Saturday, December 31, 2016

God's way

i am writing this evening of the dawning of
i may not be good at using words
but i will describe the coming of light
as best possible
the form moves with a slowness about it
the mind moves with a slowness about it
the mind sometimes is diluted heavily with
then the being is consumed with a way of
simply being present without the activity
of mind and body
this is not anything like the rush, rush of the
world or the busy activity (of mind)
that most souls are pushed about by
it is a much deeper way of being that
works in it's own timeline
so often i am in a stopping position
maybe leaned up against a post
or a wall
or maybe sitting in my office
or maybe making dinner what have
then the whole combination mind/body is
still and empty (of mental and physical
this is something that i am not bothered by
at all
not even for a minute as i have given myself
to this journey for wherever it takes me
yet of course pray for the final verse of
this song of ego to be done for good

when samadhi takes over
it fills the mind and body with a flow
of light
the mind is drenched in it like a river
running beautiful, free and without
snags of thoughts
it flows free as a blood flow flows
thru a tree from the roots to the branches
it flows free as a waterway that does not
have constrictions or pollutants in it
it flows free as a blessing or a fountain
that runs to make a clear beautiful song
that is not of mind
it flows free as a poem that has no author
except grace
it flows free as a life force pulsing, pulsing
to the tune of purity
it flows free as a dawning of love
yes, true love that brings with it silence
the form is taken care of then quite well
it does not have any needs that are not
tended to
the mind does not have any desires that burn
and bring one to get up and *do* and *hurry*
so one just rests there
one is just taken over there
in such a good way souls,
in such a pure way
one just lives there in God's way

Friday, December 30, 2016

use it wisely

we have but a little time in this 
form/body now 
so we are to use it wisely and not 
waste our moments on forgetting 
the self and getting carried away 
by the currents of thought 
for life is a precious opportunity 
to gain realization of the SELF
and we should be cognizant always 
of this opportunity 
as we have all that we need at our 
disposal (to move forward)
there is not one thing that is not available 
to go inward 
for all one needs is awareness and the right 
intention or longing
then we can flow forward to the beauty of 
what we are given in body is important 
to live in this earthly realm 
but what we have been given in spirit far 
outweighs this 
for spirit is the lasting presence that will go 
on and on 
and we are to nourish that well with heart, love 
care, attention, and all that we have as tools to 
bring the mind to stillness
what is before us as obstacles does not matter 
for those obstacles are indeed a jump of point 
and help one to be of good strength, character
and sturdy presence that will not be moved
by transient happenings
obstacles are opportunities to see one can indeed
find strength in all experiences, not just the pleasant 
and to become equal-minded about life and all that 

Buddha spoke of equal-mindedness to be not 
hankering after what feels good all the time 
and not having aversion to what is seemingly 
painful or unpleasant 
these colorings of experience are mental in nature 
these colorings of experience are mind-made 
these coloring of experience are unreal and die away
these coloring of experience are mixed with the personal
these colorings of experience are the making of suffering 
equal-mindedness is what is known as the middle-way
not too far this way or too far that way

so many things come along the way to experience 
but the path truly is very simple 
and all comes down to, open heart, quietude,
breathing, one step at a time, awareness, using
tools given,
love, care.. and surrender, surrender, surrender 

om shanti 

Monday, December 26, 2016

no escape

today, the unwinding continues --
there is no escape from it, try as ego might to spin it's tales of this, that, here and there...
the mind keeps coming into that death grip of deep no-thingness (that carries no persona, baggage of
accumulated concepts/conditionings and ego-centered illusive play)..
at times the mind is not so aware of this grace that is working all the while to consume the surface appearances/waves that have come to be known as the personal self, but then it hits, this all consuming substantial slowing down and falling away ...

this is the best quote to leave you with:

"Just as the prey which has fallen into the jaws of a tiger has no escape, so those who have come within the ambit of the Guru's gracious look will be saved by the Guru and will not get lost." Yes!, Yes! and more Yes!! Keep it coming!!

great day and om

Saturday, December 17, 2016

slow death

souls and blessed friends,

what is taking place now is like a slow death
unwinding into this great, vast sense of peace
so light, so filled with heart and deep stillness
the waves of mind still play so much, too much,
yet so much less than before, but whether distant
feeling, insightful, loud and consuming or anything
in between, when it plays, it is too much as it
brings a feeling of the veil again that covers the
pure waters, refreshing and still....
but to get these tastes of life, free and pure is the
best blessing to feel, and get lost in...
one cannot loose vigilance during this transition
for if there is a letting down and simply saying:
oh now it is all done, then one will be carried away
again by the mind and it's re-rooting back to the
great dream..
thank God for Guru's compassion, presence and
light now and always to guide, listen and simply give
the transmission-energy that is like the ganges in the
way it flows, unobstructed, pure and without illusion
this has been the essential piece to go on this way
into something that i had no idea about how to traverse
and i have been in terror so much with it, truly souls
i am not one to embellish this playing out, so, so hard
and biting and putting all to see in your face without a
break and bringing mystics experience that could truly
make one go mad -- yes, it could and this is why it is
said to not play around with this energy of kali/kundalini/
holy spirit, but to respect it and give it time and give it
sincerity, honesty, heart, love, care, not place something on
it that is your own control or so-called ego-power... so
very, very wrong in the way of keeping this energy sacred,
keeping this energy as a best-friend really that is there to
give blessings to the soul, world and just a flow of such
grace, mystery, wonder and light, light, light...

here are the visions that flowed this morning,

the vision was one of the sun with clouds that curved around the lower part of the sun in a u-shape..
birds could be seen flying thru the clouds - one was viewing this sight up close and personal..
very stunning and clear...
then, the clouds came forward in a great line and begin to be pulled into the sun (the source), and this continued with the clouds vanishing more and more ... then the sun came forward increasingly and grew and grew and seemed to swallow up everything....

the next vision was one of a house that began to sway, the ground was moving in a wave... the house looked like it was not going to last long... behind one of the windows, one could see lights flashing (like shakti)...
then one of the walls disappeared and the bedroom with the bed was exposed (the dream)... and then the house, bed and all vanished in the depths of the darkness/substance...

also, there was a cross seen that was falling from an opening in a craggy rock structure in which the light was flooding thru, falling and burning, burning, then disappearing into the substance -- an image of a body/form then manifested and disappeared into this same substance...

this is a very brief update for the moment...

and, now one simply continues forward into that great unknown
and consciously continues to surrender, surrender, surrender...

may all be well and enjoy the moment...

great day and om

Thursday, December 15, 2016

how important is it?

oh soul
tell me about yourself
your dreams, your hopes, your wishes
for tomorrow
and i will listen with a great well of heart
that is silent
with silent ears, with silent tongue
with silent deep eyes that are empty, yet
filled with awesome beauty of life's play
and those eyes will say to you
how important is it all? your story
how important is it to be holding it?
and how does it serve you?
how has it made you be free of all
the aching that stings and brings a wake
of suffering to you?
do not mistake this way that is empty
that is like a sunrise in the morning light
or a clear lake of water that has nothing
obstructing it
or an ocean deep with riches unknown
to the mind
do not mistake this body
to be anything but flesh, unable to know
true beauty
and now i say to you with eyes that are lost
to the heart
how important is it, really
your story?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

the mystic way

oh men, women
come now, forget your world with me
come and fall into that great abyss of light
that flows like a river and cleanses the senses
heart and mind
let it consume you until there is nothing left there
that is taking away the truth
then when you are done bathing in this light that
clears and clears
then come with me to the world again and see
it for what it is
one undivided flow of shiv/shakti
not what the mind that is unreal has spoke to you of
be not afraid of this way of light
it is mysterious, filled with something that is not
of the mass mentality
but has it's own way that can only be felt if one
let go of the reins that you hold so tight to
let them go, do not pick them up to be the driver
but let the driver (grace) move you
through this land of the mystic way
blessed with all that is pure
blessed with all that is deep, rich, wondrous
and free

Let us unwind

what i say to you my dear
is the day will come when your 
world crumbles 
the day will come when your 
person so thought of as real
will be unknown to you any longer 
he/she will not have any more space 
to be intrusive on your reality 
this day that turns to something different 
as the sky turns to gold, orange, pink
amber, violet all at once and in one 
moment is the day you know without 
a doubt that the world you made your 
home in is mist/ephemeral/liquid air 
and when this happens, you are blessed
because you can finally breathe in something 
different that is ripe, full and is not bound 
by anything that has been created by egoic 
how very beautiful 
and how very mysterious 

oh friend 
lets let our world unwind as the snake 
consumes itself and then what remains 
is nothing that can be named 
but only silence 
and we will then free ourselves from this 
powerful dream we have been living under 
and then we can really enjoy life for it's 
wondrous beauty that it is 
not tethered by the transient play of illusion
that calls and taunts and puts it's way in our face 
to be a nuisance, so disruptive it is 
we will unwind like a tape unrolling itself 
and falling to pieces right before our very eyes 
and we will not pull it back to cover our beauty 
ever again
for we freed ourselves from all that was in our
bodies and in our minds and in our soul
that was heavy
then we will go out and be as love is so free 
unconditional  like the saints, the masters, 
the stars, the ocean, the moon, the heavens 
the great heart of all 
we will indeed my dear heart

we stoop low at the gate to enter for we are not 
anything that is important in ourselves as an ego
or body, so we will bend our form and enter to be 
refreshed heartily in those waters of purity 
and we will drink deeply until our mouths
no longer ache of thirst
and we will bathe under this freshness that runs 
so plentiful 
we will bring nothing with us when we enter 
but see, my dear this is not enough to stay here 
because we must 
go on to that cliff and free ourselves of this form 
identity so burdensome and reeking of attachment 
that has truly left a residue of something that makes 
us forget our true self 
and we must go over that cliff into the unknown 
yes, we will
and then what remains is that freedom true 
that has no face or name or covering  
then we will never be divided any longer 
into that forgetfulness 
now come friend, let us unwind until 
there is no more unwinding left 
and then we are nothing any longer 
to be counted as an ego-body 
we are simply what God is 
pure stillness 
undivided, life 

Monday, December 12, 2016

oh Kali

i do not move when Kali cuts
how sweet is the sound of her scythe swinging
how momentary the sting
how life-filled the remains she leaves
in her wake
scented with fresh, bountiful beauty, fresh air
and stillness everlasting

oh Kali, come nearer
beat the air, roar in my ears
lay open my breast
soothe nothing any longer
for your way is my way, love
and i am blessed to be your student
and your friend
and your meal too (of ego) that you
devour wildly, not gently
oh soothe nothing
for the remains you leave in your wake
are like gold
scented with heart so full
fragrant as lilies of white
peaceful as the deepest oceans
oh Kali come nearer

oh Kali
do not say another word to me
oh Love
for i know your way so true
so kind, merciful
fear not, stay still, Bless my mind
wear me down
for i walk towards you
my days are your days filled with quietude
that sings like silent music
come nearer to me
finish your work
save me from myself