Wednesday, April 1, 2015

shakti, goddess of Life

She rinses mind
with energies of love
she is herself always
you do not know her now dear
but she is your soul
free of shadow
she is so glorious and
as the goddess of Life
she tries to let you know
about yourself through
as she scorches your mind with
all that comes from
being attached to a persona
she scorches your body with
all that comes from being
attached to a form
that is only a vehicle
when you finally say,
oh my God
i am not going this route
any longer
i want to know my true
then she ignites in you
like a flame
and begins her work of
burning the mind to ash
this my dears
is a course for those in love
with the truth
and not for those that want to
play in the world
as this will bring a division
of desires
and be a burden to the soul
but for those that are
wanting to be in truth
these ones will burn
like the saints burn
like the Buddha burned
like Christ burned
like Guru burned
and find the source of all
in the end
and this is the beginning of Life
and this is the end of the story of "me"
for this ill-usion is the cause of mistaken knowledge
and is the cause of pain
but it is like a shadow
that is to be dissolved eventually
if one is true and walks upright on the path
sturdy and makes efforts there
she works her energies
and for the souls that come in her
what remains is Life
nothing separate any longer
she remains
in stillness and beauty
shakti, goddess of Life

such sweet tunes

She moves as an angel
like God in its purity
in her, mind is quietened
and free of doubts, fear and
all that has come from thinking
she sings of life as it is
mind will not know her
mind will not see her
mind will not find her
mind can only seek her
and then she takes her
voice of silence and
says, nay thoughts
you are not to be the center
nay thoughts
and breathes her air of fire
so sharp and burning
and so like fire
she does not play around
when she is in you as
the goddess of light
as kundalini
she works her magic continuously
continuously she works her energies
to rinse the mind clear of dross
and mud and the soil of mind
she works her energies like
the goddess of love
she sings sweet tunes of joy
in the heart
when she is through with the work
she sings sweet tunes of stillness
like a one at rest
and completely content with
what is here now
and like a one that is
drowned in the waters of love
she's sings such sweet
tunes then

Do you know?

Shiva spent his days in meditation
under the spreading tree
near the glassy water
he was deep inside himself
and did not desire to come out
and be externalized
Shakti/ Parvati, she danced
for him in order to tempt him
to come out
be taken by her, be like a
man that is filled with passion
and wants what he wants
to fulfill his desires
but Shiva did not budge from
his rock-firm stillness to
be united with Parvati
he was so still, he did not
even move when she danced
he remained motionless
strong, steady, like a
like a rock-firm mountain
in which he exemplifies
he is a mountain of beauty
he is a mountain of LIFE
shed of form
shed of distractive thought
shed of multiplicity
shed of lies
shed of doubts, imaginations
and projections
shed of impure grasping
shed of "me and you" mentality
shed of trickery of Maya
shed of mistaken knowledge
shed of dualistic understanding
shed of prisons of thought
shed of prisons of pride and vanity
shed of prisons of pain of little ego
shed of prisons of pain of
body-form attachment
shed of prisons of body-form
shed of prisons of body-form disease
shed of prisons of body-form limitations
shed of prisons of body-form
experiences that bring the heart to sorrow
oh souls, Shiva is the mountain
and do you know he is yourself?
do you know he lives in you as this sturdiness,
so beautiful, full, rich and without suffering
do you know?