Friday, November 22, 2013

how he is free

there was a seeker
that knew where he was going 
he was going to the light 
and he walked onward towards his 
he walked onward on feet that were steady
he knew where he was going 
he was going to freedom
when he entered there 
into the pure waters that took away his knowing 
then he began to be still
he did not know anything anymore 
like a new babe 
that found his home in the heart 
like a newborn soul
that now only knows this moment
but is not in anyway lost 
but found 
as now the mind is quiet 
and unburdened by *knowing* 
and attempting to figure out 
that which cannot be understood by mind 
this seeker lost everything to gain all
which is peace 
he is not devoid of intelligence 
but filled with soul fire 
that is the source 
which is complete and in charge of every 
every breath
every moment that is 
how he knows nothing and knows all
the one that is liberated 
how he is complete when quiet 
how he is free 

1 comment:

  1. Namaste, peace, in every moment. Deep appreciation from the heart. Om shanti