Friday, December 25, 2015

Buddhist Master, Dipa Ma

Dipa Ma struggled greatly in her life as
she was no stranger to sorrows
she lost two children and a husband
and sank deep into herself with these losses
she endured great pain and health problems due to this
after these losses, Dipa Ma began to meditate and found this
alleviated some of her painful feelings
later, she came across an instructor who taught siddhi type
of spiritual practices
during this time, she experienced much
phenomena such as astral travel and communication with
beings in other realms and being able to travel to realms in
her mind
this, though as most that are seeking God purely, did not entrance
her in the least
for she was not dissuaded to leave the search for God due to these
wondrous happenings of which most did not understand when she
spoke of them
but she knew they took place because she experienced them
she kept her heart on the path and continued to look within thru
these passing phases
eventually her mind did wear away and she entered enlightenment
and she spoke words like this, i am a woman that is very ordinary
and suffered greatly with many experiences and even thru this pain,
i have entered great peace beyond words, beyond form, beyond all
understanding or thought ...
she said that if she could enter this space, any soul could
during her life she was a teacher that opened the way for householders
especially women to begin a spiritual practice
she would instruct women that were poor and did not have opportunities
to meditate and set up spiritual practice for them as she was very much
of a one that put out energy that *all* can enter this space of peace
and enlightenment, it mattered not the background, race or gender
this was such a blessing to those that came into her presence as they could
feel the unconditional love she radiated...
towards the end of her life, Dipa Ma lived with her daughter in
a small dwelling in india
when seekers would come to see her in her most ordinary, very
humble space, they would enter and feel her blessing immediately
she would just be near or touch them or sometimes blow her breath
on them and they would enter different realms or deep meditative states
some spoke of her psychic/telepathic powers helping them in various ways and
answering questions for them or settling their mind...
such is the grace of an enlightened being...

this is all that is coming now on Dipa Ma

collections writing...


i am categorizing some of the writing in the collections section on the google home page..
currently, there is a saints and masters collections and now i am working on sannyasi life and spiritual ceremonies section, goddess poetry and visions section..
the print is small in the writing, we have not been able to fix that, but the writing can still be read bit by bit for those that are interested...

thank you to the readers for being present here and for all the heart-felt comments...

om shanti

Christmas Spirit

The birth of Christ is the coming of truth
that shines like a beacon
on a dark night 
it is a precious offering to behold
as the showing up of a most glorious 
being in the nature of truth and beauty
that has come to speak of the way back 
to the heart of peace
what Christ spoke of was not to go into 
thoughts about life and philosophies
but to be in the moment 
wiped clean of all imaginings that carry
one elsewhere
his message is one of perfect love
and does not give way to that which 
brings sorrow...
what a joyous occasion that this being
opened the way for those hearts that are
willing and desirous of *seeing* what is true
what a joyous time to be a participant of such grace
and to have the path carved out so well
so as to walk it clear of obstacles 
it is said that Christ was the master of 
beauty --
a beauty that is within and absolutely well -
a beauty that is *living* and never dies
a beauty that no shadow can ever touch
this is what is written in his words that 
spoke so richly of all being
set *right*
when one surrenders fully to grace
and lets go of unproductive ways...

his being is like a king that came 
that was not at all driven or touched
by desires or externals..
he was like a beautiful bird that lights
on the branches for all that came near
he was not lacking in a clear, strong voice
that spoke of misdeeds and misunderstandings
that were not good or well --
this is the compassion and love that is within
a o ne that has stilled the thoughts
and has nothing driving...
only what remains is love and light
and is what is to bring those to 
the heart where there is no more 
suffering --
and no more walking away from the 
which is eternal

May all rejoice this Christmas
and be within the heart
in love and gratitude
for what is here 
and for the light 
that shows the way...

Let freedom ring...
Maha Shanti Om

Thursday, December 10, 2015

into the unknown, vision this morning..

flowing vision this morning:

what was first seen was a blood red curtain pulled to
one side with an opening into a tunnel/cave type of thing
(the blood red representative of the world with it's suffering
and all that goes on in that mentality)...

then one goes thru the doorway of that and enters into
a tunnel and travels there for awhile, the walls are dark
and earth-like, light breaks thru here and there ...
the image of a large bowl then arises
some hands are seen next that are holding the bowl
a person appears and this person picks up the bowl and
draws it to her mouth..
as this is seen, a nun's habit appears on this person and
in place of the bowl, there is a chalice, then the nun begins
to take holy communion..

there is a girl too that appears, she is dressed in a coat
that has a variety of colors on it....
the coat falls from her form and one can
just see the coat there, mostly red laying on the ground
the colorizations of the world are shed...

as one continues to travel, the edge of a cliff is seen
where some translucent shapes of people manifest
these people begin to climb down the cliff and as they do,
their form gets absorbed into the rocks and becomes the
rocks with rough dark texture ..

traveling farther down, one can see the ocean with frothy
and it is heard, when you enter in there, you don't know,
you don't know anything...
you die to what you thought you were ... you are reborn
into that Pure IS...

what is seen next is an image of an urn sitting on the shore of
the ocean...
the waves come closer and closer to it and pull it into
the churning water...
there are great white frothy waves that are very
active and rushing, washing over that urn again and again
until that individual soul (or urn) is lost to view and is no more..

this is the end of this vision

om shanti

Saturday, December 5, 2015

when she comes...


when she comes, Mary, she is like the most
pure light,
her grace rinses mind clean with one glance
her beauty sends the darkness away
her stature is like God truly, he is the same
as her
she is dove-like and wondrous
i have nodded to her and put my hand to my
heart when she manifests
golden light of love, Mary

i know that Bernadette of Lourdes saw this vision
a young girl was she, unlearned
none believed her for what could she know?
she said she knows nothing and simply is
speaking in honesty to what she saw
for how can one explain such a vision of grace?
one can simply say, this is what i see, her grace
that is made of purity, light, beauty and
all that is good...

why did Mary come to me?
i never prayed to her, nor have i conjured
up an image of her in my head
i knew of her, but i was not as a devotee of
her grace
this is why it is hard to imagine this coming
of visions like this
for i am not a one that one could explain as yes
she has done her time with loving Mary in her heart
and thought of her and wished for her
Bernadette of Lourdes, she was completely not looking
or knowing of her either ...
but it is true these visions, they arise and are seen
as clear as anything in real life (if not clearer and more
light-filled) ...
i am speaking about what i have and do see and explaining it
with my heart the best way possible

what else can one do?

more explanations of visions...


i have read very little on those that have had visions
i know very little about it
it has not been my focus, ever
but since this experience of seeing has come, i have
read a little bit
not extensive at all, since it really is not where the
mind-set is

what i have been told by spirit as i still get the confirmation
of yes/no inside my head and this is not done in a purposeful
way it feels, but more of a spontaneous happening in which i
truly do not want to know much of it as it can revolve around
like mental energy does...
but, from what i am hearing is that the visions i have seen are
more like Bernadette of Lourdes..
when her vision arose though, Mary appeared more animated, like
a natural person i guess in her way of looking and communicating
she gave her direction to do this and that ...
(which has happened many times with visionaries of the past
apparently as far as getting directions to do this or that like
build a chapel or what have you..)..
Bernadette saw this image as if from a distance --
this was the image, i have written about that was the most outstanding
in the way of being reflected from a distance .. and though i have seen
many images before and since of Mary and other spiritual personages that
are filled with light, i have not seen this way before or since ...
i saw her when walking out of my condominium going to the pool
my condo is on the second floor and when i walked out, i saw
this vision of Mary down farther towards the stairs which is maybe
three condos down from where i was standing
she was standing there, lit up in white with lotuses lining the way
to her on each side  with a candle in each  lotus, so a path was made to her
she was holding a lovely white lotus and the full moon was behind her
she did not say anything to me...i simply gestured to her in a humble way
with nodding of my head and with my hand to my heart
though, i was told by spirit that this vision is the same as Bernadette's
the difference being that Mary did not speak
to me at the time this particular vision was seen (though she was/is as real as anything).. she did not give direction to me either...
there were times, however when seeing her (and i have seen her many, many
times in various ways and presence and still see her, in fact right now, she appears
to me.. .above me, from her shoulders up, her face framed in white, lovely and unsoiled
as always in presence) that there has been communication and not as Bernadette communicated
with her mouth moving and her body moving like a regular person, but with psychic
communication and understanding.. sometimes hearing internally the words, other times
imagery, other times a knowing or understanding.. a few times a gesturing of her head
or a putting of her hand to her heart.... or a showing of imagery (such as her finger to her
lips and the open door to the cosmos)...
sometimes just her hands moved as when doing the healing work...
she remained thru all of these manifestations entirely unchanged in
purity and being-ness that was fresh and unstained...
i want to say that when you have or do see this way
you do not forget it, it is like an imprint on your soul that is on fire with love, heart and great mystery
it is not something you take as everyday even though your mind may feel or think a certain way,
this divine seeing remains as part of your being and will never die whether the mind is active
or still... it is a deep rich, mystery that remains inside of the soul....
the visionaries of the past, from the little i have read and the few that are written about, most appeared Christian based, but there is no way that this is true because this seeing does not discriminate .. for why would it?, there had to be
many that have seen visions in all types of spiritual life and even some that have never walked in those shoes too, for they may have been young, innocent and open in mind ... this is all that matters,
mostly though, one cannot understand why it comes to them this way, this cannot be understood
at all... for speaking about myself, i feel so completely ordinary and not like a one that would have this sort of thing come...
i know too, that i do not have miracle marks on me -- though the stigmata was placed on my hands in a vision one time as they dripped with blood and have had much debilitating pain and weakness (in my hands) for years...
also there has been seen visions of light coming from them (my hands) and tree branches with leaves in them
and the entire cosmos was seen in them, i know it is all very strange to hear, but this is what
has been seen..
i know the church has also said that some visions can be hallucinations, but i know these visions spoken of are not.. i hear voices and have heard voices, but these are also not hallucinatory in nature i have never hallucinated although one can drift very far away with this .. it is a kundalini happening which is different than a diagnosable illness of schizophrenia in which the one seeing visions has no spiritual signs or symptoms of spiritual openings, it is a very, very different thing....

here again, is the writing on this vision spoking of about Mary which hardly captures her
presence ...

om shanti


you have come here
to sacrifice the ego
so keep coming child
and do not fear the light
put your head to rest in God
she is here, Mother Mary
she will anoint your forehead
with fresh water
and take your chin in her
lovely hand to pull
up your face
and meet her eyes
so crystal clear are they!
they penetrate into your
soul like moon beams
and brighten your days
and light your mind up
with visions of beauty
this is where i saw her
i was walking out of
my place where i live
and before me manifested
a path of pure white lotus
each with a candle glowing
at the end of this path was
Mother Mary
holding a lotus blossom
and offering it to me
she is a vision of loveliness,
adorned with white framing
her face and falling on her
she radiates purity so strongly,
lovely like doves flying and harps
playing and moon beams falling
behind her was the full moon
round and perfect
without any flaws of the world
this vision just came out of the blue
different, a little then the others
as it was projected outward more
i gestured to her most certainly
in a humble way of gratitude and
honoring of her purity
then, as i was swimming in the
there were white lotus flowers
floating everywhere
like a water lotus garden, so fresh
walking up the stairs,
lotus flowers lined each stair with
a candle
sparkly little lights with fresh
white blossoms surrounding them
then, as i was walking,
there was a lotus blossom placed in the
hearts of the passerbyers
later, my hands dripped with blood
an image of the stigmata was upon them,
very soon, this changed to lotus flowers
and my hands were made of light
more lotus flowers were placed on my eyes,
my ears, my mouth, my heart and feet
as i walked, lotus flowers fell from my
Mother Mary anointed my forehead and
looked at me with her loveliness
as a way to say, this is to take away suffering
her image is one of beauty untouched!
i want to say to you, to feel her too
in your heart
for there are many, many lotus flowers
arising from this purity
and are offered to all of humanity as
a symbol of purity and to say,
be quiet, be present
be in love with heart
here she is, Mary
what a presence of eternal beauty
she comes as love itself
she offers the sweetness of the flower,
the ripe fruit of sacrifice
she suffered truly
and purely
and now is in heart as one, undivided whole
feminine love divine
pure love....
Mother Mary

vision 12/1/15

i do see now a flame of sorts in my mind
there is a translucent cloth that is flowing
around it
there is a goddess of light that is fanning this
flame and keeping it glowing bright
now she has blown out the flame and this
light or manifestation has died
then there is imagery of green mountains
lush, rich, deep green
the sky is glowing with color and fire beauty
she is fanning the smoke from the flame that was
blown out upward into this bright scene and speaking
without words of this uniting of living spirit
it does not die but ascends into another form
that is not different in heart
there are hands above this scene, holding of hands
as if to say, there is no death in terms of spirit
there is a continual union of sprit in the world
of heart
and then this disappears and there is one heart shining
above this as to say that the absolute reality is always
single, not differentiated and lives in all these passing,
changing forms
the body is there above this looking rather decrepit
with skin hanging down on bones and hunched over
this one heart is glowing around this form
there are relationships within this heart and all kinds of
happenings, catastrophes, tragedies and great depth of
beauty as well..
as these scenes play out within this one heart
it remains the same
unsoiled, clean of dross, perfect and full of life force
resting in one light that is God-light
there is a darkening of the sky now and lightening
there is the feeling of breaking apart
the sky is clearer now, with some clouds
and then there is only clear space
this is the space of stillness, clarity, fragrance of life
timelessness, blessings of grace, holiness...
yet there is still this movement, shakti...
together, they make the world be as it is ...

beyond the confinements...

i have seen diamonds, the most
amazing ones
they shine like heaven and sparkle
of angels and divine pristine clarity
i have seen waters that rinse the mind
clean of dross and dirt
and mistaken knowledge
i have seen trees lush and full
with green so deep that it makes the
heart melt
i have seen birds that fly with freedom
and abandonment through the canyons
of the mountains
and i have seen the mountains too that
sit holy in their bed of the world
i have seen Krishna, he plays his flute
for the ones that are hurting and crying
to know their own soul
he comes and sits with his fine way
of being present
and plays his song of life

i have seen Nityananda, he sits in a tree that
is strong with life, the heavy branches turning
and curving, making their way to heaven
when he smiles, a rainbow appears over and
over again, there is no mistaking him
his eyes are on fire and yet he is smiling
hmmmmm, when he looks at you he says with his
whole being, why to worry dear heart?
just be still.... be of God...
he doesn't say too many words when he speaks,
he just laughs his big wondrous laugh of heart
and pure, pure life

i have seen saints and masters too
and many pure souls that are fine, so fine in beauty
and being
they have come to my consciousness and have been
real there
they stay for a time and then go as all things, they go

when Mary came, she was in her lovely dress of white
she shined like an angel in beauty
i have no words for her that can touch her spirit of purity
for she is as Christ, a light... a light
she was projected outward in my mind and i saw her as
seeing down a hallway where she stood with her arms open
fresh, white lotuses lined the pathway to her
she did not speak to me at this time, but laid her hands on me
with her lilly white essence of love

Christ would appear easily in consciousness like a star or
beacon of light
he shined like heaven in it's glory
decked out in gold/white/illuminating attire of heaven
what a presence, yes!
he did not say a thing, yet appeared with open arms always

Shiva, he has come
and he opened the door to the visions
that have streamed through pure waters of grace
he is not of this world

oh men that do not believe in this spirit
i say to you hearken to this heart of yours that lives
it is so deep and mysterious
it sings of love and light and truth
it does not hold back it's voice
that rises above the mundane way of thinking
that all is this way or that way
it rises above the common place things of the world
and leaves it's message always of awakening to heart

oh men that do not believe,
be true to your own soul and open up to light
this light will be your guide and it will bring you
away from the confinements that you live
where the world is this solid thing in which all is born
and then dies, what a narrow way of thinking this is
for life is eternal always
it brings such wonders always
in every moment
and when that cry of the new babe is heard
does he know what is in store for him then?
no, he does not, he is born of love and spirit and angels
he is a wonder of God
how he grows and dances and sings and rejoices in the smallest thing
he does not hold back...

oh men that do not believe
take your soul to the light and be present there
you will be amazed at what happens to your life and being
it will flower of heart and light
it will rise up to be taken in by love

come now dear souls
be present to this heart of yours
let it sing it's tune of joy
be present to this heart