Wednesday, June 29, 2016

this light so full...

the living waters dwell within
the heart 
where the sun shines of itself 
and lights up the manifestations 
to be seen
like a background that is everything 
and nothing 

it shines single and pure 
as the original nature 
it shines present, living 
it does not move out of this 
way of beauty 
it does not move out of this way
of heart 

this light so full
is the unguent of grace 
it delivers healing light 
to the wounds of mental divisions 
it delivers salve made of light, love,
stillness, calm waters, shining heart 
shining singularity, shining presence,
shining love, shining non-duality
it delivers ointment made of that which 
is whole 

this ointment so pure 
gives a seeing that is not of the senses
a seeing that is clarity
to know all is one fullness and never 
divided as two 
it heals that which was never wounded 
it heals that which was never opened by doubt, 
fear, trepidation, loneliness, pride, vanity, confusion
of all sorts and ways
it heals that which was always healed
which is the thing not understood
for how it heals is, 
by taking the thought that something is wounded away
by taking the thought that something was harmed away
by taking the thought that something was injured away
by taking the thought that something was done to a body 
and mind away
by taking the thought that all that is seen is apart and outside away
by taking the thought that freedom is outside away
by taking the thought that freedom is won by a persona away
by taking the thought that freedom is a concept to be earned away
by taking the thought that freedom is accumulating wealth and status away
by taking the thought that freedom is gained as an object away
by taking the thought that freedom is gained by effort away
by taking the thought that freedom is perfecting oneself away
this ointment heals by removing thoughts 
for thoughts are what bring one to believe in the false
(or bring one to believe that the body and mind are who
and what you truly are)
this ointment of light heals in a way that is different than other 
types of healing 
it heals of grace and in grace and always, always forever grace 

Thursday, June 16, 2016


the mind is so used to gaining something by effort..
this is not truth...
truth cannot be *won* or *gained* in the way of  adding to
one's stock of good and bad..
and right and wrong within...
there are no checks and balances with it...
it is completely balanced already...

Saturday, June 11, 2016

under your shelter, oh grace

this morning what was seen was a massive tree 
glorious in the morning light 
a glow of  golden light grew larger and larger underneath
it and coming thru it 
behind silhouettes of mountains dark and earthy
could be viewed 
the light beamed and looked like melting butter 
the glow grew larger and larger moving and changing 
shapes, so alive looking 
a form was seen walking towards the tree
and then stood under it viewing the lovely
display of networking of branches, leaves and tiny
buds of new life that grew from the solid structure 
the form sat down and is in meditation position
the leaves begin to fall like an artistry of colorful
green blowing in the wind and spiraling to the earth
there is pure silence around the scene 
the form is very still except for now and then looking up
at the light coming thru the branches making the leaves 
light up to a shade of delicate light green

a poem with this vision

fragrant as the meadow alive with scents 
and colorful beauty 
the world appears as a dream 
the one that comes to sit and be still 
in it's colorful wonder 
and listens to the rising and falling of 
sounds and manifestations of all sorts 
and listens to his thoughts that play about 
like mischievous waves on the ocean of 
and hears them without wanting to alter them 
or personalize them 
and sees the transient nature of them 
and questions the identifications that bind 
one to believing that the body and mind are 
who and what you are 
that one can begin to travel deeper to the source 
little by little 


earth, wind, fragrance of life 
pour out your honey into my cup 
and i will drink it as if it is my last 
opportunity to give myself to thee 
oh grace 
save this soul from desires that 
burn like a lantern that will not easily 
go out 
for i am one that is pure in wanting to know 
the real 
and i have sat here within your creations so 
heart achingly beautiful in the way of coming 
in color, style, fragrance, poetic verse of visual
delights that are transient in nature 
and i have lost myself to them to be happy
but i now am seated silent, holy, open to you
under the tree of your shelter that is a tapestry 
of living beauty that delights me so much 
i am not budging from this place in my 
heart until i find the source 
and die there to your blessings that rain 
their mercy on all

Friday, June 10, 2016

a bright star in the darkness, vision 6/10/16

vision, thurs 6/1016

there is darkness flowing like a current
above it rises a lotus, fresh and lilly white
luminescent in it's clean whiteness
then replacing that is a vision of Christ
he is the same essence (as the lotus)
unsoiled and rising
above the current of mundane energies
then the lotus returns and floats down
slowly into this darkness
it is dark and only the outline can be seen
as it sinks little by little
there is nothing but a rich black remaining
quiet, like a dark mysterious night

what emerges next is Christ in a white
robe that is more earth like, natural in
he is parting the waves and walking thru
the path created
the waves rise up high on either side of him
and then the waves turn into stone, mountain
type of material
he walks thru the path carved out
he is not touched by the nature of any
of the elements on either side of him
he walks thru as a king that has taken
to himself only light and nothing more
and he is not at all moved by other forces
not for a moment
he turns more into light and has his arms
magnificent in his splendid presence, he is

then, a vision of the crucifix emerges
Christ's body is partly covered in tattered rags
the cross is lifted high up above the raging
waters and mountainous structures of
mental change and solid ideations
it rises high up
his feet can be seen facing closest
his head and arms more away
then his face emerges with the crown of thorns
on his head
and blood running down
his eyes are hollowed out and one can see the
universe within them (this is unfolding as i write)
the clouds, cold, stark jutting mountains with snow
capping them, clear, crisp, purifying in their energy
the storms brewing too that fall into rain showers
heavy and drenching
the sun breaking out and birds flying light and
down below, the world is seen, vast and open
the small structures too that most live in and have
built and created walls up against the outside world
to hide away (energetically, not so much literally)
there are people walking, they are dark looking
in their silhouettes
things are moving, all of the ways that the world view is
then there is a bouquet of flowers above
these structures that are separate seeming in nature
and  seen as this and that
and Christ is there, holding the flowers and smelling them with
great love and heart
and holding them out, like here, here is the sweetness

then, we return to his face with the open windows to the universe
his soul is not feeling to be  in that corpse so heart-achingly changed to
blood and suffering symbols, austere in it's ribs that are skin
and bones with dirt soiling the form that once shone as a man
that was here to bring light to humanity
that corpse is vacant of the pure soul at this time

the cross lifts up then into the ethers moving as a ship
or plane moves across the waters and sky
it is ferried upward, high and glorious
his form can be seen on it
slowly by slowly that form is transforming to looking
untouched as the world is seen below
coming out of view more and more

the cross then begins to burn bright and hot
agains the dark sky with bright stars about
it burns itself into the darkness and there it
changes into a light that melts and glows
and changes shape to a great star in which the
light is spread outward in luminescent spikes
spreading it's light in this blanket of rich darkness
for all to feel and see if they are in the way
of calling to him
and feeling him inside the heart where there are no
distinctions whatsoever

so this is where this vision is seeming to end
i had no idea how it would come out
though i saw some of it prior to writing
it unfolded mostly as i wrote it
completely spontaneous
my hands are not feeling so well truly
but writing this
they are moving like playing a piano
in which one is completely in sync
with the instrument
and the chords come thru of themselves

may all be well
and may Christ's love be felt in your life
whether you label it as this or that makes no difference
just may you be at peace and know that this thing
called death
can never touch the purity of heart

om shanti

Thursday, June 9, 2016

journeying forward/ vision 12/07/15

cards are being shuffled
whatever is in the cards, this is what is played out 
but this can change depending on where the 
focus is or the heart is 
as i see a heart being projected as i write

then, this vision/poem unfolded,

some are like two ropes intertwined together

some are like two swans their 
heads and chest
touching to form 
a heart

some are like two rivers flowing
beside each other

some hold up their hands and
keep them pressed together

some are like two pots boiling
on the same stove 
the water overspilling 
into the other

some are like siamese twins 
in the way that they share
the same body, 
but these ones share the 
same mind

some are like two boxes that sit
together, but exist apart 

some are like one
box tied with a 
ribbon as they are like a gift to each other 

some are like two cats with their claws 
out that sometimes play, sometimes snarl

some are like notes of music  
floating up in the air and intertwining

some grow from each others spirit 
like two green plants that are 
mutually nourishing

some, the rains come from the inside 
like tears and cannot nourish the soul
these ones leaves get brown and wither

some though seeing a body, love the 
spirit or see the spirit mostly

these are some of the bondings of the souls 
that are journeying

then, the vision opens up to two caskets being 
laid in the ground 
one can see the two corpses resting there, laying
deep in the earth with eyes shut 
then the caskets merge together and many hearts 
are seen rising up into the heavens
the goddess is there 
she is the queen of hearts 
she takes up these souls that come and rinses them
with love 
her gown is white and unsoiled, she rinses these souls
with light (as a shaft of light is seen)
she changes into the shape of an angel with great spreading 
her silhouette looks like a key-hole with a piercing shaft of 
light in the center 
the souls enter that key hole into the next life 

next scene that comes are waters rushing up on the shore 
it is a bright dawn with colors of beauty 
lining the sky
the waves have washed up two bottles that rest 
on the sand 
inside the bottles, there is a note with writing on it 
these are the inscriptions or vassanas (impressions)
one carries with them into the next life 
the words juggle on the note and can be moved 
indicating nothing is fixed in this flow of life...

the sand is hot that day and two forms 
are seen emerging 
they are journeying into the next life 
they reach for each others hand 
as they have found each other again
the goddess, she is there..
she is putting light into this scene 
for she is grace and all comes
from grace and returns there ..

then, these words are heard:

make your life magnificent 
make your life wondrous 

next a bouquet of roses appears 
the fragrance, this is what life is, 
the fragrance...
upon hearing this, there are some hands 
reaching for the bouquet of roses 
he brings them to his face 
and smells them deeply
the scent permeates his being 
like the fresh air ...

end of this vision

autumn leaf vision 3/2016

a beautiful tree with golden leaves of autumn appears
lit up with bright yellow-gold standing by itself, alone
there are leaves falling, falling and moving with a current of
clear water
here and there, imprints of words appear on each leaf as a message
is written on them, but i cannot read it... it is simply a conveying
of poetry on each leaf, that each one  is unique
and it's own beautiful reflective energy of God-source
this is what the creative reality is
so this water flows on into the source and from the source
there is this feeling of the beauty of spirit in this flow as always
then, we look out over the jutting mountains now as the sun is coming up
Shiva is there
he has his trishula in his hand with his back to me as he is
looking too over this fresh scene
that is like a flower opening it's beautiful colors to the world
which is also made of spirit
his crescent moon rests on his head as usual
sometimes his face turns towards me to see his countenance
that is free of worldly thoughts and dramas
and free of wrinkles of time (is what is coming)...
and free of the carrying over of past experience as if carrying
something heavy in your hands (is what is coming now)...
he does not see *himself* any longer as he is a *seer* only
not two, not two...
and then the hearing of, "so much rich seeing"
it has come from the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxies, the cosmos
the much  rich seeing ....
and there are the seeing of stars, the moon, the cosmos
and these things as the message flows...

there is a single eye seen at the end of this imagery...

om shanti

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

so unusual

it's an odd thing, isn't it?
how those doors open at the
turning of the key
and let's in another reality
to be lived

it's an unusual affair
those windows when
that let in another type of
that dances of something not
of the mundane

it's a wondrous hour, no?
when the stilling happens
and one cannot recall
the other life

it's a sad thing too that most
don't venture too far from the
fences created by thought
and stay to live
not knowing their true nature

and what an odd happening
to be taken so far out of that place
and come right back
to the very same point
but without the luggage (heavy
and weighing)

so unusual this thing called mysticism
so secret and living out of the ordinary

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

vision of innocence 3/9/16

my friends,

i do still get some visions breaking through here and there
just now, i am seeing a beautiful young girl in a white dress with a ring of flowers
in her hair running through a meadow that is alive with rich green
and wildflowers dancing about...
she is looking back and laughing joyfully at someone chasing her...
then a young boy comes into view... he is chasing her and laughing and then they
both sit down in this lovely scene to a wonderful picnic of delicious fresh foods and laugh
and simply enjoy the moment
the sun is shining, the air is fresh...
the water a clear blue with flowing waves...
what a day it is ....a day that is an illustration of
the beauty of heart and simply joy...

i am hearing their laughter in my head now and off and on
this morning...
and then i heard, that their laughter is in all of creation --

here is a poem that came with this vision:

see me running through the meadow
with the wildflowers dancing about
the rich green all around
and sparkling sea in the background
i am a young girl with golden hair
i wear a ring of flowers on my head
that is as lovely as doves cooing
i wear a beautiful blue ribbon
that flutters in the breeze
my dress is lilly white
see it move in the wind, like
a fresh flag that says, freedom
is near
i am looking back at you laughing
you are chasing me
i know you so well
as the beauty that you are
i love you

see me, i am a young boy
so innocent in my way
i do not wish to be anything but who i am
sturdy and filled with hopes of tomorrow
we run through this field of green together
we sit amongst this beautiful creation
and enjoy this food we brought
of succulent sweet tastes so fine, so
we laugh together in this land of heart
we do not wish for anything else
innocent and fresh, we are
filled with nothing but life
we sit here, and simply enjoy
with happiness in our hearts
i love you

see me like this always
i will see you this way too
we are not to be fooled by this body that
ages with time
inside, we are eternally innocent, joy filled
and made of light in our souls
i love you my friend
and you love me too

here is one more:

the male, the female
the yin-yang
the splendid chorus that resound
in all things
she is the priestess
he the priest
she the the flower
he the fragrance
she the grapes
he the wine
she the moon
he the sun
how they love like this
on this earthly plane
and beyond
how they laugh together
like two beautiful children
like two stars in the dark sky
they do not find themselves ever
apart in this life
or any other
for they are one always
the perfect blend
the male
the female
the perfect blend
of heart

vision Jesus 3/9/16

3/19/16, saturday

i have had significant pain/weakness in my hands lately (not fun at all)...

today, Jesus appeared in a white robe (and he is here now in my vision)... a vision of beauty with his arms outspread in welcoming, love gesture... his robes have some red lining it (the blood of Christ) and his heart is red with thorns around it... he is a vision of handsomeness and fine vibrant health... welcoming, pure love is all that can be said again...
there is a crown of thorns placed on my head in which he exchanged for a halo of light ...

there is a woman kneeling and touching his feet in a white and blue gown...
she is spreading flowers around his feet ...

she is standing up and looks like Mary, but very, very young and gentle in her demeanor ...
i am just stopping now in quietude to be with this vision...

there are white flowers raining over it now...
there is the sun behind them .. there are clear blue sparkling waters in the background too...
and a sunset and mountains coming into view...
and cherry blossoms...
they are arm in arm, the two of them ...
now, their image is changing to shiva and paravati... and now a yin yang symbol and a young girl running
thru a meadow laughing in a white dress ...
someone is chasing her and she is looking back, then a young boy enter the scene...
Christ and Shiva are overlooking this fresh scene...
there is a picnic of fine foods...

this is all for now

om shanti


vision 6/3/16

the ground is burnt to ashes.. all the structures were destroyed except two taller buildings still burning..
fire is coming out of the windows.. one can see the fire (bright and hot) and the smoke dispersing
all around ...

vision this morning 6/7/16

a cross was seen that was brilliant gold... one was taken up close to it and could see the fine detail on it as well as the shimmer of gold beauty on it...
a white cloth appeared dancing around it and encircling it ... then, the cloth formed an umbrella type
of covering and one was taken under that enclosed space...
a church appeared and then vanished....
then one was taken down into the rich dark earth and travelled there (rich, black, peaceful)...
at the end of this journey a large, bright jewel shone, sparkling and beautiful...

- end of vision -