Friday, July 31, 2015

Guru Purnima

today is Guru Purnima and is a good day
to throw what is burning you in sorrow
away... let it go and trust, forgive, honor
grace, start fresh, love yourself more, trust
and just be... be, be quiet...
today is a good day and the last step
is the first step into pure life ...
a life that has never been away from your soul
but is here forever as one ...

great day and om to all....

true love

Guru represents in body
that strong pure energy that holds the
center for the seeker
this is a rare find indeed
and is to be understood to be the treasure of
one's life and reality
not as a casual happening that is to be
taken in when the time feels right to ego

the bread of life is what the Guru offers
which is the direction to the heart
it is like the food of spirit that is to be eaten
and cherished
for there is not one other that will give this type
of sustenance
not one's family, friends or acquaintances
only the Guru that is the embodiment of spirit
and pure consciousness

if a seeker knows that their life is made better
due to the connection with Guru, then there
should not be any other evidence needed to
confirm the power of pure consciousness in their lives
if one is steadier, more equanimous,
less preoccupied with the world
and more likely to turn inward to get sustenance
from the practices as well as staying in the moment
(which is the basics of the path)
then one is indeed blessed with the
grace of Guru in their lives

if a seeker does not truly
put the love of Guru first
then this will be a weaker force acting in their life
it is not like loving a person
but loving the truth which is in their own soul
it is confusion to put the love on a body/mind
to love Guru is to go inwards and love the heart
which means to be in the heart, relaxed and quiet
breathing in the awareness of the moment

a seeker is in love with Guru (or the SELF)
when the mind is quiet
and not looking to fulfill a desire or
hoping that things get better tomorrow
but staying grounded in the moment and
staying steady in the heart

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Guruji (a great light)

she came to be out of suffering
and shed of the false ways 
that robbed the mind of the light 
she came to find the knowing 
beyond all knowledge
when she came 
there was little in the way of writing
of kundalini
there was only a book or two 
to help bring understanding and these 
were not good teachings 
as they came from minds that were still 
in suffering 
so she could not find true guideance 
for a long, long time 
she kept her mind on the possibility of 
being free 
yet did not know when the whole thing 
would end 
or how it would play out 
yet she continued forward
and this was not easy at all
for what came from her life was mud
from past choices 
and this was to sit thick for many a day and 
the mud of family drama
the mud of seeking another to love and to be loved 
the mud of wanting to find something in the world 
that would put the ache to rest 
and stop the thoughts that ran about 
onward she went through these scenes 
and many times falling hard 
and up again 
driven by the winds of the desire to be free 
and the fruits of her efforts from lifetimes 
sometimes blossoming 
and then falling back into the darkness 
not seen or felt 
yet she kept on 
when the time came to leave her home and go to india 
in search of a Guru
she went alone
not knowing what or how it will all unfold 
she went 
taking herself only 
scared? yes!
but on she went into the unknown land 
that was very foreign and also dangerous 
for a woman traveling alone 
she found little at first 
much masquerading of truth 
and much false ways and dishonorable 
but finally came upon a man that seemed 
to be sincere in heart 
and she came to find him to be her Guru
now there is much more to this story that is quite 
beautiful and of grace 
but this is the main feeling 
and he was a stern man 
and did not let one word slip by that was 
out of line with what a seeker should say to 
a Guru
he would give a look that burned the soul 
and singed the heart 
and made one shut up 
this was done without delay
and so this was her Guru
during this time much came forward 
in the way of deep direct insights 
and openings and understandings 
and blossomings and falling away
yet still not the end that was sought
one night she was laying in bed 
and knew she was not the mind 
and sat straight up in bed 
saying "i am not those things!!"
this direct knowing was to stay with her 
but still the mind moved here and there 
there was during this time 
a very graceful contemplation that came forward 
about the pure SELF 
that was delicate and yet powerful 
majestic and very much capable of 
breaking down the mental energies of mind 
this came forward spontaneous as anything 
then what happened was that she shared 
some of her writing with her Guru and he 
spoke to her strongly about it 
as she should be in full understanding 
to write this ...
well she was very proud of her writing and this 
was a blow to ego indeed 
and mind had some things to say about it 
and then she went still and mute for 3 days 
due to the strong shock of this 
she continued to move forward 
with her Guru giving satsang as she 
gave service in the best way possible 
and mostly she was quiet about it 
most grateful for what was given 
she was not with her 
Guru long 
she entered realization on the banks of the ganges 
and after this 
the world she thought she knew had vanished 
without a trace to remain
the *me* had been dissolved 
and there was only remaining a rich, still presence
that has not wavered for many years 
her Guru questioned her on this in which she 
answered his questions perfectly 
and he gave her the Ashtavakra Gita to read which 
was to confirm her state of consciousness 
and he told her to go forward as a Guru 
and that my friend is just a snippet of the story
of our dear Guruji 
she is a great light for all that have ears to hear 
and eyes to see...
she has risen up from the mud of great suffering 
and tapasya
and what remains is the light of truth 
a great blessing for humanity indeed

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

speaking of love

oh souls
men do not know me
(the pure soul)
they make me into a story
that defines them and put
darkness where light shine
so full underneath
no souls this is not right
see i love you so much
like the sun i love you
shedding only life giving rays
and filling your world with divinity
i stay full like this
not of the world that men live
and play
(in a fantasy of their own creation)

i shed light
i put away the darkness that haunts
i put away mistaken knowledge
i put away untruth
i put away fraudulent thoughts
i put away the ghosts of ego
put it away as i am the power,
the sustainer
i speak to you of love
this is how i speak;
dear, you are like a bright star
in the darkness
you are shakti and shiva in one
you are ganesha at rest as he is done
with his work of clearing obstacles
you are mouna, the still waters
you are kali so fierce in her love
and compassion so as to make the
mind turn to non-dual vision and keep
the heart shining at it's center
you are life in it's naked state
before the stories began that covered
over this glow of atman
you are light that never ends
and deathless like the sage
he dwells so beautiful and free inside
he sits so still inside
he does not stray from his heart center
like the Guru
the one that is to bring you to the heart
and give words and energies to make
you stay there (in the heart) and live there
and tend to this light with care
she loves fierce like Kali
and will not leave your soul when
you open in love to her
she will grace your life with light
you are like the precious heart
the ones that come here, they are not
searching any longer
they are not calling out any longer
they are not looking to be some-thing
any longer
they are not looking to be out of something
or in something or improving on this or that
or anything like this anymore
because life is not about this personal
story of  *me*  any longer
that is always looking to fill itself
with something else,
but instead
becomes a dance of ONE
you are this ONE precious seekers
i am speaking from this source so true
and real
yes friend
i am speaking to your soul of this love
be of it my friend
be of it and be free

Thursday, July 23, 2015

a fresh field

who loves me (the pure soul)?
the one who does, he is quiet inside
and not projecting into the next moment
or fretting over the past...
he is still inside...
see, this is the utmost sacrifice, prayer, yoga,
mantra, devotion, puja, worship, surrender...
because when the mind is still these energies
are silenced as well...
they are not in motion anymore...
they are like the fuel that is burned in the fires
of purification and what remains is not about
anything that mind can generate...
so my friends that seek, please take a breath
and be quiet, not lost all your imaginings, doubts
and thoughts...
for the God source is the most knowing and gives *potential*
for thoughts to be, but thoughts are like a ray in
relation to the source, not the truth....
God source is the pure intelligent ONE
how can a ray or a fleeting thought compare to
and the God source is what is to be trusted entirely...
not a fleeting thought that has no true
substance of love, light, purity and peace eternal
within it....
may this be seen and lived my friends of heart...
when God source is entered into without leaving
a residue of a persona... all moves in accordance
with divine law without interruption ....
this means that what is taking place is always right
and well,
completely balanced -- and though outwardly the action
may appear ordinary, the mind is still, one-pointed --
completely absorbed in the moment at hand, and nothing
else exists --
within this stillness, no more energies of mind (karma) are created
to bring sorrow to the soul --
this is purity
it is a fresh field where the meeting is not of two, but always ONE
there is nothing divided any longer...
this fresh field is pure potentiality --
the mind cannot be present there or else this moment becomes something
else entirely -- it becomes a creation of mind, a story.. an illusion...
but, oh souls how the God source is filled with compassion and gives
entirely of itself and offers yet another chance to gain it's grace
by opening the heart and becoming united with it's love and light and
....again and again and again... it offers this grace...
*NOW* my friends there is yet another chance to settle down into yourself
and not be stirred by every passing thought, whim or memory...
how these energies are like water that runs and drips down and dies away
never to be caught....
one can NEVER find beauty and peace there ...
come now... do not be stirred by this illusive playing out, but be stirred
by your soul that speaks clearly to you -- you are perfect in spirit, true and
sturdy inside and not of these boxes you define yourself by ...
the body is not you --
the thoughts are not you...
the qualities are not you...
you are ONE and without these transient happenings
come now --
live the life that you are called to --
and do not delay ...
come now
be still and allow what is true to rise and be
the center
this beautiful atman -- which is what you are in reality
minus what you *think you are*...
come now
be still...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


allah, seated in the heart
as non-dual perfection
living in sinless beauty that shines 
as all
forsaken of the world 
and without impurities 
within timelessness and joy

allah, measured only by 
love and light 
perfect in silence 
perfect in calm presence 
and shed of coverings 

allah, pure spirit
present in equal quantities unto all
not of this world and not 
of a speck of darkness
as a light unto itself 

allah, messenger of joy
thou comes to the world and 
speaks in silent beauty
to what is real 
and what lies beyond the desiring mind 
as a light full and glorious 
thou comes to the world 
holding up the ones that are sincere 
and holding up the ones that are 
not sincere 
and holding all up as one heart 
holding those that walk in light 
and those that walk in shadow 
holding all up as one heart 
holding those that are as saints 
and those that are as sinners 
holding all up as one heart 
holding the rising of creation and 
holding the decay and death
holding all up as one heart 
holding the majestic moon that 
and the sun too and the still waters 
and moving tides 
and the creatures that crawl and fly 
and swim and play
and the seasons that change and bring 
such beautiful wonders in their wake
such as the opening of buds and flowering 
of color and life 
and deep mysterious darkness and changing 
shadows and light 
that abound for all to enjoy
holding all up as one heart 

allah, messiah to the soul that sleeps 
and lifter of shadow 
glory is your name 
glory is your beautiful presence 
that lives in all hearts 

breathe this spirit that lives dear seekers 
and feel it's perfect breath in 
your breath and feel it's perfect 
heart in your heart 
as one you will be then 
not as two 
for this is not real like a ray extends 
from the source (the sun) 
so your being is not separate 
and manifests from the source 
and is one unto it always 
may this blessing abound in your soul
and may you drink heartily from it's wealth
as a popper that comes to undress his 
rags and throw them in the river 
to find then that he is always as a lord 
of himself 
and not at all wanting or desiring to be 
something better 
how it is found then that all is one heart 
nothing missing ever 
not for an instant 
what a blessing 
freedom incarnate 

om shanti

Sunday, July 12, 2015

oh souls

when I the (pure soul) made you dear
I made you like me
I made you like mountains majestic
and running clear waters
and deep oceans of life so rich
and doves lit on the branches cooing
as night falls black and mysterious
I made you still
yes my dear
and how did you come out of this
beauty of all?
did you go to the mind to find the answers?
did you go to thoughts to find the source?
did you go to the body to find peace everlasting?
did you go to the objects to seek love that is pure?
did you go to the heavens to find your God?
did you go to the mountains to find divine knowledge?
and dear,
did you find yourself settled and still there?
no my friend
freedom is not to be found in these things
or in these energies that move
I made you still like me
my soul is your soul
my heart is your heart
my life is your life
and this is the truth
because life is not divided in anything or anywhere
so here my love
I want you to be free
go inside yourself and live in the heart like me
there Truth ignites
and the shadows rise no more
oh souls
be still and know