Saturday, June 29, 2013

in all hearts

when fear is at the center
what takes place are stories
of fiction built on hurt and pain
from the past
that continues to run
and feed on itself
like a wheel gathering momentum
these stories come from a seed
of knowledge that has been
taken in by intellect
and grows to create
a huge mountain
out of nothing truly
this is so very sad to see
yet it is exactly what ego loves
and thrives on
in it there is no light or anything
that can be given to humanity
that speaks of goodness and
living in honesty and integrity
what comes instead is self aggrandizement
that is of the nature of mistaken understanding
where can this lead but to more of the same?
when the mind finds pleasure in this type of thing
this one is driven and cannot see clear
and anything that is said
is completely skewed towards
the end of darkness
when mind frees itself of this nonsense
experience is simply clear and not
tainted by drama driven ways
it is like night and day then
it is not emotionally charged as ego
wants to make it out to be
though one will indeed respond to what is
in front of the eyes to see and will
shine light when there is a need for this
the mind is not encased in the drama
and it is not churning on the soul
directly after there can be an incident
of free laughter that flows from the experience
of the moment that is not connected at all
with what just took place
one must know that within stillness
stories do not arise to occlude clarity
there is no *me against you*
mentality any longer
though the one within clarity may be
speaking very boldly about the situation
there is no mind that is spinning on it
this is the reality
i cannot speak to it in any way but to say
experience it directly
and know of it yourself the difference
it is not to be taught or given
but is to be known by
directly *living* it
then it will be known
that mental drama is what drives suffering
and confusion
with this gone and out of the picture
what remains is the blank, clean screen
of non-dual clarity

it is in all hearts to be settled within stillness
rinsed clean of fantasies of how this should be
and how this should not be
rinsed clean of all that seeks to confirm
the separative stories of *me and mine*
these types of perceptual colorizations
make one in ignorance of the truth
this does not mean
one is in the least stupid --
but does not have
understanding of the true nature
which has no birth or death
this is ignorance
and is not anything to be felt as higher or lower
but simply a transient state that will pass to
those that make efforts sincerely and stick with it
this cloud of confusion will pass and go for good
then that which remains is the same within all
it is equal and perfect in every soul that is to be free
so my friends do not go off balance
by any happenings in the ashram or larger world
be in yourself easily and settled
without internal judgement that come forward as thoughts
and divisive mind play
when this arises question who is feeling these things
who is reacting this way
what is this I?
and keep going to break thru this false spell of mara
be still my friends
as this is the way to see clear
and not add to confusion in your own soul
for you alone endure the pain of what mind is saying
and you alone can set yourself free of it
if you stay removed and keep on with efforts
that are pure, righteous and sincere
this is the writing flowing this late evening
be of heart journeyers
and free of that which calls of the impure
and that which brings more confusion to humanity
we are here to be peaceful and bring clarity
and light and love
this is the way
dear ones, great night and om

pure love

what love is truly
has nothing to do with a body or a mind 
it has to do with spirit
it has to do with life in purity
it lives in shanti
it breathes the heart 
it nests in reality 
it winds itself through all 
it winds itself through all that is
it winds itself thru the seeing and 
the unseen
it flourishes as stillness
it is stillness
it is stillness in form
it is stillness in manifestation
it is stillness in movement
it is stillness in birth, death
and everything in between
it is stillness in sorrow
it is stillness in laughter 
it is stillness in walking, 
sitting and standing 
it is stillness in coming and going 
it is stillness in night and day
it is stillness in youth, adulthood and old age
it is stillness in shelter and in the open
it is stillness in fullness and constraint 
it is stillness in you and me 
it is stillness in the mountain, the valley
and the oceans deep
it is stillness in the storm and the calm
it is stillness in the water,
the earth and all elements
it is stillness in the heaven and the hell
it is stillness in the sage and the mundane 
it is stillness in the near and far
it is stillness in the gross, the subtle,
the ugly and beautiful
it is stillness in the cold and the hot
it is stillness in all emotions and all energies 
it is stillness always within all phases and 
it is what it is 
still and of all 

Thursday, June 27, 2013


when a man takes his leave of the world
he has in him the courage and self restraint 
needed to go onward into himself 
as a one looking to be free of the false
he stays aware and alert 
to the rising ways of mind 
that come and go and distract 
and persuade 
he keeps watch on this night and day

he makes his heart shine bright 
within the mental waves 
and he makes his life one of eloquence
beauty and quiet being

he does not need a temple or 
a special sitting posture 
he does not need a friend to be near
or a lot of pomp and circumstance 
he does not need the right outer 
for what will make him strong are the 
life experiences and the grit 
and the courage to rise above that which is 
temporal in nature
he dives into himself always --
no matter what experience
he looks, he watches 
he questions and remains quiet

he knows not the truth when mind is rambling 
he knows not the way, if mind is in action
he knows not the heart, if mind is in the center 
he knows not his calling, if thoughts are tempting 
he knows not clarity, when clouded by desire 
he knows not freedom, when in the throes of passion
by seeing this
he sees the false ways that occlude 
and takes them not again to heart
but witnesses as a one not involved
he then is as a seeker that is always immersed in sadhana
that is the seeking of fulfillment 
amongst the confusion, he is in sadhana
amongst the ways of men that are not seeking truth,
he is in sadhana
he is in sadhana at all times and under all circumstances 
not carried away by anything no matter how hard or biting 
no matter how glorious or persuasive 
he remains detached within the light of Guru's words and grace 
a man that walks this way is one that is called dispassionate in his practice 
as he is not in the world as a man within doership 
he falls somewhere in between working, effort and effortless flow
he falls in between the lines of black, white and even grey 
for he cannot be captured by definitions any longer 
he cannot be sheltered in desires and pulling temptations of the world 
for he understands this type of desirous mentality
though it may bring some temporary pleasure
ultimately brings pain -- a sting that he is not to desire any longer

he prays to his own heart (if he prays) to awaken to love and light 
he prays to his own SELF to be free of shackles and hinderances 
and habitual mind spins 
he prays to his soul that is to be made like a fire that burns all created appearances 
to ash 
he prays to the life source that is the one power of all
to be free forever and eternally..

he never lets the truth be ignored or forgotten in him
even if he is in the depths of thinking 
he feels this stir to be in love and light always 
haunting him in it's way that is not to be ignored

he lays his burden down by the waters of shiva 
he lays down the sting and the actions that brought unrest 
he lays his mind down on the earth of the universe to be absorbed in love and light
he is a man of character in himself in which he is as an example to others 
by his actions of honesty, and integrity and transparency
how has he come to this path of light?
by his desire to know himself and be free
this has carried him on
and he is to be living in the heart now 
as he can walk home and find God in it's pure state 
he can walk home and be living in joy and beauty
he can walk home and stay as a being in fullness that cannot be shaken
this my friend, is the deep seeking of truth that goes
forward to fulfillment...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

striking the heart

a beautiful woman is one that is pure inside
she is the sun in the darkest night 
and the undying love 
in the merciless world of change
she shows the door to truth
and lets the non-dual vision
come forward to be known
as she moves, 
she creates a path of perfection
for all that are in the way of seeing clearly
she spends no time in mind 
and does not dwell on 
what just took place 
or what may happen 
how can this matter
when the heart is all that shines 
still and quiet?
when she takes the seeker in 
she is not different than him
she is not separate from his heart 
and this pure heart 
is what will be revealed 
as the seeker
lets go of his false ways 
when she loves, 
she loves not to possess or own 
but simply *is* love in it's raw way
which is unconditioned 
not as two 
not as two
as she speaks
her words are empty and filled with light 
as the first awakening 
of the dawn
lit with awe and striking the heart 
as om 
as kali strikes 
so does she in life's perfection 
this perfection is not to take away anything 
of value 
it comes back to itself 
as full completion 
in which nothing is lost 
but struggle

she comes like fresh rains 
and sprouting green growth
and the warm sun of spring 
that takes away the sting of winter
she stays well inside always
free and whole
she stays mindless of thought 
yet strong in intelligence 
how young she is in spirit 
how very pure 
in this light,
she is your true nature 
she lives in you 
as timeless reality 
she lives in you as the bright dawn of om
and the treasure of the uncreated 
she lives within you, my dear heart
as one
she lives within you
as the SELF

Sunday, June 23, 2013

here, now....there is freedom...

when a man finds himself in company of the good
then this is where he is to dwell
as there is no better way of living 
than living amongst those seeking the SELF
when he lives there, he is to remain in heart 
with the light penetrating  
open to the vibration of that which comes by grace 
to break down the mind 
a seeker in the world, he does the same 
and does not let himself get caught up by 
worldly ways of men that are outward bound 
he instead stays in himself 
like a man that is detached 
yet not removed or lacking love and spirit
he is in the flow and yet not of it 
a man that is absorbed in the world 
he is not interested in truth 
he is not open to *that which
breaks down illusion*
it is his right to be as he chooses 
and so the spiritual seeker goes forward 
amongst this kind of mentality
seeking his pure soul
and does not let anything take him away
from his search
as the seeker is in the right way where he is 
to seek
he does not need anything special truly
this is the best blessing 
here where one stands now 
there is grace always 
and there is potential to be free

fresh breeze..

priceless is the moment given to be free
and here we take our mind to the pure waters
to dwell there
wherein all is quietened as the still night
and fresh breeze that blows
when love then blooms
so joyous and unsheltered
this is what is called *here*
and has it not called you onward
to be true?
has it not given you all to go forward?
yes dear souls
be still
and find the one
that which is of
peace eternal

Thursday, June 20, 2013

heavy with wisdom

a man takes his burden in the morning
and carries it to his path of work and doership
he carries it and yet 
he does not need to 
for it is not his responsibility to carry anything 
it is only his responsibility to come to know himself 
then this burden is dissolved into grace 
and there is no more confusion
or picking up of that which is heavy
and not real
so what the man of the world is 
is a man of God 
in reality 
he does not have anything holding him 
he is unshackled as the sky and open meadows 
and glorious vast oceans of rich life 
he is like this in truth 
and if he understands this  
he will put down the baggage and rejoice 
that his heart is here 
so bright and present 
so full and in light 
so auspicious
so like the sage 

a man weighs heavy in terms of objects 
he possesses
he weighs heavy in terms of worldly knowledge
he weighs heavy in terms of book knowledge
he weighs heavy in terms of family dynamics and 
he weighs heavy in terms of desires and body focus
he does not know that his spirit 
is truly not weighted down by the world like this 
it is formless, without any luggage to bear
it is present in stilled beauty 
it is stainless without any collected experience 
it is like a bright star in the dark sky
everpresent and undeniable
the heart of all
the righting of all wrongs 
and it is *light* 
and *heavy* with wisdom
not worldly objects 

a man is not free if he sees 
his body as himself 
he is not pure then 
because he is owning something impure 
and soiled 
this is not correct 
because the atman is unsoiled and free of form
it is untarnished, unblemished
and not to die away ever 
so how does this equate with being a body 
that is to come and go
and one day perish?
how does this equate with what is real
and everlasting?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

silent heart

right and wrong
good and bad 
me and you
why hold onto these things 
as if they have some importance 
for in the heart 
there are no such superimpositions
and that which seems so very 
real in mind 
vanishes as if it never was 
these boundaries that are held 
let them fall away now 
let them pass away 
and live what is here freely
that is not of 
me, you or i
but of silence 
and sweet purity
let this ring in you 
let this stillness
become you
no more struggling to 
for this is not the way
here it is, my friend

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

black goddess..

black goddess
rich with earth of life
as she moves in her way
the mind is freed from shackles
of *me and mine*
the mind is stripped of that which
speaks of other worlds and other times and
haunting memories of the past
and fantasies of the future
her way,
is the way of life
with it's potent sting of *wake up!*
*be still!*
this is the way of the black goddess
feared by many and misunderstood
she is the seer and the seen
and the one that keeps blinders in place
when the mind is externalized into
this and that,
here and there...
me and other...
for her my dear, there is no night
there is no day ---
there is no death
only the timeless now
untouched by change and shadows
which goes unseen by those
entranced with the ephemeral
frightening to ego
yet nothing is
different than her...
no matter mind in play or not..
how very deceptive she can be
mother ..
how very clear and beautiful too..
oh mother
how very wealthy within wisdom and spirit
so sturdy, unshaken

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

life is practice

when the tantric master 
he is to say that *all* is to be used 
as practice 
wherever the feet are 
wherever the form is 
awareness is there 
and it can be used to see deeply
into what is real
as the mind will attach to anything 
so can the mind detach 
and begin to see clearly 
the one reality 
that runs like a thread 
thru all existence 
what can be used for practice?
everything that is seen, heard, felt
and tasted
can be a call to go deeper 
and question
or use the practices 
there is nothing excluded in this 
this is the beauty of it 
for a tantric
the heart is the reality
and what is to be abided in
it is not the form 
as many think
it is the heart, the  pure soul
that is rich in stillness 
and full with life 
once the heart is entered 
the world takes on a very different 
more expanded, more full and vibrant 
more deep and rich...
this is heart seeing opening 
and is what is to be 
abided in 
until the coverings fall
and only the absolute 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Buddha spoke of detachment..

when Buddha sat under the bodhi tree
he was filled with overwhelming emotions 
and movement of mind 
he saw many visions including mara the goddess
of deception dancing before him
he was not to be swayed by this 
but continued steadfast in his meditation
he sat and sat and sat some more 
all came forward from his consciousness 
of other worlds and other lifetimes 
images of fire burning and hell realms 
and desires that took on forms of lust 
and envy and pride 
and all the things that haunt the soul so 
much when in mind 
he did not move, but continued to look deeply
at his mind that put out these images 
and questioned what is true 
are these images true that come and go 
and play about?
or are they made up as fiction and have 
no substance in themselves except for 
what the mind attaches to?
he looked at this and saw that this movement 
was not real in it's essence 
for it did not remain and died away when looked at 
he continued to question his mind 
and penetrated it's layers with awareness 
and eventually the mind stilled 
as what was seen as false was not given 
any more attention
and it withered and died away
leaving the beauty of the absolute alone

Buddha spoke always to the middle way
and detachment being primary
for without detachment the mind
was not to find freedom
this is why those on the path are to
*witness* what is here which creates a buffer
to the experience
and then one is not so lost in the mix of it all..
with this, the mind
begins to get some distance and clarity
on what is taking place
then from here
one can continue to go forward
into deeper waters..


meet me here tonite
under the spreading tree 
within fullness and glory
where the fruit is heavy and ripe
ready to be eaten in joy
where the heart is not away 
and the mind is still and lost 
in the ocean of now 

meet me here tonite
in the cave where the sadhu dwells 
his torch lit to extinguish the dust of separation
his heart burning to know 
his mind dissolved in one truth 
his body left to the elements 
not as a thing to be seen as the self any longer 
dwelling in pure stillness 
here in the cave 

meet me here tonite 
in the open air
where the birds fly and caw 
and make their nests in the sky
and make their wings strong 
and make their soul to sing and sing
of God's love 
so glorious 
so fine in it's beautiful emptiness 
for all to hear 
this very same chant 
om namah shivaya
tonite is the time to be a wanderer 
of the earth 
within yourself
and take in the beautiful scent 
of non-dual reality
and let loose anything that sings of other
and let the moon live in you
and the stars and the earth 
the sky 
all that is here 
is in you 
meet me 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bring on night

Bring in night
and the dark that lies in it
the shadows will sit and wait like a taunting
yet do not keep yourself away
come into it with eyes and heart open

Step in with hands that do not grasp
and want to race back to your safe world
that you have created
and believe it holds a treasure
as this is what is not the way
it is not the journey to find yourself

You must step into the dark recesses
of your world and find it holds nothing
of power to harm
it holds nothing that can ring of truth
or lasts in the crossfire of Kali's sharp tongue
and weapons that will blast the whole thing
that haunts away

When you walk through and live it all as if
it is just a dream and not of substance
and clasp your hands to your heart
and keep your eyes on the light
then you will be walking away
from the world that holds nothing but dust
that blow with the winds of time

Saturday, June 8, 2013

ripe fruit

mistaken knowledge 
is believing the body to be the Self
it is the sour fruit that comes from attachment 
as the man eats of this and suffers 
but when the man comes to know himself 
as the atman 
which is beyond body and mind 
then there is a sweet fruit that comes 
and is eaten and brings refreshment and joy
this is the right knowledge then 
that is of non-dual perfection 
it is what the scriptures speak of as 
the blessed way of being 
it is the original mind 
it is the original heart 
that lives in all 

the fires...

the king on his throne
he is not happy 
for he is to be like a man 
that is watchful of his kingdom
that could be captured and fall 
in the wrong hands 
he is not a man that is in peace 
when he sleeps 
he worries about his men and his 
world that he guards 
and when he is awake he is also worried 
that his world will change for the worst 
if he is not watchful
the man of God is not like this 
he has no world to protect or worry about 
as he has cast this to the fires of truth 
to be burned there 
leaving great stillness only 
then what has he to worry about?
all is in the hands of God 
and not his anymore to bear
for then there is only peace and the flow 
of life as it unfolds 
in it's wondrous way that has no mind 
or self-interest remaining..
the king he does not know about himself
in truth 
he is a certain kind of man
high up he feels and in power over something 
but this is not to bring quiet to his soul ever  
but only drives him into the fires
that are to churn up more separation
he lives unaware of his ways that are false 
like a man not seeing
and is taken to his death this way too 
and reborn to find another experience that is to 
bring him again to death or to great life 
his choice always 
but who knows as this is in his hands to see 
the man of God he has power over nothing 
and no one for there is nothing left to try to control
as this person that feels in control has died to the fires 
of purification and is gone forever 
what remains is great love, peace and rest 
whether he is walking, sitting, standing 
or whatever action is done by the body
he is not in it  -- only non-dual
consciousness remains
so what has he to do with the king?
he is not related to the king at all 
he is completely free of all that is up high or down low 
he is abiding in the pure essence 
as one heart and mind without thought 
he is the man of great seeing
the soul fire of truth 
and this is what is the best of all
there is no doubt 

Friday, June 7, 2013

heart first

we put the heart first always
it is the guiding force that glows 
as a bright joy
it is the most auspicious way of living 
and is not to be forgotten 
for to forget the heart 
is the mistake that brings with it 
unrest and false seeing 
it is like a ray of light that one runs after 
never to be caught 
so the mind is not the thing to be 
in front 
but placed in back 
and allowed to die away
if given no attention 
it will begin to loosen 
and be less intrusive 
and this difference will be 
noticed easily 
and then one continues 
until the thoughts rise no more 
to intrude 
on this note one is to be still
and still 
and still
nothing more than this 
will cut the knots 

this life, what is it?

what has thou to say about love?
is it that which brings comfort
and shelter from the world of woes?
or is it that which comes to tear down
the walls
and awaken one to that which
is unborn, pure
and untouched by *me and mine*?
is it wrapped up in
a man, a woman or child ?
is it a an experience of pleasure ?
or is it that which gives space
for your world, your life
and all that enters there to be?
does it come happy at times
with high waves
and sink down low again?
or is it steady in beingness
not to falter and die away?
like a mountain
this love
what is it?
can you say?

what has thou to say about life?
is it something that is personal?
or is it a flow of pure grace
that has not a name attached?
does it revolve around people and places
things that come and go?
or is it simply here
as a mystery to be lived
and this is all
is it a memory or thought or
experience to look forward to?
is it marked by days and years
and expectations?
or timeless
unchanging in it's essence
a great adventure in which
one knows not what is around
the next corner?
this life
what is it?
can you say?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

nameless o ne

what to call this nameless o ne?
it is not a thing to be seen or touched 
or felt 
it is not a thing to understand or 
put up high or down low 
it is not a like or a dislike 
or word or gesture or smile 
or sound 
what to call this nameless one?
can you say?
this is like a puzzle to the mind 
as it cannot find it's way into the heart 
it cannot go there 
and figure out 
that which cannot be confined
or put in a box
and locked up 
isn't this such a great wonder?

forget yourself 
my dear
for you cannot be true without 
letting go 
as this is what will be 
your greatest wealth 
when that which has been attached to
falls empty on the earth of now 
and is dissolved there 
to grow flowers of joy
that are not personal
can you take this in?
and free up this knot 
it is like a knot of the world 
release it  
to float away on the river
and be drowned there
ah, then the dream is gone 
and reality glows everlasting
like a swan that is floating 
on the water 
untouched by that which
is moving
like the swan

Monday, June 3, 2013

sturdy in truth

when a woman is sturdy within truth
there is nothing that can shake it
for when the mind is centered fully
it cannot be pulled out of this state
any longer
as there is no more motion
to move the pendulum
it is steadily resting in zero point balance
like a perfectly poised essence
that has lost it's catches and hooks

when a woman is sturdy within truth
she has nothing else to know
for what is there to know
when all that is true has been revealed
there is only ONE
and this ONE lives equally in all hearts
and is not to die
nothing more is to be known

the gem of greatest worth

many take the insight as a gem of great value
but it is not, it is the gem of less value 
it is not that which shines as eternal
for if you look at the waters that are running fast 
you see much debris that comes upward 
that has sat on the bottom
some beautiful and most not so 
this is like the mind that is being purified 
it is being churned and washed clean of 
the holdings that have been there a long time 
but the holdings no matter how shiny
and seemingly of depth are still simply 
passing through the waters that are rushing 
to cleanse 
and are not anything that will last
best to remain within equanimity 
at whatever comes forward in consciousness 
to be simply *seen* and not taken in 
as something of value 
for then the cleansing process can be 
continued without interruption
this is like viewing the content 
as a disinterested passerby...
here it is, now gone 
not personalizing it into a story that 
is to make one going in circles 

Sunday, June 2, 2013


why is mind like and elephant?
because it is so heavy and sits in the center 
with a bigness about it that is all consuming 
it is not hard to see it 
yet it mostly goes unseen
because it takes completely 
over the being when in play
when in play it moves and moves 
as a bumblebee flitting about here and there 
and not settling still on the present 
it moves to find something that is to make it 
but there is never anything that makes it 
feel happy truly 
as it continues to look for something else 
the mind then is like a bumblebee
what is the seeking man to do 
if he is sincere? 
he does not let this mind play it's games 
of moving and flitting 
and calls it back to the source by enquiry,
engaging the practices and relaxing in the moment
when the mind comes back to it's source 
then it has fulfilled itself 
and it is happiness without content
because there is no more roaming and looking 
to find happiness 
as mind and heart become one 
and this *is* happiness 
though not hard to understand
very hard to experience 
yet friends experience it you must 
to be free 
and know that you are the light always 
you are this 
and not this movement 

as one heart always...

the mind that is free
is together with the heart as one 
not as a divided thing any longer 
as the mind is not the master 
when dissolved in the heart 
they become the same 
in silence and beauty and truth 

the mind that is free 
is together with the heart as one 
they live as the air and breathe of all
in union 
as the wave and the sea are not different
in truth
they are both the living 
breathing one 

the mind that is free 
is together with the heart as one 
creator and creation 
wthin the same living glow
as there is no dividing that which 
has never been two 
and this is finally known 
when the heart and the 
mind are together as one

rushing waters

there was once a man that was in his mind shell
he was to make life like something 
that was hard or pushed against him always
he did not attempt to break out of this way of being 
in judgement of the world 
he stayed in himself like this for a long time 
when he was working and when at home 
when he was with others and when he was alone 
when he was standing and when he was sitting
he was in his mind this way 
one day he was walking across a bridge
with water racing underneath 
he looked down and saw a spot of life 
that was clinging to a rock 
it held there with such tenaciousness it seemed to 
him even with the water 
rushing so strongly and obviously to overpower 
and sweep it away
he thought my how his mind is this way 
and then let it go and went about his business 
and then another day there was another 
experience that happened 
when walking over the bridge 
when he looked at the water he felt for a moment 
that the water was like himself 
rushing all the time 
and not really going anywhere 
this is what appeared to him
like an insight 
and he stopped at the bridge a minute 
for the first time and looked over the water 
and into the sky of great wide expanse
and took in the bright bits of color of nature 
that played about here and there in the 
shafts of sunlight 
and watched the birds fly freely and listened 
to their call
and he felt different for just a moment 
as he had never stopped like this and really looked 
at life 
with eyes that were not in judgement or making up a story 
about it 
and he breathed deeply and sighed and felt lighter 
for just a moment 
and then he walked over the bridge and disappeared 
on his way into the world...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Shankara - within light always..

Shankara was a boy that did not dream
but remained clear in mind continually
he felt always that he was not a sage
nor was he a body
nor was he a mind
nor was he a thought
nor was he a this or a that
he was pure in truth
and could not be pointed to
or made into some-thing
he knew he was light
that was not to end
not with death of the form
never is there death
to a mind that is still

Shankara wrote with great
clarity on the body
and how it is made of impurities
and disease and is to
die sooner or later
and to detach readily from it
and not pick it up again
as if spitting something
distasteful out
this is the strength in his writing
and it cannot be ignored
by one that is sincere

Shankara wrote with such vivid
description of the beauty of shakti
with it's bright appearance
that is not separate
and how when the mind
loses it's borders that define
then life is savored
for it's richness
without attachments

Shankara (bestower of happiness)

shankara was born in kerala 
to a couple that were not able to 
bear children easily 
one night Shiva appeared to the couple 
in a dream and gave them a choice
they could have a child that was 
of regular development and mind 
that would live a long life 
or an extraordinary child that 
would live a short life
the couple chose the latter and to them
a bright child was born in which they 
named shankara (bestower of happiness)
this child was bursting with knowledge of 
the scriptures from an early age 
as well as possessed a quick intellect  
the boys father did not live long and soon after 
he died, Shankara went to the river Poorna to bathe 
prior to this he had been asking his mother to take 
the vows of sannyas and she had said no 
worried that her son would be taken up into this life 
too early and she would lose him there ..
when he went to bathe in the river 
a crocodile appeared and took hold of his leg
his mother happened to come by at this time 
and was very distressed at this scene
she told her son immediately that he could be 
a renunciate in order for the crocodile to let go 
of his leg ..
(it is said that a crocodile has not been seen in the 
river again...)
so shankara after taking the vows of a renunciate 
began to roam the plains of india
he carried with him a mat to sleep on and a 
gourd for drinking and eating and this was all..
he slept in the forests and on the hard earth
in which he did not dream or suffer...
he woke refreshed and within great peace 
one day he was wandering and a man that 
was an untouchable  came towards him
with a pack of four dogs with him
shankara gestured to him to move aside as this 
was the custom in those days 
and the man said, "do you mean for my body that is 
made of skin and bones to give way or my pure soul that is atman?"
shankara was so very taken aback by this 
he realized right away that this man was shiva embodied and the four 
dogs were the four vedas and he prostrated 
deeply at this mans feet and said, sir i am in great gratitude 
for your presence today and thank you so much 
for your words that are like gems 
and he went on to write about this encounter speaking to the idea 
that once a man has realized the truth there is no caste that can 
bind him nor are these rules suiting any more for such a man 
that is free
shankara went on to strip advaita vedanta clean of it's false coverings 
and bring back the original teachings to shine 
he did so with grace and a stunningly quick mind that was settled 
in the beauty of the non-dual reality..
he set up monasteries along the way that were to be havens that hold 
the pure teachings and went on to 
challenge the norms of the day that were very 
much layered over with false ways and ideas...
though it is unknown where his final resting place is 
one can be sure he was not attached to the body and left 
in the same pure state that he lived in while in body ..
he was a mighty presence on this earth and accomplished 
great feats in such a short period of time 
another great soul that walked the earth 
*in the world, but not of it*
and by doing so lit the way for those sincere ones 
seeking to enter the knowing beyond all knowledge..


where are you 
my friend? 
in the dark or in the light? 
because i cannot find you in either 
as you are not real as a dream
you are as the truth 
can you see this?
where are you 
my friend? 
as i cannot find you 
here or there 
i cannot find you high or low 
i cannot find you near or far 
i cannot find you as a man that is 
a such and such
i cannot find you as a woman that is 
a such and such 
i cannot find you as a child that is a 
such and such
i cannot find you as a projection 
i cannot find you as a wave that goes on 
i cannot find you as a name and face 
where are you my friend?
if you want to know yourself
as you are truly
then you can breathe here and now 
and be free of this identity that is not really 
*you* but a false coat you wear around 
as it is familiar and comfortable in some ways 
but it also stings greatly in others 
i say to shed it 
and be not looking any more for something 
that is not real 
shed that coat 
and see the way of now 
it is so much more precious and of grace 
and you are of this in the heart 

a master that is in true seeing 
he is the man that comes to strip the false 
away without seeking personal gain
he does not let his mind be the doer 
of anything 
for he is not that mind or body
he is the burdenless here 
that cannot be something else 
he simply rests in stillness 
and breathes in reality 
by this beingness there is transformation 
for all that are in the way of hearing 
and imbibing this force of light 
if there are ones near not in the way of 
seeing, they will not see 
this is the way it is 
because they have no space in which 
to allow the light to shine thru 
and this is fine as it simply is the 
natural way of things 
those that are in the way of seeing 
and have shed coverings 
with efforts and surrender 
have some open space to see clearly
if a man is in the way of seeing 
he takes what is heard and lets it settle 
as a vibrational force to destroy 
the wayward energies of mind 
he lets it settle and does not 
try to *understand* it by struggling 
with the words 
this will not work, not ever 
for this will make the words
impure and not as powerful
the seeker sits still and listens 
and opens up to what is here as grace 
like the heart that unfolds 
and does the work itself 
this is the way it is in all of life 
in the timing of grace and the power 
of shakti and pure consciousness 
the union of both energy and light 
stay with this vibration and be present 
not into the thinking 
stay present 

a man that lives in stillness
for him there is nothing other 
he is the night that is not dark
he is the light that is not to end 
he is the mystery in all
he is the leaving out of suffering 
he is the shedding of personal power
he is the shedding of all that has been 
gained by effort
he is the shedding of the doer
he is the shedding of the sins 
he is the shedding of the world 
with it's illusive element
he is the shedding of the many 
he is the shedding of the false way
he is the shedding of the coming and going 
he is the treasure of the heart
he is the treasure of the constant
he is the treasure of the sighted 
he is the treasure of the formless
he is the treasure of the atman
he is the treasure of the allah
he is the treasure of the soundless
he is the poor made wealthy
he is the blind made in full seeing 
he is the knower beyond knowledge 
he is the knowing made unknown
he is the gathered made empty 
he is the sleep made awake 
he is the awake made asleep
he is the sun made eternal
he is the seasons made changeless 
he is the many made one 
he is the name made nameless
he is the suffering made powerless
he is the forgotten made known
he is the understanding made clear
he is the struggle made silent 
he is the high and low made the same 
he is the day and evening made the same  
he is the grief and joy made the same 
he is the loss and gain made the same 
he is the dream made forgotten
he is the image made alive 
he is the understanding made embodied 
he is shiva made embodied 
he is lakshmi made embodied 
he is the hope of freedom made real
he cannot be what is not real
he is the light always 
he is

nothing better

trade in the worldly games and show
for the gem of truth 
this is not something that will leave you 
in poverty like a man that has nothing 
it is like a trading in of that which 
does not have true worth
for then you can be wealthy in spirit 
and this is much more enduring 
because it does not 
leave ever 
and is to bring great joy 
which the things of the world do not

trade in the worldly games and show
for the knowing beyond all knowledge 
but this is not a bartering thing 
as i will give you this 
and you give me that 
it is like a total handing over 
without knowing what is left 
and then what remains is nothing 
which is very good 
because this nothing is full 
of peace, light and love 
much better than that which is 
exchanged for something else 

trade in the worldly games and show 
for the light of all 
though this is not like a man that is 
to make something from it 
it is like a man that is to 
make less from it 
and by this makes more 
now let the mind ponder that 
as it will not get it ever 
as mind wants something in return 
but this is not really beneficial
as it is a heaping on of more 
baggage to carry 

trade in the worldly games and show 
for the lasting joy of the heart 
this is like a trading in of 
the external drama for 
great rest and silence 
what better is there than this?
nothing better at all