Saturday, November 9, 2013

primal mind

many of the living lights had no path to follow
they came as an original force
to put the shadow to rest
not one of these souls
that were to shake the tree of ignorance
and wake up dead energies
were timid in their presence
most were like fires that burn of intense
love and compassion
that is not understood by mind
as Kabir came and spoke strong
words that sent many running
from him
or slandering him
but this did not stop his voice
that rang of truth and light
and spoke of freedom in all

the ones that are in truth
are not like the ones that play about
in the land of shadow
they are like forces to be reckoned
they are like kali personified in body
they are like the fragrance to the flower
but this is not always sweet to mind
it is sweet in it's final end
which is liberation
where the mind has no more room
to roam
and make a world up that speaks of other
what the living lights know and live
is there is only one always
though there is a playing out on the surface
called shakti
which brings an appearance of sorts
it is not real
like a reflection or an echo is not real
it is simply an appearance that is not different
than the non dual is
in primal mind
there is only one always
this is what the living ones embody
not anything that is different than anything else
but only one


  1. Namaste, love the picture above. Heart does not lie, it sings of one. Thank you for the strong presence that is felt here. Om Shanti

  2. namaste, you are welcome .. thank you for being here.. om shanti