Sunday, May 25, 2014

timing of grace

the saints were the ones that walked
the path of surrender
they walked into the fires of purification
and here
there was much manifestations that came
forward as clearing
such as visions, kriyas and mental playing out
that came as kundalini
the saints were the ones that *lived* the path
which is so very different than holding
a philosophy about it
a philosophy is for the realm of duality
and those ones that need to grasp onto
something to make their lives better
which is where most are in the realm
of spirit
and though this kind of thing may bring
souls to some feeling of being a
better person
and give soothing words to the mind
it is entirely different than a path of
which will tear all that one has
built up inside as thought and concept
to walk a path such as this takes great
fortitude and great desire to be free
of all that brings suffering
this cannot be manufactured
like a mental philosophy
it is a burning inside the soul
that cannot be ignored
like the saints
like Guru
like Buddha
like Christ
one that has within a burning like this
is moved to fulfillment of the scriptures
which is the righteous path laid out
by those that have come to the end
and found the pearl of great price
which is liberation
those few that walk the razors edge like this
are not to be looked upon as if they are special
or better or higher
this is completely absurd
for these ones are simply moved according
to lifetimes of focus/energy that has been put toward
this end
and it has this type of playing out
the ones that are not yet in the way of
walking away from the world
are not to remorse or look to be any
other way than what is true inside
and this aides in settling the mind and heart
and opening up to what is before one to
be immersed in
which may be family, work etc…
be in this experience fully
and this will awaken the mind to go deeper
when the time is right

the heart's timing is not in the hands of ego
it is the timing of grace
and the mind cannot understand it
no matter how much it attempts to
even when one feels certain that the world
is this way and that they themselves are this
particular way or whatever …
this will eventually lift like a cloud
and one will then experience the one
which will blow out any of these concepts..
this can happen at any time and place
and then the journey gets going
and there is much challenging of the mind
which will in the end not rise victorious
if one continues
it will be drowned in light, love and stillness
which is the gem of greatest worth
as it has no suffering in it

so my friends, be well
and continue on your journey
no matter your circumstances
be in love with your life
be here and do not
grace will move the soul
to be free
in God's good timing….

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

changeless truth

when a man gives away 
all of his possessions 
he is still left with himself 
he does not change 
when he covets objects and goes 
after this and that 
he is still unchanged in truth 
when he goes to the river to cleanse 
his soul 
he is still unchanged in truth
when he walks with wayward souls 
or with saints 
he is still unchanged in truth 
when he calls to the heart 
or calls to the heavens 
or loves or hates 
he is still unchanged in truth 
he is never out of beingness
even in the most dark places 
for truth is not found newly 
it is always and forever here 
as one pure light 
it is to be uncovered by the one that 
seeks with sincerity 
it is to be uncovered by the one that 
is not making up stories of deception
it is to be uncovered by the soul that 
leaves the body sense go
and forgets his little world of troubles 
and pleasures
and forgets his ego nature and forgets 
his most precious attachments 
for in these there is pain always 
even with the pleasure 
and he is to know this well and go out 
of this and be of his own light 
like a sadhu that is to be purified 
in the fires of Guru
he sits in this fire 
and lets the dust of his creation die
and with this death there is a blessed light 
that is effulgent and made of only love 
and silence 
silence, silence 
not anything else but this 
this brings an end to all that he is seeking 
and then he goes on to be himself 
as he always was 
just without the overlay of egoistic 
playing out 
the ego is the cover --
there is nothing else that overlays pure mind 
it moves and makes up imaginings that 
bring the soul to believe in separation
which is never, ever true 
so souls,
be living in yourself and make your life 
one of joy and rich being 
no matter where you are or what is happening
make your life one of silence 
then you can be wherever you are 
and be free