Monday, July 16, 2018

oh world

oh world,
we will speak of love
with clear voices
we will move in stillness
we will shy away from darkness
we will make a light of this world
like men, women of love
not like ones that speak of shadow
in their eyes there is something of deceiving energy
that is speaking like being for humanity on
the surface
yet under there are workings that are of power,
avarice, deception

but we, who are of good spirit
abide in the heart
and want good for people
will come above this
like a wave above the waters that are settled
in their complacency
sinking low at times with heaviness of shadow
or not having the advantages that others have that can
we will rise above the waters this way like a wave
washing onto the earth's surface
and brush away the crust of darkness easily like this
because there is nothing that can come against love,
light and decency
not ever
even if the shadows fall so hard and darken the world
those that are in the heart of love, light and respect for those
things that are aligned with god
will not be darkened ever

oh world,
let us rise up against these atrocities of men, women
that have eyes only  for power, money and greed
let us free our hearts of anything that holds back our voice
clear as a bell that rings thru the land
to make those that are open hear us
and feel yes,
there are ones that are in clarity, honesty, truth, goodness
to give blessings to this world
to bring messages about life in it's freedom for all
not just for some
like those that are in positions of power
this cannot be the world we want dear souls that are of good
for our world is free
but minds of men that are slicing the pie
to be for only a few that are like them with money etc
are our leaders now
this is so not right my friends

we will make this right, i know for certain
for our light is here shining bright like a new dawn
like a beacon of goodness
of rich heart and wealthy in spirit truly
wealthy in riches of the lord that shines in all eyes
in all hearts equally
this is the prayer for humanity that flows

come out of your shell
of hiding people
for your clear voice
sounds sweet to the ones that love you
and that love the world
and see it in a pure way
want to bring it back to freedom
where all are cared for
you are good to the world people that love truly
you need to come out and be your best self
like this is right,
i know what is good for all
this is not right,
what is good for only a chosen few
we must right this lop-sided energy that rings out with
strength now because our world is worth saving
our people (which are all people) are worth saving
please now speak up and let your voice come out clear
with good factual knowledge and good gentleness that is
not shaken by the rafters of air that smells of hypocrisy
air that smells now of men that are arrogant, ego-centered
driven by greed
driven by low natures
driven by falsehood
driven by showmanship so like actors that care not what the
next moment brings
only about themselves
only about fear, corruption, exploitation, shamefulness that they make out
to be noble
shamefulness that they make out to be helping humankind
shamefulness that they make out to be oh so intelligent
shamefulness that they make out to be what *all* want in their heart
this is not the truth
those that are of good nature want peace, justice, freedom
and want our earth to be the best it can be
the air to be clean
the waters to be happy with their life that swims about and gives food in abundance
the creatures to be happy with their life that brings balance, food, and diverse life of such
beauty to us
the sand, the mountains, the grasses, the lakes to be clear, clean and play freely in the
the homes of all to be safe
good food to eat for all
good life to be lived for all

oh now world
goodness can reign
in our land
goodness can be the foundation of our lives
may this be the way it is

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

see this is the way


vision this morning

initially the clouds were seen
and a cord was attached there golden looking
that connected to the earth


moving thru a cloud tunnel
one could view the variety of shades of
grey to white and all the patterns of
shapes and texture
moving thru as if being transported

at the end of the tunnel
the open sky with light and sun
flowing thru
opening into that vastness
and then out of that and over a dark jutting
mountain into the sun

then the cloud tunnel emerged again
as one journeyed thru the end of the tunnel would
open now and again
one time there was a peek at the world with people
moving busy in their daily life
a large building could be seen and a man walking along
with a brief case
he was moving quickly with the crowd to get somewhere
then that closed
and the clouds parted again briefly
what could be seen then were leaves bright green with
sun melting into them
the leaves fluttering in the breeze
this happened again a few times where nature visions
were seen and a peek at the world and then that would close
leaving one in darkness
and again the vast sky

there were other visions too that i cannot recall now
these were sharp visions, crisp, textured and vivid
still happening these visions changing all the time becoming
more subtle and emerging again
nothing still as all consuming and taking over one 24/7 like before

but here now my friend
comes another
and there is nithyananda the avadhuta
and a hand emerging
like pointing
see this way is the way it feels to say
onto the path of one
leaving baggage of heavy world behind
not to look back at what was left
keeping it creates heaviness like this is mine and that is yours
and this is my world
and the other world out there with it' drama
all this phenomena flows of the same source souls indeed
like a prism of light
flowing from the original source