Saturday, August 29, 2015

the spring of life

see my hands move
oh they burn of knowledge 
the Christ spirit too
is in me 
when i walk he is there 
and i do not know how 
but the speech that flows 
it is his, like a presence so real
i cannot say i know though 
for i do not know 
how it happens 

the heaven gates, the hell gates 
have vanished today
because love 
you are not there anymore 
you belong to your soul 
which is home 
a home in which there is only 
eternal rest 
see this movement of back and forth 
is not true 
oh seeker find your soul here inside 
inside the heart 

when i lived before i knew your name 
i knew your face, your eyes too 
and your speech 
i knew your dress
and how you came to me 
in the summer days that flowed
so endless
but today i know nothing like this 
for i am not those things before or those 
things that are to come 
or these things now 
i am spirit true 
my love this is ripe now 
and i know you as this too
this is all i can say

unborn beauty
take this heart and bring it love 
for there is only heart
God light 
lives in all
freedom too is here 
for those that are ripe and 
rich with heart 
meet this time my dears 
for i love you so
i love you like the bright morning 
loves the sun 
and the stars love the deep dark sky
i love you like this 
see i love like spirit 
and this my friends is not personal
in the least 
oh say if you are aching like this too
because you will come to 
this spirit (the spring of life)
you will, i know it 
because then you will be free of this 
mistaken knowledge 
the spring is here so clear and flowing 
come and drink
come and drink this life flow
so pure

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

do you know this?

i sent you away to be quiet
have you listened?
i took from you the key to the
oh my friend do not go there
and be stirred up with mind
have you listened?
i pray for you too
i love you sweetly
i dance for you my dear
in the morning, night and
as shakti fire heart

i lay my head
on the grass so green
when i wept the flowers grew
and came to life
i found in them the heart
of all
so precious to the world
but not always understood
as such

oh my love,
taste of this growth
it tastes so of earth rich and dark
in it lies the substance of life
the nourishment of the soul
take it up in your hands
and smell it deep
take it to your skin, your lips
feel it's substance on you
for it is the soul saying,
i am growing in beauty
like all things that are love
i am growing in quietude
i am growing in truth
do you see the tender shoots
rising now?
be full of this change, this renewal
rejoice dear
your soul is awakening

come be like the stars in the dark sky
for you twinkle too
you do indeed
your eyes, your skin, your perfect
i have never seen you as
anything different
not for a moment
the moon knows this
and all of creation
but you dear child,
do you know this?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

just for you

what can i do for you?
what can i teach you?
what can i make better for you?
i am here to be that way 
i am a spirit of beauty 
like a flower blooming always 
with petals of bright glory
unfolding for you
to come and breathe it's scent in 
your lungs 
and maybe when you do 
you will say
what beauty lives!
how is it that 
i have not smelled this 
fine fragrance?
has it been away from me?
and no dear one 
it has always been here 
in you it lives the same 
the walls of your mind have 
maybe blocked it out
but you know, nothing dies 
that is so beautiful and fresh
for angels have kissed it 
and saints have walked on it 
and Gods have basked in it 
and all these souls 
have put heart there 
and it burns 
so very beautiful....

Regarding new phase


there has been a new development here with the opening of psychic abilities...
this is not something that i ever desired, hoped for or nourished..
it came while working with a pendulum and there was a spirit attached to it..
then this spirit worked thru me as a channel..
after this point, there were more spirits that have come..
a total surprise ..
and thru this work day by day, psychic abilities have become more evident..
this is a wonder and a surprise is all one can say...
it is hoped that however this comes and in whatever form
it is a benefit to humanity...

if any are interested i just put up a video explaining how this came about
and the work now being done with those on the other side ..

great evening and om

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

not messing around

this time my friend
is the last time
where mind will play it's tune
i know this well
i have not come here
to play around
i came from the ashes
of my suffering
and have risen up to be
purified in the light
i came with grit and sacrifice
i came with a sword of knowledge
it is in me now
and is to be set free and when it is
it will move sharp and swift
and cut the head of ego
for those that have eyes to see
and ears to hear the word
seekers, know me now as
Siddhananda, but know me
soon as that one that destroys
all wounds that burn and
create separation
because i will not put up with this
i am true indeed
and will come to free the souls
that listen
dears do not be afraid
i love you so much
and will free this illusion
soon, soon

sweet i may be and gentle
love, these are my outward
but souls, know me inside
as one that is like Kali
she is not a shy flower
she sits and waits
and when the fruit is ripe
she swings her sword of knowledge
and brings the mind to still
know me now as the sweet gentle
but lord help the one that comes in
my fires as he will burn in the purity
of heart and he will be set free
ego will not stand a chance
souls speak now if this is something
you fear
because i love you so much
and wish for your freedom
souls know that soon
i will not mess around
with any illusion
souls listen

soon my friends
heart will be set on fire
and the hands that were once weak
will be healing hands of light
these hands souls
will put the light in you
and make you burn too of
sweet heart
though this may sound uncomfortable
it is the best thing
because i came out of these fires
and i am not kidding
i am pure and will be purer
until there is no more work
and then those that are masquerading
will not want to be around me
and those that are sincere
these ones
will love me true
they will love me
in the heart

christian, muslim, sufi
saint, master
do you know the one?
see i do
he is like a timeless treasure
he is still
oh his light shines like heaven
he is one and i am one
when we dance together
he takes over my heart
and speaks for me
he is one and i am one
when he takes over my body
he sings his tune so sweet
like nature on the finest morning
he is not like a spirit
he is like me
beginning to finally wake up
he is me and i am him
see this is the precipice of the mountain
it is the time before i pass away
which means before the ego passes fully away
i am me kind of,
i am sometimes like before
but not really
one day you will understand
but know i have come for the good
to make the souls that are ready wake up
i am not here to play around
i am here to wake you up with a shake
and a shout that is in stillness
and this is the strongest way to be
because there is no doer inside
souls, remember these poems that
are to come
because soon i will not be the same
this is the best thing
i will be free finally
soon, soon

souls, my teacher is my best friend
i found her long ago
she is the pure one
oh souls, she is as still waters
i love her
she is detached in such a good way
she is my best friend

souls,  i have finally been blessed
in the way of being freed

soon, soon

he is here

my love has come
i saw him sitting on the hill
by the wildflowers with the
full moon fat and glowing
i saw him in the shade of the tree
he was sitting still and quiet
with the birds song bright
and soft light filtering through
then i caught him by the bubbling
brook, so beautiful in the morning
light, like an angel
soft are his features, his form sturdy
like the tree
his eyes like the stars
his skin translucent like ivory
his face wears a calm countenance
his legs are crossed
his body quiet
i saw him here and there
and in all places

oh love, i found you
my home of the heart
in the wild country
where no one dares to roam
in the streets with the beggars about
and the dirt from the worldly ways
in the valley too, i found you my heart
dancing all about
i danced with you through many lives
and epic times sweeping and grand
filled with loves lost and dreams vanished
and talents that were amazing and
souls that were healed and knowledge
that came and all these things so fine
and so horrifying too
so many lives i have lived
but souls, i have found my love
quiet is he, comely and of the buddha way
he lives here in my heart
we two are one
i have looked for him all over and went to
the hell realms too
he was there, completely untouched
he was there and had no knowledge of my world
he saw me
and i was captivated by this stillness
oh friends, he has touched me with kundalini
and knowledge
but do not know him as a persona, story or myth
he is the heart dear
i just was looking for him on the outside a long while
but he has come
and blessed my heart
he is here as heart
my dears he is here as the heart of all

Saturday, August 15, 2015

lord of his heart

how he walks with light in his soul
an ordinary man may look at him
and see a body that is moving
as all bodies
but souls this is not at all correct
he walks as a God-man
living in sinless joy that flows
he walks as a saint
leaving no shadow anywhere ever
he walks as a buddha
always awake and never once
asleep to the truth
he walks as a master
for he is a lord of himself
he is a lord of his heart
in here he lives as a man that has
forgotten all suffering
as a man that has not ever been apart
he is not to be known by your eyes
my friend
or your touch or your affections
or even your love
but he is to be known by you
going inward and joining with the light
and living deep inside the heart
and being washed clean of that which
has divided
he is to be known by loving the self which
is your own soul that is pure
go there and *he* will be
he will be bright as a star
that burns in it's beauty above the darkness
and calls you to yourself
he will be
in the heart as truth so full and deathless
he will be
in the heart completely unburdened of the
ego play
he will be
in the heart true and real
he knows not your name or your face
because you are not different than him
he knows not your actions good or bad
or in between because you are not these things
he knows not your form be it beautiful, ugly, man or
woman because you are not these qualities
he knows you not as a seeker or someone that has
risen high or fallen low
because you are not these definitions
he knows you not as a disciple or a teacher
because all are the same in his eyes
he is your very self
he is here to make you see yourself
as you truly are
and to see the world as spirit truly
it is not a solid thing, not even for a minute
it flows in divinity and is purity at the heart
it is not different from the heart
it is the heart
all is heart
and you are not an exception to this truth

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When the master speaks

if she tells you to go, go
if she tells you to stay, stay 
if she tells you to live, live
if she tells you to leave out sorrow, leave out sorrow
if she tells you to begin, begin
if she tells you to stop, stop
if she tells you to not go there, don't go there
if she tells you to make your world filled with light, do so
if she tells you to make your world blessed, do so
if she tells you to know the one, come to know it
if she tells you your true soul, come to know it
if she tells you your true being, come to know it
if she tells you your sinless being, come to know it
if she tells you your true existence, come to know it
if she tells you be here, do so
if she tells you stop playing games, stop it 
if she tells you take nothing away, leave empty
if she tells you take your sorrows to the sea of knowledge, go there 
if she tells you make your life wondrous, do so
if she tells you that mind is an illusion, believe it 
if she tells you that all is not separate, believe it 
if she tells you clarity is without covers, believe it 
if she tells you shiva is here and now, believe it 
if she tells you life is to be lived, live it 
if she tells you created and creator are not separate, believe it 
if she tells you stillness is to be lived and not thought about, live it 
if she tells you Kali is the bringer of shadow and uncovering of light, hearken to it 
if she tells you Kali is black as night to absorb the suffering, hearken to it 
if she tells you Kali is the rich goddess of birth and death, hearken to it 
if she tells you Kali is shakti and is what all appears as, hearken to it 
if she tells you mystery is the nature of reality, hearken to it 
if she tells you mystery is the nature of still waters, hearken to it 
if she tells you mystery is the nature of all that is seen and unseen, hearken to it 
if she tells you pure vision is without form and mind, hearken to it 
if she tells you majesty is of the heart in it's purity, hearken to it 
if she tells you the body is a substance of nature only, hearken to it 
if she tells you the persona is a mask that is to be shed, hearken to it 
if she tells you the persona is a mask that is not real and right, hearken to it 
if she tells you death is not to be feared as it has no power in the one of all, hearken to it 
if she tells you death is the edge of the known that once moved thru destroys 
the illusion of me and mine, hearken to it 
if she tells you death is the making of the dream as it keeps one believing in shadows, hearken to it 
if she tells you death is the making of shadow as it keeps the mind turning and covering the SELF, hearken to it 
if she tells you death is not a living reality, hearken to it 
if she tells you death is of the body and of the ego nature, but will not touch the pure soul in 
it's non-dual fullness, hearken to it 
if she tells you fullness is the nature of pure life, not empty dullness, hearken to it 
if she tells you fullness is the nature of truth and light, hearken to it 
if she tells you fullness is the nature of reality and is filled with light, love and peace, hearken to it 
if she tells you shiva and kali are one in nature and truth, hearken to it 
if she tells you shiva is the light of all and is not to go in the shadows, hearken to it 
if she tells you shiva is the still, unmoving center in the heart, hearken to it 
if she tells you shiva is the non-suffering presence in the heart, hearken to it 
if she tells you shadows have no power but what you give them, hearken to it 
if she tells you stay out of the alleys of mind, do not go there 
if she tells you stay out of the trenches of mind, do not go there 
if she tells you stop fantasizing and live for once, do it 
if she tells you open up to life as it unfolds, do it 
if she tells you stop putting up barriers for yourself, stop it 
if she tells you stop placing obstacles in your path, stop it 
if she tells you stop making mountains from mole hills, stop it 
if she tells you die to the truth as there will be only great joy and life that remains, believe it 
if she tells you life is an opportunity to go forward, go forward 
if she tells you go forward into the best of the best 
the truth, the light, the living breathing ONE
go forward ..
go forward and make your life wondrous
in existence, consciousness and bliss...

eternal summer

within the one 
summer lives eternal
there is not the shade of mind 
to darken it's glow 
not one drop of personhood lives 
it is like an empty dance in which 
life sings in it's fullness
and there is great peace 
that does not waver 
hearken to this friend 
for you are made inside identical
to this beauty and are not made 
identical to sorrow 
this is not well at all
sorrow is the tangent that mind 
it is not your real self 
it is like a ray or shadow or 
empty song that drowns the love 
and light 
but soul
pure life is not to be touched 
by shadow 
not ever 
so you can begin here now if you
begin this journey that will bring 
you to still waters and make you
be present, seated in atman
then love shines pure and heart 
radiates outward leaving nothing 
that is left out of it's light 
when you come to this heart 
be open my friend 
for there is nothing to fear ever 
fear is simply a movement of shakti
an energy that has no power in itself 
to harm 
so do not be caught up in it 
know that in the heart 
pure intelligence works without 
a break
and this intelligence has the best 
in store for all...
but do not think you can understand 
it with thought for this will separate 
this light and put a barrier there 
just let all be 
just be 
and this power will come and rinse 
away the dross 
oh friend 
this is the greatest blessing in life 
to be cleaned of the aching mind 
how it is not to be a friend of 
yours (this ego)
it is not to be nurtured, not 
for a moment 
it is an ill-usion
soul be the light that you are 
be settled in this moment 
it is time to turn the tides in the 
direction of heart 
and no better time 
than now

Monday, August 10, 2015

not these things

dear, know that i speak to you 
of this one heart 
it is like a beautiful glow 
it is not of the world or the changing way 
it does not have a shape 
it is not as one believes it is or hopes for it 
to be 
it is not little or big or anything in between 
it is not within a body or a mind 
it is not within a concept, diagram
or a picture 
it is not in the spoken word or in 
it is not in temples or churches 
it is not in scrolls or libraries 
it is not in the earth or the sky or the 
heaven or the hell
it is not in the holy waters, 
the rituals, the prayers or the fires 
it is not in the towns or the cities 
it is not in the rain, the sun 
or the moon 
it is not in the distant or the near 
it is not in the love of other
it is not in the situation, the experience 
or the condition 
it is not in the meditation or the mantra 
it is not in the student or the teacher 
it is not in the holy, the unholy, the 
preacher or the nun 
it is not in the creature, the insect, 
the bird, the fish or the seasons 
it is not in the sitting or the standing 
it is not in the thinking or the not thinking 
it is not in the discrimination, the 
silence or the speech
it is not in the prison or the freedom 
it is not in the wise or the fool
it is not in the life or the death
it is not in the solid, the fluid or the 
it is not in the strength or the weakness 
it is not in the putting in or taking out 
it is not in the empty or the full
it is not in the renouncing or the holding 
it is not in the insight, the judgment, the knowledge 
the gathering in or the giving away 
it is not in the finger, the toes, the ears ,the eyes 
the face, the stomach, the chest
it is not in the eating, the drinking, the dancing, the 
it is not in the travel, the staying in or going out, 
it is not in anything that can be named, spelled out,
spoken, seen, distinguished, conveyed or anything like this 
it is not anything that can be known 
love it is not these things 
it is that which is prior to any relative knowledge 
that which is unborn, primal, whole, complete 
perfect ...
it is you minus the covering of mind 
oh friend if you knew of it and lived in it 
you would not want to ever come out again
you would be still and all would be as it should be 
you would be still and all would not be colored by
the lens of ego and false ways 
all would be as it should be 
oh friend if you knew of it and lived in it 
you would not want to ever come out again

Saturday, August 8, 2015

thawing out

never in the dark era
has there been a light to shine so bright as the o ne of Shiva
in this light that is so very glorious and filled with great peace
lived a man of stories and false ways
he never let anybody be close to him
for this was frightening to him
and so he put a wall between himself and the world
he could only be surrounded by his ways and thoughts 
he got up early and went to the market to get food for the day
he came immediately back and stayed alone 
doing his tasks and going about his routine
he did not open up to anything else 
but stayed very concentrated on his world 
he was not a man that was unfriendly, but very uptight 
anyway, one day a man of light shone up at his door
the lonely man opened the door 
though he did not want to, yet felt compelled 
the man of light said, i am a living light ....would you like to 
know more?
the lonely man thought this so very odd and a bit frightening 
for he felt he was living too, but in some ways maybe he wasn't truly
because he felt closed out from something so much of the time...
the man of light said, would you like to know more?
the lonely man said, okay, what do you mean by this strange statement?
the man of light said, i am the living truth and breathe air of freedom
and live within undying peace eternally..
the lonely man said, well what does this haveto do with me?
because we are the same inside spoke the man of light-- only you do not know it because you are 
so shut out from yourself...
the lonely man said, i am unsure what you mean -- and then his thoughts drifted off...
the man of light said, know that you are as i am 
existence, consciousness and bliss and can free your soul to be within this beauty
the lonely man said, i do not know anything about this peace that you speak of...
though i wonder and feel there is something more i have had no experience with 
this at all...
the man of light said - let all that you think you are go completely and set yourself 
in the moment and do not go around saying you are so many things inside and the world 
is this way and that all the time...
just be settled here as you are --- simple
the lonely man said, you have indeed spoke in a way that i feel in my soul deeply dear man
i can feel a depth there that i had not let myself into before...
what am i to do now?
*do less* said the man of light....not try to bring more on yourself...
....mostly let go of being a *doer* and having power
or any control at all... 
although you are to make efforts to stay present, let go of the outcome...
be here always ...
the lonely man cried out -- i did not know there was a way to *be*, and to let go ...
can i go into the world now and enjoy what is there?
the man of light said, there are no barriers but what you place on yourself...
it is only you that has hemmed yourself in this way....
go and enjoy life as it is ....
the lonely man felt so lifted that he went out that evening and enjoyed greatly the beauty that was about
like a man with new eyes...
he saw colorful flowers and great spreading trees...beautiful rolling hills and heard the birds sing more clearly than ever...
he heard children's laughter and felt the evening breeze on his face as if for the first time...
he enjoyed wonderful tastes from a fine restaurant-- and walked along the ocean whistling a tune
he felt as a man that had been thawed out ... 
and he thought about what the man of light had said -- that it was him that was holding back...
there were no barriers....  
and he laughed at himself and his nonsense...
my life is good, said he...
when he laid down that evening, he was glad he opened the door to the man of light 
and he shut his eyes and slept well indeed...

same journey

the bhakti
he loves his God fully
and prays to be one with him
until he loses himself
in that love completely
then he is no more
the one that prayed has died away
and what remains is one

the jnani he loves too
but he questions with self
enquiry --
until the questions dissolve
like the stick that stirs the fire
it burns away
and what remains is one

the seeker he loves
he desires to know himself
and walks on with his heart
set on the goal
with his Guru's blessing and
transmission burning in him
he walks on
until the feeling of death
grips him
then he goes thru this
illusion to have it break
and not return
and what remains is deathless
what remains is one

the sadhu he performs austerities
by the dhuni fire
on the dandi staff he puts his weight
he may be skin and bones
he may have sores on his form
and aches continuously from living
in the rough outdoors with nothing
to shield him
he may sleep little and eat little
but he continues
until the time comes when his
mind is completely still
and absorbed in brahman
and what remains is one

the nun she loves God so much
she is consumed by prayer and devotion
she lives very sparse and endures much
hardships with little to nothing to entertain
in her room she prays and prays
performing her duties she prays and prays
always seeking to know God
she is consumed by kundalini fire
and this fire burns the dross away
to leave the mind quiet always
and what remains is one

the one that is the beauty of all
the one that is the source of all
the one that lives in all hearts equally
and without measure
the one that is the truth, the atman
the substance, the strength, the ALL
sat chit anand
what remains is one

Thursday, August 6, 2015

non-dual always..

those still in the throes of mind 
see the liberated soul
as being so many things 
such as this and that 
or possessing this and that 
but this is never right 
it is only the divided mind 
that sees this way
the liberated one is 
not anything that can be 
defined like this 
as pure consciousness
is not the body ever 
or the qualities seen
by the eye
or defined by the mind
pure consciousness 
is all and nothing 
not this or that 
completely still
non-dual always

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

this heart of yours

my dear
this heart 
it knows what you know 
without the sting of thoughts 
it loves how you love without 
the heaviness of other 
it dances how you dance 
without the burden of form
it cries how you cry
without the residue of mind 
it moves how you move
without the circular thinking 
it laughs how you laugh
without feeling self-conscious
it goes where you go
without the identifications 
it remains where you are 
without the ups and downs 
of ego
it sings what you sing
without being the doer
it follows where you follow 
without feeling distant
it experiences what you experience 
without the mask of persona
it holds what you hold 
without taking or giving 
it hopes what you hope 
without expectation
it prays how you pray
without words that flow 
it lives where you live 
without any confinements 
it waits how you wait 
without waiting for something
it creates how you create 
without plan or calculation
it feels what you feel 
without taking it personal

my dear
this heart of yours 
it meets you always 
without being two
it meets you always without
running away
it meets you always without
changing ever 
it loves you always 
without feeling apart 
it searches for you always 
without feeling something 
is missing 
it makes you it's own always and forever 
as you can never be apart
for you are one in this heart of yours 
always and forever 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

such a blessing

in the beginning Guru was very open to those that
came to seek her guidance
she gave graciously of her time and energies
she opened her door to many strangers and attempted
to help them in every way that these ones would accept
she sometimes even paid for their shelter and food
during the visit with her....
i have seen her even give someone one of her old vehicles...
there are many stories like this ...
this is the way of those that are open in heart, but the sad
part is that this gets taken advantage of and is not cherished
deeply or honored deeply ....
now, this path is not steeped in her personal time as before
those that have been on the path have their own lives to live
and are free to make whatever choices that come to them and
live this out ....
this is where things are now and seem to bring less friction
to Guru in some ways, but the sad reality is that her wisdom
has not been taken seriously by so many...
i know here that a kundalini master is very, very rare ...
as kundalini is not understood by most, not in the least...
it is an energy of mysterious power and capable of throwing
the mind into great spins and there are playing out of
kriyas, verbalizations, seeing lights, auras, hearing voices
and so, so many manifestations that come constantly when one
is fully awakened.... to find a master that can balance the phenomena
and honor it is a most auspicious find indeed..
what is to be heard is that now we have Guru in body ---
she is here still and gives transmission and her words of
wisdom flow on videos, writing and such....
we can feel this energy when connected with her always...
those that feel it know the power of this grace
in their lives...
we are blessed with this love and light that emanates
from this grace ...
here, i know the poor shape i was in before meeting her...
not a pretty sight and several times such hardships came
even while under her guidance and still quietude is coming
more and more .... a blessing as there were times it has been
hard to even put one foot in front of the other... but this was done
and the journey continues....

may all enjoy the moment and love what is given and
be happy with what is here in your lives now...
the right doors will open in the right timing when
one is heart centered, relaxed and open
to grace ... this is for certain...

blessed day to all --- may grace be upon your lives...

a solitary path

in the beginning of the path, there was much 
offered in the way of satsang, blessings, guidance,
initiation and much partaking of  time spent with 
Guru (when one could be in her company), but my friends 
this has changed drastically as so many do not truly 
want the hard cutting truths...
one can only say about this is that humanity is more focused 
on the exterior and not the inward journey that cuts 
to the core and rinses all mistaken knowledge away...
this type of playing out is what has been encountered 
time and time again.... not at all new by any means...
the heart though is not going anywhere which is the 
non-dual vision and will remain throughout all the 
drama that goes on in the world
this is the wonder, the mystery, the gem of greatest worth
men, women that seek -- these ones are of many types and varieties 
these ones want to be happy like all else, but not knowing 
for certain if what is wanted is the death 
that brings eternal life...
so mind continues to bloom and one is often drawn to 
this playing out like a moth to a flame ...
mesmerized in a way...
but oh love, please know that your soul resides in 
love, light, quietude, beauty and joy that is unchanging 
and will come when you are willing to let go
and enter into deeper waters and allow grace to 
be the leader of your reality...
i have been on the path for 15 yrs now and 
and still there is cycling of debris and mentation
how it is a long, long journey indeed ----
quietude is coming thru more and more ....
i will go on through these shifts until the final
end is reached...
it is a solitary path friends and not one that adheres 
easily to social scenes with all the conversation and
it is a lonely path in the way that one faces all of the collections 
in mind constantly and all the ghosts in mind and all the attachments 
that are there and can do this alone only....
and one is the protector of their silence as well or as spoken above 
the nourisher of the shadow... 
but yes souls, heart shines here now and leaves one to go on 
in whatever direction one desires and hopes for ...
i wish you well on your journey whether it is in the world 
with all it's phases and experiences or the hard path of the 
seeker on the razors edge...
one is not saying that any is higher or lower when 
the mind is not in action there is nothing like this that ever existed 
how can this be better than any other as this is the end for ALL
that come to know the SELF...
may you walk your journey not take the playing out
so seriously... so personally....
light is here and will bless you as the heart opens unto it ...
be quiet as much as possible...
and enjoy the moment....

maha shanti om