Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sai Baba of Shirdi channeled satsang #2

Sai baba of shirdi
in the garden of shirdi
that was giving satsang from his heart
that is like pure waters

work is *still* my friends
do not put mind on work
like, "i work" don't say "i work"
this is so not correct in your words and thoughts
this "i work" is problem
for then you feel heavy
like work is something to take different than any other

it is heavy then sometimes
heavy like oh boy i got to go do work
when work is same as all moments
to give opportunity
to be alert, be awake, be aware
be not asleep
like sleeping man, woman
be awake like sun comes up in the morning
be awake like that
in the flow of the universe that is always natural
natural in that way
you are no different than that natural flow

so pure waters speak
and the pure waters quench thirst for life speak
like that
pure life my love
pure life my love

time is false
it is illusory
time no exist
in life really
this is not right

put silence first
put silence first
silence from my lips speak tonite
say words that are not dampened
by philosophy
that is mental
my words speak like that

pure waters flow here in the heart
yes they do
wash there seekers
wash in my heart please
i here
i live for you seekers
i live for you to live my way
that is how i live
i always live for others
not myself
for i don't feel that to be a true thing my self
i am just God's love
and God's heart and God's knowing
and so are you my seeker

i live for you to come to baba heart
and be still my friend
my light is here to be your light
my heart is here to be you're heart
my words are here to bring you to know
your true nature
my friend
my dear seeker

my love
my light is your love light
is your love light
i am baba light
here this way in shirdi garden

shirdi garden i helped to bring life to
without feeling of doing anything
like i water
i love
i do it

nothing created around me (like temples)
was anything that mattered
i just know myself, so nothing else matter
even if body go
no matter
same, same, same consciousness
same, same, same

now be still and come here and listen
kneel down pray
pray to god
pray god
and love allah
love allah
my feeling is all is God and allah
all is that too

so don't be afraid of things that seem different
no don't do that
give bread to all
give bread to strangers
if you can
and feed them
and give them clothing
if they hurt
this is okay
this is what you are too
is someone that hurts
please be kind to others

don't give when you feel you don't want to
not good
but you don't own anything seeker
you don't
leave it
leave it by the roadside your possessions you have attached to
they no needed
no needed
not at all
not at all
be like poverty man
which means not cluttered in mind with lots of obsessions,
lots of dreams
lots of heartache
this means you are holding on
be like poverty and that means don't hold on
don't hold on
it's okay
it's okay
to let that go
you not hurt then
you not hurt then
you hurt when you hold
is when you hurt
you think other different it's not true
it's opposite of that
it's letting go bring peace
letting go

when you go away from body
you don't take those things with you
my dear seeker
what i say please listen

be still be quiet my seekers
be quiet
no worry
no think
no question, wonder constant

don't do this to your mind
be like this sage here
this sage of pure waters
be like that