Monday, April 28, 2014

Kiss of Awareness

in winter the earth is dry and all is starkly bare 
as that which lays dormant
awaits the first kiss of the sun
when it comes, this kiss
it awakens the life that has fallen to sleep
for awhile in the depths of the earth
and life is moved to begin to grow
little bits of green poke it's way out of the soil
and miracles occur within and without 
and all around 
for the soul too, this is the way
it sits in slumber
and awaits the first kiss
which is awareness
untouched by any forces
that are of the personal
and with this kiss of awareness
life begins to stir in the soul and something
else begins to move the being 
which is grace
then, the holdings in consciousness
come to the surface to be seen
like bits of flotsam and jetsam on the waters 
of pure life 
and the soul is then made aware of all that has 
been occluding pure vision
this is a good thing to see what is there  
that has been driving one to be in circles 
of worry or defensiveness or comfort 
or what have you
because without first seeing what is there,
there can be no cleansing
and how mother cleanses, does she not?
for she is like a goddess of the heart
in her way, she is like 
the most chaste presence
that comes in and through
and gives one a chance to see
what is true and what is false 
she comes this way to all in every moment 
with a kiss of wake up and see dear one 
for you are my love 
you are my child of the spirit and i know you
as the sun only
i do not know you as a shadow not now, not ever 
you are my child that i have given life to
and  i will take your soul to the place of rest 
when you open your heart to me 
and then i will make you be still
i will not ever leave your heart dear one 
i will not ever be away and forget you
but my child 
you forget me, by going out into the world 
of the false 
and when you are there, you do not know who 
you truly are 
you forget that you are One only
and that God is your very Self
there (in the world), souls speak of this and that 
and me and you 
and you are lost in that 
but know that every breath that comes in your form
is my heart only
and every tear too
and every word that you speak is my creation
but words are not this at all
they are only bits of shakti that rise and fall on this 
heart so pure and so real
so, my child, when you go in the world, can you know 
the one?
if you love me like your very own soul
you can know always this one that is here 
for i love the one that is not afraid of me (Kali)
i love that one with heart and soul and a force of fire 
that can never die 
and i love those that are away in the world too the same,
but they are not really in the way of seeing the real
they are playing in the world as if it is a playground 
for fulfilling their desires 
this is fine and well -- for it will bring life lessons to them
but for those in the way of wanting to be free
these ones i call to me 
come home and love me true
for i know the way and the path is in you to be walked 
stay sturdy and upright in your character 
and do not let worry and fear rule your reality 
then you can settle into this moment 
and feel the wind purely and feel the sun purely
and feel the sweet smile of a friend purely
and feel the heart as the shining one 
come dear child 
and be as you are 
i am your mother always 
and nothing can compare to this type of love 
but do not love me as an object 
for i will melt like wax and die there 
love me as your own soul
and i will burn bright as the brightest star
for you to be guided to the heart 
and i will burn bright as the brightest moon
that cannot be denied in the dark sky
and i will burn like a lantern and a torch and 
fire so strong and so filled with life
that you will not be able to return to the shadowland 
you will be moved to be true and well like you are 
so well and so filled with life and love and compassion
that will tear the walls of ignorance down 
so come now 
be free and do not roam in the land of the lost 
come and be the life that you are 
the life that can never die 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

More on Ramana

this sage
when he was young
played a lot with other boys
he loved the games of athletics
he loved the joy of running through the open
he one day did not take to his studies so well
he all of the sudden showed little interest in worldly
he would sit in the temples surrounded by the saints pictures
with the lingam in the cool dark inner cave of the temple
sitting still and silent
deeply absorbed in the energies of light and love
it shook him fiercely to imagine lives spent
in such an immaculate way
and within such deep surrender, love and devotion to God
he would be alone a lot this child
but never lonely for he was always inside himself in
one day he walked away from his family and home
he walked to the trains in india and bought a ticket
and never returned
he went to the mountain to be as a renunciate
this mountain was of the purest form
it was like heaven itself and it drew him in like a magnet
he wandered before getting to this great mountain
and slept on the streets
he tore a bit of material to make a loin cloth
and then it rained fresh and pure on his skin
which he considered the standard bathing ritual for sadhus
and he tossed his few coins in the gutter
walked into the temple of saints
and never returned to the world
he lived as a chaste being
and had no desire for worldly pleasure, wealth or anything else
he wanted nothing from any soul
he simply lived in pure beingness and this was enough
to aide others to freedom

when he came to the mountain
there was a bright light that shone
on the top of it
it guided him inward to the Self
he did not stop at the entrance
he went into the heart of the rock
where there was a vacuous force
a pulling that
stripped the mind bare of it's
varnish of the world
he sat down like a man that was
in him
there was not any more pridely airs
not any more to be known or seen
or heard or touched or tasted
not any more to be searched for
he had found that which is in all
the stillness that is of it's own light
the stillness that is of it's own presence
that is not of the identity
and with this said
he was now to be called a sage
though there was no one to claim
this name
in him it mattered not
what he was called
what was the absolute that
was nothing and all
to be called?
he was that timeless beauty always
and had he walked away from the
entrance to the heart
his life would have taken
a very different turn indeed
not one that was the deathless
as the Buddha
as the Guru
as Christ
something else entirely
like the man of the world
who is not awake
and not ever could he
be away from this heaven
that is of the earth
not distinct
not filled with thoughts and concepts
eternally resting in
sat chit ananda

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

pure life

on the hill
by the beautiful tree that sits in full bloom
and the waters of blue rest calm
like glass reflecting a world that comes and goes
i will meet you here 
as the sun sets behind the
mountain range 
and the busyness of the world
has died down
here i will be 
when the moon rises slow and steady
across a clear sky
will you be here too?
and find me as the life of all life 
and the death of  all deaths
like a song with no singer 
and joy undivided
come climb the hill 
this pure life will take you in 
as it has nothing to lose 
it will remain as it is 
free of stain 
and without attachments
the blossoms fall 
like rain
as moonlight melts  
on still waters
the stars are out like little lights 
that twinkle 
and i am here as the Self
come find me here
be the best of beauty
the Self of all
pure life

Monday, April 7, 2014

a woman

a woman came tonite 
she was like a beautiful glow 
she wore only white 
her face was as an angel
so soft were her features 
her gait was light and as 
a feather that 
lifted itself easily 
with the natural flow of things 
she came close to your ear
and whispered,
my dear, you are lost in yourself, 
how come?
have you been thinking too much?
have you met something in the world 
that is so much better than 
what will make you come back
to your soul? 
what will make you come to your joy?
oh dear one, 
what beauty is in your soul
and how it sings of love 
how it stills your thought 
how it is so full and rich
i am your perfection of beauty
and sing of truth only
come to me now
and be free

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

mouna, light of all

in mouna,
silence fills the space where mind once sang it's tune
of separation
like pristine still waters, that are clear as a sky with no cloud cover 
not anything can be said about this beautiful state really, because there are no words to 
describe it 
light of all
glorious consciousness that is not soiled 
there is nothing comparable to this grace that comes from grace 
one struggles to be free
and yet this bright light that shines splendid and glorious is always present 
and can never die 
the struggle is from ego
not of the one 
as the lotus arises from the mud and unfolds it's petals of bright hue 
so the mind is cleared of all obstructions and tendencies when rejoicing 
and resting in  the one 
then what manifests is what lay eternally under the dross 
like honey that is tasted after only knowing the sour
oh how it refreshes the mind and calms it down and deepens the 
presence of one heart 
slowly by slowly the mind is calm and tranquil and still
stillness without end
forgetting of the world with it's troubles