useless thing
he simply enjoys it for the mystery that it is
as it unfolds in all it's wonderment...

the peaceful one
is the light of all
this is not anything special
it is not anything better or worse
just what remains within all hearts
when the mind moves no more..

the peaceful one
is the shiv nature
but not like a god or a deity
just pure consciousness
the substance or ground of being
simply resting within the pure moment
as it is

the peaceful one
has not gained anything *new*
by coming into truth
it is there always
underneath the shadow mind
that is truly no-thing
it is not newly discovered like an object
it is eternal and ever-present

the peaceful one
lets the world be and do it's dance
and stays still within peace
through all the changes of the externals
living in the heart
as a  sage of beautitude
and undying stillness

Saturday, April 20, 2013

light will not knock on your door...

when will it be seen that there is nothing 
that cannot be uncovered and purified with surrender?
when will it be seen that one is to be freed 
with letting go of the heavy way?
light is not to come knocking at your door 
one is to open up
set the feet on the earth of now 
and not go into the shell of the world 
where the living has no power to heal
or melt the ache 
you are to take steps away from the world 
that calls and haunts with fear and pain
and ways that are not natural in flow
to set free the soul on the waters of joy
the sea of knowledge is filled with rich wisdom
and this beauty is to be *lived*
not just pondered about or set aside ..
it will be the best of all joys
and the best of all experience in one 
but what use is this description to a one that is not
yet in full seeing? 
it is not to make one go running after more illusion
it is to say that it is in your soul to be found 
not elsewhere 
and it is worth all the suffering way to come to it ..
not a man or woman or creature would not love to be free
how is this not the most important thing then?
so be steady inside yourself ...
not letting the dark take over ...
be in this time now 
my friend 
be the living
take the pure water that refreshes 
and imbibe it well
it will make the journey lighter 
and take away the feeling of being the *doer*
what is there to do really?
relax here and open up...
this is so much easier than struggling against the current..


within the world, there was a man named dawn
he lived quite well with happiness in his soul
and did not long to be anywhere, but where he was at
he lived by himself, yet never felt lonely or bored
or restless
he did not live an extraordinary life in any way
that stood out
where one could say, wow - he is so amazing
or so wondrous in his voice and manner ...
he simply  lived what came to him in his life
as it unfolded....
he loved to be in the open country and stroll about
he did not look for anything in particular,
but went about enjoying what came to his eyes
he loved to watch the sky in it's expansive beauty
and the way the clouds rolled in
and changed shape..
and how the light filtered through with glorious color
at sunset and sunrise...
he enjoyed the bird's song, and feel of freshness to the air
after the rains
and the reflections of the clouds in the puddles...
he loved the bright blossoms on the trees of such varieties
and shapes and stages of growth
and the hearty earth with all it's bright bits of fallen life
and decaying substance....
and the waters that reflect and rush and change mood with the light
of day...
and the various people and creatures
about in different ways of moving
and being....
what have you...
all of it was good entertainment in it's way..
but if he was inside, this did not make him unhappy
for he enjoyed what was here ...
how could he speak about this to others...
when their world was so ridden with drama about this and that...
and for him to say how he simply enjoyed the day for what it brought
would be so very foreign to those in the throes of mental
ups and downs ---
but dawn did not harbor enemies and judgements within.. it wasn't like that
that he was better or someone else was worse...
it was just that he did not live in drama...
or find an interest there ...
he kept himself abiding in what was here, and that was all truly...
possibly others may find this kind of life boring or dull...
because there are  no ups and downs and in betweens ...
but it is far, far from this ....
it is quiet and peaceful...
and rich in it's steady presence...
and simple, truly....
the mind is so used to making life so very *big* and filled
with some-thing, that it cannot easily move away from this
but dawn was not to wrangle with any of this kind of thing...
why some were this way
and why others were another way...
it didn't even come up...
he moved about his day, not occupied with deep questions or
philosophies about how life should or should not be ...
about how others should or should not be ...
about loss and gain and all of that ...
it did not come up like this in his mind ...
and as he sat down to read or write in the evening..
it was as if nothing ever happened ..
nothing ever took place...
but if you asked him how his day went..
he would say *fine* ... or maybe something would
come up in the moment ..
but then soon it would be gone...
no energy left there anymore..
no hooks to hold anything in place..
simply quietude reigning..

Friday, April 19, 2013

no story...

the man of knowledge
came to the ocean one day
he sat by the waves
and enjoyed the warm sun
he laughed at the children playing 
he watched the shadows dance about
he sat in the sand 
with his toes in the water 
he ate a good lunch by the dock
he breathed in the fresh air 
he smiled at the little creatures flitting about
he walked for a long time 
enjoying the beautiful appearance 
he sang a song that came to him
that he always enjoyed 
he walked home 
he lay his head on the pillow to sleep

the man of knowledge 
came to the ocean one day...

the man of knowledge does not know how everything works 
he does not know how everything comes together 
he does not know what the next moment will bring
there is no mind there that is attempting to figure it all out... 
he simply lives in this moment with nothing added or taken away
this is all...

so much more....

it gives a million times more than what is asked
this grace
it opens up when expectations fall
it comes unbidden also
at the most surprising times ...
not what is looked for
but much more beyond this ...
so much more
and so much less at the same time
it gives a million times more than what is asked
when the questions and searching weaken
and loose hold
then it comes...
this beauty that lives as undying light
this rich glow
so perfect and still
it gives in times when there should be sorrow
to the mind ...
then, too it gives with the sweet taste of life
so precious and fleeting
here, then gone ....
it gives a million times more than what is asked
this grace
thru just a small amount of surrender...
the gates open ...

what has called you away?

you have lost yourself my friend 
and have left the love of the heart 
to be buried 
what has called you away from the true source of your being?
is it money?, friendship?, love? or something that is material in nature? 
why to take this up on your being?
see, when the mind goes on this kind of searching 
it will not find any substance that brings peace and joy
because it searches for something that can never be found 
in reality there is nothing ever lost 
so to get to this jewel of the non-dual
one is to let go and begin to question
what is holding this unrest, desire and suffering in place 
and dig deep down, so that the mind is directed towards 
the heart, which is the wellspring of pure life...
if the man is not interested in truly discovering himself
then there is nothing to be done for him
he is lost to the waves like a bobbing thing on the waters 
of maya...
thrown about here and there with no anchor 
the practices give the anchor to reign the mind in
and bring it to stillness with efforts..
this can be done anywhere, and at all times...
or one can use the time in dwelling on *me and mine*
so simple really (and arduous at the same time)
yet the wound cannot be cleaned by pampering 
and bandaid type of care ...
it needs to be abraded which stings badly at times 
but it will bring healing that is lasting 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

heart jewel..

as the sea is filled with wondrous life 
so this heart is filled with unending grace 
as the sun shines on the world 
and sheds beauty and warmth without discrimination
so this atman shines so very glorious in the heart 
as a singular light that is impersonal
as the tree spreads it's branches far and wide 
to give shade to the passerby
so the atman is forever living and gives peace 
to the soul that is to come into it with love..
as the cave sits in the heart of the rock
in protection from the world and it's coming 
and going 
so the heart is protected from the winds of maya
and remains untouched and pure always
as the flower grows with nourishment and light 
so the soul opens to the truth with tending and care 
as the pearl sits in the heart of the oyster 
so the diver that is too seek himself pries open the mind 
to find the crest jewel of wisdom 
that is non-dual in nature 
as the lion prowls in the forest looking for food 
so the seeker sets his mind solely on the goal
to find the sustenance that is lasting 
as the well of clear water rests deep down 
and quenches the thirst
so the the truth that rests deep under the coverings
brings immediate refreshment to the soul
as the wind drives the clouds from the sky
so does the mind purify itself 
with inquiry, Guru's grace and teachings

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

harmonious land..

the man of birth
sees himself coming into a world
and going out
yet he has not questioned from where he comes
and where he returns
and has not settled into reality even for a moment
to experience a wondrous light
so very distinctly different than this birth and death world
that is so unsteady and flimsy
the man of the world has not looked deeply at his soul
if he did, there would be no more coming into deception
and unrest and clinging
this would end
and the world would be so very different
it would be a harmonious land where there is only
beauty and peace
and love
this is what the underlying substance is made of
like the sea is made of cooling waters
and depth so glorious that there is nothing to be understood
by mind -- it is just a wondrous substance
and like this atman too
it is made of existence, consciousness and bliss
it is made of freedom
this is what all life is at the core --
this glorious substance of reality
unholy, holy alike
make no mistake of this dear friend
you are the same
see this
so pure and forever abiding in grace
so pure

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

opening to grace...

he slept in the dark alleys 
much of the time 
though he wore a blanket on the form
as the nights were cold
he laid his head on the earth to rest 
where there was nothing but the ones that 
were put out and ignored
he was there too like a man without a home 
in the streets of the big city
though his form ached at night when attempting to rest 
he did not complain 
he felt at peace within his soul and paid no attention 
to the thing that wandered about as a shadow 
called his body
he lived as the light of all
and this was complete 
no more searching or hoping 
the men that walked around the streets passed by him
daily without paying any attention 
to this man that abided in beatitude and perfection
it mattered not him inside or out
whether attention was given or not..
he was the same always
steady as the mountains
and great mysterious ocean
and flowing like the  rivers that rushed clean and pure 
he had nothing to give for he was not the giver 
in the way of looking for someone to save 
what a nonsensical thing ..
when no one was there 
and there was always only One SELF
yet he was present and if any came by to ask something of him
he gave it ...
one man came by and he had no blanket 
so the man of peace gave him his blanket
another came by and asked the way to park
and he told him
another came by and called him a name 
and he was not changed inside by this 
but most ignored him entirely or looked upon 
him as he was nothing that was of use to the world...
one day however, a man came by and felt a shift within 
when walking by this man of peace 
he said, dear man, how is it that you look so peaceful
being that you live outside homeless and poor looking? 
the man of peace said it mattered not to him..
for he was at rest inside and knew the material world 
was not to stay including his body...
whether he has a home or not
it is the same consciousness within 
that was forever in peace and always steady..
or if homeless -- well this comes too and it is not my burden to bear
i am not worried or suffering inside as you would think...
the passerby said, my - how you speak so very different than those in the world
how do i find this peaceful way you speak of? asked the passerby...
the man of peace said, it is found within and one is to let go of the clinging ways 
and be of steady nature to come into this heart of all
it takes great fortitude, but also a letting go and freeing up of the constrictive ways that 
one has locked the mind into ...
can i come back and ask you more questions dear man?
the man of peace said, of course if i am here when you come, then i will answer
but i know not where i will be the next moment...
this man was jolted by this as he felt the shock of the transient world and how temporary 
it was -- it jarred him to the core ....
he stood straight at attention and said - oh my, i have not seen up until now how very fleeting 
this world is -- i have always felt that i was born into this world -- and one day i will die and leave it...
the man of peace said,
now question who is to leave this world?
what is the one that will be leaving?
find out this one ...
and the passerby said, oh this is also a jolt to my very being as i look i cannot find the one that is saying this or that ...
and the passerby was silenced and completely lost to the pure present moment ...
he could not find words to speak
or could he find distinctions of this is myself -- and that is not myself...
how completely not made of mind is this pure presence that is so very mysterious and glory filled 
and not made of two said the passerby...
dear man of peace, you have opened my eyes today and i am feeling a bit shaken, yet know in my heart of hearts that there is nothing separate...
i cannot ignore this pull now that aches within to be free and done with this world of sorrow...
i will leave you now and hope that you are here tomorrow..
but if not, i will keep your beautiful spirit in my heart and continue forward into this light 
i cannot thank you enough as i feel you are my very self..
and you gave to me what i asked and this has not happened ever before..
thank you so much from my heart...
the man of peace said -- please just be free in this life ...this  will be a great thank you...
but it is not my responsibility what a seeker does or does not do...
for i can only point the way...
it is up to you to continue on...
grace shows up to the one that is open and this is all...
am glad you had a taste today...
great day to you passerby....
great day to you dear man of peace...
onward now i go ....
and the passerby flowed along and little by little disappeared into the crowd of the city...
and the man of peace remained as he was --
whether here or there, the same...

om shanti

sunk in the heart..

the mind sunk in the heart is freed of the many 
it has been stripped of outward ways and seeking 
it is down to it's original beauty 
that is natural and without layered over coverings

in the light what are you my dear?
are you a most glorified being? 
are you a saint or a sinner?
are you a man of the world? 
are you a householder ?
or a God?
are you one that grasps and is becoming? 
are you are blooming thing? 
are you a one that has not come forward?
are you a one that has finally come out?...
what are you in the light dear one? 
when the seeker says - i am to be free and will
find my way there ...
well this is not true in reality
for there has never been a person 
that comes into the light...
nor has there been a one in shadow...
what then are you
in the light of all?

set the mind to rest here 
and cry out no more to the savior
the goal is within you 
it is here always 
in this land that you now are sitting 
not out across the seas and oceans and countries
or in the forests deep and mysterious
or in the mountains rising up majestic against the 
glorious sky 
or in the *other* no matter how amazingly glowing with truth

set sail to where?
my dear you are home here now
be yourself in this moment
then you are a step closer to this soul 
of yours that burns strong 
to wash away your tears
you are home here now...

Monday, April 15, 2013

thawing out...

never in the dark era
has there been a light to shine so bright as the o ne of Shiva
in this light that is so very glorious and filled with great peace
lived a man of stories and false ways
he never let anybody be close to him
for this would mean he was not pure inside he felt
and so he let himself be isolated away from the world that he 
felt was not holy 
he could only be surrounded by his ways and thoughts 
he got up early and went to the market to get food for the day
he came immediately back and stayed alone 
doing his tasks and going about his routine
he did not open up to anything else 
but stayed very concentrated on his world 
he was not a man that was unfriendly, but very uptight 
anyway, one day a man of light shone up at his door
the lonely man opened the door 
though he did not want to, yet felt compelled 
the man of light said, i am a living light ....would you like to 
know more?
the lonely man thought this so very odd and a bit frightening 
for he felt he was living too, but in some ways maybe he wasn't truly
because he felt closed out from something so much of the time...
the man of light said, would you like to know more?
the lonely man said, okay, what do you mean by this strange statement?
the man of light said, i am the living truth and breathe air of freedom
and live within undying peace eternally..
the lonely man said, well what does this haveto do with me?
because we are the same inside spoke the man of light-- only you do not know it because you are 
so shut out from yourself...
the lonely man said, i am unsure what you mean -- and then his thoughts drifted off...
the man of light said, know that you are as i am 
existence, consciousness and bliss and can free your soul to be within this beauty
the lonely man said, i do not know anything about this peace that you speak of...
though i wonder and feel there is something more i have had no experience with 
this at all...
the man of light said - let all that you think you are go completely and set yourself 
in the moment and do not go around saying you are so many things inside and the world 
is this way and that all the time...
just be settled here as you are --- simple
the lonely man said, you have indeed spoke in a way that i feel in my soul deeply dear man
i can feel a depth there that i had not let myself into before...
what am i to do now?
*do less* said the man of light....not try to bring more on yourself...
a mantra that i give will help -- but mostly let go of being a *doer* and having power
or any control at all... 
although you are to make efforts, let go of the outcome and stay present and concentrated on 
the experience at hand...
be here always ...
the lonely man cried out -- i did not know there was a way to *be*... and to let go ...
can i go into the world now and enjoy what is there?
the man of light said, there are no barriers but what you place on yourself...
it is only you that has hemmed yourself in this way....
go and enjoy life as it is ....
the lonely man felt so lifted that he went out that evening and enjoyed greatly the beauty that was about
like a man with new eyes...
he saw colorful flowers and great spreading trees...beautiful rolling hills and heard the birds sing more clearly than ever...
he heard children's laughter and felt the evening breeze on his face as if for the first time...
he enjoyed wonderful tastes from a fine restaurant-- and walked along the ocean whistling a tune
he felt as a man that had been thawed out ... 
and he thought about what the man of light had said -- that it was him that was holding back...
there were no barriers....  
and he laughed at himself and his nonsense...
my life is good, said he...
when he laid down that evening, he was glad he opened the door to the man of light 
and he shut his eyes and slept well indeed...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

let go the burden...

in the season of change 
there lived a man named omen
he put himself in an unfortunate predicament
because he carried with him all the time 
a burden so heavy on his back
he took it with him everywhere he went
and would not lay it down 
not even by his side where he could see it easily and know it was safe 
he carried this burden as a man that was like a beast in the fields
and huffed and puffed about as if he had serious business to do 
in holding this heavy package...
one day a living sage entered the town
omen was in the street in his usual state of huffing and puffing and making his way
with his heavy load...
the sage came across him and said..
what are you doing with that load on your back?
omen said he was carrying it because he needed to and wanted to make sure 
nothing was ever missing in his belongings..
the sage said, well this looks to be quit a daunting thing --
do you not see that it is daunting and a burden to your being?
omen said, he felt it very heavy and was quite weary yet he needed to do this 
as he could not leave his things behind somewhere ...
what if they were stolen or taken away?
the sage said, all that is given is by God and this is what is 
the most precious -- 
have you paid attention to what is most precious?
omen said, he had no time for that due to watching over his things that he guarded
and he put his energy there -- for what would i be without this looking always to my
things and my world in which i go about insuring all is in order and safe and 
kept as usual? 
the sage said, what is usual for you is not usual at all within the truth...
and when this truth is entered... it will be known, that nothing was ever missing ...
this is a false way that you have caught yourself in and it is creating misery... 
and for you to find another way that is more joyous and lighter 
you first need to let go and be free of the burden that you guard so fervently ...
the sage, said - here i will take your burden, so you can walk lighter and he made his arms open
and ready to relieve this man of his heavy load...
the man said, oh no sir -- my, this cannot be okay in my mind as i know these things so well and 
know if you took them, i may not see them again -- and what would i do or *be* without all these things  
that i work so hard at attending to?
the sage said, that he could find out if he let go...
but the man chose to not free up this pack of heaviness and moved onward about his journey, laden with 
his belongings...

well what to say souls, but this is the way of many that come into a path of light and love...
so stubborn inside to guard the suffering and insistent on having things 
the way of ego, that the opportunity to be free is lost ...
may the steady souls be not taken in this way and keep onward into the light of all...
not looking back and not entertaining the shadow that is fading away due to grace ...

om shanti

be free as you are...

if in the morning you set aside your cares
you can begin fresh like the sunrise
for to be ridden with cares is the burden 
that is not yours truly..
only mind has created it in the space of this light
it comes as a shadow due to past clinging 
and forgetting what is true 
the sage seeks not anything but lives as undying presence
he is the man that knows 
yet knows nothing inside as deception
for he takes the gift of life to be himself 
shining here and there
high and low
inside and out...
and everywhere in between...
nowhere that this pure life is *not*
he does not place a story of me against what *is* 
for this would be an untruth and not *living* here in the least
if the seeker takes this false way as his own
then what can be done
but to free it up --
and not pick it up to bear it's weight ..
the sage, pure in spirit, unborn
is o ne in body and mind ...
he, (the absolute) bears the burden if you put it on this untainted being
he will make it to dissappear away in the depths of the soul
where all is real and undivided..
it will not be yours then again (as it never was)...
so dear heart..
give it over to the o ne ...
for you are born to *know* and *live* the real...
and not born to suffer (for no good purpose)
how much of a waste of life is this friends...
and though you may have found pleasure and experienced much that 
is beautiful (as well as hardships).... 
there will be no freedom for your soul until all is released to the o ne 
and taken in to be purified and made unto the light 
that you are in truth...
this moment, this life dear o ne is the time now...
be not apart in your mind and think that you cannot come unto this light
but hold present, steady--to be in the same consciousness that all are always
breathing and living (whether abided in or not)...
see, this is the joke ---
you are always whole whether in shadow or light ...
why not just know this unwavering truth...
come now ...
be free as you are ...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

lover of truth...

i take this light to my breast as a lover of truth
for in this world there is no protection to find 
the boat of my journey waits on the waters of reality
where i will set out to find my soul 
that is lost to my awareness as the shadow over the moon
i will set out on this journey and see many sights
but will not look to them for my succor 
because the light is not made of other and this is not 
where i will lay my head to rest day and night 
the boat is the body that i ride to find this heart so true 
i take it as a shadow really and will not put my heart in it 
because i am not made of earth and things that die away
i will look to the sun as i journey onward 
even though i am afraid or hungry or thirsty 
i will not make these things stop my quest to the soul of all
as i move about i will be within the heart and teachings 
as i do not know what else is right...
only what has put this soul here now is what is moving 
and i am following this course to be in rightful mind 
onward i go in and out of mind and shadow
and waters that feel to swallow the me ..
and sometimes feeling so lost again and unable to be in 
what is real...
yet i go to where i must go which is onward as a one that knows not the end...
and looking always about for a bit of rest and quiet
in this dark i see a light that shows the way clearer..
on this night so very dark --
i rest wearily beneath the stars and dream of heaven and earth and 
great torrents of rain and rushing winds and jutting mountains
and ocean waves crashing and light breaking thru all about
and then i look to see the o ne that is to call me home
blessed dear i am not made of what i thought 
as this self i thought i knew is going and dissolving fast into the unknown
that is to bring awakening 
and this my dear is what is well with the soul
and all that has happened is truly a dream
as the seeker vanishes into the absolute 
the light of all is 
what love and compassion to be freed 
for what i knew as *me* before is not to show itself 
or be what is center 
oh heart of all --
true and forever present 
this *me* has never been in reality
only this that is 
not *i* or anything but this 
o ne 
pure being...
light of all...

Friday, April 12, 2013

a man came to see the saint..

in the morning he came to see the saint
he walked over the grassy hills and pebbled path
to find the sage that lived in the ashram there ...
as he approached his heart sank inside as he felt himself
to be unworthy to bow before a man of God
a man that was saintly and bore no marks of ignorance or
deceptive ways like ordinary men...
he wondered how the saint would take him in..
was he good enough to look upon ..
did he have something of value to offer or give or say?
all of these thoughts echoed about his head while he walked closer
to the opening of the sage's quarters..
when he walked in, there was a sense of quiet inside that
he had not felt for many an era...
and he caught himself feeling ashamed at getting so lost in the world
and not paying attention to his heart...
but he let this go and went forward into the area where the sage sat
on his couch that was made by his devotees...
he sat down before the sage that looked to be pure peace to his eyes..
he made a cross legged sitting position and stayed quiet until the sage
caught his glance ...
and then the man that came forgot what to say...
he was speachless for a moment...
but soon he said, dear master i know not what to say..
for i am a simple man that has not lived in awareness like i should
i have come to offer my poor ways to God
i would like your blessing so that i can be set lighter in my journey
through this world...
the sage did not respond right away...
he remained still and not at all looking changed by what was said..
he spoke up finally and said ..
dear man, you may feel like you are a sinner or that you have done this and that
not good enough or right enough...
regardless, you are to begin the journey where all begin ...
right here ---
and go inside and question what this ego nature is --
is it lasting? or does it rise and fall?
from where do thoughts arise and from where do they return?
this man fell silent for awhile as he was expecting to be given forgiveness
or a blessing and not to be thrown in on himself this way ...
it was a jolt to his mind and he was quietened within...
and made to be present with the energy that was about in such a balanced way...
his thoughts faded and were lighter...
he left feeling blessed and less burdened... and felt as he did nothing to *earn* this grace ..
it simply took place without any doing on his part...
this he knew for certain and he went about his walk a lighter man for it ...

perfect soul..

the man of knowledge forsakes the world in order to come into the beauty of all
he sees the way in his heart and goes there as a o ne that is drawn to a flame of love
he goes forward as a man that is naked inside and dives in to seek the jewel of
the non-dual which is the most prized nature in all the heavens and earth
for it carries no sorrow or longing or desire
it keeps itself pure always like the moon on a cloudless night
or the sun in it's zenith above the world with it's tumultuous going about in unrest
the man of knowledge is the lamb of God in the way of sacrificing the inner self of separate energy
to give it up and over to the unknown which is the absolute
he gives all unto this glory to become the same as this absolute
he does not know where the journey will end while wandering bare and naked to the elements of nature
he simply moves forward in the light that is offered by the Guru in which he has trusted his life
and all that he knows...
as he wanders, he seeks to be freed of the suffering that has come from being in duality and not understanding what is true and what is false in nature ...
he sets himself upright to be seen by the light of Shiva and be engulfed by this o ne essence that
is not compared in beauty to anything else...
he makes himself open to this glory and holds himself steady as a journeyer that knows nothing else ...

has he lived a life of perfection?
not always -- some have come to know God that have sinned greatly in this life and go onward as a way
to seek redemption and to cure what has ached inside due to very poor choices in this life ...
these ones go onward into the fires and are purified of all sins and all past actions
to be left whole and complete as they have always been
this shows that *all*can come into this perfect soul no matter the past deeds --
as it is the birthright of all humanity to be free...

challenging norms....

when the master comes, he is not in the package that the seeker thinks...
and most times will not be meeting the ego's *requirements* for how a master is to look and behave..
which is most auspicious because this begins to tear apart the false structure of mind 
with it's narrow views and colored lenses that look to substantiate a certain point of view...
these mental structures are what keep the soul locked into a rigid *seeing* which is so very false
in nature and not serving of the soul well at all....
the master manifests to serve the seeker in need and is made in the *perfect* image to fit 
the mood and ways of the day... 
yet this o ne will not conform to the tidy rules of societal behavior by acting subservient 
not at all ...
this o ne will come forward to blow away the imprisoned false notions of how everything *should*
be ...
and come in with words that challenge societal drama and misdeeds and show them up for what they are (not set in anything ethical or righteous)...
the master comes as a light to those in need in order to dispel the dark ways of mind..
not to be *liked* or welcomed by society or handed complements or any such thing as this
which is where ego loves to be ---
this o ne is not searching anymore, and needs nothing to stand on in order to feel good inside ...
this is what again ego has as it's base desire -- to feel good and accepted ...
but brothers and sisters, this is not a thing to matter truly...
for the *norms* of society are so off base in many ways --- all simply an outer show ...
with nothing of substance behind it....
the one's  that come in and rock this world like Guruji and Kabir and those that speak up to rattle the
cages of those lurking about in quest of taking advantage and preying on weakness...
and being hypocritical and the rest...
are the ones that are truly honorable ---
as they are challenging the *status quo* which is stagnant and underlying has no shining qualities
to hold it upright...
these ones are indeed honorable ....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

entering the *ground*...

the men of shadow cannot free the soul
so why to become enamored with this?
what is in this type of life that has caught the eye? 
maybe a bit of friendliness and comfort for the soul in the moment?
the men of knowledge came to the world in deep unrest at first 
but little by little disentangled themselves from what brought the mind 
to keep going outward ...
they did not come and play or find friendships that *speak* to them 
on a level they are wanting to confirm...
these ones come and get honest with what is inside the soul to be seen
as this is the only way to begin the journey within
what it takes to be settled within pure peace is a long hard won road
it takes a going forward into the dark night and the advancing waters that 
swallow the separation bit by bit and in great amounts until the ego is not 
to be living anymore ...
this is so fearsome to ego ... to die....
but **fear itself is only **ego** based*  -- and has nothing to do with the core of reality..
freedom is the coming into peace that passes understanding
and entering the *ground* of being which is unwavering 
steady in light and reality...
it does not falter in times of trouble or times of great joy...
it stays as it is --- within the heart of all ...
what is there to fear in this?

yet, there is still a journey to be walked and within this journey much comes forward 
and circles about and deepens and goes on again...
not an easy task to confront in anyway at all...
but so worthwhile dear friends ...
to be in this blessed path now and have the pointings and direct guideance of an enlightened
o ne is unsurpassable in grace ....
it takes a soul that is *seeing* of this grace and honest in heart and mind...
to be able to journey forward...
it takes a most steady being to keep on and on through what comes in the way of 
mystic experience...
and one does not have a choice as to what and how much phenomena comes forward..
some have more or less, but one is not to be concerned with this..
but continue steadily along into the mystery of the absolute --
and the mind is dead and gone for good ...
and the truth is *known* and *lived* --

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


the most sought out one is the man that is wealthy
this is true within the world 
one that is put on a throne or a pedestal is the one that most say 
he has arrived 
yet this is rather interesting indeed 
as no man can find happiness within anything of the world 
the one that is laden down by the world is the one that is forever seeking 
and restless in nature.. 
looking always for another adventure or something else to prop up with and find happiness within
this cannot be a joy truly 
because the righteous man of God is not of form and dress
or measured by what can be seen
like objects...
and he is completely at peace within --
he is as a child in some ways 
free of cares and not looking to externals for happiness
he is a friend to all in the way of carrying no judgement internally
he is a most honored man on the outside, but does not need bolstering up
or anything from anybody 
he stays in the stillness that is not made of other and wanders not away from
the man of God is the light of the world as this one keeps the energy always 
in balance 
and cannot be made to go astray within the confusion of mind
he has come to know himself 
this is what a sage is 
yet he is not anything extraordinary as this implies something added to truth 
but he is more ordinary in his way --
*normal* in the way of being the natural SELF as pure life in it's form 
the man of God is Shiv -
he is not the *nature* self anymore which is that of change and rebirthing of 
something else...
he is the last of all in the way of what remains *after* the shadows fall
he is the first of all in the way of what exists always *before* the drama driven mind.. 

he is silent as the moonlight on the beautiful clear waters 
he is welcome as the sun in spring in it's full opening of life
he is made like the light unto itself not different than this 
he is silent like the mystery within the cave of the heart 
stilled and cooling to the heat of mind 
he makes his self known by his presence in that it takes away the burden 
or churns up the unrest to be *seen* 
this is what is called a catalyst for the soul in putting it in full gear towards 
cleaning out the dust of duality ...

the man of God stays here always 
he does not make a nest in the world to be shut away 
he stays here to be seen as the light to those trusted souls that are open and sincere
he shows them the way out of the prison nature of mind 
by pointing to the core of the soul or showing the soul how to walk upright 
and sturdy without teetering and getting lost in the patterns created by mind 
that have come from childhood experience and confused guidance or whatever 
the story is -- it is the same -- driven by a *me* and looking to find a way to preserve
itself ---

the man of God lies on the ground or in a bed 
he does not care if he is high or low within --- it matters not as his body is the same as the earth
yet he is free and beyond this always as the sun is above the world and shines always 
whether seen or not seen...
the man of God takes away the hardship from the seeker if he frees it up and lets go...
this one will take it away and not give it back...
yet the seeker is to make his own efforts towards discovering his true nature ..
and not bring back to himself the suffering that has been taken...

the man of God lives always in the timeless zone of reality ...
this is what all are made within --
not the body or mind, but pure reality ...

the basic precepts are foremost

as the man that has forgotten his nature 
goes about the world 
he is as a man lost to his heart 
he cries out for God 
yet he knows not himself 
what is this solving for him?
he cannot know God by looking outward 
and calling up to the heavens 
he can only know God by discovering his own soul
and going inward as one would undertake a longed for journey
he goes inward to be free of all that binds 
and finds nothing else to call him away from his search
he stays in the heart to seek his way thru the mental unrest 
he fears not as his Guru is in him and shines the light outward 
to help him see his way clear 
so he can distinguish between the true and the false

but if the man is not ready to see clearly
he is pointed in the direction of honesty within himself 
in order to open up to life and be accountable in all his actions
words and deeds...
no man can take a step forward without first creating a sturdy foundation
in which to walk on -
and this foundation is one of shining character -- trustworthy actions 
chastity of mind and heart.... 
one then, starts first with the basic precepts and gets them in line 
then onward into deeper waters...

- maha shanti om -