Friday, February 24, 2017

one rose

in the flow of the universe all things have their time 
and place to be born 
and nothing can stop what is a law of god 
no man, woman, strength, might, resistance 
so we move with the universe as the willows do 
bending with the winds that sing thru them 
we bend with the tides of change 
and not allow our hearts to be overshadowed by 
that which comes, be it ugly, beautiful or anything else 
for there will be a time when that particular manifestation
changes and blooms to something else 
as all opposites turn to the other direction in time 
and all things that are seen now are dying and rebirthing too

as the surface waves play and bring up appearances 
of so many things 
oh one that is true 
you reside deep and alone, free of the passing fancies of change 
and all else that rises there 
deep inside the freedom-heart as a one that is in a secret consciousness 
not of the world though seemingly so 
you move with the form and yet are not that movement 
you speak with the lips and yet are not those words 
you bloom in a variety of ways that are like the lovely fruits on the trees 
that hold so many wonders 
and yet remain untouched by this play of color 
you descend too like the leaf on the branches spiraling down to 
dirt, dust decay, death and then gone 
and yet are not at all cast in shadows of those images of ending and 
beginning any more than the sky is touched by the clouds 
oh true one 
deep beneath the waves of phenomenal play you rest 
and those that have and are resting there know full well
this light of one 
resting as a presence of love, life and freedom everlasting

one bloom, oh world 
one rose for you kept as a secret treasure 
of forgotten purity 
continuously, it blooms
without need of water or attention
quietly, it blooms, delicate, rich, life-filled 
without company it lives 
alone as itself
as the freedom-heart 
as the heart of all

Monday, February 20, 2017

secrets hidden

the moon, with it's secrets hidden
came when the sky was reddened with blood
casting themes beautiful to behold
bringing something other than what is known in the concrete
the moon freed a speaking way that is still bubbling
some in it's song of spirit
like a lake that has churned up something from the earth
that lie dormant, waiting to be lifted up and taken to the human heart
as a light of faith, hope, love, awakening

the moon with it's energy so wondrous sent a cosmic kind of
doorway to the heart, yes it did
how it does this in the cosmos, who can say?
then those visions flowed one after another
specifically alluring to the heart was the one of Mary virgin
lilley white is she, free of disease, suffering or sin
she did not speak, oh sons, daughters
no, not a word truly
but her essence shone that sung of purity in all things here
and there and in between
pure like a dove  flying above the world
or a swan that floats on the glassy lake, untarnished by the
debris underneath
she spake with her heart of the cosmic way
of the open doorway (to the universe), with stairs leading up to it
the stars shining like sparkling lights in the darkness and the crescent moon
she pointed to (the open door) with her left hand and her right hand, she held to her lips
like shhhhhh it is a secret way, this mysticism that works it's silence into the mind
and every part of the material and immaterial spaces
like a cleaning out that lasts a long, long time
indeed, a cleaning of the lifetimes of clutter that has been left to collect dust and put hard things
in the eyes, ears and tongue to taste, hear, see and be with
she shows the doorway that is open to those that are true and sincere and desirious of
this seeking
and desirous of this liberation
that there is a way thru the mind, a way thru to the spirit heart of love, stillness  and
joy everlasting

Friday, February 10, 2017

ready to let go..

oh men, women of the world
when will you put your thinking ways away?
when you will you read the words of the earth mother
with her writing of light
where worldly ways are worshipped not
for she is not cognizant of these little dramas of mental tales
her stories are felt in the presence of love, light, rain, sun, sky, moon,
mountains, clouds, rivers, forests, winds
her way of speaking flows free of fetters of separation for it does
not compartmentalize or hold back it's beauty from any
her eyes do not see differences
her mouth does not speak things that make one against another
when one comes into this space of light that is still and free this way
then there cannot be this mind set of justifications, harboring of emotions
or wanting to control anything or anyone
how can this be? it is impossible

oh men,women of the world
do you know when you keep bringing attention to your little world
that you keep it revolving like a wheel that turns and turns
this is certainly the case
but when you are ready to let go of this drama that constantly
puts it's voice in the center to be heard
then you are ready to go within, for you cannot have it both ways
where you are keeping this separate drama that is familiar to you
and letting go too
this is why one that is true is ready to be done with the world
and retreats into the heart for solace
for you see...the conditionings are so strong that pull and pull
yet one is not cognizant of this when lost in it, but lives with it
like it is truth
so one is to need a stronger force (grace) to break these bonds
and energetic patterns
this is why surrender, forgiveness, humility, compassion, and
when one is fully ready, a true Guru is needed to finish the journey
as this one has the clarity and balance to give
but one is to be ready to surrender
this is not something that can be understood, it will come with experiences
that make one see the conditionings that play out
and one is to challenge them and not follow them
so they can eventually break
this may sound like something like oh yes, no problem,.... but when faced
and encountered, it is different entirely
for one is to face the dark things inside, the demons that haunt and taunt and
often come as masquerading as light or something that is ego bolstering
or fear or attachment or regret and on and on and on
this is the work of it oh friends that are sincere
and one needs to hold their ground
and not get put down by it
or react with more drama and go off on another tangent
for we are not inside made of these things that cause weakness or
pride or strength or what have you (when the coverings dissolve)
but we are made of life in it's purity that is not at all tainted with
anything of the personal
so we have to not be taken in by these dramas
they rise to show one that this is what has been collected and has you bound
and believing in it's story...
they rise to show one what is there to be seen and free of
they rise to show one what is there to be forgotten and brought to death
they rise to show one what is there that is to be left to wither, slow, halt
they rise to show one that this is not to be nourished or given the food of your attentive energy
they rise to show one that this is not to be understood, but only an energy that revolves
here it it is gone...
here it it is gone...and here it is again and again and gone again
if it changes, it cannot be solid and true
so this is the way of a sincere one that goes on to be true
this one is not deceived by these stories any longer and continues forward to be purified in grace
not easy, never, never easy.... but the mind is seen to this one as an energy that creates suffering
and does not bring about peace ---this is so easy to see souls... but not easy to be free of ....

oh men, women of the world
though i am not fully done with this journey yet
i am so very blessed that these thoughts slow intermittent
and drain down to the ground of being where they are
not always in my face to be heard
then the flow of life is present without barriers of i am this or  that
as nothing exists, and yet there is peace and fullness
the richness of nothing else but this
i cannot really speak to the end yet
but i will tell you that this mind is an energy of suffering
that is not to be given attention or love or seen as who and what you are
the mind has not given me anything but troubles and troubles
so i am one that has given up the world entirely and live very simple
and quietly and keep to myself most of the time
unless there is some socializing with my Guru
or a few friends of the path that are here, or a brief hello
this is how it has been for many, many years for me
as i have put my time into this search with whole heart
and have fallen down hard, yes indeed i have and have risen up again
and have fallen again to rise yet again
i cannot tell you to undertake this journey
(unless you are truly desirous of liberation with every fiber of your being)
for this journey is beyond hard
but can tell you that the alternative is the mind
and to look there and see it's workings
and make your own decision as to your life
i can just say that the world is not the source of happiness
personal experience is not the source of happiness
and i can just tell you about this slowing down of thoughts
and gaps between thoughts and distant, garbled thoughts
and how the practices cut the mind to bits little by little
i can only tell you that when these thoughts are gone, that there is no pain
i can just tell you from my own experience of this long, arduous, painful
wondrous journey from where the consciousness is now and what is taking place
that is all i can speak from souls
and this is all that one can do is be honest in this relaying

love, light and stillness to all
om shanti

Saturday, February 4, 2017

vision this morning 2/04/17

what is seen is a building that is crumbling and being 
the very last bits of it are standing
there is an opening in which the ground can be viewed 
an image appears of a form that walks out of this building 
he is walking upright and straight 
beside him is a dog that he is walking  
this signifies the worldly phenomena of all creatures 
that is forever evolving, changing in form and appearance 
some stairs appear before the forms, they begin to ascend 
stair by stair they climb without a break or stopping to rest 
above them the higher realms live, where all is freer in spirit 
this spirit realm is navigated thru, then there is an engulfment of light 
that comes and dissolves the world of phenomena in which no 
separate form is seen, but only light lives single without any 
objects to shade it from being completely present in it's fullness

what happens next is, a tree manifests in it's splendorous image 
of bountiful wonder 
it spreads it's branches progressively outward, it brings it's freshness 
out and out in wider ways so it covers the human condition that is 
living out karmic flow of lifetimes
which is all consuming to the mind and spirit (for most that dwell on that plane) 
the tree appears from the lifetimes of searching that this soul has done 
in which the edifices or constructions of mental conditions have been 
this soul has moved beyond the confines of those structures and now 
lives as buddha lives in the way of being awake 
this energy is free and carries no containers that keep it bound within 
a form 
a form of this, that, it is released
and can be a blessing to the ones that are thirsty for realization

the tree fills itself spontaneously with fruit, fruit appears on each branch 
bright, red fruit that is healthy, succulent, ripe, nourishing in every way to 
this fruit sits in joy and fullness, intrinsically perfect, without bruising,
stains, sorrow that is felt in the mind's of men that feel they are the form-experience 
for this consciousness that is free, is not ever touched by experience like this
not ever, not ever 

a form then comes to the tree and plucks one of it's wonderful fruits and begins 
to eat of it 
he swallows it well and then drops to his knees in devotion, surrender, sadness 
too (as he has not felt this type of spontaneous love in this way for so long it seems) 
quietened he is, resting within this great love that is feeling so newly found to him
this is how it is souls, when one has found this bright wonder of truth 
it is a completely different experience that cannot be denied
and one is not able to go back easily to be in the flow
of the mundane world (if they are sincere)

so this soul is on his knees in love and quietude 
then, a lingum appears in the center of the tree where there is often a knot 
or a hole that creatures dwell and enjoy
this lingum appears with the stripes of shiva, the crescent moon and the 
flowers of devotion
then, within this soul that is prostrating, there appears a lingum too 
it manifests in his heart and beams brightly
as he has become this lingum energetically in all ways due to his love within himself 
that he allowed to grow, and be consumed by the grace that came forward to 
that kundalini brought with it's way of washing clean the phenomenal appearances 

so, this is the vision this morning 
it seems very long in writing, but when these visions (and they far, far fewer now) come, 
the feeling and full message of it is just there unfolding in imagery so easily seen 
and understood without thinking or attempts to figure it out 
if you can imagine when you see the beauty around you flowing so well 
to attempt to write of it dumbs it down for sure and makes it sound very involved, but 
to witness it, it is right there and not needing anything else -- it speaks for itself 
this is the beauty of it 
but at any rate, here it is --- this unwinding phenomena that is playing out 

here too, there is still slowing, slowing, slowing of mind....

may all be well
om shanti 

Friday, February 3, 2017

true in truth..

written down are all things communicated
and all things praised, shunned or preached 
yet  there is nothing written on the unspoken language 
for it cannot be communicated in words 
present always without a voice it is though 
oh my friend 
present with perfect living light it is 

he spoke so many things to the devotees with his 
gestures of love 
he said words that were eloquent, breathtaking, 
free of workings of maya
yet what is true there, my darling is not what you
what is true in truth is that silence holds nothing 
that  you can know 

words wander away and create an image or a thing 
to be understood 
yet under that is something that cannot be spoken of 
it is free of this wandering or thinking type of speech
free of pictures, imaginings 
it is free of all of this 
and it is secret, felt only by those ones that are 
not interested in the world or captured there 
but have been purified fully
and are detached within stillness

you may travel about all you can and 
find treasures on islands and climb high to the 
mountain top 
and  go low into the ocean and go to anywhere you 
but when the mind is still and free within 
there, all the riches live that can be tasted 
touched, held and breathed in
there, are all the places that are beautiful live
and all the intrinsic knowledge of the saints, buddhas
masters, ancient worlds and fragrance of the nature mother 
in her perfect workings live 
and fragrance of writings that are non-dual and blessed 
and fragrance of the aloneness or kevala
that leaves one to simply be without levels,
layers, differences and all sorts of playing out that is confused
when one is in this reality, there is nowhere needed to go 
as all moves within the same perfect heart 
not one step here or there or in between will change 
this reality

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

returning to freedom

a man lived in a country
where there was only good 
he lived there quite easily for 
a long time ...
but eventually began to grow restless within
and then sought to know 
something other than this..
he sought to know what brought pleasure to him
and gave him something to call his own..
he sought to be *known* and given attention
for being who he was
he was not satisfied just being and living in joy
and light as a soul that was not different
he looked to find a way to move into a place that 
he could be like *he* wanted and not 
like the free being way of where he was..
he decided to leave this place of freedom
and seek out a way to bolster himself up
he packed his bags in the evening and began to walk out 
of the place of freedom
a man asked him where he was going 
and he said to somewhere *other* 
for i am not noticed here as the man that i am
i am not recognized here so i must go and find 
that which brings something to me 
that feels better than this..
the man that was living in freedom said 
you have not loved this land of of freedom 
as yourself 
you have set it apart from you and looked away 
from the simplicity and beauty that is here 
this freedom land is very peaceful if one can settle in
and be here, not restless looking about for something 
that is outside of here ...
my friend, you can go if you choose, but know that you will 
encounter a lot of mischief in your soul when you seek to
be something other than this ...
the man that was determined to go said 
i am going away 
i seek to be recognized as someone that is not of this freedom place 
i have nothing here ...
i have nothing that i can call mine ...
i am a nobody and feel very much ready to move on...
okay friend, if you must, but know it will be a long road for you
out there if you are to look away from this land of freedom
because it is in your soul and in your heart 
it is not to leave you...
you leave it, by your choice to be affirmed somewhere in the world..
i am sorrowful for you, but may the best be on your journey...
here is some bread to take --
eat it and remember the land of freedom that is in your heart...
the man took it and said okay, thank you, and left
he walked on quite miserable and in confusion
he ate the bread when he was hungry and when he did 
he remembered the land of freedom
and he longed to go back 
he walked on though looking for a place to be noticed 
and taken in...
he rested very unsettled and felt lonely away from the land of freedom
yet he walked on and on ...
until he came to a house with a light on 
he knocked on the door  --
a lady answered and said, hello, can i help you
the wandering man said, i am so very lost --
i left the land of freedom in search of something other ..
now i am at a loss for what to do...
i cannot forget this land of freedom, yet i desire to be a man of the 
world in which i am recognized and loved and found to be knowledgeable 
the lady said, oh my, you left the land of freedom --
this is not a good thing dear ...
for i have never been there and so desire to go ...
i am so very much wanting to be free and feel at rest...
my heart aches all the time in this place of the world ...
pray tell me how to find the land of freedom...
i am very much aghast that you would leave, for it is my souls desire to go there...
the man broke out in tears and said,
this place i am not sure of how to find again...
i have lost my direction there and have very little energy to seek it out..
can i sleep here and we will find a way to return tomorrow...
the woman agreed 
she found him a nice room and he fell asleep exhausted from his travels
he dreamed of a great white horse that came to him
and looked him in the face and almost felt as if this 
beautiful creature spoke to his soul 
to say -- my friend get on and ride to the place of the sun
where all hearts melt together as one 
where the body is gone and the world that appears as a dream is shed 
and the living light of all is front and center 
(the peace that passes understanding) ..
and the man felt himself to get up slowly and then float onto the horse 
where they rode away at a fast clip...
and though he knew not his way there ... 
the horse found the land of freedom swiftly and stopped at the place so 
familiar and yet so very unknown in the way of being 
completely different than the place he just left...
he got off the horse and greeted all there as if he never left ...
his heart was light, so very light ...
right away he felt the difference of being calm and quiet and not 
bothered so by pulling desires and intrusions of mental waves 
and he said, oh my -- what was i thinking? what was i doing 
desiring to be away?...
for i now have experienced the startling difference
between restless longing and seeking ...
and have no desire to leave this peace that is here 
i am yoked to this 
beauty of o ne everlastingly...
what grace to go away and come back...
my eyes are now open and not complacent --
he walked through the land, like a man of new birth...
and then he awoke with a start --
the sun was rising over the mountains and he could smell food cooking...
he walked into the room where the lady was standing 
the lady said, we can get an early start this morning to head on to our destination
the man smiled and said, yes.....
we will head out today...
and not return here ...
and he ate a hearty breakfast..
a gentle, quiet calm filling him as he ate...
a pure presence coming forward in the very place he sat..
and he laughed to himself...
in knowing this peace is right here
and he need not go anywhere...
yet he got up and took his bags
and said to the lady, let's go...
and off they went...
never to return...