Sunday, November 3, 2013

as a jewel

he said, to come forward 
in him the mind is quiet 
and breathes love and full life 
come unto the knowledge of all
as a one that does not look to 
the world to give 
but is open in heart and love 
come unto the river where God sings 
of great wonders 
that drown the sorrow in the ocean of mercy

a sadhu, is born from the aches of his heart 
where he comes unto the path of knowledge 
and walks into the fires of all
in there he seats himself still and open
in mind 
to be burned to ash with the glow of God's power
and love 
he sits himself still and beautiful as a spark of life 
that will be put to the fire
and come into the best of all
which is life pure 
then he is a light for humanity in it's darkness
he glows 
as the risen moon
it now is so much of a sight to see for all
as it is what the universe is 
empty full being 
that lives 
that lives 
that is 

if you are to come in
leave the suffering body at the gates 
and the suffering thoughts too
leave them at the gate 
and enter in there 
where God's face will be seen
which is the pristine non-dual one 
it is the pristine light of all
nothing is missing there 
but the suffering 
nothing is ever missing there 
it is like a jewel that shines 
never needing to be cleaned
or attended to 
it needs no *doing*
how it lives by itself as a jewel
how it lives 


  1. Namaste, Thank you! Beautiful picture. Feeling out of tune lately, heavy, reading heart pointings is like a breath of fresh air. Appreciated it very much. OM

  2. namaste, glad to hear it -- good to see you here .. om shanti