Friday, February 13, 2015

flow of writing... sundara

know yourself
like Shiva is with Paravati
one, inseparable and whole
like sundara and her lover
he never laid eyes on her
in the way of wanting her in the flesh
yet loved her truly and deeply
she was young
and not in her mind shell yet
as a one that is fully grown

one evening,
she went to be with her lover
who said he was waiting for her
in the house where he lived
when she went there,
he said he was making a meal
she said to him, dear,
what are you making?
and he said, food for the mind and heart
she said, may i taste it?
he said, indeed, my love
taste the fruit of joy which is non-dual
here, my love
when you eat it
your mind and heart will not ever be
in doubt
you will be stripped of your wandering
and always be still
he then gave her the food of love and joy
and perfection
she ate of it
and did not desire anymore worldly ways
she instead, was quiet
then, she loved her companion
as she loved herself
which was the way she was meant to be
as two rivers flow in separation
(it appears from a one in duality)
this food so sweet, given by her companion
which was grace
blessed her with non-dual vision
then, this sense of separation
vanished completely
what beauty is this souls!
two being one
and nothing divided any longer
to bring the heart to ache
yes, there are still emotional releases
but how they are like a cloud burst
come and then gone

sundara, she lived as a saint
she was a buddha
or a still one
she never moved from this state
and her lover
never was to be seen as a one that was
separate any longer
how very sweet

rich in spirit

when he was here
he walked on the mountain daily
the sun shone bright and hot
he wore his white cover
his devotees followed close by
he took sometimes his dog
he was very devoted too
the dog was infused with shakti
like all living with the saint
the animals were not different to him
he loved them the same as all else
for how could there be a difference
to a one in non-dual perfection?

Lakshmi, the cow
she was very still inside
the saint loved her very much
he would pat her head
and whisper sweet words to her
he would smile when she was near
she was so sweet with her
gentle presence
and showed deep devotion
to the saint
when she died
he gave her the blessings of a sage
she is buried on the ashram grounds
and those that come near her
burial grounds
feel the saint's energy of love and joy
as the two were never divided in reality

Lakshmi means wealth
in the way of being rich with
non-dual vision
(not worldly ways and ego attachments)
just pure peace that never wavers
Lakshmi is truth
personified in all that are still
then abundance of love, joy and truth
as a one that is rich with spirit
om shanti