Tuesday, May 23, 2017

spirit work

when death comes to you will you be ready?
i wonder
because it will come (death), you know
this time in this body will be done one day
and you will be onto another journey that continues
but i must say to you, that when you are ready to pass
your body lays lifeless and you cannot "act" even if you
want to
you cannot get up and go do what you think is so important
that you feel you must do now (not even the smallest thing)
you are helpless to what is to come and rushed out into the
after life without a jury to listen to your pleas
and give extra time to look at what needs to be looked at
you cannot move or speak at all
you see, this i have seen so many times being at the bedside
of those dying
how their eyes say so much, but their body will not cooperate
the same way
and so they are left with their thoughts that turn and turn
and  the reality is if there has been no investigating of the truth
or time spent on spirit work
there is nothing of substance there that will hold
this is what are called vasanas or tendencies that are later reborn
again to play out
so my dear, you have this time in this form to be of good spirit
and look deeply at your mind, life and come to the heart
for if this work is not done now, it will come back again later
not one soul gets out of anything
it is true
not one soul can escape karma and the happenings there

not of the worldly way

when life is put under a bed of thoughts 
it cannot breathe it's truth 
for it is laden with personal views 
that make it into something other than 
what it is

it cannot come thru to the heart clearly 
or speak it's silence that flows forward 
of itself 
that comes from no-thing that can be seen 
or named 
but flows from the source and is the source 
and drowns out the voices of mental habits 
all consuming and casting it's spell of bodily
identifications that takes over so strongly
this power of mind 

yet this is not to be seen as true  
this happening of illusion
but seen as something of a dream-spell that comes 
for a time and has no concrete substance that can be 
called eternal 
it is an energy that moves with desire and attachment 
which is the main holding there 

worldly men 
how they seem to be the center of the societal revolvings 
on the planet 
they speak and speak as if they are authorities on something 
but really what is within their hearts is what matters always 
not the outer coverings like gender, religion etc..
these things are like shadows over a land that cannot be  
seen clear if the speech is always separating out this and that 
and always talking of you and me and what happened yesterday 
and what will happen tomorrow 
and what i am and what you are 
and what they are and all of this kind of drama
there is not a conveying ever of what is true and right and whole 
(in the world of appearances) 
this just comes when the one sincerely searching finds the right teacher 
that can direct him/her to the well spring of life which is freedom
this cannot be found in the world of appearances and societal playing out 
that is so drenched in conspiracy, drama and deception much of the time 
and changing always onto something else without a break
this (light) cannot be found in the worldly ways of men

preacher, tell me what you know of love 
for i have heard you preaching so long and yet i have not heard the 
voice of light come thru clearly like a beautiful, unfettered stream that 
runs through all things and leaves no residue 
what have you to say about this when you speak? 
have you ears to hear the smallest voice that whispers, be still my love 
do not play so much in mind like you do 
do not make plans that inherently have within them expectations 
of something else than what is happening now 
do not seat yourself in the garden of dry and lifeless fruit  
and flowers that wither quickly
but come into yourself as a bird that soars to the heart of God 
not captured any longer by the scenery so laden with duality of men 
fly to the heart of God oh soul 
and do not tell the world your cries of how you know so much 
because when you come to the heart 
you know nothing then 
and then how will you speak of your certain philosophies and attempt 
to make yourself separate and special with so much knowledge of learning 
i will ask you then oh preacher and dear souls 
what do you haveto say then that is so learned, certain and right 
when you have been stripped of all that you thought you were?
what will you have to say then?