Saturday, October 31, 2015

beautiful spirit woman

while walking up the stairs i felt my hair was braided, someone braided it and brushed their hand
lovingly and sweetly on the top of my head and their hand went down the braid, it was such a loving,
gentle motherly touch, so deeply sweet and affectionate.. i felt some stars sparkling with this touch of
the cosmos...
then some sweet blue, red and white beads were placed at the bottom of the braid..

then i saw a wonderful face of an old native american woman with lovely wrinkles.. her skin was dark olive and beautiful, her eyes sparkled, her hands were held together in prayer....she was looking up at the blue sky with white fluffy clouds as if she was so happy to have me as a child of spirit..
she was looking up at the heavens as if saying bless this child of spirit ...
she was so beautiful and it felt touched by grace, angels, wisdom, earth, stone, eagle, tree, and rich, rich compassion with great love that overflowed in her being ... what a presence!..

she is still here with white beautiful hair, she touches my head and puts her hand to my chin and lifts my face to look at hers ... beautiful spirit woman she is, so beautiful are her eyes and soul...
she would take any in as her child, she says come, yes.. she is growing bigger at the idea of it ...
come she says, to me, my children of the heart...

strumming through the cosmos..

dear ones, the imagery is flowing still and i am sure for some it is like what? what is this
craziness about? and all i can say is this the flow of it.. i am handing it to you if you are interested
in what it is like with opening of consciousness and being within spirit world, within visions and communion with spirit...
this is like so ordinary within that realm and i can only convey with honesty what comes and give the
best possible to help you to feel this type of playing out of the journey.... and if you ever have the opportunity/blessing to be in this too, then yes you will see that here in this writing of this time, it has
been confirmed that spirit message/communing/blessing lives this way and plays out this way...

i so understand it to be unfamiliar ground now, but this familiar world of mind needs to be broken up and then one enters the unfamiliar.. the new, fresh adventure ... the spirit world or maybe bypasses that and just is in quietude.. or both.. who knows with this adventure, it is so unique, mysterious and wondrous that is for sure... and one can never order up the journey they are hoping for .. this never, ever happens.. what comes, just comes and if one stays in the heart, whatever it is, however it plays out, it will have the best playing out for all...

now onward to this vision:

while in the pool swimming
felt the presence of the shaman woman again
before this she said that her and the shaman man that
came were one and the same
she came in her form because she felt it would be more
accepting in female form as it felt that Siddhananda was not
comfortable with the male version
she said he has done peyote for ceremony and that this
was an honored ritual and would not be used on me
earlier today, i saw her scraping something vigorously
and as she was doing this (and i was watching),
the mind became very quiet and
engulfed in silence (this is a very potent energy indeed)
then she sprinkled some white flakes on me
she said that this was not dream flakes or any drugs
but pure awareness flakes and were very pure
as she did this, the mind was engulfed in stillness
this happened a few times (very nice for sure)..
then, (while in the pool), i saw the shaman woman again
and behind her was the reflection of the face of the man
she said, do not think you got rid of him as we two are one
see us as being one in spirit and all things
then i saw her merging with the male shaman (they were
both in native american attire) and the female shaman is inside of him
rubbing her white long stone looking thing
and then it switches up where he is inside of her
and then there is an eagle too inside of that
and the mountains and all of creation
then they say, and you too, you are inside of all things too
like this as we are
and an image of this form was there and then it began
twirling with my hair spinning around and around
then i saw an image of a moon drum in my mind
they both showed it to me and i was with it almost
as if it were in real life
i did not know what a moon drum was
it is thin and round and looks like the moon (of course)
the next thing that was seen
was the native american man on
top of a mountain banging the moon drum
and this was the chant
shivana, shivana, shiv, shiv
shivana, shivana, shiv, shiv
and there was another native american chant with it
and this was vibrating thru the being
very stilling and powerful
the older native american man was doing this part
he was very skilled in it, there was no doubt
it was heard, we invoke pure awareness like we invoke
the rains....
then, i heard, well it was nice meeting you Siddhananda
sage, to be, medicine woman of the heart
i did not know if they were leaving as their backs
were to me
when i was walking up the stairs, a lovely young native
american woman with rich, black thick braids that shined
in the sun with a beautiful, sweet presence put a
feather headdress on me
and a leather type of dress and some beads too..
as a way of honoring the initiation done..
she was so sweet and young, with such a sparkly
resonance of happiness and youth ...

this was all and we will see if these souls visit again
or if it is done with

i can still feel and see that moon drum in my mind
strumming through the cosmos

shivana, shivana, shiv, shiv..
shivana, shivana, shiv, shiv..

om shanti

Shaman vision and a replaying of events...

i am up writing this early morning hour to bring the new vision of the day
while i was lying in bed a shaman woman appeared
she was heavy and sturdy in stature
she had some type of braided hair that was kind of rolled into a circle on her head
on both sides
she was for sure the most potent energy felt that has entered consciousness
(in terms of the vision energy)..
she sat with me and what i saw in my mind was an opening being stitched up
it was like a vivid line of stitching and she was quick, like lightening speed
then i heard, "shaman mother" this is what i am in nature
and she said, no more of this Siddhananda, now dream time is vanishing
and from there i was immediately in a trance type of state of empty fullness
it felt as if there was kind of a veil there that had been stitched and thru the veil
i felt and saw the shaman nature dance of energy
much imagery of animals, mountains, birds, sun, rain, sky, clouds
floated through
then a great break of light shone, very translucent and left the mind still
as ever
then i heard spirit woman of the sky, the clouds, the winds, the seas
spirit woman
i felt her touch my hands (as they were hurting badly)
they lifted up like a kriya, but they
were lifted by this energy that was shaman
and then i heard,
over and over again; sha-man, sha-man, sha-man power enter
sha-man, sha-man power enter, sha-man power
and this kept vibrating and resounding thru consciousness for
quite some time
and my hands were twitching and moving
and then i could see the clouds and sky in my hands and arms
and lightening too...
and i heard, you deserve this Siddhananda, you are an angel
or purity and light,  you have the mystic eye, the spirit eye
this was heard and she was there and behind her was a face of a male shaman
they two were one it was felt
also, it was heard tantra and shaman energy are similar as they are
both made of primal fire and this energy was felt as black and red
smoldering energy, alive (heavy) and very combustible
the other thing this shaman woman said was, stay away from that
sorcerer energy as he is no good
and it was indicated that this was ego.. it was the mayaic type of energy
of magic, the illusion of mind ... she said stay away from that
tell all to stay away from that ..
that is not in alignment with pure spirit, not in the least
and she said, just be still
then what manifested was Guruji's doilies that she works on, they
were floating
around in space, all the different colors (i believe spirit likes her work
she is doing with sewing)...
and the next thing that came was shown so clearly...
Guruji and I were walking into the crystal shop (as we were today)
we stopped and looked at the hearts that were embedded in the cement
and went in
this was shown like a vision of clarity, just as if it was happening, but i was
witnessing it
i chose a card there that had aquarius on it (which is my zodiac sign) that i really liked
and when i got it i stared at it for awhile and brushed my hand over the picture imagery
that i thought was beautiful and then brought it over to Guruji
this is the part i read to her from the card, "In Greek mythology, Aquarius was the Rain God
who poured water onto a parched world below." and then Guruji said, um hum....
and then went back to collecting her rocks.. and spirit said this created a wave
(that was good)..
and then it showed an image of the card and what was inside it and the way i set it
up in my room... showing that it was liked very much ..
the wood by it, the crystal and the lotus flower...
and the writing inside, that was shown...
and i heard, G was absorbed in getting her rocks, she said they were going to be for her
that they were her rocks... she said she would put them in her room...
and this repeated a few times...she said they were her rocks, that they were just for her
and then it zoomed in on the box she was holding with the rocks she chose
and showed the ones i chose as well...
then it showed Guruji at the counter getting ready to pay, i could see her back and stature
so perfectly just as if it were her right there.. and it was as if i was standing behind her
and looking at her
then an energy moved towards her and this was all .. i don't know .. it all felt good
as she was at the desk, i was admiring a dream catcher chakra hanging that was so sweet
each chakra had a bright color to it and there were soft feathers coming from it
i was touching the feathers and really liking the way it looked
i was shown the image of that and heard Siddhananda liked this
and when G came over, she really liked it too... she lit up and really liked it too...
then i heard, G and Siddhananda were at the crystal store today...
and then i saw us walking out of the store and when the door opened, it opened up to
those spreading trees that were wonderful, with huge branches in which ivy was intertangled
on them and other types of plants too...
we both said how we really enjoyed them and were talking about them
i heard again G and Siddhananda were at the crystal shop

this imagery unfolded as i said just as if i was viewing it like a movie on replay... there was zooming in of some things and the opening of the door with the great trees can still be seen in my mind ..
crystal clear and stunning in it's imagery...

it feels like spirit just wanted to say that we were seen there and that all is well with that flow...

om shanti

Friday, October 30, 2015

shaman vision

10/29/2015 thursday

these are some of the current happenings
awhile back i saw the pendulum spinning
in my minds eye and it spun on my
forehead and heart and was absorbed there
since then, an answer comes to anything
asked internally (like when using the pendulum)
in an energetic playing out of yes or no
or words or images
virtually any answer, anything that one wants
to know is right there
i have not purposely engaged this process
much at all
although questions just arise and then the
mostly just about regular things or
spiritual journey questions
or interpretation of the moment
i am not interested in delving deeply into
this or that quest
and most of what was asked
is already known
but it comes this way
this is something though that i am
not giving energy too
and it is beginning to fall away bit by bit

before this vision below, i saw an image
of the pendulum (meaning the internal
one) and i flung it forcefully
from my hands
and there was a clapping motion with the hands
like i am rid of this now
and it was flung away from me
pushed away
and my face turned away as that is done
and not needed
now this is the next vision
i do not know what will come next
i am only desiring peace and stillness
but there is still quite a flow off and on
of visions and shifts in consciousness
what needs to come, comes

i was hearing that i am a shaman
yesterday especially
i am not feeling that this is me
as with the psychic thing, but it
came and now here is the vision
with it

early this morning a shaman type
master sat near me
he looked native american in his dress
and appearance
his face was weathered and of the ancient
he wanted to initiate me
into his way of healing and seeing and
i really was not interested, but this is true
of all of these comings in many ways
and regardless of whether i was interested or not
(which is the way it always goes)
i was taken into the feeling of a shamanic voyage
i was brought downward into a darkness
there was a rope type of thing there
then, there was a tunnel that came into view
and rose upward
and i was taken in there
i don't remember what came next, not a bad feeling
at all though
while this shaman energy was here (and i have felt his
presence before), what drifted thru consciousness was
imagery of animals, mountains, sun
and the raw feeling of the natural world
there were clouds and breaks of light too
there were trance like states at times that again
was not at all negative or feeling bad
i could feel the energy of shaman which is like
being a seer, but also a healer (shaman means
seeing in the dark)
there is much in there that is not of interest such
as soul retrieval and different consciousness states
this is not where this is going, but balance is where it
is going
i did hear some things such as crystal clear clarity
and then i saw an image of teepees that were lined up
and burning to the ground, there was one pointed focus
during this
i did not engage with this shaman
i did not delve into anything about it .. this is just what flowed
then i saw an image of a car that was driving away
the back of it was open and there was a light that shined
my consciousness was following it, again spontaneous, not
of my will
then there was a relaxed surrender and light opening within
consciousness that was easy and harmonious
and a white lotus appeared that was lovely, pure in it's being
it floated across the vision like a vision of love and joy and
beauty, it was followed in one pointed focus
there was an ethereal trailing light that followed it like a tail
this went on for awhile, quite nice and refreshing and
easy to enjoy...

I did tell Guruji about this vision. She is always so wonderful to speak to
as she honors all of spirit fully. Though i do as well, i get tired of all the phenomena. She said
that one never knows where all this will lead as it may seem like suffering now, one never knows how it will bloom and benefit others. So i share this journey too with others and though maybe you feel now it is so very foreign, but one day something will open and you will know too of different ways of seeing and feeling and you will be helped by what is given. I am so grateful to have a Guru that is in full support of the spirit journey as one could feel very isolated and get off balance so easily with all the visions that flow.. and Guruji always puts experiences in relation to how it will benefit others.. she is an angel of grace ...

until next time ...

thank you for reading and good evening to all

child of spirit

when you see her, you will know
she lives in truth and love
i have seen her on the hills
by the wildflowers dancing
i saw her there and she beckoned to me
to come nearer
when i came near she laid her hand on me
and said
my dear you are a child of spirit
i know you are
i sing to you all the time of the created
i sing to you of the time of light
i lay my soul in yours like a dove of
fresh wonder
i take you up to me like a child of mine
innocent in your way
i kiss your cheek that now glows of fresh life
i pray for you to awaken
i pray for you to be well and true and real
stay by me child and do not waver from
your task to be free
for my knowledge is that of a princess of love
i know the world to be shadow
i know the heart to be light
and i know these two are not separate
do you hear me dear?
there in your world where you live
my eyes are in you
and you see so much that is of the spirit
like the shaman way
which is one of great mystery
that stretches into the forest land
and the land of the animals
and the moon that is full and round
the single eye sees this land of mystery
and you are this eye
my dear i love you true
and you will be what you are
a light to all
when i am in you, i am your eyes
you do not see through your physical eye
but through the eye of spirit
like a wind that races to the heavens
you will howl
and you will call out those ones that are
needing help
you will say, come now dear
put your head to rest on my heart
and you will not cry again
for you live as love undivided and blessed
are you now
princess spirit, this shaman woman is
as a blessing of rain so pure she is
and she is in me as a spirit that sees
stirring the mind and calling it back
to the cave of spirt
where i am taken in and captured there
as a one that is in wonder
oh i am waiting for the soul to be
rinsed clean
and for the mind to be freed
of this spell
then i will see the same
just in great silence
the wind is howling now
and i am waiting...

spirit time

the shaman lady
what is she?
she is the healer, the curing soul
she is the flying high woman in truth
oh look at her
flying above the hurting world
making her way to the spirit world
where she dwells on the mountain top
she sits there as a free one looking over
the land
what a vision is she
she may come like a blessing of rain
she may come like an eagle soaring over
the mountains
she may come like a heat wave that burns
she may come like a flash of lightening
she may come like a down pouring of water
she may come like a white angel
she may come like an old lady that is
she may come like a river running
she may come like the moon bright
as the brightest glow
she may come like heaven and hell in one
she may come like kali, the goddess of heart
she may come like shiva, the still consciousness
she may come like Guru or the sadhaka
she may come like the land in greenery
or the land in dry wasted life
she may come like a frightening voice
she may come like a loving mother
she may come like a wise soul weathered
with time
she may come like your friend or your enemy
she may come like shadow land or pure land
she may come like all of these things, but she
will not be touched by any of them
for she sees them all in her open eye
she sees them all in the realm of her soul
she does not worry about the way each appears
it makes not difference for all is light
she is flying high and free now
do you feel her?
she is so free of fear and so open and so
in spirit
come now my child
be in her way
the spirit way, the spirit time

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

spark of creation

what i have not said is that the eye of the seer 
is crystal clear 
like glass in it's viewing 
it is not darkened by the sense of ego when it 
it simply reflects the cosmos that dance in the ethers 
and the stars and the lights (spirits) of the planetary creations 
it sings of the time of the spark of creation when it 
is in it's dream state 
it is like a viewing of the dream reality that flows in it's 

she is inside the cave of the sadhu and sees and smells 
it's earthen way and feels it's cool interior 
and deep in the heart of it sits the lingum black, rich 
and of the heaven energetic type of consciousness 
she was transported there in the spirit time, 
traveling fast and needing no vehicle .. 
also she went to the mountains and sat in there, so filled with 
raw natural energy, so beautifully pure in it's feeling 
she went to the heavenly realms, there, waterfalls drenched
her being
oh love, what coolness, heaven like 
so much of this occurred, so much of this has passed 
and much is still flowing forward to be rinsed away in the 
cosmic eye of God 

seer i am, so are you dear 
for i see you and you see me 
i know you do 
i am your soul and you are mine 
like a dance of one 
not two 

play with me on the hills here now 
for i love this world so much
but not like a one that is attached 
it is like a love that is free 
it is like a love that is full of grace
it sings in me like moonlight on still waters 
it stirs my heart to be in love each moment 
it cleanses me as rivers that are clear 
it brings fresh flowers to my soul like a sweet lover 
it frees me of my confusion
it lights me up with fire heart 
it sends me messages of hope and gives me great 
feeling of an arrival coming forward 
and an illusion that is being healed 
it wonders not ever, for it just knows what is 
and it is never negative, not even a drop
but always positive 
it is this interaction with spirit that is now
it is this heart shining that is here now
as Siddhananda
but lord knows that this will be gone too 
and merge as one knower, one seer, one heart 
one reality 
one being 
not two, not two

what the seer is ..

what the seer is
she is not of time reality
as the dreamer is in this reality
she is lost in the dream of other and
is a conveyer of this dream language
she sits with the spirit and lives their story in her soul
and brings what it conveys
forward to bring cleansing energy to others

in her heart lives an eye that is clear and insightful
it is like a kaleidoscope of reflective energy in which
the dance of life plays
she sees not just the body in front of her, but sees thru
the body into the heart of the spirit as if the body is made
of translucent light energy or just mist truly and not really
very important except in the conveying of how that spirit
presents and how this presentation
weaves into their story or energetic piece of artwork of
their soul
when she sees, the imagery flowers as an unfolding wonder
like here is this story and there is that feeling and then
this is the picture of it and then another ...
like an unfolding viewing of living color imagery
she does not place her world onto the unfolding as this
would darken it and make it not valid
but intuits what is there without thinking about it
or wondering about it, just directly perceives it in a way
using sensing other than her ordinary senses (extrasensory)
in this way the spirit language is interpreted and from
here it is translated and flows forward

when she is with spirit-being her eyes can be closed or open
and she does not see easily what is in front of her beyond her
seeing of the spirit story that is emerging...
she may be speaking as if she is totally present, but much of
the time she is so connected with spirit that she is not hearing
or seeing what else is happening around ...
this is not painful or odd to her, it is just how it works...

in closing, i would like to add that channeling is different than
clairvoyance or seeing ..
channeling is more like being a radio transmitter for spirit
and speaking *as* spirit, not seeing and translating language of
sometimes these energies can be blended somewhat, but the work
with spirit message was primarily done with clairvoyance or clear
seeing ..

clairvoyance is not an unusual playing out in the heart which is
drenched with an endless supply of wonders..
clairvoyance is simply no big deal within the world of spirit ...

om shanti

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

this woman that sees

so free is she, 
this woman that sees 
she dwells in the heart 
like a beautiful dove, untouched 
her hair is crimson brown and shines 
like gold when it catches the light 
her mind is made of emeralds rich 
and of the nature element 
her dress is like the moon it shines 
so beautiful, radiant against the darkness 
her eyes pierce the shadow nature and 
are made of grace true 
her lips speak of the one heart of all
that sings through all things and lives 
through all forms and dances through 
all worlds 
she lives in the spirit world like a queen
of heart 
yet she looks to you so very ordinary i 
am sure 
for she is like this in her way 
to speak to you of the time of awakening 
to speak to you that she is awakening to love 
and beauty and joy 
like a flower emerging from the soil of toil 
and suffering 
she rises up with her sturdy stalk
her petals opening slowly to reveal the 
white purity 
how this purity shines in the sun like heaven 
like joy and rebirth 
so full of richness
she is not what you think inside as she is made 
of earth, grit, roots of hearty substance, ground, 
tantra oh yes she is 
what will we call her? hmmmmm
maybe love 
for she is to be on fire soon dear hearts 
and you will know then 
by her way that singes the soul in such a good way
in such a healing way 
it will burn like sweet honey that makes room for the 
light in you 
it will burn like oil that is lit to bring awareness to your mind 
like lightening too that goes in deep and makes the darkness 
oh she will indeed bring her light of awareness to you
how she will
this mystic lady so real 
this mystic lady of heart 

when she comes, she will bring her fresh presence
that is open like a lotus 
it resonates of light and love 
like a lotus, it has risen above the mud of existence 
to be freed from the fetters of mind 
it has risen like a princess of heart that has come 
from the ashes of great suffering 
and is not to be messed with truly friend 
for she is not a one to be taken lightly 
her way is of spirit, it is a disembodied way 
as it has walked through all phases of the journey 
and back again to be here for humanity's sake 
she has come through the mind like a one that has been 
knocked very low and got up to walk again
oh she has my dear and you know not the full of this story
and it matters not 
but she is like this kind of risen up reality within the feminine 
when she walks, she will be inside as shiva 
for he came to her prior to this opening 
and put the trident in her hand and the chandra on her 
head and opened the third eye to be clear and awake 
and from there, the stream of visions poured forth in abundance 
and this is not easy in the least for her 
it is like a stream of reflections that are clear running, running continuous 
and for her to listen to them is not like here is one and then  take a rest and then
another, but like whooosshhh... here is this, this, this .. continuous 
this mystic sage to be is whirling now in the cosmos as a one that is in
the mystic eye and being purified as light 
she is turning about and does not feel it, but grace is making it so
i know this sounds odd to many for how is this so? 
but it is ike the messages just came from this grace, so does this writing 
she is not really writing as Siddhananda... and this is why it sounds impersonal
because it is just flowing due to grace 
i hope this is clear and taken in well by others, but it is what it is ...
and time will tell the story and the ending to be ...

om shanti

Monday, October 19, 2015

we will go to the meadow

come with me my dear
we will go to the meadow near the mountains
and lay there
and feel the bed of earth on our skin bare
we will find that place where angels
have kissed
and live in this light of beauty
we will take our hands and intertwine them
and feel the skin there soft or worn with work
and toil
we will take our cheek and press it against
the earth too
and hear the heavens speak underneath
and hear the seeds beginning to open up
and hear the dirt alive there
we will take our fingers and brush them across
the grass and feel each tingling of life pass thru
we will taste the berries on the vine and leave the
sweetness to drip down our face and necks
without a care
as we go on
we will find a place to rest
and sit amongst the forest world
and sit amongst the rocks so silent
and sit amongst the heavenly creation
that is like a dream truly
but while it is here now, we will relish it
as if it is our last dinner
and we will take this plate of food and eat it
with all our being
and then be satiated, yes! because we did
not let one moment slip by unnoticed in this
place of life
oh souls, we will go to the meadow
and lay our bodies on the earth

Saturday, October 17, 2015

a dynamic pairing...

blessed souls, i am bringing you the visions this morning
as in the messages, i will write what comes even if sounding very odd, or hmm how can that be? to your mind... because this is just the way it is and i am not afraid to say what comes...
as minds mostly are not seeing this way, it is questioned i am sure, but see this is the shade that is pulled down.... as yes! spirit lives in all it's dance and fine way of speaking with color, light and majesty, yes! spirit lives... so now let us begin...

spirit is standing in the middle of a stream
behind is the past phase like a stream, darkened (just meaning over with)...
in front is the coming new phase (spirit is facing in this direction)..
there were some questions that came as in this writing that i am doing now... should i keep writing of the imagery as i know not if this is helpful (good, bad?) is the question
as far as heart pointings goes there were open arms and flowers thrown up in the air, daisies (to continue)...
"the best seat in the house" was celebrated and the writing on Mary, there were white flowers thrown in the air... (***well, i hope spirit liked it because after all, that's who wrote it as it just comes spontaneous***)...
anyway, the messages from spirit blog shone a sun as to say yes, and then i saw the energy from heart pointings moving forward and there was a light over the horizon
there was a bag of gold coins thrown in the air when messages from spirit (blog) was felt .. it went up high into the sky and moved forward in the ethers, floating, heading over the mountains .. being enjoyed by the ethers and the forward motion of the future that is to come ..
***please know souls, i can only convey imagery as it is and do not predict future happenings.. no idea what blossoms from the imagery .. this is how it is***
then, when *feeling* messages from spirit energy, there was an image of a pure white lily, it had blood on the base of it and on some of the lovely white of it ... this is Siddhananda in her spirit was the feeling as there was so much pain and suffering in her form and in her mind that came ... and in the last life too....(i happened to be privy to this and yes, it was no picnic either)...
so what is seen was this lovely, fresh white lily that was partially blood stained, coming up from that was the light of Guru, starting at the bottom of the stem and like a white angel moving upward into the flower... this is the light of Guru, her grace that entered there...
then what was heard is, this is the dynamic pairing that created this union to allow the work of spirit to flow...
the blood of great sacrifice and suffering and the pure light, grace (not to mention Guru's sacrifice and journey), then ... boom! there it is ..

so then there was an image of a lily with the light coming up..
a dynamic pairing was heard again
a dynamic pairing ...

then what was heard was: moonlight melting on still waters
                                          and my mind has melted too
                                          ( a heart pointings poem)

these words kept playing, strumming through consciousness
then, "my mind has blossomed, scent it with thy fragrance and perfect it ... one of Ramana's writings

here is the beat of it

a dynamic pairing
a dynamic pairing

moonlight melting on still waters
and my mind has melted too

"my mind has blossomed
scent it with thy fragrance
and perfect it "....

a dynamic pairing
a dynamic pairing
(seeing that lily, so white
and fresh
with Guru's light coming up
like an angel)

moonlight melting on still waters
and my mind has melted too

"my mind has blossomed
scent it with thy fragrance
and perfect it" ...

the vibration of this moving through like a beat....

blessed day to all.. until next time..
and may spirit move you...

shanti om

the visionary

dear souls
the crystal clear visions still come
this morning what a stream of finery
of love divine
here is some spirit beauty just for you
if you see a painting on the wall
of colorful life in play
do you just look at it with hmmmm
and then go your way on to be immersed
in the worldly drama
well the one with vision she does not do this
she sees a different way
she sees like shiva and comes *into* the
picture and there she is immersed like
one of the players of it
and a witness too
there, she brings the sensual imagery
to her own form
takes the grit of it and tastes it with her
tongue and relishes the flavor divine
she takes the greenery that springs from it
and smells it deep and hears it too
even the smallest raindrop she can hear
she feels the heavens as her own being
floating through her form
her ears, souls, they are not like ordinary ears
they hear the heartbeat of the  world in it's dance
of joy
and in it's sorrow and pain too
it mourns like a small bird that lost it's mother
it mourns like a wind that howls through the night
it mourns like a young child to be free
she hears it and brings these visions souls to you
like a princess of heart and a loving mother
and a fierce one too  that will bloom soon
and never take shadow in again
she is in the painting of life and puts it on her
skin ... do you see her doing this?
she rests her whole being in it .. do you feel her
doing this?
she eats it in a way and digests it well like
what is this taste? it tastes like spirit
it tastes like blue spirit, red spirit, black
spirit and all the diversity of spirit
and it tastes too like heaven drenched in all
of it
she opens her mind to the *whole* flavor
of it
she opens her heart to the *whole* flavor
of it
she does not say, no big deal..  this is just
a ray of moonlight dripping on a flower
no big deal, this tulip was closed at dusk
and now in the morning, it dances full, open
bright as the brightest sunrise
no big deal, the ocean waves move with such grace
in and out, washing, rinsing
no souls, she feels each vibration like a song
in her soul
like a pouring out of divine wine that has been
aged for centuries
churned in the heart of light
she sees this and so much more ... the visionary
mystic lady of love
she sings of this too you feel it souls!
come on now, wake up from your slumber
and bed of dreams to be with her where she lives
in the paradise of spirit
she lives there always and always will in her soul
and when she does not see this way anymore
love, she will be on fire
so do not let this time slip now as it is
the lady of spirit light
she lives now this way
but later
she will be as Guru

Friday, October 16, 2015

Continuing imagery..

Friday, 10/16 2015

imagery this morning

all sorts of cherry blossoms reflected of different colors and varieties..
this went on for awhile
then, a geyser like spring come forward from the ground, growing tall and large with great power..
it unearthed the cherry blossom trees...
within the water, one could see the bits of blossoms being lifted up in that great spring... what was heard was, "new life is coming"....
then, the consciousness was brought below the surface of the earth .. the rocks opened up and  bright light broke through...
i was looking at the hole, staring down at it, when it became dark and very deep, like a tunnel..
my mind asked, what is down there? and what sprang forward was a flower rising up and becoming darkened and then moving more to the side ...
i was kind of floating there at this point and what came forward was a young girl.. it felt as if she just rose out from my being... i could see the back of her hair, it was golden and long... her dress was so sweet with sparkles.. she had a bright ribbon in her hair .. she was like a beautiful, innocent angel, untouched, completely free of any darkening of sorrow or any experience of earthly type of existence  .. she simply floated away into the cosmos -- odd feeling and it felt almost as if it was my true innocent self, girl-like, sweet.. preserved like this eternally.. it was a joyful kind of feeling ...
this is the end of this imagery...

off and on through the day, there is the feeling/image that earth is being placed on my feet for grounding and substance... this happens at random times, like when driving, walking, doesn't matter...

The Mary imagery is mostly distant, now and then emerges mostly very thin..

There is also some odd new imagery of seeing Guruji dancing like the Siva tandeva in her new shirt she made... she is stomping her feet hard, like spanish type of dance, then she whirls around and around.. and i heard, "she is dancing on ego's head", but she doesn't know it .. she is not conscious of it as she is light... this will happen to you too Siddhananda... you two are one...
Her image is clearer than seeing her in the daylight with the brightest sun.. she is whirling and spinning like the dancing dervish.. then her material on her shirt is looks like a spinning top..
I asked her if she was dizzy today from doing all this dancing and she did not know of course what i was talking about -- then i told her and she said, "see, i will never get out of working." We decided to call the dance, the "ego stomp"... a good name...
also, there was an image of her essence being brought close to me and it felt as if there was communication through the heart, then i heard, "she can't hear you yet."... it feels maybe some communication channels are being opened for later, but no one can say... i did tell her about this, she said, she wasn't sure, but found the whole thing interesting ...  just part of the unfolding transient nature of things...

very tired today as haven't slept well ... never a dull moment -- Guruji says she feels mostly the same everyday within, just quiet and never gets entertainment from thoughts even...
that sounds pretty good right now to me...

may all be well and om

truly on the mystic path

The vision this morning is one of a sun with a spoke that is burning -- it was heard, these are the mystic visions, a white wispy veil is being placed over that spoke, ethereal like and floating in the ethers..
then an image of a woman appears wearing a dress made of skulls, large skulls like Kali's necklace.. it reminded me of Guru's shirts she is making, but on that material the skulls are bright like sugar skulls... these skulls are made of black, rich earth and true bone, real and raw feeling .. no joke...
i notice the imagery comes sometimes this way -- what is seen outside comes inside and is enlivened there... but the spirit feeling with this is that this is the opposite ...
that all comes from the inside out ... not the other way around .... how very blind-sighted one is when just seeing with the physical eyes.. from the viewpoint of outside only ... this is incorrect was the feeling...
then these skulls on the dress grew bigger and i could see above, the head was made of a skull that changed into different types of skulls ... so raw feeling, hard to explain ...
what was heard was, "bone, dead decay"... this feeling kept resonating and resonating...
then the skeleton was brought to my form and i could feel it was what this body was made of...
and my mind got a shock, a taste of death... i was shaking, shaking ...
then i heard, now you got a taste of not being this rusty frame...
then what was shown to me was a coffin that opened .. it was dark and black...
and i heard....look, this is your coffin Siddhananda... this is where your body will lay...
and here is your urn ... this is where your ashes will be...
this was felt deeply within -- this is your funeral procession.. look...
and as this was felt -- i could see my body laying there, white and pale, the life drawn out of it...
looking down at it .. i could still feel this "I" strongly as ... "i am still myself though."...
then the question, "What dies?"... "Who dies?"... and "What is this I?" resonated...
also, feeling helpless too as if i have no power to do anything.. so let grace come, let grace come...
i cannot relay the feeling of this well as i read it ... it was stark and shocking ---
then, i heard in my mind, "well if Mary couldn't help them, they must be really resistant." It was Guruji's voice.. she was speaking to the state of my hands and arms/shoulder... there is still pain, weakness there... i was feeling inside at this time, yes, what can help me? Then i was shown the image of a cross made of light ... "the resurrection" was heard.."this is what will make all right",...
then there were tears .....
after this i felt inside myself,"my God, i have been half asleep."...

then i heard, "now you are truly on the mystic path"...

Souls, i have always been true and honest in my conveying, never have i made anything up or embellished it  to make it sound better (or worse) than what it is....the last post while reading may have felt, wow, what a beautiful experience, but this journey has been no joke, and i am here to give the "whole" of the journey, not just the breath taking bits of stopping places...

So please, let us keep walking forward and do not turn away the eyes when the harder realities hit home..
grace is always there with that open door,
beckoning us onward..

may your day be blessed with love and light
now onward...

Thursday, October 15, 2015

the best seat in the house (revised)...

5:00 AM

Vision: Mother Mary floating in the cosmos ... she puts her hand on my forehead and brushes it gently as if to shut my eyes... then a large vision of a cross emanating light luminescent light, light..

then what is heard in my mind

Who is Siddhananda and i see a reflection of this form looking back shrugging her shoulders, like *i don't know*..
then this poem:

Does the cosmos know who Siddhananda is?
the cosmos does not know who Siddhananda is
Does Mary know who Siddhananda is?
Mary does not know who Siddhananda is
Does Christ know who Siddhananda is?
Christ does not know who Siddhananda is
Does Guru now who Siddhananda is?
Guru does not know who Siddhananda is
Does Buddha know who Siddhananda is?
Buddha does not know who Siddhananda is
Do the angels know who Siddhananda is?
The angels do not know who Siddhananda is
Does the earth know who Siddhananda is?
The earth does not know who Siddhananda is
Do the stars know who Siddhananda is?
The stars do not know who Siddhananda is
Do the heavens know who Siddhananda is?
The heavens do not know who Siddhananda is
Does the sun know who Siddhananda is?
The sun does not know who Siddhananda is
Who is Siddhananda?
I don't know

hearing next phase is beginning....

there is an image of cherry blossoms against a full moon
Mary is here and hearing Christ is here too....

7:54 AM

some visions still coming ...
most of yesterday did not feel the imagery strong -- so much less so than the days prior..
then, what i saw were my feet dangling down -- different shoes were on my feet (as the different forms lived in and lives walked).. such clear, sharp imagery as before -- there was a hole in the rocky substance i was standing on that opened up a bit with light penetrating through...
then, my vision was brought up close to the hand of it felt like a woman, she wore stunning gold on her fingers, brilliant gold .. her attire was rich, brightly jeweled, opulent, lux are the words that come to mind... this imagery is much clearer, brighter than real life...
i was able to zoom in on this imagery as before when doing the work and feel and *see* each curve, cut, shimmer and vibration of beauty through my form, mind and spirit...
since not feeling the imagery for even part of a day, it was like, "wow, i could see like that!" almost as if i had forgotten the feeling like, "there it is!" as if i had found again a part of my way that seemed so normal (as it had been going on for so long - waving in and out for years)...  same as if i have brown hair -- no big deal in a way.. just kind part of who i am... but now seeing it again like this, it felt amazing and cherished in a different way entirely...

back to the rock imagery, I heard, if you go in there Siddhananda you will lose everything (in terms of these cosmic visions and such).. this hole opened and it was felt that i was floating within it ..

i am sorry, i do not remember the sequence of these visions, but hopefully you get the feel.. i am writing it somewhat for myself too for when this *seeing* in this way is lost, i can read it again and remember this time...

then, some imagery came through of remembrances...
of *seeing* brilliant diamonds, perfectly cut with reflections of the world dancing within it .. zooming in on experiences of souls on the other side, their lives, what they were wearing, their countenance and having a peak at their internal emotional life...
as well as being able to read the book of their soul.. the *feeling* of it being *right there*, so bright and clear...
being deeply immersed in the scenery of nature, so glorious...
as if being at the heartbeat of mother earth, rich and dark with her fine way that gives the gift of the seasons...the gift of earth energy of love and light, birth, death, decay and regeneration - so generous in her giving -- at the center of it cleansing, cleansing, always cleansing...
having the honor of being brought into the cave of spirit where the lingum sits dark and mysterious, rich in feeling and depth and love ... and going right into that lingum too as a doorway opened and i was taken there to view the passing of scenery in such a graceful manner and how it relates to the journey of awakening...
*seeing* new fresh growth and brightening of precious life occur right before the eyes in a  miraculous way...
feeling the dance of bright souls in their joy and transformation...
being taken through mystic doorways of light and beauty so vivid, angelic, heart wrenchingly beautiful and precious in it's feeling, love and grace...
viewing the sky, the clouds, the waterfalls (clear and rinsing), the birds flight, sunrise and set ... the ocean waves crashing up close and personal...
viewing and flying through above and below and within the earth mountains as soft light breaks through.. dreamlike and magical...
and of course seeing the moon, the moon -- with all it's dynamic phases and changes that give bright mystery to the sky daily...
and also brought into the cave of death where horrors occur and hearts and spirits are left broken, yet drenched still in grace through this showing...
all of these scenes viewed up close, crystal clear and vivid in their dance...

oh grace, you have given me the best seat in the house of this fine viewing... you have given me the best seat in the house, of this i am beyond appreciative
as always it is not my will, but thy will -- and i do desire for this journey to complete -- if it means being without these visions, so be it ...

now the curtain is closing on this show slowly, little by little .. one day i will read this writing and look back and say really, i was given the privilege of seeing all of that?... how heart achingly beautiful, strange and mysterious...



It is good to see more comments flowing... this work has been sitting here a long time with few souls chiming into comment...
the writing here comes through the same way as the spirit messages -- spontaneous and without personal involvement...
some of the poetry and imagery in them, have come out in the spirit messages .. it is all the same flow of divine light...
it is good to see more comments and love flowing (not just here, but with all the work done on the path) as it brings in more energy...
not all comments may be answered, but know they are being read and appreciated and it is known the handful that regularly comment ... so appreciated...
the blog is no different, there was a lot of work done on many levels to bring that about.... comments, support appreciated as this energy flows outward as love and support for this work...

blessed journey to all..
shanti om

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Blog


Here is the link to the new blog: Messages from Spirit.

om shanti

New Phase at an End

4:30 or 5:00 PM
tues 10/13/15

imagery coming now.
since last night the sisters said, it is now time to close the doors...
today, i was not able to engage spirit or be *animated* by it as before ... it was like a brick wall was there ...
I am still seeing Mary, but she is giving signs that this work as it is coming out now has ended...
it is over as the blood moon has passed and the zenith of the energetic opening has moved downward...
i do see a wave going downward with the earth sitting on it, there is still a strip of light underlying this as if this light of transformation is still working to wear away the hard shell of the ego reality that is lived in within humanity....
i also see a wheel spinning that is stuck in the mud, spinning, spinning and going nowhere ...
then this wheel is brought by Mary with her hand to the sky and turns into a full moon with a clock..
it is time now to end this phase...
she has her hand to her heart... 
what i am seeing and hearing is that the universe is working on cutting the tie to these cosmic visions... and this will end for me when this connection is severed in the way of being projected outward and then will come into my heart and be absorbed and embodied in terms of realization (whatever time that takes)...
there is a cord there that is rather heavy connected to the cosmos in this way and there are scissors as the threads are being cut ...
i do see an image of Mary with the door open to the cosmos and her finger to her lips... silence, silence... this is a mystery... 
this image is brought to my heart and being absorbed there ...
i also see an image of the moon and the stars that are resting there in my heart.. being absorbed and embodied...
also, what is happening now is as i am walking there is a nuns habit placed on my form -- it changes from black and white to all white ... then what is placed on my form is the image of a young girl in a blue dress with a ring of flowers on her hair (very innocent and fresh in her being)... 
the nuns habit dissolves into light and is absorbed within my form/spirit... 

this is all that can be written right now.. i am a bit shaky and spent today through these changes..
praying all is well for all concerned ...
and wishing Guru well with all my heart...

 shanti om

6:00 PM

Another image: Mother Mary energy/light walked through a door and shut it -- meaning, this phase is over... then she came out of the door again and began working on this form/spirit --
it was heard, that the work now is to make Siddhananda still --
i did see a dress being unzipped -- this was taking time as the material was stiff ...
(this is the covering of the world)... then that was taken off and this body was bathed in light --
there was a lot of work being done by spirit soul, nun energy in terms of hands on energy given...
it was heard that there are angels and attendees for the spirits that were being worked with here ...
that this work that came forward was an example for humanity's sake -- a wake up call...
this is all for now...

7:04 PM

imagery of Mother Mary with finger to her lips --- shhhhh, silence ...
Her finger is wagging like *no more, no more of this* ... i am asking as in no more ego etc, but she shows me an image of the rocks we are working with and says no more of that with a finger to her lips and her head is shaking *no*...
then, i hear this will come in another form and this will die away into the bed of realization for this soul Siddhananda...
then she picks up the stones that are in the cups we are working with. She then throws them in the air and they turn into lights like stars against the darkness... and also bright glows against the deep blue sky at dusk and dawn .. no worries with this, it is felt... it is all light ... no worries...
end of this imagery....

7:28 PM

Mother Mary is giving the directive to not engage with spirit anymore in this way and manner ... that all questions have been answered...
She has a hand to her heart and a finger to her lips... spirit message: Let all die away into the heart.


Today, less imagery is coming already...
i have seen Mother Mary very little or quite *thinly*...
i have felt help through the night from spirit in the way of cleansing and aiding in making this mind quiet...

there is still some misty imagery coming and there may be more flowing ...
will keep all posted..

Some final imagery for now is of cherry blossoms: New beginnings...
and Fireworks in the sky with the COS written out with hands clasped together in gratitude for Guruji's work and dedicated seva to humanity. It does my heart well that the universe honored her work in this way and that it lives on whether here in concrete form or in the ethers .. all one truly...
grateful to have played even a small part in this playing out...

Thank you for walking this magical journey so filled with mystery and grace...
Stay tuned for a new blog coming out *Messages from Spirit* ... the messages are transcribed there...
beautiful gems for all to drink in....

Blessed evening to all

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

flow of imagery...

Will share the imagery that came this morning...

i felt and saw the nun energy presence...
there was a lotus blossom placed in my mouth and my tongue was purified until it looked white. She was there, Mary, wearing a lovely white and light blue flowing habit of purity. There was a strong torrent of a river running, running.. then my hand went to my mouth as if to say shhhh... it is a mystery... silence, silence....
Then, i saw some imagery of nuns walking with the full moon behind and heard "we haveto close our doors on this now"... then that image faded little by little and there was a rich black stillness present...
i then saw an image of large pieces of luggage being drowned and dissapearing in the ocean as the waves crashed...
there was imagery of gorgeous waves rising and falling, rising and falling, crisp and clear as if one were those waves or had the best *seat* in the viewing of this beauty...
 i was brought under the water, yet remained more on the surface where you could see through to the sky... it was magical with sparkling light and also could see the full moon glowing through...
then there was a door that was opening and a burst of light came through and i was brought into that experience-- i have never felt such peace with the imagery as if floating like an angel through this experience of grace with shaded images of mountains and soft light appearing among the shadows of rock formations ... lovely, light and so free feeling...
i can't recall more at this time ...
please know i have experienced imagery (prominently nature imagery) for years in abundance especially the first several years of the journey... this is not new to me... 
it is new in the *way* it is coming on some levels with the Mary visions and psychic style  ---
it is *new* in the way of engaging spirit and the messages...
these images are not like here is one and there is one -- it is flowing throughout the day ...
i cannot explain it, but it is happening regularly... 
i want to share of this now as i feel in the future at some point, it will end and if there is anything to be learned by it or a message in it that is of benefit to others then this does my heart well...

May spirit be with you and *sing* through you in all your moments...

maha shanti om

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Beauiful Sisters

What is coming now, is in the night, while fully awake there is a Mary type of energy dressed in a white flowing gown. She takes one hand/arm at a time (as my hands and arms have had much pain) and with her lilly white hands made of light, massages them gently. She then goes to the left shoulder where it seems to be locked up and moves in a rotative manner to dispel the knots there. Her presence is gentle and sweet. She is very much adept in her healing and can move through the solid form as if made of pure awareness. She also placed some ointment in a wrapping and wrapped my shoulder with that. The ointment was made of light.

There is another nun with her. Her habit is white and black - a similar light energy in her love and full presence of attending to the form.
Then i felt a nuns habit on my face and form (black and white) and a cross on my forehead as well as a rosary around my neck. The sisters said to me that in my past lives i have never been a nun, but i am now a true nun. This is due to sacrifice and pain. I was not understanding why this christening of sorts came to me this way and in this manner. I did hear Bernadette of Lourdes in my mind, but i have never associated myself with this kind of thing. Not even close. Then what was said is that these visions and all associated with it would come now and then be done and there would be stillness of heart and mind (in this lifetime). They told me to "embrace it well". That my Guru was right to say that. They said, then the final phase of the moon would enter in for me (the full moon) and there would be completion.

Then i found myself weeping, holding my hands in prayer to my forehead and saying, "Thank you for blessing me sisters. Thank you for the grace, beautiful sisters".
I did ask if others could receive this blessing of light and the Mary energy put her finger to her mouth to say it is a mystery and made again the gesture of open arms. I heard, for those that are in love with God.

Precious souls, i know this sounds very odd and to me to. Please do not think in any way that i am making this up for that makes me ache inside. I am being true in my conveying of these experiences and want to say that spirit will not be understood by your mind. It cannot be compared with your experiences or come into alignment with your identity that you hold. It is so beyond this understanding of limited mind that it does not get taken in. So very heartbreaking.

Please be aware deeply that this coming is transient and will not remain in this form and manner. It is a precious jewel that is not to be trampled on.
I did not know in any shape or form what was to emerge in the light and by association with the light/Guru... I am not looking for this nor do i desire to keep it going. It will come with grace and die away with grace, but the heart of hearts, this remains always, strong, vibrant, bright.

May you all be blessed with love, light and freedom.

This poem came during this experience. Om shanti.

                                                Beautiful sisters of the light.
                                                Beautiful sisters of the dove.
                                                Beautiful sister of the whole.
                                                Beautiful sister of the heart.

through grace

she lays hands on you dear
in the evening
her face is as light,
her aura like moon beams
her hands like lilies, white and pure
on her form, she wears a white
flowing gown
it surrounds her face that is
soft as an angel
through her grace, light enters
into the form
penetrating the collections of things
that are not in accordance
with love, light, peace
she penetrates into the muscles,
the bone, the chemistry of the
make-up of the soul
as lazers do
she penetrates into the soul like
sun rays that are sharp
she penetrates into the mind
like a luminescent glow
then, this decay of the world
is flushed out as the rivers
flush out the debris
the sand, the dirt
what is she made of souls?
pure light
what is she here to teach?
to be like her, dove-like with
wings that are white, fresh, new
how does she come?
through the heavens and the clouds
and the earth filled with life
through the sun, the shadows, the winds
through the bed of the world
she comes
like a goddess
a nun
a mother
a full moon
a clear healing pool of water
sinking your soul in there deep
and clear

she makes herself known to me through grace
like the stars and planets make their presence
known on a dark night
lit up and glowing
she makes herself present to me and i see her
made of light and purity
resting in truth
her countenance wears such perfect peace
her dress is beautiful, like white gold truly
if you could see her in your mind like this
she will be healing as healing as the freshest
spring that flows of health and vibrancy
she will rain her mercy on your soul
and make you see that you are untouched
like Bernadette of Lourdes
she was a young girl, unlearned
she saw this vision too
and she was not afraid because she was
not thinking herself to be anything but
ordinary inside
and not even anything that was like
the goddess
with her beauty so fine
and not anything that would make herself be
as a holder of this beauty
she was young and fresh and innocent like this
inside as we all are my friends
so ready, so open, so available to take in this
wondrous creation in all it's aspects
she will ease your concern that you are not
beautiful as a sinless one
she will take that away
and you will be blessed with spirit
in the way of *seeing* and healing
and being still
and honoring light
and loving this moment
and loving the flow of joy
and loving the child joy
and loving the nun/sister joy of purity
and loving each other well
and loving heart fire
and being quiet and knowing this is moving right
this is right
this moment

when she makes herself known
she comes with company sometimes
a nun that is very adept at healing
she is also very calm, pure and filled with
life real
this nun energy is one that brings the blessing
of endurance, compassion, goodwill, healing, helping
humanity, prayer, light, being in alignment with Christ
and all that is good
this is the message
to journey inward to the center of the flower
and with this
do the work of giving light to yourself and others
do not feel this work a burden or that it is anything
that *takes* from the soul
it is not this way
it is as a freshness that will renew, recharge, heighten
your work is the work of spirit if you are open
and nothing can come against it

she will come to any that are open and
in love with God
i know this because i have seen her way
i have indeed
she said with her heart that
she will come to those that pray for her grace
she will be there and find those sticking
and shine her heavenly mercy there
and heal the wounds that are open
she will heal

the nun presence is here to bring refreshment
and lessons of spirit
may you feel it deep
because you are like spirit in your soul
may you feel it deep

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

the taste of spirit

i need to say that you have been far 
too long in the enclosure of mind 
and you are listening to that message 
but that is like a dream that tastes 
bitter in the end 
because you are so used to this taste of 
mental happenings 
you go back there for more 
my dear in this going back, you miss
the taste of spirit 
so unburdened in it's flavor that it is 
missed by your tongue 
it tastes completely different from mind 
it is like a honey flavor, scented with 
it saturates the mind, senses and every 
body part with light 
it saturates the action with grace so 
that movement is spontaneous 
and not of *doing* or *calculating*
it saturates the vision with non-dual beauty 
and rich feeling that all is well and complete 
it does not taste like mind, thoughts, projections, 
activity of ego which is flavorless truly 
in comparison 
as if you might see a picture of a beautiful
sunset in a book 
and then to see those lively colors against the sky
heaven feeling and ethereal with silhouettes of clouds
of different hues and light breaking through the whole 
so very much filled with the *flavor* of life true 

if you are still
you can feel all of nature in you 
the oceans and the seas and the mist rising 
you can feel the rains pure and refreshing
you can feel the earth with it's nutrition and 
bedding made for the seedlings to rise up
you can feel the blossom that flowers on the branch
and brings such beautiful color of such varieties 
and offerings 
you can feel the mountains with ice and snow and cooling 
energy therein
you can feel the colorful leaves in autumn
and the crisp coming of wind and rains 
and winter with life that lays dormant, sitting, waiting 
for it's time to blossom
oh souls, can you feel it in you?
it is in your blood and your heart 
because you are made the same as all
can you feel it in you right now?

the sun has risen this evening 
though the night is dark 
it has risen up like a light so full and 
with light extending outward 
it cannot go to sleep, the sun 
it loves the moon always and finds it's alignment
there and with the earth 
in different ways and different dances it works 
together, harmonious with the planets 
and the stars too
they align like a beautiful dance that sends different 
energies to the earth 
and brings messages of different astrologies that are like 
the various personalities for the soul,
various energetic patterns of the soul 
like all things that are earthly/ethereal and of life 
there are various different energetic patterns that 
play out to form a specific presence
or a life-form 
but inside where it is dark and pure and real and 
perfect, there lives a nature that is pattern-less
it is the origin of all the playing out in the universe 
it is shed of patterns, colors and happenings 
it is not touched by anything ever 
it is like a heart in it's original nature 
it is like God in it's primal nature 
it is like kali in her primal nature 
it is like Shiva as he is 
kept pure always 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

heart friend, nature

i grew up in the Seattle area where
you looked was beautiful nature 
lush and glorious
the blooming of each season was like a bright 
i spent so much time outside amongst nature 
with kundalini rising and all that came with that 
this was very much part of the path for me 
it offered a reprieve from the worldly way 
and drama 
it offered a reprieve from the difficulties of the 
it offered a reprieve from the responsibilities 
it offered a reprieve from the confines of 
being indoors 
it offered a reprieve from being social
it offered silence, aloneness and contemplation
it offered everything in the way of beauty 
and asked for nothing 
it is like this, nature 
healing, beautiful, vibrant, mysterious
without this time, i cannot say this journey 
would have been at all the same for me
though the path certainly is an essential 
but the long, long hours in nature 
was like a heart friend for me 
and still is 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

spirit message

spirit message is like the untouched heart
it sings of that which lives beyond the mind,
body connection 
it comes spontaneous in the way of saying 
that all is one and in love always 
it comes as the fresh rains come when the 
heat has risen high 
and this cooling is like the best feeling 
fresh, pure and bringing regeneration 
it comes as the sun comes, rising over the 
mountain range and with this, the shadows 
flee so easily 
it comes as the blooming life that rises from 
the rich earth and brings a fresh awakening of color 
vibrant and playful for all to enjoy
it comes as the moon rise and sheds it's light 
over the land and melts it's light on still waters
it comes as stillness comes, spontaneous and unexpected 
and often when one is involved and not looking even 
but there it is, like a bright gem --
saying, come and look! the heart is here for you to bask 
in and love in and be in 
it comes like a whisper too in the depths of the darkness
a small spark that lives and breathes and waits for the 
right timing 
when the mind is quiet and in love with God and then
it sets itself on fire with heart 
to be seen and never forgotten 
this message of spirit is as the free one 
leaving out the complexity of worldly drama 
and words 
just says it all in one image 
one feeling
an invitation to come into yourself 
be at home there 
be at ease there 
and just be 

as a light

oh my friend 
the moon is full still 
do not believe it is just in the sky 
it has risen in the heart and lives there 
as the fullness of all
like a lantern, it light itself up to be 
seen and followed and taken in 
it lights itself up with completion 
of the journey 
and with wholeness that is not to 
be compromised 
it lights itself up with living om and 
sends it's light to all to be still 
be still
be full as the moon
do not believe it is just in the sky
for you are always in this fullness

Thursday, October 1, 2015

be blessed

what has this i to say about the world?
it makes up stories of this and that
it makes up ill-usions of here and there 
and me and you 
it knows not the world at all 
it knows not the one beautiful source 
it knows not that which all flows from 
it knows not your true name and face 
it knows not what is wondrous 
it knows not what is full and complete 
it knows not what rises of love and freedom
it knows not the mysterious heart of all 
it knows not what death and birth are truly
it knows not what your soul is in reality 
it knows not your experience at the moment 
it knows not who you are truly
it knows not how deep love lives 
it knows not how deeply love feels 
it knows not your relations or your world truly
it knows not your form or your mannerisms
or the words that flow or the actions 
done or not done
it knows not your footsteps in the world 
or your good deeds or your misery
or your successes
it knows nothing truly as it is insentient
unaware, only an energy of motion
that you have attached to and hold near
but dear, these thoughts vanish all the time 
and are forgotten .. they cannot be reality
do not feed them with awareness
come and be blessed like the saints and 
masters and Buddhas 
they are here and are still as the deepest 
and untouched by this shakti play
come and be blessed by this energy of heart 
and live free 
do not accept this mind as truth 
be free and *aware* of heart, joy, beauty,
pure life and om
and allow this grace to shine and dissolve 
this *other* nature that has never been 
alive in a true way
what is alive is this moment and it lives always 
as one undivided whole
forget the drama way 
be blessed by the ones that know what is 
and live in beautiful quiet always