Friday, November 29, 2013

how sweet is thy fruit

how sweet is the fruit on the vine of knowledge
it tastes of created and uncreated in one
it tastes of stillness and presence
it tastes of life as it truly is
how it tastes of sweet joy
and love everlasting
put your lips to it dear seeker
taste it's fine flavor
it will not leave a residue of suffering
it will bring to your heart true life
which is undying

how you have not understood this treasure
of yours that is there to be tasted
but have turned it away again and again
how you have not felt it's sweet ripe beauty
in your veins and on your breath
if you take it in with quietude
then it sits and lives as truth
and will open up the one to the mind
how it sits ready to be savored
and is not to be as an object to be owned
it is your very soul dear
how can you take that which you already have?
just let the mind sink into it
and do not come back to taste of the world
but sink in
sink in

Thursday, November 28, 2013

who is your teacher?


this is an older poem..
a good day to be grateful and breathe in the blessings that abound..
may all be well and have a great thanksgiving day..

shanti om

who is your teacher?
and from where does your teacher come?
who is your master?
has he a home in your heart?
does he call you out of yourself to sit in the sun
and be a light unto yourself?
does he wait for you when you have
gone back to the shade to play and be alone in
your private world?
does he continue to be a light for you
even when you have gone away in your mind?
does he make your world lighter and more filled with heart?
does he live the truth and breathe fresh air into your lungs
and breathe fire in your heart?
does he say come, be free and out of this suffering way?
does he show the way out of your locked cell of thought?
does he say, live life! and be a great soul that is to be out of
the world!
does he speak clear words that come from a stilled mind?
does he betray you ever?
does he sting you when you are in pain to say "wake up"
shake off this dull way and come and be yourself for once!
be out of this mind shell! --
come and breathe truth and life and joy and sing of freedom
come and be pure and abiding in grace..
does he raise your spirit out of the dust?
does he give graceful energy to make your day more in harmony
with light and more deepened in the earth of the soul?
does he say, walk upright soul -- be sturdy and in yourself
do not betray your true nature ...
be of open heart within and not hemmed in by thought and judgement..
be still -- be patient -- be as a fearless one ...
does he love you unconditional as a child of the spirit
and a soul that will fly to the mountain where shiva dwells
with his crescent moon on his head
and his spacious being that has nothing in mind ever
untouched by form or pride or confusion?
does he say to not sorrow, but live here now
as this time will not be ever again...
so live it fully as a one that is to make this life a perfect joy
and not come back again to suffer and relearn lessons?
does he tremble at challenge, your teacher?
does he bemoan circumstances, your teacher?
does he shut himself out from life, your teacher?
who is your teacher my heart friend?
is it your world that you play in?
is it your dream that you dance in?
is it your family?
is it your friends?
is it the ache inside?
what is to make you hear and feel what is real and well
in your being?
what is to bring you to the waters of heart and purity and wonder?
who and what?
the world?
or grace?
who is your teacher friend?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

always as brahman

when the sadhu comes into the path of knowledge 
he burns to know the lord that is his very own heart 
he burns to know the Christ consciousness that is forever full
and free 
he burns as a light unto himself that is to be his own counsel
which means he does not look to another to bring freedom
but walks forward facing himself 
facing his fears and false perceptions and haunting desires 
that are like a river running always 
so he comes open, the sadhu, to being purified in grace 
as he has found by experience that no road in the world 
has brought his soul rest not even for a moment 
what an auspicious calling to be in the way of seeking this joy
he knows in him that it is grace only that has brought his mind 
to turn towards the light and seek God 
he knows that he is not perfect in himself as a body and mind 
but only God can make him perfect in consciousness and bring 
about stillness to his soul
so he moves forward as a man that does not know anything but this moment 
and forgets his world of sorrow and attachments 
he forgets all that he took to be real before which is like a dream 
when he is initiated by his Guru into sannyas 
then he is to begin to go thru consciousness and his dream states 
and question them and bring the light of wisdom (Guru's grace) with him
but Guru is not a persona that is to be attached to, but the light of the SELF
Guru embodies the light of wisdom that is one and in all hearts 
not as a body and mind as ego understands it 
but much deeper and broader and within the spiritual plane
the sadhu makes his life as a path to knowledge which is tantric in nature 
which means all is seen as the path and as a means to bring the mind to stillness
all is seen as God made manifest and not different than the source 
he makes his life as a path to perfection by looking always inside his own soul
to see what is true and what is false in nature 
he does not bend to ego's whims that judge and burn of relative knowledge 
this is what the man of the world is ingrained in and this is completely opposed 
to God or the source 
it is to be as a shadow and not the light that brings freedom
it is to be like an eclipse over the full and glorious moon
it is to be like a ray in relation to the sun and not what is true 
the sadhu is the man of seeking 
whether he takes initiation or not if he is sincere 
he is a true sincere seeker and is to go forward in beauty and light 
his imperfections which are vasanas ( or tendencies) will wash out in grace 
if he continues and does not turn back
and entertain that which is transient in his soul
he will remain always as brahman
the full and undying source
the peace that passes all understanding 

have you pondered this?

how can thoughts be more important
than from where they spring?
how can writing in books be
of more interest than the emptiness
(which is full) in which they arise?
how can the wave be more important
than the ocean from which it
is made manifest?
oh soul, have you pondered this?
because this is of great concern and
interest to a man that is in pursuit of the self
because he is not to be running after the
waves any longer and making understandings
from the dust of experience
how very not in the way of bringing liberation
is this
as the building of anything will find it's ruin
and will sink back into the source of all
it will not have any permanent existence
so ponder this dear souls
and forget the movement that brings rise
to differences
forget your little self that has so many competing
desires and transient understandings
and be like the best of all
which is God
unclothed of ego (attachment to body and mind)
unclothed of suffering (attachment to body and mind)
unclothed of anything that is different than the one
open up to life
and be true
be forever unbound
like the ocean full
like the source that is
always one

Friday, November 22, 2013

how he is free

there was a seeker
that knew where he was going 
he was going to the light 
and he walked onward towards his 
he walked onward on feet that were steady
he knew where he was going 
he was going to freedom
when he entered there 
into the pure waters that took away his knowing 
then he began to be still
he did not know anything anymore 
like a new babe 
that found his home in the heart 
like a newborn soul
that now only knows this moment
but is not in anyway lost 
but found 
as now the mind is quiet 
and unburdened by *knowing* 
and attempting to figure out 
that which cannot be understood by mind 
this seeker lost everything to gain all
which is peace 
he is not devoid of intelligence 
but filled with soul fire 
that is the source 
which is complete and in charge of every 
every breath
every moment that is 
how he knows nothing and knows all
the one that is liberated 
how he is complete when quiet 
how he is free 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

jai ma

seated in stillness
the man of purity is like
a shadowless moon
on a dark night
he puts light where there was
once suffering
he puts om where there was once
thoughts of this and that
he puts ocean consciousness
where the river of me and mine
once streamed
he puts calm where the turbulence
moved so easily
he puts night against the light
and makes this dream melt
as the sun melts behind the mountains
he is the awakening of the heart of all
how he is not of this world
or anything that is known
how he breathes stilled beauty
and serenity and light so full
how he burns of truth
how he burns of knowledge
how he burns of strength unwavering
in him the many are burned to ash
the seasons are washed away
the various appearances are dissolved
the various understandings are cut
the various shades of mind are lost forever
and the one rises victorious
as jai ma
as jai ma
as jai ma

Sunday, November 17, 2013

where the sage dwells

a sage does not sit in the dark
he sits where all is bright in beauty 
he sits serene in quietude 
he sits serene in fullness
he sits as a lamp that never goes out 
he sits still and does not wander 
away from truth
if you can come to where he dwells 
then you will be stripped of your unrest 
you will be stripped of your thoughts 
that drive you to believe there is something other 
if you can come where the sage lives 
you will be what he is 
seated in the Self
is it not a most auspicious moment now 
to come? 
as the door is open to you
your birth is in these waters of clarity
where the soul will be rinsed clean
and you will be free
then you have no death that lays heavy
upon your soul any longer 
as it is simply a creation of mind 
and nothing else 
it is a moving energy that speaks of ending 
and beginning 
beginning is the moment you step away from
your fears and doubts 
and enter into the waters where all is of truth
then you are as a lord of yourself
not pushed about by thought any longer 
not pushed about by your driving desires 
how they sting, do they not?
how they call you to be of another nature 
that is not true and right 
oh soul,
come to these precious waters of all
and be like your self 
made of such wonder and mysterious life 
that is not bound 
step in and be 
there will not be a hand that reaches out to you 
and gently takes you in 
and gently washes your tears away
as your tears are only made of dreams that are not 
to stay 
the only way is to move forward 
even within your fear and doubt
breathe and rest in the steady light 
it is the only way
there will be a shake up of your world for sure 
but do not be afraid of this 
for it is a good thing to be shaken clean of your 
attachment to body and mind 
it is such a good thing 
to be shaken clean of your wrong knowledge 
you do not know anything about life truly 
until you die to this beauty 
you know nothing now and nothing at the end 
this is true 
and this unknowing is true knowledge 
which is God 
which is true peace 
come forward now 
and come and come 
until no more mind remains to mask
your true nature 
come forward

always awake

what has brought the mind to burden
the soul?
it is that one believes in it
and feels it is what will awaken to the truth
it will not awaken to the truth
when this movement dies
then that which is always awake
is made manifest
but has this beauty that lives gone
as life could not be
without it


all that is like a dream will end
it will end
as there is only grace that is
even in the darkest times
grace shines full
not ever leaving
purifying in it's fresh water
as the sea calm

Friday, November 15, 2013

love the moment

love not the dying appearance 
instead love the moment 
it has no experience in it 
that is to burden you as it wants 
nothing at all 
not even your liberation 
it needs nothing at all
not even your desire or efforts
if you love the moment 
then your mind is not so intrusive 
as it takes a back seat 
and is not the driver any longer 

spirit only

the chakras are not important 
they are only channels of energy 
they are connected with the body 
but the body is not important 
only that it is here and is not to be 
what brings one to liberation 
the legs will not bring one there 
the arms will not bring it to you
the lips will not take it in
so what gives liberation?
grace of God 

clear water

the water that is running colored with 
is cleaned out when kundalini is activated 
the clear water (kundalini) is poured over the colorizations 
and eventually the water runs clear 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

simply pure presence

many have come to the way
but so many have not finished the path
it is not easy to walk the journey of truth
it is not easy to put the mind to rest
and live the freedom of all
it is like a fire that burns to the core
the familiar world that one so safely guards
it is like a fire that burns the me and mine
to ash
it is like a fire that sets all that is known to
be destroyed
it is like a fire that takes what was felt to be true
and leaves what is real to be
it is like a fire that sets the ship of the body
to sink in the waters
where all is as one full being
it is like a fire that makes the personal
a flimsy cover
and then pulls that away too
and what remains is no more seeker
only spontaneous flow of the moment
it is like a fire that comes of desire to be free
and is tended by sadhana (spiritual practice)
and is tended to by the open heart that only knows
it is like a fire that is aimed at only that which is unreal
because it cannot burn what is real
what is true and permanent cannot be destroyed
not by any hand, sword or tongue
there is nothing else that remains but *is*
a full, completeness
not any one can know it as a person
but can only know it as a no-thing
which means one is no longer identified with
the untruth of body and mind
but is quietened and only knows the one
the other is like it never happened
who did it happen to?
only the dream speaks of happenings that came to
a me persona
only the dream speaks of this and that and differentiation
only the dream speaks of variety
what is seen as variety is only the same essence
like a filtered light that comes from the same essence
or source
this does not mean you are not here or have an existence
you do indeed
but not like you think
like a concrete presence that is non-dual
and is not this or that
or here or there
you are simply pure presence
and have always been

Sunday, November 10, 2013

skillful means

men of shadow are like kings
that are not to savor the sweets that life
has in store
they live unaware of the riches in the soul
as a king inside, yet like a popper in spirit
as the appearance is what is taken to be true 
not the undying invisible source 
they come unaware of the perfection that is 
in all hearts 
in this life of a one in shadow 
what is forgotten is the source from which 
all springs 
this source has not a single drop of suffering 
or longing or personhood in it 
it is as a source of full, still beauty
when a man gives his body and mind to 
God or the source 
he then is stripped of his suffering mind 
and identity with that which is not real
he is purified in God 
and does not go back to the world 
(if he is true) 
he resides in the heart 
where all is quietened
that spoke of a dream and shadow
which is changing always 
he does not go back to the world of sorrow 
where men look to be in pleasure 
and fulfill desires one after the other
with no end in sight 
there is no end to the dream in the way that it is 
not with a beginning 
it is superimposed on the source of all
it is superimposed 
like a shadow is superimposed on the still waters
that are peaceful and tranquil and full
it is superimposed by the mind that moves 
how it comes into being is not understood 
but how it ends is by living an ethical,
honest and true existence first and foremost 
and then questioning the mind with relentless, 
sincere efforts to breakthrough the thoughts that haunt the being 
and also having a sincere and true mentor to show the way
this mentor may likely not meet the standards of the Guru
that ego is looking for
but what matters is that this mentor is skillful in breaking down
the mental chatter and obstructions of mind 
not that the Guru comes in a shiny package that ego is wanting 
it matters not if  this Guru looks attractive or ugly 
or wears regular attire or dresses outrageous
or enjoys great luxuries or  enjoys company of this or that person
or enjoys being this way or that 
it matters only the skillful means of breaking down ego 
and not the external playing out 
does this Guru aide in quieting ego or not?
this is the question only and nothing else 
the judgements are to be put aside and the wondering 
and doubting and all the rest...
this is to be put aside and the clear path carved out is to be walked 
(if the sadhaka is sincere in heart) 
not one single moment is to be wasted on doubts and judgements 
but looking within, questioning, living righteously and savoring 
the blessings that have come 

this is all for now 
may all be well and be in quietude and easy flow of the moment ...

om shanti

Saturday, November 9, 2013

primal mind

many of the living lights had no path to follow
they came as an original force
to put the shadow to rest
not one of these souls
that were to shake the tree of ignorance
and wake up dead energies
were timid in their presence
most were like fires that burn of intense
love and compassion
that is not understood by mind
as Kabir came and spoke strong
words that sent many running
from him
or slandering him
but this did not stop his voice
that rang of truth and light
and spoke of freedom in all

the ones that are in truth
are not like the ones that play about
in the land of shadow
they are like forces to be reckoned
they are like kali personified in body
they are like the fragrance to the flower
but this is not always sweet to mind
it is sweet in it's final end
which is liberation
where the mind has no more room
to roam
and make a world up that speaks of other
what the living lights know and live
is there is only one always
though there is a playing out on the surface
called shakti
which brings an appearance of sorts
it is not real
like a reflection or an echo is not real
it is simply an appearance that is not different
than the non dual is
in primal mind
there is only one always
this is what the living ones embody
not anything that is different than anything else
but only one

Monday, November 4, 2013

have you seen me?

why have you not come?
the sea is still,
in it's wondrous presence 
as a light of itself
why are you out in separation?
i saw you standing in the lane 
where me and mine dwell
i saw you there 
and called you to 
come hither
have you seen me?
i am what dwells in the cave
of shiva's heart 
where life blooms of such
rich abundance 
i am the one that has not been away
from your heart 
lonely is the place where mind lives 
it is like a shell truly
that does not know love 
it is as an empty appearance in the still
beautiful one 
i know this well
as life lives in me 
but i am not as you think
like a mind and body
but a single presence 
living here 
like a single heart of love 
for in me the life of all is 
and you are here always 
be this way dear 
be as one

Sunday, November 3, 2013

as a jewel

he said, to come forward 
in him the mind is quiet 
and breathes love and full life 
come unto the knowledge of all
as a one that does not look to 
the world to give 
but is open in heart and love 
come unto the river where God sings 
of great wonders 
that drown the sorrow in the ocean of mercy

a sadhu, is born from the aches of his heart 
where he comes unto the path of knowledge 
and walks into the fires of all
in there he seats himself still and open
in mind 
to be burned to ash with the glow of God's power
and love 
he sits himself still and beautiful as a spark of life 
that will be put to the fire
and come into the best of all
which is life pure 
then he is a light for humanity in it's darkness
he glows 
as the risen moon
it now is so much of a sight to see for all
as it is what the universe is 
empty full being 
that lives 
that lives 
that is 

if you are to come in
leave the suffering body at the gates 
and the suffering thoughts too
leave them at the gate 
and enter in there 
where God's face will be seen
which is the pristine non-dual one 
it is the pristine light of all
nothing is missing there 
but the suffering 
nothing is ever missing there 
it is like a jewel that shines 
never needing to be cleaned
or attended to 
it needs no *doing*
how it lives by itself as a jewel
how it lives