Thursday, February 28, 2013

a deeper reality..

though it takes great efforts
to continually rein the mind in
it is the only way to begin to open to truth
which will bring experiences that speak to a deeper reality
and put an end to the movement eventually
the other choice is to of course
continue to immerse in mundane mind
and all that comes with that
there is always a choice..

one heart

one heart
one love 
one beautiful bright moon in the sky
the same 
whether here or there...

day break

weary wanderer
day break is drawing nigh
the boat of your journey is coming into shore 
where the land sings of beauty and peace
it is on the horizon now
not far from your vision
there waiting as a sturdy ground of being
in which the tree of knowledge lives 
with its roots strong in the earth 
and the tiger of sense objects roams no more
where the non-dual jewel sits still
shining wondrous sparkling on the 
clear water
the lotus blooms in its fullness here
the fragrance floats across the seas
follow it friend 
no matter how rough the waters get
or how inviting the whirlpools of thought are 
keep following this current of grace 
it will pull you in
to the heart of yourself
where you will be lost to this light
for all eternity

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the living o ne

have you seen the living o ne? 
it rises in the dawn as a blaze of color 
and sets itself on the waters to dance in joy
it sparkles in the night sky in starlight 
and prances in the hills on the footsteps
of the glorious creatures
it grows in the hearty trees that spread their 
branches far and wide 
to give shade to the weary journeyers 
it cries with the gull that flies over the oceans
and sings with the bird
in its luscious song by moonlight 
it sits in the mountains majestic and steady 
and races in the rivers that resound of fresh life 
it climbs to the heavens with the rising sun 
and journeys across the sky with the moon rise
it haunts the dream with its grace and beauty
it finds itself always here 
not apart ever...
have you felt it in your soul as a strong presence 
this living o ne ?
it is here within
have you felt it?

not here or there

Saints, Masters, Gurus, Buddhas
from where have you come?
from where do you return?
not here or there are you found
as you are not a mental concept
but living as all
within stillness
that never dies

always whole

nothing mends the brokenness
as nothing was ever broken
it takes mind to die in
the depths of the well of wisdom
to know the truth
that you have always been whole

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

roaming free..

graceful shepherd 
you are a mystery
that guides in your restful way
that has no motive or desire within
the night is what you are
and the bright day too
as you roam as free as life in its 
natural state 
you call to the mountains as a friend of 
and the beautiful pastures are in your
heart too
not separate 
you meet the dawn and the moonlight 
as your own being 
not different
or away from yourself ever
you have no enemies
or cross to bear
you pass none and have judgement
you are simple
without complexity
of intellect
what a beautiful spirit
forever free



craving, desires
make for unpleasant water
that tastes not of peace
so the seeker of truth
does not resist these passions
but ignores them
and reaches within for the sword of wisdom
that has been brought forth
from Guru's compassion
reciting the mantra
infused with grace 
thought has no chance 
and will eventually vanish
as if it never was 
what then is revealed 
that which lives as the same 
heart of Guru
not two
not two

om shanti


sweet sound that rises and falls
in the quiet
that never changes

the birth is the shadow
the death that which is not real
the knowing that awakens
to truth

what is there to look for
except to extinguish this mind
that speaks of another nature
then the truth
can shine

Monday, February 25, 2013

the absolute

i have no enemies 
or a world to come and go within
i have no birth or death
i have no name
no pride 
no shame 
no lust 
i have no family 
no burden to bear
no cross to carry
or mixed emotions 
i have no home to go to 
or leave
i have no shelter 
and nothing to protect
i have no call to hear
no haunting within
no shifting sands
or moving tides
i have no gates to walk thru
or doors to lock
i have no fear
i have no misperception
i have no coming 
i have no going
i have no living 
i have no death
i have not risen
i have not fallen away
i am o ne always
perfect peace

an adventure

if you make the day an adventure into 
greater depths of the soul
then you have spent your time well
no matter what you are doing

no better time...

when will you be a light
unto yourself
set free of burdensome thoughts
that rest on the surface of your soul
when will you come to know
the joy of your very heart
no better time
than now..

beauty and peace

souls that cry not of sorrow
but rejoice in the nature of o ne 
are the ones that will be set free
to live a life of beauty and peace
for this is what the heart is made of 
beauty and peace

Sunday, February 24, 2013

which one?

have you heard the song
that men and women alike seek out?...
the never ending joy of the heart?
the true seeker hears it and follows
to the wellspring of wisdom
and drowns within it
never to be born again as shadow
the lover  (of the world) hears it and
finds the other
to live there and by doing so
dies a death that will find itself again
in the waters of the dual....
so which one friend of the heart sounds best?..
you choose...

leave it alone

mind is not solid like you think
nor is this form
it is ever changing
shedding and being reborn
so what
leave it alone
the constant still awaits
to be discovered
this is what matters
not the transient energies
for they have no substance
stick with the moment at hand
and leave the rest alone

the elixir

wellspring of life
the living waters have come
to bring fresh flowering to the soul
that has been parched within worldly ways
the offering is one of joy that has no desire within
but only exists as freedom
for the seeker there is nothing better
than to imbibe in this beauty of grace
that lives
it tastes only of the non-dual and harmless heart
it has no name or face
but is what your soul is made of
in the depths
under the cover of externals
bring forward this refreshment to your lips
and in your heart it will enter
to rinse away the creative force of maya
that stings the being with duality
here is the elixir blessed soul
the truth
may it sink in deep and well
to make of your mind one that is moved
towards the good
and make of your being a mighty presence
that speaks words of love, light and joy
that are real
and unwavering
as the oceans and hearty forests
bursting with life rich and lush
flooding the spirit with light
resonating as om
and deep peace
that is undying

Saturday, February 23, 2013

ordinary consciousness

for the ones that rest within
non-dual consciousness
the light is what is normal
not anything extraordinary
not anything different than anything else 
or separate from anything 
how high up 
or low down can this be
it cannot 
for there is nothing else but this o ne 

world dissolves..

trembling dew drop
the world rests on the leaf like this
unstable always 
to be blown with the wind 
and dissolve with the sun
in the time of awakening

book of the heart

the book of the heart 
has within it poetry of light 
that rings of beauty beyond compare 
and awesome peace in which there is no end
the writing is not of the world in which 
the focus is on relationship and dramatic playing out
the focus is the pure soul 
the non-dual in which there arises nothing to occlude 
the book of the heart does not dwell outside 
but within where life is joy
and has never been separate or apart in worldly ways
poetry flowing of silent beauty
and grace steady and unwavering
as the masters words that come on the breath
of clear waters
and deep compassion
that will strip the false away
to make the original substance shine through
so rich within the soul
that the one that listens melts and never is reborn
as a being that suffers again
this is the great wisdom
of the saints, sages and masters of now 
take it up dear soul 
and wear it within like a trusted friend 
that will set you on the majestic mountains 
in the land of the living 
and bring you to the homeland of o ne 
never to make your way outward again
in seas that are unsettled...

a promise ..

Christ put the truth into action
he did not sit like souls
that talk without substance
behind the words
he met none that could
bring him away from the real
as this cannot be
when mind has fallen
never to rise again
he had no enemies within
though outwardly he was put to death
by misguided hands and minds
he did not carry a grudge
or seek revenge
nor did he carry the burden of sorrow
he rose up as spirit
a messiah
to the ones seeking a way out of the dark
he loved the living beauty
as himself
and watered seeds of knowledge
with his words
that rang of peace and freedom
he was a mystic
and a realized being
a promise to those seekers
that are true
that light will be victorious
and will be what is uncovered
if one remains steady

Friday, February 22, 2013

flowering life...

serpent kundalini
thou has opened the river that cleans
the dust 
from the heart and head
thou has brought fresh flowering of life 
to the dry earth bed 
and sown joy 
from tears 
thou has made of the dark
a light so real
and broad 
as to swallow the unrest that rose
of its own
thou has breathed fire of burning heat
into the consciousness where me and mine sat
like a haunting energy
so as to destroy this rising
and blew shimmering vibration 
of om and deep mercy
into the heart
so strong 
mother of truth
thy will is what remains 
for this power will rise victorious always
it lives in all
and does not settle for the small ray ego
to be at the center
thou lives as the sea
and open meadows of pure glory
so free in itself 
so free...

true happiness

knowledge is complete in itself
does not seek
or want 
it rests as pure silence and peace 
that is not touched by worldly happenings 
this is the atman
the o ne self of all
to come within it is the most glorious 
as that which you *thought* brought happiness 
will fall empty
what will be seen is that true happiness
is not personal and cannot be found outside
but is inherent within the pure self
it is what is revealed when mental waves die 
never to be reborn again

dawn of knowledge

the dawning of knowledge is the present
the gift of life 
that has no burden of other within it 
no thoughts or tiresome push and pull
of mental waves
this is not a thing to be gained 
it cannot be added to
or taken away from
it is complete as it is 
when this wayward energy ego dies ..
the light dawns..

Thursday, February 21, 2013

make efforts..

mind is the tornado
the calm ocean lay underneath
the movement
the crystal clear waters are not touched 
by the passing waves that rise 
from thought 
the crystal clear waters stay pristine 
try friends 
make efforts to know this purity
for there is nothing so valuable 
as that which never dies 
and brings great peace 
and clarity
try friends 
make efforts 
to know yourself 
there will be nothing lost 
but the suffering 

nowhere to hide

no*body* knows the truth 
there are none that come into it 
as a name and face 
the ones that know are gone to the light 
the person melts into the ocean 
like a little wave that never was ...
the ones that say there is liberation 
as well as a person within that is more free 
this is not true 
these ones speak to oneness or something other
than what is real
they are still caught in intellect 
and philosophy about truth
and want to convince themselves that they 
can have their cake and eat it too..
that they are the special one that does not 
have to walk the hard walk 
and die the death that brings eternal life
well they may be able to fool some people about this 
but the universe cannot be fooled 
and sooner or later 
there will be another great challenge
and another playing out in which they cannot 
hide so easily for suffering is so great
it is here that there is a chance to really move forward 
as the defense tactics are not working anymore 
which makes it harder to run away 
many need to get to this point 
become so exhausted within
before surrender truly begins to take hold 

maha shanti om

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

simple is the way

simple is what makes the light come forward 
simple is what sends shadow away
simple does not cover over with stories 
it sees without complexity of mind 
not like a one in intellect 
simple is the right way 
to the heart

heart jewel

heart jewel
time has never changed you or sent you away
this cannot be ever
because you are the living breathing om
the coming of the joyful waters 
the prince of peace 
heart jewel
you are the priceless being
the self 
you are never away...

two steps ahead..

the light friend has all that is needed to *be*
inherent within it is joy, love and peace
as well as pure intelligence..
it is always two steps ahead of mind in seeing what is 
to be seen...
mind lags behind and only sees partially, if at all..
dear heart 
all that is needed is within the light...


the bright being
is never ending peace 
this is what you are too 
if you can rest in the heart
you will see what is meant
by seeing without seeing 
and hearing without hearing 
then what takes place is spontaneous 
as the bird flies 
the crow caws 
the ant crawls
the seed blooms 
all takes place without mental input from anywhere ..
can you see this?

Monday, February 18, 2013

seekers prayer..

dear lord of all,
make me not sink into the dark...
for i have not lived as a saint or a mindful one
though i attempt it
i fail
i have died so many times and been reborn
and have been swept away into lands of fantasy and grasping
i have not wanted to go like this
but cannot find my moorings in this mind that roams
can i sit here dear light in the shining heart
and move not away from myself as truth
as i have journeyed so very far
and not yet tasted the ripe fruit
i have been caught in pressing desires within
and shifted away from the moment
blessed light
reveal the truth here inside as i am so weary
reveal the living waters of my heart that shines as a prince of peace,
undivided pure consciousness
and joy that is living
shine within and dissolve the seeds of sorrow,
clear these eyes of misperception
melt the feeling of separation
direct this mind towards the good and freedom
seal this heart to thine ..
so there is only stillness
joy and peace
shanti mind

life revealed

seeds of mind
bloom when watered and given attention
the o ne needs no water
or anything at all
it lives always
as pure perfection, light and joy
for this light to be revealed
mind is to be given no nourishment
and allowed to die away...
then that which has always been
can reign
as existence, consciousness and bliss

Saturday, February 16, 2013


i have been to the hell realms and sunk in there
untouched by the shadow
and risen to heaven
untouched there as well
as nothing can be there that is true or living
what lives is this ever present peace that is undying
and has no relation to shifting sands
or polar winds
of this or that

Friday, February 15, 2013

all that remains

without the beauty of the absolute
there would be no life 
or anything that could be called true
the absolute is what reveals all 
and is within all
as one undivided presence 
and as one God of all
if you are even a little bit open 
then the heart can begin to move thru
and make itself a light to melt away the shade
this is what the sages call awakening to yourself
it is like the unfolding petals of a lotus
that opens when the sun hits 
what is revealed inside is truth without name or face 
a living beingness 
not a thing that passes 
or lives for a moment like thought 
a truth that is constant
as shankara says, the light is the revealing 
of the rope that was once deemed to be a snake 
this is what it is to be awake 
and he did not pass his days in idle chatter and thought 
he lived a short life 
and in this brief period truly moved mountains in terms 
of reforming advaita vedanta 
bringing this wisdom back to its true roots
he carried no baggage whatsoever 
he knew 100% he was not the body or mind ..
he was beyond birth and death..  
in this way he roamed the earth bringing fresh waters
and powerful pointings that directed the soul always within
this is the way of the ones that are within stillness
it is impossible not to speak truth 
as this is all that remains...

the highest..

showman of the world that claim to be lights
are up on stage to be entertainers and gain affections
of the people 
they are not here to bring truth or break down the walls
of ego 
they have within them little in the way of true wisdom
and are not set steady in the absolute 
as many have no idea what it is to let go of suffering 
and die the death that brings eternal life 
they plant seeds of confusion for the seekers as the words
spoken do not flow from stillness
but from ego based understandings and philosophies
this is a very harmful thing to put out to the universe
this idea of oneness being freedom, engenders a false 
notion of liberation 
and is taken in by those that are too unsteady to go forward
into the light in full
so these ones take up *ideas* and *notions* of freedom
as this feels much safer
but in the end it is another prison that confines the mind to 
a particular pattern of thinking
that lays yet another cover on reality
another separation, another barrier 
that most will guard with vengeance out of fear of
opening to the real 
which will wash this type of clinging away
the mind can be its own worst enemy so easily
and many times these ones have had no deeper experiences
so do not know the difference 
or they are unwilling to let go of the spiritual status
they feel they have reached 
and will fight with all they have to maintain it 
conversely, the mind can be made into a tool for the absolute 
channeled in the direction of peace, joy and light 
and eventually dissolved into everlasting purity
the true Guru is here to give the hard hitting pointers 
that will strike the illusion
and lay it bare so ever present stillness can be revealed 
these ones are not here to be on stage or play mind games
these ones stick to reality always and are not swayed by emotions 
and personal stories of the seekers 
what is given is what is in the best interest of the student to wake this one 
up to reality
what is given can be strong and powerful
or gentle in nature
whatever is needed 
this type of wisdom flows from the source directly
without stain of mental thought or plan
without motive or thoughts of what is to be gained or lost
these concepts do not arise in a still mind
so the pointings given are of the highest 

Thursday, February 14, 2013


insight is within duality
it is not the light itself
but a reflection of it
it comes out of thought and understanding
it can indeed be beautiful as it comes 
on like a flash of light 
but it is not the real
as the real is the direct perception of truth
minus mental understanding and imagery
the real is the lamp that shines up insight 
it does not come to a me
what can be said friends
but do not be smitten by the jewels that may come forward
in terms of understanding
because as you see this understanding dissolves away
comes and goes like all else...
find the constant within these passing phases
this is the crux of seeking
to find that which has never been born
and never dies...   

beyond mind

when mind falls
it matters not what one is called
as the being is out of suffering and within stillness
whether there are stones thrown
or flowers laid at the feet 
will not change the unchangeable
that is not at all affected by outer happenings 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

how are things in your world..

can you tell me of your world?
does it sing of flowing pure waters
and sweet mother of the universe? 
or is it a quick rushing stream of thought and grasping?
what is it friend and how are you? 
i have wanted to know you as your free self
not as a one that is hidden in a world of misgivings
i have wanted to know you as a one of joy, love and light 
as a peaceful presence that seeks no other to be whole
i have not been away from here or set out to find you
for you are here as i am 
free and in yourself as a precious light of all
you are a never ending pure life flow 
this is the way of all that are living 
can you find me here as i am? 
not away from life 
but as a bird of night that flies free over the world of unrest
as a mighty torrent of clean water that runs unencumbered and joyful
can you find me here friend of the heart?
as i am what you are 
existence, consciousness and bliss
no-one at all
full and complete
here ...

maha shanti om 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


in the time when sages were plentiful
and buddhas roamed about in the beautiful forests
there lived a bright sage by the name of sadhil
he was a light to all in the community
he spoke rich words that set hearts to rest and minds to be quiet
he lived what was real and did not carry a burden on his back
that weighed heavy and brought his stature down
he was a comely lad
and when he spoke his hands moved fluidly as the trees
that swayed in the breeze
one day sadhil came upon some travelers
these travelers were going to a land called shadow
sadhil asked them why they would want to go there
they said that this was the way to their home
sadhil said there is another land called light
where one can live freely without any baggage or collected
false notions of mind
where there is deep abiding peace
that is beyond birth and death
the travelers looked at him aghast and said what does this
have to do with anything
we are accustom to going this way and our home is there
why would we want to go to this land of light that you speak of
we know nothing about it and are not equipped to travel elsewhere
sadhil looked at their packs on their backs and heavy carriages and said
you look very heavily laden with baggage to travel to this land of yours
called shadow
why not leave these things and come to the light
the travelers were dumbstruck by this ...
leave our burden? how could we do this
as this is all we own
how can we discard these things just at a whim and go with you elsewhere
what complete nonsense
this is our lives that we carry with us, and we will keep all of this safe in our home
in the land of shadow
well, said sadhil, you can keep all your baggage if you like and be on your usual way
following your usual route
but i am speaking of a peaceful land that is distinctly different than shadow
where mind will be liberated from suffering eternally..
you are a crazy man said one of the travelers ...
we have never heard of such a place ever and we need to be moving on to take
care of our responsibilities ...
you are speaking in a way that is so very unfamiliar and foreign
we cannot grasp it in the least...
it is true said sadhil, that you cannot grasp what is being said because you have only
experienced shadow
again, the travelers shook their heads in disbelief ...
one of the travelers said, we are going now and do not have any more time to listen
to these words that are very strange ...
please sir, excuse us ...
and the party burdened so greatly, went their way onward to the land of shadow
and sadhil, went his way unburdened and at peace ...
what was to come into his path next was not known and did not matter..
his mind was absorbed in the light always ...
and so he walked onward into the unfolding wonder that is ...

om shanti...

one breath..

has time taught you well?
or are you still wrestling with the tides 
and calling out to the o ne? 
have you sat in the sun at all?
or nested in the heart as a beautiful glow?
the dark is the making of unrest my friend
the evening is not to catch you sleeping 
for you are to arouse yourself to be awake
can you see this message and heed it without
setting it up as a bit of logic to be tossed around in mind?
ten thousand lifetimes have been lived this way
and this mind is oh so familiar, yes?
but one breath can begin an inward journey 
or continue the soul to transmigrate outward 
time is of the essence sturdy seeker
you have not yet set aside the ways of the world for good
(which means quietening the mind)...
because if you had, then you would not need any words to read
or desire to be something else
all would be at rest in its essence as the o ne undivided consciousness
all would be zero
not a thing that is made up by thought
have you heard this my dear?
do not say anything, but sit here and soak in 
the light that is not anything different than your very being 
you are so much more 
and so much less at the same time
here you are so free
may it be revealed 
as your time will come
when you are to walk into the 
depths of the sea of knowledge
not to come up again for air in the world that haunts
you are a bright one friend
it is known
live well and be yourself this time 

blessed evening and om

Sunday, February 10, 2013

spirit is paramount

the pharisees were against Christ
they did not want his light to be set free and roam
the earth to make others minds and hearts turn towards the good
because if there were change like this then
their world of power and prestige would be upset
this was not acceptable to them
that a man with simple clothes, bearing no weapons of any sort,
only coming with a pure presence
and speaking hauntingly beautiful pure words of truth and freedom
that struck the heart with such grace and potency
could be honored by the people..
was outrageous to a mind saturated in power
and heavy with ego driven ways...
the people of the earth that came to behold Christ's light were
open at first, but heavy with doubt and fear as the word spread
that he was of the dark and would change things for the worst..
inside themselves there was no steadiness to think and feel what was true
and to hold to it no matter the cost..
these ones let fear take over
feeling that something of their well guarded world would be lost
or taken away...  yet all in the transient world is going
no matter how strongly guarded
as Christ personified so beautifully that rising beyond body
and mind is what is paramount and what is to be nourished and regarded
as the most high above everything else
as spirit is that which *lives* eternally...
the rest is decay and shadow...
and not to be cherished within
and attached to...

Christ is such an awesome example of love, courage and light
may this light be revealed within the sincere wanderers
that have within the heart now an ember that is glowing
and will grow high
like a mighty fire, to set the dark to run away...
and never return to this world

precious lights continue forward
in love and blessings...
om shanti


though mother is a precious gift to all, she cannot set free that
which does not want to give up the burden
she can only save those that want to save themselves
what a thing to finally *get*
what a thing to finally be revealed ...
the powerful one that is mother
can only right the wrongs that are let go of ...
for all have a right to hold to suffering if that is the choice
mother cannot free a heart that is not surrendered...

night is calling

this night sits so rich as a precious gift
and the day arises with a new possibility
beloved seeker, say rightly that you are a free bird in the sky
to spread forth your wings and rise high
as the night will not take you up in its arms
you must use those wings dear child
and fly away from the call of mind
the glowing moon is beckoning come hither 
be a bright star to me this evening
we two can sing as one in heavens blanket of glory
and not come under the spell of the world
we two can be like the most high above the play
and passing show as two waves that have washed together 
so as not be felt as distinct and separate
then the troubles of the world are like a false making
that never really happened
rise friend, become yourself now
for night is calling ...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

more on Kali

kali is the shining one
she casts out sin
she dispels darkness
she haunts the dream
she makes of the night a bright new birth
she lives in all
she lets nothing sting her as a dark predator
she puts the scent of her joy inside the seeker
she lets this one follow her to paradise
she severs the knots of worldly bonds
she creates a world and then destroys it 
she moves the night and brings forth the day
she shrinks the energy of shadow 
and pries open the mind that has been enclosed
she is a mother 
and a friend 
as well as a great deceiver and a demon
she is all and none 
kali is the seas, the rivers and the flowing waters 
she flows as beauty and stilled powerful presence 
and will never let the energies of dark rest until 
each and every speck is captured and put down 
never to haunt again 
not ever...

choose one

if the light is to be secondary then there is no way
to be free 
there is only a playing about with the path
and an uncertainty about life and the direction
to be walked
when one is pulled in two directions like this 
then there will be no peace ever
friend, choose one 
and sink into it well and deep
if it is the world, be there as a one that loves life
if it is the path, walk it with steady focus
not being pushed about by the call of other desires 
for this will aide so much in forward motion
and lasting progress..

buddha pear

this guy on Facebook got *bent out of shape*
because i posted a picture of a pear
that was molded into the shape of a buddha
and grew on the tree this way... very charming...
but this man did not think so..
he had all sorts of things to say about it ..
that it was now deformed and misshapen
and carried negative energy due to this process..
he would never eat such a thing as the fruit had been *encaged*
and this was so very wrong...
really this mans mental attitudes and projections were what was misshapen...
as he was the one *bent out of shape*, not the pear...
this is what takes place when the mind is so very occluded with drama
and projections about the way things should or should not be
as this was simply a very innocent picture of a pear
and was not related in the least to all the stories this man created about it ..
due to all his drama that was thrown out...
the beauty and simplicity of the appearance was completely lost to him..
overshadowed by complexity...
this is seen so much how one image or word can throw
the mind into a tailspin that creates this and that ...
me and mine ...  right and wrong ....
so very deceptive and powerful...
it is so very, very important to not get caught up in this kind of thing
and if it does arise to recognize it ...
go back to the balanced breath and practices...
stay grounded in the wisdom of Guru
let it go and move forward...

may all be well...


Friday, February 8, 2013

be still

the shadow energy is not real friends
please do not be enchanted with it 
it will soon be gone one day
if you give it no energy
really, this is the way it is 
be still
and live

undying presence

sight is of the heart truly
the eyes are just instruments that 
are empty and inert
why is this said?
because the body has no true life of its own
and cannot exist as separate 
it depends on another force to animate it 
it does not have anything in it that is complete
what gives it life?
the light that eternally shines as the lord
what sets it to move, rest, sing
and dance
the light of the lord only
this light shines as a pure luminous undying 
presence that lives always

energy and light

as kali lives as the mother of all
she also lives as the great deluder 
she will cover the light if the soul 
objectifies the world
then this one loses rightful seeing 
and clarity of mind 
this obscuring of light is not a true reality
it is a dream that appears to be in form or
different aspects
like an original light that breaks up 
into many spectrums of color that
vary in intensity and hue
this is all that creation is ...
varying forms of energy and light..

only one

peaceful souls see no difference in themselves
as compared to any other 
there is not this putting high up and 
taking down low
there is only one and this one 
is equal in all hearts

Shiva's crescent moon

in Shiva's crescent moon
there lived a maiden so fair
as to set the earth to blush with
bright petals of morning rose
and burnt ember
the maiden therein dwelt in happiness
for her lord was in her heart
and graced her presence with light
the sea rose to her in stillness
and inspired her to dance in life
and live free without
form, pride or worldly bonds
and she danced alone
in the moon that was set
in the golden locked perfect head of Shiva
she bent down
to drink the pure flowing waters
and lifted up as a bright star
of light and love
that shines as a beacon
for wandering ones
that are to make it inside the glory
of Shiva's heart