Thursday, July 28, 2016

in the end

do not be persuaded by thought-waves 
for they are the surface energy of mind 
they speak of the world with it's passing phases 
as being cast in judgement or layers of personhood 
they speak of a world that is cast in shadows of 
conditionings that come from the root *me and mine*
they speak of a world that is washed in colorizations 
of time-element which is movement created by 
these thoughts are not at all true in what is heard 
for if you go in deep, you will see little by little
they will slow and die away
like a wave that was taken to be real 

these thought-waves make life something 
that is centered around a body-image, a 
person who is such and such and does such 
and such 
this is simply thought projection

these thought waves make life into a drama-story
that is fiction and when you stop believing in it 
and come inward 
there is a different reality that emerges 
it is different in the way of being made of 
light, beauty, joy, timeless in nature 

these thought waves take a long time to 
so one must be vigilant and keep the heart 
always set on God-light 
and keep the heart always set on spirit-heart 
with the heart in the right place 
the snake will eat it's tail 
and there will be nothing but light in the end 
then there will be a coming back into pure life 
in the end 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

another wave

my friend,
do you have a story to tell?
well i do too
of the time when sorrow is no more 
and the mind with it's way of dividing 
up men, women into classifications of 
color, creed, religion, philosophies, lands 
and all 
comes to a stop
because what is seen by the physical eyes and felt 
by the senses is so very 
limited in it's capacity to grasp the essence of the 
it is very much confined to judgement that stems 
from body attachment and attachment to kin, land,
and all that is temporal in nature 

we can only hope that more come to the path of truth 
and begin to see inside their own soul and begin to clear 
away the debris of mistaken understanding that clouds clarity 

we can only hope that more come forward as lights 
and take that walk towards a greater good that is 
very difficult beyond imagining, yet steeped in grace and 
fragrance of life that goes so much deeper than the surface playing 

we can only hope that more come to the waters of light to 
bathe and wash away impurities of ignorance, the ignorance 
of dualistic preoccupations that indeed draw lines between mine and yours 
and here and there which puts in place all the consequences of warring division
that is seen and felt as waves and vibrations thru the land 

we can only hope that more begin to face their own limited views, question them
relentlessly so as to open up more space to breathe and see clearer

we can only hope that more come to be quieter inside and see the world in a 
heart-centered way and see souls in a heart-centered way
for even with all the drama in the world that is disturbing on so many levels 
we must begin (and continue) where we are at and forge onward thru the mud 

we are made of so much more souls
i know you agree
we are made of soul-fire, grit, beauty, love, understanding, kali-energy, kundalini,
heaven-nature, heart and pure spirit truly

so we must continue on (to find) and refresh in the living waters 
that will indeed wash away doership/ego-based mentality and actions so another 
wave can be put into motion of light, light..... 

for this wave is there still working underneath and rinsing the spell of ego away 
under this dust of worldly views and activities...
believe in it --- come to it .... 
be the light that you are ....

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

at the heart

the world carries on in
it's drama and categorizations
of people
but my friend,
the heart of all religions is one
like a prized gem that is pristine,
cleaned out of any mistakes that egoic drama
moves by
the heart of all culture that is seasoned with
love and care is one undivided soul-fire
for all that carries the seed of love
carries the beauty of nature, freedom,
nourishment, vibrant health, harmony
kinship and good will
and it is a shame to see love soiled by drama
that has as it's base self-bolstering, self justifying
and self love (or ego-love)
such a shame

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

in all beings

when the mind forgets itself
the wonder of this moment sparks
like a creative force
it brings with it insights most powerful
in nature
such as one is not all the things that
was once thought
this jars the mind to be awake to the
moment in a way that is not weighed
down by the clutter of thought-streams
projections, fear, desires, hope, reflections
the whole grouping of mental energy
then the whittling down of the persona
begins in earnest
one cannot lose the awareness of continuing
to engage practices and questioning
even when the mind seems very different
in awareness
onward thru the phases that come
until what remains is only grace
which is stillness without any type of
mental content
this is a jivanmukta or a sage
there cannot be a partial letting go
or an almost completed sage
a sage wears only stillness in his
mind and heart
a sage wears only non-dual beauty
in his mind and heart
a sage wears only priceless jewels of
beautiful o-ne in his soul and spirit
and everywhere
a sage is not of this worldly dramatic
playing out like the vast majority
a sage is of the spirit-heart that is completely
beautified in God-nature or pristine stillness
and nothing more or less
a sage plays by no rules or agenda but is spontaneous
in his/her way of being
a sage dances to the sound of the soundless void
a sage dances to the beat of God-source-light
a sage moves to the flow of o-ne
a sage rises and sets to the living waters of all
a sage rises and sets to mouna
a sage rises and sets to heavenly beauty of light
a sage rises and sets to timeless wonder
a sage rises and set to pristine fullness
a sage rises and sets to the original mind
there is no other in this consciousness of
just pure reality that is present always
and lives in all beings

inside yourself

in the darkest hours that you fall into
or the brightest hour and every passing
way in between
there remains a freedom shining
like a gift from above
when walking in the perfume of this
eventually you will come upon a knowing
that rings of something beyond the confines
of your familiar reality
you will come upon something beyond the
daydreams and cacophony that is known as
mental energy
and feel a strength that lives as mysterious
as the morning rises of itself in gold illumination
and fragrant kisses of opening of flowers
(so diverse in color)
like this wondrous opening that comes in all
so you will find this fullness in yourself
then something begins to shift until
the movement comes to a center
and there is simply this moment
without the warped ways of mental habits
and constant whirling of sensory attachments
when this begins to happen memories (thoughts
and what have you) that were once
held so dear and private do not dwell in you the
same way
there is only this fullness that is spontaneous in nature
completely harmonious with Grace/God/Light/Love
where no one lives at all

Saturday, July 9, 2016

and so we go inward...

when i was in the start of the path
i did not know about surrender
i thought that one follows a course
of love, but what is this truly?
for love is something to most that is
personal and knit within their story-line
memories, desires and such
and also, it is linked to a sense of time,
place, experience and that kind of thing
it appears to the mind this way for
a long time
but love, is truly that which breaks apart
the identifications of mind, individuality
and all that is rooted within that field
it is the current of grace that carries
no other within it
it is pure consciousness and heart without
anything that has within it
the sense of *me and you*

love comes as a rushing current of light
in which it uproots the fallacies of mind
such as the fallacy that mind is true and real
in the way of being solid in form
and having power to be the central force of
a soul-body
this is what all that are in mind are entrenched in
and indeed is what brings about cause and effect
or karma playing out

karma is very powerful and heavy in the way of
being a law that is universal and without discrimination
it is like physics in which
this effects this if mixtures are put together
and shaken up or ingredients are blended
there is an outcome and playing out that occurs
that cannot be otherwise

some do not understand karma for they will
play the game and think that they will be the one
to escape the consequences and will have it their way
when they want it
no matter the cost to others
this is very sad and carries a broad scope of heartache
for society and the world at large
or smaller waves move thru families and communities
that carry problems
karma too is positive in which actions can carry sacred
notes to others of well being and good intentions
and love
so we treat karma carefully and be aware of our actions
in the world and how we treat others
for what comes back to us is simply results of our actions
we will feel the vibration of the effects of our own actions
in our own souls
so we hold to a disciplined practice
and honor the good in ourselves and others
this is the beginning of a path of righteousness and this is where
most start

looking deeper, we begin to travel within and see what is true
and lasting in our mind and what is transient in nature
this is the work of a renunciate or a sincere seeker
when the mind is quiet(er), there are deeper insights and wondrous
playing out (at times) which jar the soul to see what is
important and of substance
and that the phenomena is simply ghost-like in appearance
as it fades in time with continued engagement of the practices,
self enquiry, surrender

as the thoughts fade there is a very flimsy screen that protects one
from understanding that all is one full being
and this screen fades in an out with direct perception of God-
consciousness entering in
the screen is made of false coverings that shelter one in the
mind-body reality
and lead one to believe that God is outside and to be sought
out by a persona
the persona itself is the thing that begins to break down
like a ball of energy that is dispersed and sinks and fades into
the substance of all

kundalini is imperative to be awakened to break apart these
false bindings of mind and collected apparitions of mind
kundalini is the power that shakes it all up on so many levels
and unbelievable playing out of phenomena (can) come forward
it seems that it will not stop or end once opened up for real
but it does shake out the dream holdings in a way most
mysterious and grace-filled (as well as difficult beyond what one can
imagine), but it does do this
and the mind begins to have more space, depth and strength
(within grace) and light and all that is of heavenly nature that
sings of light and freedom

so one goes forward with what comes no matter what it is
and Guru is there as the heart of all
and gives that grace (mostly without even being aware of it)
but one must find this within their own soul
and not linked to anything or anybody else no matter how in love
with it one is
for those attachments are unkind in the end and bring
this is the reality
so we go inward and leave the temptations and desires
to burn until one single source remain

Friday, July 8, 2016

Heavy with love

See the blossom
see how it falls
through grace
in love with itself
There is no other
but this dance
that sings of itself
to find itself within me

Being rich with all that is
full and in love
heavy with it
Oh love be all that you are
make that soul dance
with your sweet taste on it’s tongue
you have brought me here to do
things one way only
the way of truth

The petal falls in the garden
of  knowledge
how beautiful it is!
how ripe!
there is no other

Glorious is your name
Oh God
I am one with you
you have sought me out
Oh love you have found me
in full rejoicement
we will celebrate for all of time
never alone
but singing for all eternity
your holiness

Sweet is thy fruit
heavy on the branch
return my friend
to find me
sitting in the garden
when one enters there is no return
and why would one want to
go anywhere else?

Where have you gone sweet heaven
seek me out
come find me behind the back door
in the garden
where I am waiting
Sing your song loud in my ears
like a rush
through me and in me
I shiver here
waiting for you

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

ponder this

part of you is lost
but the other part is found always
this is kind of funny
How can there be two of you?
please soul ponder this
because you are and have
always been

dear traveller

My dear traveller
your port is right here
and so is your land
if you look inside
and see what you have
come to be
you need not go

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Light is not an outside phenomena
but an inside reality
when the shadows fall