Sunday, October 22, 2017

until it is no more

save yourself from suffering
be not as a blind man that comes into the earth
shorn of sight
or as a beggar that is looking about always for something
to feed it
settling on that which is transient in nature
that only leaves one unfulfilled again and again

live out your days alone in yourself like a hermit would live
in the heart
or like a nun would live in a convent that is built to bring
the mind to a halt when it is centered on only light
and singing always of goodness, joy, peace and equanimity

or like a sannyas that has only his simple being
simple without coverings of the world
he lives out his days this way and he works only for God
and not himself

he works only for the heart of his joy
he works only for the love that is true
he works only for the *me and mine* to vanish
he works only for the single ray that is undeniable and beautiful
he works only for the best that life offers which is to be out of suffering
he works only for the quietude that comes sometimes in small amounts
sometimes in greater
sometimes in gaps and slowing of thought
sometimes in forgetting of the past and future
sometimes in spontaneous movement
sometimes in working with one-pointedness
sometimes in resting in unfamiliar realms or
anything that is deeper, quieter, mysterious
until the mind is no more

yes this is it!

friends have no affection for mind and it's stories
it is like a dying thing on the vine when you are not
looking at it always
it is like an energy form that will evaporate in time
with sadhana