Tuesday, March 22, 2016

lost to sea

now speak love,
what is there to say when all has been taken
of your world 
that you thought to be true
nothing can be said 
and there is nothing that can be found 
that is separate and distinct
now what is there that you so wanted to know?
has it been lost to this sea
that rushed into your heart and filled it so
as to make you forget
who you were before?
yes to be sure
this is how it is
a fresh mind has no relation to that dream
in which you played as a such and such
there is no dream here 
or a dreamer
all has been lost to this sea 

a beautiful ground

those cloaks of darkness 
and light 
worn by the ghosts 
of ego-mind 
parade around to be 
taken as real 
yet they have no true 
power in themselves
but are made of
energy only
coming together 
to appear as something 
yet when the force of nature 
or kali in purity 
comes to tear the covers and 
masks away
then those ghosts haunt no more 
for they have no more voice 
or way of holding to anything 
they go away into the void 
where they call no more 
to your mind 
the mind then 
is laid bare like a beautiful ground 
freshly tilled 
where pure potential lives 
where all springs from 
and cannot live without 
the mind is quiet

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

now so rare

the seashell holds a secret inside
where the pearl lay like a sweet
gem that has been
churned from an irritant of sand
it has been created from something
that was looked upon before
as being so very ordinary
and not worth a lot of time
but how that churning inside
has turned it into a glorious thing
that is rarified
that is not to be held or seen or
touched or tasted by many
it sits in there, glowing bright
for any that can behold it

Sunday, March 13, 2016

winter of my heart

winter of my heart
have i loved you enough
for you to be my dear?
for you are the thing
set aside by most
and left out of that bright
awakening of color
yet i recognize you now as the
suffering soul
that ice, that sting that
let me cry many tears
but how the mud
of your time has laid on my
soul a kind of grit
that is like earth rich and sharp
and something good to taste
like butter being churned
over and over again
and becoming more sweet

no time to waste

ah, death,
you say, there are few 
that enter into thine eye
so dark 
where the mind loses it's hold 
of the persona
indeed, this is true 
yet you stay at a steady 
clip upon the heels 
the days, the weeks, the years 
there you are 
shadow man 
i cast my eyes upon you 
and see, there is very little 
time to waste here, 
for you will come no matter 
and you will be merciless 
in your taking of what you
will take 
and what say you too?
that there is no salvation 
in the hereafter 
for the mind-set is the same 
and those chains don't fall away 
when the body goes
yes, you do indeed have a lesson 
in your presence 
that the time to be alert is now 
not tomorrow 
not in the hereafter 
or when the conditions are just right 
but to live fully now and be in the 
moment while in this body 
oh what is the use of this life
if there is just a seeking of 
pleasure after pleasure?
that dream will only linger 
until the ego is no more 
do not delay then
find the heart center and sink in 
find that peace now,
while alive

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

poetry so right..

way back
of the time when things
were (in some ways)
not so tainted with
deception and shenanigans
those poets wrote the right way
the way of beauty so touching
to the soul that it made it ache
to be free
words that pierced the heart
so strongly that one could only
put their head down
in prayer and deep reflection
so strong, so honest in the
speaking of what is the true path
to God
and the speaking of what
is that final end liberation
where the ego is annihilated
and God lives only
the hands that wrote this way
were infused with God-nature
burning to write and could not do
writing the words that broke down
the structured walls of hypocrisy, complacency
and lies truly
they were not thinking about it
their hands just flew like lightening
bolts over the pages and what appeared
was fire-heart wisdom that arose
from stillness
they did not have a concern for mortality
and mortal ways of being
and understanding
these arise from body attachments
and feeling that is to be protected
at all costs
no, love
those chains were broken a long
time ago with these souls
and those chains were not to sneak
in and be cherished for a moment in that
see some poetry takes you to the higher self
or to deep thinking and pondering over your
life and where it should turn to make it better
this writing, no
nothing like that
it breaks all that down and lays the mind bare
and naked so desires for
ego gratification are snuffed out
am i making sense?
i hope so
but what matters is that you inside
turn to the light
and let it destroy the shadows
and not just one, but each and every last one
until that fire burns bright and hot
for others to feel deeply in their soul
and that your mind is still
and no persona exist there to speak of
then the energy comes to destroy
the structures of ego for humanity
and this is not your doing
but the doing of grace

may you be well this day
may you be well

Monday, March 7, 2016

vision of innocence 3/9/16

my friends,

i do still get some visions breaking through here and there
just now, i am seeing a beautiful young girl in a white dress with a ring of flowers
in her hair running through a meadow that is alive with rich green
and wildflowers dancing about...
she is looking back and laughing joyfully at someone chasing her...
then a young boy comes into view... he is chasing her and laughing and then they
both sit down in this lovely scene to a wonderful picnic of delicious fresh foods and laugh
and simply enjoy the moment
the sun is shining, the air is fresh...
the water a clear blue with flowing waves...
what a day it is ....a day that is an illustration of
the beauty of heart and simply joy...

i am hearing their laughter in my head now and off and on
this morning...
and then i heard, that their laughter is in all of creation --

here is a poem that came with this vision:

see me running through the meadow
with the wildflowers dancing about
the rich green all around
and sparkling sea in the background
i am a young girl with golden hair
i wear a ring of flowers on my head
that is as lovely as doves cooing
i wear a beautiful blue ribbon
that flutters in the breeze
my dress is lilly white
see it move in the wind, like
a fresh flag that says, freedom
is near
i am looking back at you laughing
you are chasing me
i know you so well
as the beauty that you are
i love you

see me, i am a young boy
so innocent in my way
i do not wish to be anything but who i am
sturdy and filled with hopes of tomorrow
we run through this field of green together
we sit amongst this beautiful creation
and enjoy this food we brought
of succulent sweet tastes so fine, so
we laugh together in this land of heart
we do not wish for anything else
innocent and fresh, we are
filled with nothing but life
we sit here, and simply enjoy
with happiness in our hearts
i love you

see me like this always
i will see you this way too
we are not to be fooled by this body that
ages with time
inside, we are eternally innocent, joy filled
and made of light in our souls
i love you my friend
and you love me too

here is one more:

the male, the female
the yin-yang
the splendid chorus that resound
in all things
she is the priestess
he the priest
she the the flower
he the fragrance
she the grapes
he the wine
she the moon
he the sun
how they love like this
on this earthly plane
and beyond
how they laugh together
like two beautiful children
like two stars in the dark sky
they do not find themselves ever
apart in this life
or any other
for they are one always
the perfect blend
the male
the female
the perfect blend
of heart

this purity is running

i prayed for the one 
oh love 
i have 
and i have sat amongst the 
stone objects of death 
that rest above the ground 
where the rains come 
and the sky opens with sun
and the birds fly
and the earth is sharp with 
it's rich, acrid scents 
i have sat there for many hours on
end with this death thing 
then i was deeply driven to 
sit and sit and sit some more 
for hours on end 
with the mind looking, looking 
oh then my friend how the world 
began to explode in great uprisings 
in visions, phenomena and colorful
and horrors too
oh love, i cannot tell you of it 
all, but it does not matter now 
for the mind is quietening
and the time that i lived that way 
is coming to a close 
now i write to say continue on
if you are an ascetic inside 
because you will find it there 
in the heart 
this quietude 
oh it seems you go to so many 
places in mind and body and 
in the world 
you just come back right here 
what a journey dear souls!
stay present now 
stay with what is centering 
to your spirit 
because it will keep coming 
to a circle and a circle 
and a eating of the snakes tail
and then no more of that 

have you been still today?
for the shadows are fleeing fast 
and freedom waits on the horizon!
the night is lifting and i cannot see 
the way back to the world 
where the men resonate of duality 
i saw Virgin Mary many times 
i remember now only
this purity is running into the veins 
and finding it's life there 
and i remember now how i saw 
those jewels on fire with light 
those jewels so heart wrenchingly
and not of this world 
but these beautiful gems they arise 
from a bed of silence 
and this silence friends is the 
best  of the best jewel
the chudamani
the jewel of the heart

Sunday, March 6, 2016

what is it without the other?

oh i see you now spirit true 
dressed in many robes 
of color 
how you dance and give these 
but i have not been swayed to be 
in this place for this life and 
any others 
because i am to go on to the silence 
there i will dwell for all eternity 
in the waters of heart 
and there you say there is this seeing 
still but without the imagery and the 
words and the symbols 
and the echo of feeling that comes 
how odd is this 
and there you say there is still this 
channel of the universe that is open 
but not hearing the questions and answers 
that come 
and there you say there is still this shaman
with his knowledge of earth rich and 
energies that singe to make the heart
well and whole
and there you say the hierophant too is 
oh she is something for sure 
standing on the earthen bed of spirit 
with her hand held up to signify no fear 
and her heart open 
with wisdom
and the moon above her bathing her being 
in light 
the tantric too is there in this substance
rich where no words touch 

these are just some things that live in the 
heart of all
but they are there without the other 

tell me, what is a clairvoyant without 
the seeing of imagery and universal symbols? 
hmmmmm, we will see.... 

Saturday, March 5, 2016


my physical eyes are growing dim 
with age 
and my body too, how it feels the sting of time 
but my soul, love 
it burns of knowledge coming and i am not 
done with this journey 
regardless of any change that is seen...
i am going on to be what was given to me 
at the outset....
to be rinsed of all mental happenings that play
in the mind 
because the chudamani or jewel that rests in the heart 
is the beautiful prize to win 
and is worth every step of this journey 

my body, how it feels the sting of time
but my soul, love 
it burns of knowledge coming...

left there

the temple walls are burning 
those that kneel there are free 
to wander in the land of the holy
of holies 
the Cross too, it has died 
in the heat 
i bear it no more child 
for i have walked those steep hills 
heavy with the burden
of  ego 
lost to the world so long, so long 
and i have let this energy rule 
so long, so long 
but i met the guard at the gate 
and he let me in 
to bathe in the clear waters 
and i tore my clothes of the world 
laid them down 
the night was deep, the moon full
left there i sank to the cosmos 
the ripe life 
left there i sank to the soul
of all

whirling dervish

i go around that pole so many times
do you see me? 
like a whirling dervish 
my skirt stretched out in the wind 
then the notes come like music 
soft, sweet and brazen in the sun

the notes rise like incense in the air 
fine and fragrant 
and the moonlight bears down like 
gold rays on the water 
spinning, spinning tunes like this 
see this is the cosmic dance of life 
and this tune rises of this dance in sync 
with God 
whirling dervish

i don't know the geometry of the notes 
how they blend like music sweet 
i simply let my mind become that symphony 
of life 
streaked with tears of the soul
and sugared with divine love 
i just let my hands go like this and then 
there is something that comes 
on the page 
for when i settle down into this flow of one 
then i write the words today
dervish is here, the ascetic one 
clear, brazen and whirling 

around the pole like spinning light 
fine and still
this music comes and i know not the way of it 
but here it is 
soul to soul to nothing and onward 
flying like a dream tonite 
my time is ending in this whirl
but see i cannot speak easily of it 
and the waters of life flow in
whirling dervish

stained with love and sugared with life 
melting inside 
i spin, protected in this shell?
oh no, i am not that 
you see it that way maybe?
come on and sit with men that laugh 
and have no time for worry 
do not spend time on insanity of lies 
come now 
spin with me 
whirling dervish

when i spin, there comes a stillness 
and i forget that dance of ego
like a one that lives just this moment 
and like a one that lives in silence 
seeker, do you know this dance?
take it with you 
and cry no more 
whirling dervish
the ascetic one

sweet song of life

ah, the writing is coming,
i feel it there like a sweet song of life 
see the strings of my heart speak to me 
so beautifully and the words come so free 
and so i write 
barely seeing what is coming out 
for this is not of my doing 
these hands move to the tune of life 
and the tune is one of non-dual suchness
created by no one 
the valley so fresh and green vibrates of it also
and the majestic mountain range against a 
deep blue sky is filled with it 
the ocean too, sings of it in it's waves and in 
it's rich colorful life so mysterious 
and the moon, how bright with fullness and 
a touch of that intimacy that melts the 
feeling of distance 
that moon shines so beautiful and melts on 
the waters it's light 
ah, divine indeed 
if you feel this vibration in you too my dear 
i suspect you are not under the spell of ego 
but you are dancing to this music 
it cannot be measured or poured into a glass to drink
yet it can be drunk deeply in the soul 
like wine tart and robust 
and like honey thick with 
and like love too, how it makes every cell
come alive 
and makes one forget all worries 
this my dear is the music 
and now may we enjoy it 
and let it move us

of itself

on this night,
the writing flows like a song of love 
it does not stop to sit on the stoop where 
ego tells it's rants of this and that and 
all else 
it flows like a song sung by no one 
it does not stop to put a box around anything 
or put a mark on anything 
or put a signature on it either of a persona
it just flows like clarity 
it does what it does 
i don't know, it just does it this way 
and the words come on the screen
then the song is there as it should be 

see i don't write unless the words come this way
of itself 
and i will only write if the flow is spontaneous 
it is not like i am writing then, but grace does it 
because if i write something that i thought of before 
or heard of before 
or crafted or something like that, it would be a shame 
it would be something of ego nature 
this is not good, it is then, a biography of ego 
no thank you 

yes, the words are flowing easily here now 
but the time for this type of writing will be 
limited maybe, i am not sue 
there is something else coming sometime 
that will be different in it's presentation
and then this will be the potent writing 
(that is just what came now) 
but we will see what flows before and what flows 
i do not know dear souls 
i am just here and this is happening now