Monday, October 31, 2016

purified by spirit

when we worship 
the form then 
the light gets 
obscured and darkened 
for the form is only the 
creative energy of God's 
it is made like the earth and 
all of nature 
not lasting in beauty, joy
love, light and perfect peace 
it is made to be a vehicle 
for the purpose of experience 
on this plane 
and one can experience only
tactile happenings with the 
physical senses and pleasures 
and pains 
or be purified by spirit
and then hear, see, taste, touch
love on a different level
that is deeper and in alignment 
with grace 
for the senses purified are the best 
gift to the soul 
the hearing then is not hearing 
and the seeing not seeing 
and the tasting not tasting 
which means that the senses 
or consciousness do not carry 
seeds of personal 
that distorts the imagery and 
experiences that come in 
to be filtered into a narrow field 
of ego 

oh soul

oh soul
hearken now 
freedom carries all that you seek
nothing lacking 
just fullness, harmony and light 
the seeker is extinguished there 
and what is left over is that which 
cannot be denied or confused or 
it is a constant homogenous mass 
of beautiful stillness 
living waters 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

heavy with wisdom

a man weighs heavy in terms of objects 
he possesses
he weighs heavy in terms of relative knowledge
he weighs heavy in terms of book knowledge
he weighs heavy in terms of family dynamics and 
he weighs heavy in terms of desires and body focus
he does not know that his spirit 
is truly not weighted down by the world like this 
it is formless, without any luggage to bear
it is present in stilled beauty 
it is stainless without any collected experience 
it is like a bright star in the dark sky
everpresent and undeniable
the heart of all
the righting of all wrongs 
and it is *light* 
and *heavy* with wisdom
not worldly objects 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

prior to the story...

it was told to you that you are so
much like a beautiful bird
or like a swan
a paramahansa
a sage or a brilliant light
or like a one that is completely out of suffering
and forever unburdened by body and mind..
it was told to you rightly
by the means of crystal clear stillness
prior to the story...
do you remember?