Friday, March 31, 2017

no quick fix

here i write with all my love
of what happens when mind is falling away
there are great gaps in thoughts, there is still a flow of mind
when mind is present it is the same as before
within the same heaviness and all consuming
there are times when this suddenly stops
abruptly as a road ends and there is nowhere else to go
nothing heard as thought

there are still dreams vivid and all consuming
there are still some visions
they flow at any time no matter where one is at
sometimes of natural imagery that consumes the form
and mind
one recently, there was a body that was kneeling down
some knobby roots were sticking out of the earth
this form grabbed hold of the roots tightly
then there were shifts that took place in consciousness
openings and light coming forward to begin the journey
also, much greenery, growth sprang forward as the spirit
realm became more of a primary focus
and buildings rows and rows of them that were being covered
in water until the building could not be seen any longer
so these visions still flow off and on
however very much more infrequently than before

there are still bodily changes and hardships, sensitivities
there are still the same challenges
the biggest hallmark at this stage, is the intermittent slowing
down of the running river of mind
and spaces of drying up and then running, circling and then
slowing again
this is where it is now

this my friends is a very long journey indeed
it is not like a quick fix that the mind desires
it is ridden with many many many hardships and trials
that one cannot know
for one does not know what lies hidden deep in the unconscious
tendencies of lifetimes that drive one to be attracted to this
and avoid that
and all of the drama games that come to the personality
all of this gets dislodged to be looked at and reviewed and

one cannot pick out how this journey is to go or pick and
choose what they want to get rid of and what they want to keep
for all of it is exposed and if attached to will create an uneasy vibration
that creates suffering
so if one is sincere about completion, there must be a full knowing that
one will continue to the end no matter what comes

this is the writing that flowed for now

hope all are well and within spirit heart...

om shanti

better ways

the men that speak of worldly things 
say so much that is complicated 
layered with philosophies, opinions, twisted stories 
they speak and speak all the time 
the words are so important always 
like the central thing 
this is kind of sad 
for there is so much more that speaks without 
and you must know friends!
the garden, it speaks of wonders all the time with 
beauty so sweet and delicate 
it falls it's rain of blossoms darling, pink, violet, blue 
like magic dots of color within a space of emptiness 
it blooms of microcosm and macrocosm as an unfolding 
concert would burst it's music to the audience 
capturing their hearts with enticing sounds 
it reasons with it's sayings of look at me!, how i grow 
so silently without the need of doership, effort or anything 
but grace 
it writes it's passages on the pages of life better than any thesis 
written by professors 
of how it's workings are mysterious, deep, rich, hearty 
and magnificent 
it whispers too with those voices soft, wispy, as the leaves 
rustle with the winds
it lets the pleasures of the senses delight in just being and enjoying 
well i would say, the  garden speaks 
in better ways than those complex speeches of the world

Friday, March 17, 2017

nothing special needed...

spiritual practitioners that took to the deeper meanings and practices 
were set on knowing what is real
they went about doing this with an urgency in their hearts
as if something was hanging on them equal to the feeling 
of life and death 
this is like a weight that hangs on the heart and will not leave  
the soul alone until this quest to know the truth has come to it's conclusion

so the practitioner is taken inward by his strong desire 
to be free
he, if he is deep into the practices does not separate sound from
silence or attempt to sequester himself from the world 
the world is the practice in which he is to stabilize his being 
into whatever experience appears 
without drawing away into a shell of his private world 
or his private space that has been created 
the world is not a place to be resisted, it is a place in which 
all things rise and fall to be seen, heard, felt, tasted, touched 
it is a world that flows as all things flow with beginning, middle and end 
it is the same like this in all places 
so the practitioner need nothing special but his heart open, his mind open 
his life open to this moment that flows the same in all ways 

the practitioner has his connection to his path which carries the energy to 
move him forward, yet he is not dependent or looking for answers there 
he is looking to see what is true and false for himself 
as this is the only thing with lasting value 

the practitioner that secludes himself away is much more vulnerable to 
challenge when it comes up for he has not been assimilated into the regular 
flow of life with it's ups, downs and all the play there 
this is the value of practicing in regular life with no special clothing, ornaments 
outward appearance, language or circumstances 
one is simply moving with the current of circumstances that comes in it's own
time and way and not setting a special place to be within the heart and quietude 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

this is the work...

oh men, women
i write today of this freedom 
that sits silent, blessed with light 
how can one get to know it? 
by moving away from the noise that plays 
in the head constantly 
one must do this or there is only a consuming 
of this ego nature always 
without a break 
which takes one one a journey that is based in self/ego-affirmation
it takes one on a journey that leaves no freshness to flow 
into the spirit 
it takes one on a journey that keeps the soul without sustenance 
of light 
it takes one on a journey that forgets what is righteous 
oh soul 
this is the reality 
for without the purity of light, one is confused in thinking 
what is seen (with the physical eye) is the truth 
and feels that there is only this concrete world to hold to 
with all it's ups and downs 
yet this is the illusion that keeps one revolving here 

it is the one that has courage to move away from this drama-mind 
that can begin to see clearly what is true and false (or transient)
if there is no buffer there that one can see, then the soul is taken
unaware and without knowing on this ride of maya 

this is not how most want it, yet feel this is the way it is without question
the one that is courageous will not let this happen so easily and will
continuously draw away from this mind-stuff and rest in the moment 
it matters not the experience that is taking place, this is the work 
no different whether the experience is good, bad or neutral
yet the experience that is pleasurable can be much more difficult to 
draw away from because the soul desires to repeat it
but those difficult ones, oh love, 
those experiences one is not eager at all to repeat
and will do whatever possible to get out of it and never return 
this is the blessing of suffering that comes to those that remain set
on coming out of it at all cost 
for the mind really is a thing that one is attracted to out of being familiar 
like a friend or simply a part of who *i* am or what *i* am composed of 
including this gross body 
this is the thing to be looked at -- God did not tell you this for sure 
so we must look at this fallacy and see that thoughts rise, fall, have breaks
all of it -- look, look..... question without taking any answer to be the truth either
for this will prop one up in another way and another set of belief systems 
will be adopted..