Thursday, January 30, 2014

living one

she knows the way to this well of wisdom
she knows the way to the light of all
and she will not ever be apart from you
if you can be in love with this moment 
she will take you there 
where the moon is forever full
and the skies are of rich blue 
and the world fades as mist in the morning heat 
if you can be still, she will be 
as the naked living one 
as the naked unburdened beautiful here 
when she is like this in you 
the mind cannot be in the center 
where it sings it's song of separation 
it cannot be in the center any longer 
for it dies away in her 
the one heart that is 

her aura is like an angel 
a crown of light 
that sits on her head in beautiful
rich life 
her mind, my friend 
is what is the true nature 
the clear perfect consciousness
the glowing atman
this is not a separate reality
it is the true nature of all when mind 
no longer plays about 
when she comes to you in the evening or morning 
or in the time of sorrow 
she is breathing the life force in your breath
and lungs and heart 
her light shows you that the heart is alive 
and the thoughts are simply seen in this light 
that is hers always 
if you can be quiet you will know her blessing 
it is what you are in reality 
like light itself, beyond form and mind 
a sage in reality 
as a no-thing that is full of wondrous life 

she is the heart as the sage is the heart 
this is not separate 
it is like the water that cannot be anything but water 
it is like the air that cannot be anything but air 
so is consciousness like itself and cannot be anything 
different than what it is 
though the mind roams about making up stories of a 
separate world 
the pure soul is never these things 
like the calm waters 
it is forever perfect, tranquil and free

Sunday, January 26, 2014

true love

Guru represents in body
that strong pure energy that holds the
center for the seeker
this is a rare find indeed
and is to be understood to be the treasure of
one's life and reality
not as a casual happening that is to be
taken in when the time feels right to ego

the bread of life is what the Guru offers
which is the direction to the heart
it is like the food of spirit that is to be eaten
and cherished
for there is not one other that will give this type
of sustenance
not one's family, friends or acquaintances
only the Guru that is the embodiment of spirit
and pure consciousness

if a seeker knows that their life is made better
due to the connection with Guru, then there
should not be any other evidence needed to
confirm the power of pure consciousness in their lives
if one is steadier, more equanimous,
less preoccupied with the world
and more likely to turn inward to get sustenance
from the practices as well as staying in the moment
(which is the basics of the path)
then one is indeed blessed with the
grace of Guru in their lives

if a seeker does not truly
put the love of Guru first
then this will be a weaker force acting in their life
it is not like loving a person
but loving the truth which is in their own soul
it is confusion to put the love on a body/mind
to love Guru is to go inwards and love the heart
which means to be in the heart, relaxed and quiet
breathing in the awareness of the moment

a seeker is in love with Guru (or the SELF)
when the mind is quiet
and not looking to fulfill a desire or
hoping that things get better tomorrow
but staying grounded in the moment and
staying steady in the heart

this path

this path is not like the paths
that give a good feeling to the mind 
so that it gets comfortable and propped up
with sweet sounding words and such 
this is not to help the soul find the truth 
that is non-dual
what is needed is the sharp sword of kali
that will cut the conditionings to bits and 
leave the light to break through 

when the seeker comes to this path
he is not really aware of what a hard 
hitting path is like 
he is looking to be out of suffering for sure 
but does not know about the 
true challenges that are in store for the ego
the ego fights always to save it's life 
and will look for every out to keep it's energy
in motion and not be seen through 
as this means death to it 
so when the seeker comes to this path
challenges begin to be set in motion 
for ego immediately
the seeker may not always be aware of the 
challenges that are taking place 
many times these workings are not always clear 
but indeed if he is engaging the practices with sincerity
the ego is being worn away on one level or another 
and the truth will eventually be exposed 
and this is what allows the seeker to taste for even 
a moment the peace that accompanies no-mind 

it is very important to know that sooner or later 
a great challenge will likely come to each 
that is the blooming of the conditionings 
that have been long held within 
and  that have driven the soul for lifetimes
this challenge is not pleasant by any means 
it appears that one's world will be taken away that 
has been so closely guarded 
it is like standing on a rocky cliff looking down
and one knows not where the feet will land 
but one at this point must with all of the heart trust 
in the guidance that has been given by Guru
and go forward 
and see that what was driving them was unreal and made 
up only by the mind and not at all valid or lasting 
this may sound easy to understand 
but again it is not easy in any way to *live*
so many come to this point and run away and 
hide back into the shadows 
this is so very sad for them
the mind has exaggerated something so greatly and 
this type of fear based mentality takes hold 
many times these ones get so very stubborn about 
having *their* way and are not in any way open 
to listening to reason or willing to talk it out
and what progress that was made is lost for them
as they choose to take back their suffering and 
go on their way..
a thing so very hard to see

one has gained greatly from Guru's admonitions 
if at the point of challenge and crises 
there can be a witnessing of what is taking place 
rather than reacting 
as this will keep the soul steadier
and the wave will pass quicker 
ego will say "this will not happen to me"
"i am different" and all of this 
this is not true ..
do not get secure in any of this type of thinking 
and do not get in fear or worry either 
but stay steady in the grace given by Guru
and follow what is honest and right 
without letting the mind dictate your way
and when the hard times come 
know that there is nothing one cannot get through
with Guru's blessing in heart 
and an honest and open mentality
and that what seemed so very difficult
will turn around and it will be seen that 
it was the the best thing that was needed for 
one's journey….

Thursday, January 23, 2014

so simple

Guruji and i used to go to the lake
she loved the same area that i did
where the mountain rose up mysterious
and beautiful
like a solid presence to be seen
we would sit there in her car
and look at the play of the world
the man on the corner blowing leaves
the children playing and making
a joyous ruckus
the creatures running and moving
we found delight in those little things
and laughed about them
we would drive up and down the lake
that was near where i lived
it was so serene and filled
with the beauty of life
this was my practice for so long
driving up and down the lake
or sitting near the water and watching
the light play
or walking in the wooded areas alone
drinking in the sounds and sights of
nature and it's glory
it is amazing how life entertains
with it's mystery and beauty
one does not need to go anywhere
it is right here
and so very simple

forever true


oh friends of the heart 
the beauty is here 
and how it is forever true 
how it is forever yours
when the mind stops playing 
it's tune of me and mine


like the empty space 
in the center of the wheel 
is what brings motion to the dance 
where life plays it's song 
of this and that 
is the center of the yantra
and all else waves out and out 
into the energy of creation
moving like a show to be seen
for those that are awake 
what is seen is not as two
it is like a play
a dance that is not 
ever separate as the worldly eye
sees it 
it is the same pure essence 
living free in itself 
as one perfect being 

Monday, January 6, 2014

manna bread of life

manna bread of life
eat of it and live
as a sage lives in beautitude 
without end
he lives 

manna bread of life 
this food is here as the moment 
the spark 
the one 
it is not found somewhere else 
it is not found in the 
dust of experience 
or the world where man sets 
himself apart 
to be a person that is limited 
not ever is this true
for the body is a vehicle only
it is not to be taken as something other 
it comes for the sake of finding the heart 
that lives beyond it 
the heart that is not soiled by the world
and it's suffering

manna bread of life 
lives as freedom everlasting
savor it my friend 
then all is perfect in heart 
and all is without separation
manna bread of life

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Praise to Shiva (heart of the devotee)


this is an older writing, but a nice
one for today...

Joyous New Year to all ...
may peace abound in your lives..

shanti om

Shiva, lord of all
in my heart you dwell
until the day arrives
when i leave the dance of mind
and wander down to your waters
that taste of pure perfection
and die within your breast
that is the light of lights
i will sing your praise
and when i do come to
live within your essence
i will not wander back
to where the people sing of *other*
and sit where there are shadows
that cover your gracious presence

until that day comes
can i not sing your praise?
Shiva, lord of all

Praise to Shiva

if i have loved the blossom of beautiful color
on the tree
and the start of spring
with robins and bits of life popping up
and the children playing by the shore
the cool breeze on my face
and the taste of hearty food in the belly
oh Shiva, lord of all
how even more so thee

If i have loved the still waters
that reflect the moon
and the calm quiet that comes
when the noise of the world
has died down
or the smile that comes from
giving a gift 
and the bright flowers that dance
outside the fence on a sunny day
oh Shiva, lord of all
how even more so thee

If i have loved a restful sleep
and the delight of seeing the sun
shine thru my window as i open my eyes
and the feel of coolness as my feet hit the floor
a wonderful breakfast sweet and fresh
and the open day to freely flow
and do what makes the soul sing
oh Shiva, lord of all
how even more so thee

If i have loved the creatures
that play
and the open pastures
and hearty mountains
the moon, sun and refreshing rains
and the energy in the soul to live
this life that has been given
in grace
oh Shiva, lord of all
how even more so thee...

Om Namah Shivaya