Wednesday, December 17, 2014

such a difference… writing on Christ...

when Christ came to the earth
he said, be still and know
he said that darkness has no power against the light 
he said this with a voice so clear 
and free of the wounds that were laid upon him
this was at a time when the people were not giving of their souls 
but were pretending many times to be disciples of the holy one 
the seekers were pretending that they loved this Lord 
and would lay all down for him to be set free of their burden
but when it came to that time to own up and say
yes, this is my savior that is to be crucified 
this is the one i love so dear and without selfishness
many would not say 
and walked away with their minds churning about on 
thoughts that would take them only into more suffering 
but when Christ rose again on the third day 
he came in spirit and taught those that were open to 
give what his word was 
which was to sin no more and be present and real and 
peaceful without thinking all the time 
and being caught up in desire after desire 
for this will not be a life of freedom
the disciples that listened, then went out to teach 
the word as they had within them the holy spirit
which is truly kundalini
it is the serpent fire that comes from the absolute 
and gives the seeker a chance to see what is keeping them
bound to the false

Mary Magdelene, she was filled with seven demons 
and when Jesus looked upon her, she was shaken out of her 
dark turmoil and laid to rest within herself to be able to 
listen to the holy scripture that came from the voice of Jesus
she listened with an openness not seen often with the ones that 
sat by him
he spoke of the light that filled the heart with love, joy
and perfection
she listened to him with love and did not desire him in the flesh
or want to be his partner in that way
but wanted to love his heart in the way of being one with him
she was a woman that came out of turmoil and was grounded in
the light of Jesus and saw immediately the difference in her life 
due to his grace 
and because of this she was committed 100% to him in the way
of service to know her heart as it is without stain
this is like the sadhaka too… he is to see the difference in his life 
that the Guru has opened the way to him and because of this 
his life is different in the best way… even though it is very, very hard still
he knows that without this light that has come.. his life would not be 
grounded in the heart like it is and pointed in the right direction….

Sunday, December 7, 2014

this is the truth

i have no burden to bear
i have no crafty ways of mind 
i have no life or death
i have no pain or sorrow
i have no shifting sands 
i have no house to lay my head
i have no coverings to hide behind
i have no building up or taking down
i have no here or there or in between
i have no form or name or face 
i have no words to speak
i have nothing to give 
i have nothing to take 
i have nothing to find 
i have nothing to know 
i have nothing to be free of 
i have no bondage
i have no ego
no falsity, no voice that speaks of this
or that or me or you
who am i?
my dear your very self
this the truth
you are this beauty that shines of 
love and light 
and stillness
clear, peaceful and without the least bit 
of duality
yes, this is the truth

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

shakti play

what life is not,
is that which mind speaks of
a shadow or a ray
that personalizes all that is seen
and heard and felt
life is not this
dear souls,
it is the shakti play
in all her wondrous ways
it is the leela
the dawn of colors and
dancing appearances
that is imbedded eternally in truth
which is non-dual
this is what is the living dance
it is forever playing it's tune
it is endless in nature
and not to be attached to
or taken in as a thing to be owned
oh dear souls, how very wrong this is
for all that plays is the
absolute perfection
it cannot be separate from it
it has it's life from this
it has it's death in this
it has it's creation from this
it has it's mystery in this
yes, indeed
it is the shakti play
love it as a witness
not like a one that is *lost* in it
oh friend,
love it as a silent witness
then this world will not wreak havoc
on your soul

Thursday, November 13, 2014

she lives...

she is this life pure 
oh love 
she is this one heart indeed 
she lives to make you well and whole 
she lives to free the soul from bondage 
she lives to breath fire into your heart to make 
you die a beautiful death 
and then rise like christ rose as a spirit 
that was not to be touched by the world 
or suffering 
she lives in you friend 
inside the heart and she is still always 
like pristine waters 
she lives there still like the moment untouched 
she lives there still like music without a singer 
she lives there still like the full moon without cloud cover 
she lives there still like mind in it's original state
she lives there still like shiv and shakti in union
she lives there still like night made day
she lives there still like forgotten suffering 
she lives there still like mouna 
she lives there still like the majestic mountain
she lives there still like kali in her naked state 
she lives there still like freedom made manifest 
she lives there still like brahman, buddha, christ and God 
she lives there still like a sinless presence 
she lives there still like timeless purity
she lives there still like ardhanarishvara
she lives there still like a dreamless sleep
she lives there still like a dreamless reality 
she lives there still like a dreamless ocean of one 
she lives there still like a sun full, with great rays of light 
she lives there still like a tree of knowledge 
she lives there still like the impersonal one 
she lives there still like love undivided 
she lives there still like love without attachment 
she lives there still like love that winds it's way thru
all things seen and unseen
she lives there still like a united heart that has nothing 
but joy within it 
she lives there still like a sunset ablaze with life and colors 
so rich that one cannot look at it without feeling her presence 
she lives there still like a river that runs without encumberments,
but flows joyously on and on without end 
she lives there still like a fresh breath of air that gives of itself 
and keeps giving and giving 
she is like this my dear heart and how she does not take anything 
but the suffering away when the heart is open 
and rejoicing in her
she loves all that are open to her, (and loves all that are closed in heart as well )
but when the one that is open comes fully to her love 
that is made of beauty and truth only
she will bless this one well and give what is needed to burn the 
separate identity to ash…
there is no understanding her way as she is the fullness of all
how is the mind to understand this? something that is beyond the limits 
that mind places on the soul?
when one is open to her, she will be right there immediately like an 
angel of light 
she will be right there as a graceful presence and take and take the 
barriers away that make one feel they are separate from God
for this is not right to believe that one is separate and is like a body 
and mind 
this is not well at all precious ones 
but she will say to you with quietude and joy that you are one always 
and you are like a still beautiful glow that is filled with rich wisdom
she will say this with stillness…. this is how she speaks always to you
that you are free now and always 
you are without thought and without worry and without doubts in truth 
and you are like a light that is filled with joy
she is speaking this way now to you dear 
can you feel it?
can you taste it?
can you see it?
can you touch it?
can you savor it?
can you love it?
can you breath it?
can you let this be how it is?
can you forget yourself and let her be and let her speak to that which is always whole?
can you?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

When Buddha walked the earth...

when buddha walked the earth
he put his baggage by the roadside 
and did not return there to pick it up
he walked thru the dark forest
of sensual experience
and sat by the wild animals 
and drank from the rivers 
and ate of the earth and shrubs 
and bruised his body on the rocks 
and forgot his past 
and forgot the world that spoke of attachments 
and dreams of this and that 
had he not walked into this jungle 
to find his pure soul,
where would he be?
a king for awhile that had all the things 
that money could by 
and all the luxuries and all at hand that 
was beautiful to touch and taste and experience 
but instead he chose the hard road of the mystic 
because in him blazed the fire of a seeker that 
was burning to know the truth 
when he was a boy he would sit by the trees 
and sit in meditation 
he would wonder about what the world was 
composed of... what it was made of... 
was it a solid thing?
was it something that could be held tightly to?
or was it as a dream that faded in the mist? 
how he wondered so many things like this
and felt his heart's desire becoming stronger 
to seek out the source of all..
then when all were asleep in their dreams 
and he was old enough 
he stole out into the night with his horse and companion
he did not look back or bemoan what he left 
he was as a mystic that would not be turned 
on the wrong roads 
what is this like my friends?
it is like a man that has in him what it takes to persevere 
and to not be persuaded to follow shadows and dark alleys 
that lead to perishable understanding 
for the heart is like the fire that consumes all other
and it is where the mind is to be focused 
when he sat under the bodhi tree
his mind was not looking back or forward 
but inward 
and he became the self of all
he was like the truth 
he was non-dual in nature 
and preserved eternally as this 
what has this to do with you dear souls? 
but to know he found the light unto himself 
that is the same within all
and this is where one is to sit and breathe and be 
like buddha all are awake inside eternally 
and to discover it
one must let go of the false shades of mind 
like this one that sat under the tree of knowledge 
how it is like this 
when one allows the tree of knowledge
to give cooling peace
to a mind that has been in the heat of the search so very long
and my friends 
did buddha worry about his comforts or what was to give him
pleasure or pain or make his life just right? 
he did not 
he lived in the open with no walls to hide behind or doors to lock
as the consciousness is vast like this without end 
without borders 
he lived in the open like being transparent and not seeking private space 
inside yourself to hide away in
and when he walked, he was barefoot on the earth with nothing separating 
his soul from the universe 
and when he ate, he ate what came to him no matter what it was 
he did not think about what he wanted or turn away what he didn't want 
this is a mind that is within equanimity always
not saying all the time within; this is good and that is bad
and this is right and that is wrong 
and when he spoke, his words flowed out spontaneously without thought 
like the river of grace that flows without obstructions 
and when he bathed, he bathed in the rivers or the rain washed his form
of dirt and mud 
as this is what came as grace from the universal mother to wash away the dross
with this blessing of being fully without covers and concealments 
he sat under the bodhi tree or the tree of great knowledge 
and sat and sat and sat 
and what he found there, was his mind that was cast in shadows 
of this and that 
separated out like rays of concepts and thoughts and all the rest 
but he did not look to the thoughts that chanted and tempted 
he looked to his own soul that was pure 
and with this seeing directly experienced the source 
and when he got up to move into the world
he was not in it like before
but purified as God is within light, love and quietude 
as this was what was always present, and not found like something new 
purity of consciousness forever lives here
never will it go away
how glorious is this 
and this time now, stillness is
be within it 
heart of all 
be here 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

beyond body and mind….

seeker, lay your burden down 
and let the grace of all move the being 
to stillness
for grace is the only thing that makes it right 
this is the reality 
the body is simply a vehicle of experience and 
is inert, insentient and cannot be the doer or the 
one that gives life force …
the mind, it cannot be the doer either for it is 
like a moving current that changes all the while 
and has within it nothing lasting that can be 
put in front of one and say "here it is!"….
this is what is to be seen sturdy souls 
see the movement with detachment and 
wisdom instead of getting lost there …
for in this movement, thoughts jostle and play about 
and are empty always, always …
grace though, it is the freedom that gives of itself 
it has within it love undivided and wisdom that 
is pure and holy and without the least stain of 
of the personal way...

the sadhu he is a one that walks the path
with his staff and gourd and robes of ochre 
he lives and breathes reality 
in his mind there is the driving desire to be free
from the transient way
and in his heart too, there lives this fire that burns 
he lives in the caves and lights the dhuni fire that 
is always burning bright 
this fire is the atman to him and it is what is to 
be entered into with love and courage 
he sits by it and chants or sleeps or eats or 
performs austerities 
he is not to be taken in by the ones that are masquerading 
as sadhus for this would be such a disgrace 
he wears his hair in dreadlocks of shaves it or 
keeps it long, it makes no difference 
his body is sometimes very lean and unkempt 
but it matters not, for he is not this mass of bones and flesh
and impurities ever and he is to know this well
when he sit on the ghats in the evening light or in 
the early morning he is well aware of death and how it 
comes to all without discrimination
the burial grounds are showing of this way that life has
how it gives and takes all at the same time …
in relation to the body, it comes into the world 
out of the womb of the mother…
and begins it's journey with eyes that are 
most often pure in the beginning, but tarnished by desire 
in time due to identification with the body...  
in time though, (sooner or later), the body begins it's descent 
downward and eventually it is taken away and buried or burned
or left out for the creatures to eat or what have you…
the sadhu he watches this type of thing and when this burning 
desire ignites with the feeling of death and seizes him
greatly -- then the mind is shocked into 
thinking that there is an end to it …
like Ramana who laid down at his uncles house as he was overcome 
by the feeling that he was to die and he went thru the death process --
the spontaneous inquiry came; "who dies?", "what dies?"..
with a flash he felt the "I" to be separate from the body and he 
knew without a doubt that he was not this body that walked around 
and talked and ate and all of this …
he was the absolute reality … this came to him not with a thought process,
but with an understanding that was not of mind …
like Guru too… she was sitting on the banks of the
ganges and understood her efforts were done on this journey and there was nothing
more that could be done … then she said, "on the altar of truth, i lay myself"…
and there was a great fear that arose, then the death experience came to her
and she was pulled into the absolute reality…. 
(which she has spoken so many times about)….
and after realization, went on to be a mentor to many going thru
kundalini, always making the pointing to stay in the heart and within

Ramana also spoke about letting go of the world 
and being in the heart …
this is what is to be seen and lived 
the heart is the soul fire of all
it is on the right side of the chest, but not really a local point that 
can be identified with -- it is truly not physical -- it is the absolute 
which is bodiless…
the right side is simply a way to say that one is truly the heart …
not the head, not the thoughts, not the playing out of the world …
but the heart, hridayam  = "heart am I" as Ramana says so perfectly….

-maha shanti om-

Saturday, October 25, 2014

life awaits...

know my friends
that one is to be *living* the truth
this is so very different than an understanding
of it
this is so very different than being separate from it
for the mind will do this
make distinctions and separate out a you
from all else that lives
this is the trick that it plays
like a room of mirrors that eludes itself
and in this room of mirrors, there is no truth
to be found
only a revolving wheel of thoughts and all that
comes with this …
but when the mind stops this revolving and comes
to rest in the heart
then and only then is there peace and what is seen
is not separate, but the same in all directions and at all times
and under all conditions
then and only then, there is stillness that forgets the world
with all it's miseries and events that happened to a persona
then and only then, the mind is cleared of all obstructions
and misunderstandings that have been collected due to clinging
to this false notion of individuality...
so very much like a ghost of sorts (this false sense) that rises and attaches to the form
but in itself it is formless and is not at all real or solid
this is the reality
and having no place to attach, when the mind is purified, this energy
will die away like mist in the morning light
for it is not able to withstand forever
this light of love that is God, Guru, Allah, Brahman, Absolute
or whatever name one wants to call it
it is the absolute reality that is ONE and undivided and without end and without
beginning and most importantly without suffering, fetters, bindings, attachments
nothing like this ever existed in this perfection
and this perfection (the absolute)
is what is to be entered into with courage and heart and love

oh my friend
i know you to be well and out of suffering
always and forever
you are the burning atman, the fire of allah
the mountain steady and filled with majesty
you are the prince of peace
like Christ
how he came to free the souls that thirsted for clear waters
he came like a prince and was crucified by the ones that loved
him in the beginning even
how very sad indeed
but, the bright note is always that Christ showed the way to the eternal
to the holy of holiest, the one, the sun that sits glorious and filled with light
and love and purity
is this not a beautiful thing?

sons and daughters,
seat yourself by the waters of joy
this evening,
the sky is filled with colors of bright hue that have only
been spun by the heart
the earth, so filled with riches… deep and wonderful mysteries
lie there awaiting new birth always
the ocean, spreading far and wide with rolling waves
that sing so joyous
and the life within it how filled with abundance!
the children running about and playing in the light that
dances by the shore and in the breeze fresh with warmth
the hills too are filled with the call of the earth and the wild creatures
how free they roam about, laying their heads in the dirt at night, filled with
the song of life
in the jungle, what wonders are there!
animals of such power and strength and such rich greenery and dancing mysteries...
in you too, this life dances my friends…like all that live and all that have died
and all that are to come…
no one is left out of this life that gives of itself… and leaves the man to seek his heart
if he so chooses…
this is the beauty of life… to choose to walk the journey of heart… to be set free of shadow
to never call it back to the soul…
yes, indeed, this is the greatest opportunity…
and those that continue, how blessed are they?
these ones are to know in time the non-dual treasure that sits like a beautiful gem
splendid and without comparison
eventually, this is the reality...the best of the best awaits
but know dear ones, that this reality is here and now and not out there like a thing to be
taken and possessed… this is so very false…
the ego wants to own this treasure and it cannot, not now, not ever…
so do not be deluded by this type of thinking…
it is the ego that is to die completely away before life is…
before this perfection can be made manifest…

...and so the journey continues…

Friday, October 10, 2014

steady, ever steady….

it takes such a strong will
to pass beyond mind into liberation
but strong will is indeed what is needed 
for the mind is so very much soaked into the soul
(or this thought of being a body with a separate existence)
and this is what needs to be rooted out without a drop
of this feeling remaining 
for if there are seeds of desire/attachment remaining 
then these can sprout up again and sprout they will
if watered with attention 
this is why it is so important to look within and be vigilant 
with the mind by utilizing the practices given by Guru
and continuing steadily without being pulled by so, so many
if one can be patient and continue through all experiences 
that come 
and stay with it 
then there will be fruit to enjoy
the mind will not stop it's course without the strong force of 
grace which is embodied in Guru
but for this force to penetrate deeply, one is to be still
and not driven by anxiety or looking always for pleasurable 
experiences… you see, this is so selfish (which is the way of ego nature)
ego is indeed a selfish energy that all the time whines for *me, me -- i i*
this is what is to be seen my friends and seen well…
for this ego will rise up strong when given attention and nurtured.. 
when the will is strong to go beyond this energy that has been 
seen to bind and bring suffering, then one will not be distracted no
matter what comes or goes….
my friends, there cannot be an understanding of what a great treasure 
stillness is until this beauty is experienced deeply…
then and only then will one know the treasure there …
and as all the sages say, stillness is the only way to be out of suffering 
and without karma and all of the cycling that comes there …
the mind cannot go beyond mind, not ever --
nor can there be an intellectual understanding or insight about what is 
being spoken of 
so friends be quiet --- and when mind is in place drown it in the practices 
and stay steady, every steady…

om shanti

Saturday, October 4, 2014

here, now

oh joy,
this time is the now
like the earth song so filled with divinity
like the mother love that carries not a drop of 
suffering with it 
for it lives forever 
like her (the mother) she lives on and on 
as an angel of truth and as an angel of light 
like this, but not as something to be seen
by the eyes 
for you to see her rightly go to the waters of light 
where all is to be made clean
and this untruth is to be taken away
the untruth that speaks of other 
as you go to this water, know that it will rinse the 
mind clean of shadow which is mistaken knowledge
this knowledge is not real
not now, not ever 
it is like a pollution to the soul, so out of tune 
is it with the one 
and how it drives the soul to be out of truth
do not be afraid ever of this energy
for it is not real by any means 
it is like an empty playing out 
that comes from nothing 
know that the waters will drown this foe (ego)
he is not a friend of yours 
he is like a thorn on your skin that pricks and burns 
and with this movement (of ego), sorrow is born to you
but oh friend, have no fear
go to the waters in yourself that are clear and made of 
beauty only
and know that when the mind is rinsed, all the dream risings 
will come forward in a gush to be washed away
this is quite normal
do not fear this type of uprising -- stay in the heart and be 
as a still one 
and forget yourself and what is to come and not come 
for you cannot say in yourself what is to be 
only God knows this 
not you for sure 
and what is to come is what is to come 
it will be no matter what you haveto say about it 
it is like a trick to think you know the next step
so instead, why not be quiet with what is here? 
this flow of life, so present and wondrous 
yet not apart from anything 
the mind will have it's time to dance -- it is this way
but it has an end to it 
it has an end, and then the beginning of life is 
but this is not a beginning as the mind thinks it is 
for pure life always IS 
and mind truly has not ever lived 
not even for a moment as a true entity
for it dies away -- it dissolves away and is no more 
oh my friend, 
yes, know this reality and stay in this moment 
here, now
this moment

Sunday, September 21, 2014

what remains

a life lived in stillness
is the most high
not like a one that is above everything else
but like a one that is the SAME as all else
if this makes no sense,
then good…
for mind cannot turn the light
into an understanding or a ray
it can only begin to question
and then the snake eats it's tail
and leaves the ground of being
to be known
this soul does not know himself
as he was any longer
that one has died and left the o ne
to replace the suffering persona
what grace dear ones
what grace...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

what are you?

what are you dear?
in the heart 
what are you?
not as you think 
for certain
not as a measured thing 
that has this quality and that
not like this in the least
in the heart 
you are as you truly are 
which is unborn
made of only pure life 
untouched by form and mind 
untouched by thought 
untouched by even one thing that 
can be named 
oh heart friend, 
yes, you are perfect 
it is true 
and what is to make you think
otherwise is this spell of maya
it plays and moves as the world 
it creates dream substance 
a shadow over the heart 
that sits clear as the most precious 
come find it my friend
seek not what the mind is after 
and dive into the heart 
like a one that is to die to what is known
and you will be freed of suffering 
in this light 
love is as still waters 
so pure and clean
as God in it's right state 
be in this light 
and let the shadows go
know yourself
then all is set right

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

how blessed

the non-dual texts speak always of one 
heart friends this is what is real
spoken by voices that are free of illusion
this truth shines so undeniable in this writing 
as the sun pours it's light forth at high noon
and can be felt by all that live under it 
and turn their face upward 
how these words melt into the heart and mind like this 
writing of this sort is of it's own category
and cannot be set up against writing of a dualistic nature 
that speaks to me and you and this and that 
and becoming and gaining and losing and all the 
woes and struggle of mundane existence 
the non-dual writings flow from the source directly
as honey flows from the sweetest body of water 
it quenches deeply and takes away
only what is creating bondage 
this writing is so very rare as to not be of interest 
to those taking up the reins of the cart and horse
of worldly desire
where will this lead? only to more of the same 
but to those souls that are to turn inward into themselves
and look deeply at what is real and lasting
and are graced with Guru's compassion
and teachings 
and are in the way of devoting their lives to the truth 
to these ones 
even a few words spoken from the lips of a completed master 
will strike the cords of the heart 
and begin to tear away the coverings of illusion
how blessed is the soul that opens in this way
how blessed is the soul that keeps as it's steer and rudder 
the faith that all is ONE 
how blessed is the soul that carries not the shadow of the past 
and projections of the future 
how blessed is the soul that discovers the path of heart 
how blessed is the soul that keeps on step by step
and does not turn back to the world of shadow
oh men and women that desire freedom
keep steady
and have faith in the words spoken by those free of 
suffering for they speak the truth that resides in all hearts
these words speak to what has always been 
and cannot be otherwise 
which is that all is ONE 
all is without death and without suffering 
beyond body, beyond mind 
this is the truth 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

what exists here and now -- Brahman...

what does the sage say about God?
God is synonymous with SELF which is the essence of 
ALL -- there is nothing apart from this essence
or there could be no life...
what does the sage say about *me*?
that it has no separate existence, not now or ever..
the snake will never, ever be the rope --
this means mind can never, ever be real, not for 
an instant
what does the sage say about *you*? 
that there is no such thing in reality
what exists always, always is the absolute 
undivided consciousness
made of sat, chit anand 
*me* and *you* are only superimpositions 
on the one reality 
that is the true reality
the other is but a dream --- an imagining of mind 
a mental trick that allows for the forgetting of the one reality
-- and though it covers over and appears real,
it is not -- it is only emptiness with no power in itself
what does the sage say about youth and old age? 
that it is of the body which is made up of elements 
and impurities.. it is made up of parts: arms, legs, head, torso,
feet, belly, thighs and so forth that are like anything else in nature 
which intrinsically decays and will pass away
 -- these parts can never, ever be the absolute
which cannot be parted out or pointed to,
nor can it rise or fall, nor can it pass away -- it is a mistake to identify
with that which decays
as the truth is we are always and eternally ONE,
undivided in nature, pure beingness, of the nature of Brahman which is ALL
what does the sage say about practice?
that it is not to be looked at as being apart from the practitioner
or turned into mechanical action or to turned into devotion that is dualistic
in nature, but to be centered in the heart and quietude
allowing the sense of duality to fall away….
what does the sage say about the world? 
that it is not separate from the absolute --- it is one with God and one 
with all -- 
what does the sage say about the body?
that it is to be detached from -- it has no knowledge within it, it is 
insentient and is not to be nourished with thoughts that tethers the mind to it …
without this type of detachment the mind will be ridden with fear and concern
about so many things that bring on a feeling of duality ---
what does the sage say about thought?
that it is the source of confusion, doubt, imaginings and the full host of 
suffering for the soul -- there is nothing else that brings suffering … 
and with this said, all thought is to be removed by following guidance given
by Guru and steadfastly abiding in the heart/quietude/practices without
being lost in the mental shifting states….
what does the sage say about Brahman?
that it is the one, undivided essence or substratum of all seen and unseen
it is made of knowledge only and nothing else 
knowledge is the non-dual source of all 
it is not knowledge *of* something as the mind thinks, but pure, undiluted reality
that has no separation within it, it has no conceptualization or imaginings in it
consciousness is what Brahman is made of  which is the SAME in all ---
consciousness is what you and me are made of which is the SAME in all--
consciousness is what here and there is made of which is the SAME in all
consciousness is ALL….
this is Brahman…
the playing out of mind loses itself to this essence that is Brahman
it dies away there and then Brahaman is revealed as that which has always been
behind the playing out and sense of division…
this is Brahman
ONE, eternal -- complete, without parts, without affliction, doubt or burden…
ONE always -- Brahman
what does the sage say about non-duality
as the wave has always been water and never can it be anything in between --
this is non-duality ----- all has and always has been ONE without exception, everywhere 
and always ----  ONE 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

song of pure life #2

how Ribhu sings
what a sage is he
when his words come
there is no thinker there
sweet and perfect,
flowing like a clear river
when he was a boy
he was living with Shiva
Shiva was his mentor
holy was this time
when the meeting of two
became one
timeless and forever one
Rhibu listened with rapture to Shiva
who told him
young soul,
i love you well and dear
and want to speak of the one
to you
listen well dear boy
and he listened intently
with love and openness
to what Shiva gave him
he became the absolute
and spoke to Nidagha on the mountain
of this beauty so full
so filled with life and love
when he spoke to his
disciple Nidagha
he spoke words like this;
child, you are the absolute (brahman)
and you must know this for certain
without a drop of doubt
as told to me by Shiva,
it is not until the nescience or darkness is
removed that only then the supreme consciousness
can shine
in it's beautiful radiance in which there exists no other
it is only the agitated mind that covers this perfection
this is what must be cast out my child
and with love and courage
one is to abide in pure consciousness
or (the SELF) without waver
there is no other way to be in this beauty
my child, the world is nothing but one, non-dual
and without any stains of mental play
or affliction
all is pure consciousness now and always
listen dear soul,
the wise know that there is nothing different than Brahman
he spoke words like this (Rhibu)
not a single breath, word, deed, body, mind,
branch, tree, root, flower, berry, blossom
ant, beetle, spider or anything that crawls, flies or
moves about are anything but Brahman
all bodies, living and dead
all wondrous and majestic mountain ranges, all the phases of the
moon and the appearing
and disappearing of the seasons
the sky with it's various shades
the oceans with their movement of waves and creatures of all sizes and
all Brahman and nothing else…
the light, the dark is Brahman
the night and day
the ignorance, the liberation
all Brahman and nothing else
he sang like this (Rhibu did) of the glory of one
that is not separate
the heavens, the hell realms (what are they when all conceptual
thinking falls away?)… non-existent and nothing more
so Rhibu is a sage that sings of pure life that is woven into
everything seen and unseen
and nothing can damage this purity that is of Shiva nature
the seeker that hears the wisdom (of the sages) and drinks
it in lovingly
he will be blessed with Shiva nature
he will be like Shiva himself with no ego nature anywhere
he will be still and filled with love
he will be as all the sages
always and forever ….

more writing on Rhibu -- as all the writing, it just flows
and takes on it's own style...
please know that the main message is within the writing...
may it be enjoyed for what it is….

shanti om

Saturday, June 28, 2014

nothing to give..

he came, this sage
and sat in the streets where the men walk by
preoccupied, not ever glancing away from their world
of desires and daydreams
he sat silently in the streets not saying a word
until a man that looked like a pauper came to him
and said, dear man why do you sit so still and silent?
not any reason spoke the sage, i am just sitting
there is nothing more to it
the pauper said, do you mind if i sit with you?
the sage said, i do not mind
so the pauper sat by him
they both sat
finally, the pauper said, i am lonely and have nothing
the sage said, i have nothing, but am not lonely
the pauper said, well, this is different.. i do not understand
well, said the sage, i am not desiring anything for all is full
and complete
oh, said the pauper, this is a good thing to hear this moment
i will sit with you awhile longer and hope to get some of this
good feeling you have
the sage laughed and said i have nothing dear man
yet i am not feeling lack
i am simply quiet inside and because of this, all is very well now
and cannot be otherwise …
i cannot understand your state my friend, but i will say, it sounds okay
to me
i wish to be like you, but i am very tired and old and need
comfort for my weary bones
dear sir, said the sage, you are quite well too in spirit --
look over there, the sky is a brilliant red, how it glows of life
yes indeed, it is pretty spoke the pauper
look too, at the puddles of water on the street, how they sparkle of life
yes indeed they do spoke the pauper
you are a funny man, said the pauper -- i will sit awhile longer and then
go from you so you can enjoy your time…
as you wish said the sage
i know not what to give you for you are the same as me dear soul
look within yourself and do not keep wanting to be different
the lord has made you the same as i
how can i give you something that you already are
this sounds odd to me said the pauper -- i am not really getting this
but i wil mull it over a bit here and there …
but for now, enjoy your time and thank you for speaking of yourself
the sage did not say anything else -- what could he say?
there are no words to express this beauty that is of life,
love and stillness
and lives within all hearts equally
and without end...
he just sat and all was well with him
and this was all…

om shanti

song of pure life...

a long time ago 
there was a sage named Rhibu
he was manifested by Shiva 
who lived on Mount Kailasa
in the himalayas
he was taught by Shiva of the 
the timeless reality 
that lives beyond words, 
beyond mind, beyond all conceptual
Rhibu drank this wisdom deeply and
when he was illumined 
went to the holy mountains and taught
Nhidagha the essence or truth of existence
Nhidagha was a seeker that listened intently
to the words that poured like honey from Rhibu's mouth
his words were like rain to a soul that was parched 
and walking for many a day, year and lifetime
in the desert of maya with her spell of illusion
Rhibu spoke with beautiful words and a voice 
that sung without waver 
that all things and all playing out within the sensual world 
are nothing but Brahman
all is Brahman and nothing else…
all is consciousness -- 
everything from the grain of sand to the beautiful sun in the sky
all Brahman... 
Rhibu was a one that honored Shiva with his entire 
he offered his mind and body to him 
he offered his life to him to be taken in and 
bathed in the purity of this grace 
in which there existed no form or personhood
but was only made of the substance of truth (or atman)
existence, consciousness and bliss
with his full devotion, Rhibu gave his flowers of love 
which is his own self
that was longing to know what lies 
beyond this world of suffering and desires and all that comes 
with this 
he sang of the love that is inherent in Shiva or pure consciousness
and the purity there that is like the clearest pool of water 
stainless, without anything that speaks of separation 
void of any questions or seeking…
nothing like this exists within this tranquil essence
Rhibu was a sage that sung of the non-dual essence
he sang of what it was and what it was not 
(like all sages that are true) 
he sung with eloquence of the one -- the knowing beyond 
all knowledge 
he sung with love and joy of the the heart that shines in all 
without end 
without division
without me and you and this and that 
without death
nothing and everything 
he sang of life in it's purity….
Om Namah Shivaya…

this is the writing that flowed this evening…

shanti om

Monday, June 16, 2014

seeing of the heart

crying out for God?
my dear 
how can God go anywhere? 
he is the living light
when all the searching stops 
lo, he appears 
as the soul fire 
the beautiful heart
that is in all things 
and when the ones that speak
of him 
say, "be still and know"
then listen friends 
and do not be swayed 
by thoughts
that bring in their wake 
instead, free the mind to be 
in the heart 
as God will become the center 
he is not to be found outside yourself
because he is not outside 
he is inside the soul
and breathes life and love and joy
as a single being 
and when the love of God 
is seen in all things 
from the smallest to the largest 
without distinction
without separating this is me and that is you
and all of this 
then the heart is open
to the one 
but even here, there is more to go
for the mind is to still without a drop of 
ego nature
then pure consciousness is what remains 
and this is the end that is the beginning (of life)
so let not the thoughts speak to you 
for they will take you away into the place of shadow
and deception
there is no thought that can ever
see rightly
for the heart is the shining force always 
and it *sees* perfectly 
it is the one 
and it is to be entered into in surrender 

this is the writing of this moment 

maha shanti om

Sunday, May 25, 2014

timing of grace

the saints were the ones that walked
the path of surrender
they walked into the fires of purification
and here
there was much manifestations that came
forward as clearing
such as visions, kriyas and mental playing out
that came as kundalini
the saints were the ones that *lived* the path
which is so very different than holding
a philosophy about it
a philosophy is for the realm of duality
and those ones that need to grasp onto
something to make their lives better
which is where most are in the realm
of spirit
and though this kind of thing may bring
souls to some feeling of being a
better person
and give soothing words to the mind
it is entirely different than a path of
which will tear all that one has
built up inside as thought and concept
to walk a path such as this takes great
fortitude and great desire to be free
of all that brings suffering
this cannot be manufactured
like a mental philosophy
it is a burning inside the soul
that cannot be ignored
like the saints
like Guru
like Buddha
like Christ
one that has within a burning like this
is moved to fulfillment of the scriptures
which is the righteous path laid out
by those that have come to the end
and found the pearl of great price
which is liberation
those few that walk the razors edge like this
are not to be looked upon as if they are special
or better or higher
this is completely absurd
for these ones are simply moved according
to lifetimes of focus/energy that has been put toward
this end
and it has this type of playing out
the ones that are not yet in the way of
walking away from the world
are not to remorse or look to be any
other way than what is true inside
and this aides in settling the mind and heart
and opening up to what is before one to
be immersed in
which may be family, work etc…
be in this experience fully
and this will awaken the mind to go deeper
when the time is right

the heart's timing is not in the hands of ego
it is the timing of grace
and the mind cannot understand it
no matter how much it attempts to
even when one feels certain that the world
is this way and that they themselves are this
particular way or whatever …
this will eventually lift like a cloud
and one will then experience the one
which will blow out any of these concepts..
this can happen at any time and place
and then the journey gets going
and there is much challenging of the mind
which will in the end not rise victorious
if one continues
it will be drowned in light, love and stillness
which is the gem of greatest worth
as it has no suffering in it

so my friends, be well
and continue on your journey
no matter your circumstances
be in love with your life
be here and do not
grace will move the soul
to be free
in God's good timing….

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

changeless truth

when a man gives away 
all of his possessions 
he is still left with himself 
he does not change 
when he covets objects and goes 
after this and that 
he is still unchanged in truth 
when he goes to the river to cleanse 
his soul 
he is still unchanged in truth
when he walks with wayward souls 
or with saints 
he is still unchanged in truth 
when he calls to the heart 
or calls to the heavens 
or loves or hates 
he is still unchanged in truth 
he is never out of beingness
even in the most dark places 
for truth is not found newly 
it is always and forever here 
as one pure light 
it is to be uncovered by the one that 
seeks with sincerity 
it is to be uncovered by the one that 
is not making up stories of deception
it is to be uncovered by the soul that 
leaves the body sense go
and forgets his little world of troubles 
and pleasures
and forgets his ego nature and forgets 
his most precious attachments 
for in these there is pain always 
even with the pleasure 
and he is to know this well and go out 
of this and be of his own light 
like a sadhu that is to be purified 
in the fires of Guru
he sits in this fire 
and lets the dust of his creation die
and with this death there is a blessed light 
that is effulgent and made of only love 
and silence 
silence, silence 
not anything else but this 
this brings an end to all that he is seeking 
and then he goes on to be himself 
as he always was 
just without the overlay of egoistic 
playing out 
the ego is the cover --
there is nothing else that overlays pure mind 
it moves and makes up imaginings that 
bring the soul to believe in separation
which is never, ever true 
so souls,
be living in yourself and make your life 
one of joy and rich being 
no matter where you are or what is happening
make your life one of silence 
then you can be wherever you are 
and be free 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Kiss of Awareness

in winter the earth is dry and all is starkly bare 
as that which lays dormant
awaits the first kiss of the sun
when it comes, this kiss
it awakens the life that has fallen to sleep
for awhile in the depths of the earth
and life is moved to begin to grow
little bits of green poke it's way out of the soil
and miracles occur within and without 
and all around 
for the soul too, this is the way
it sits in slumber
and awaits the first kiss
which is awareness
untouched by any forces
that are of the personal
and with this kiss of awareness
life begins to stir in the soul and something
else begins to move the being 
which is grace
then, the holdings in consciousness
come to the surface to be seen
like bits of flotsam and jetsam on the waters 
of pure life 
and the soul is then made aware of all that has 
been occluding pure vision
this is a good thing to see what is there  
that has been driving one to be in circles 
of worry or defensiveness or comfort 
or what have you
because without first seeing what is there,
there can be no cleansing
and how mother cleanses, does she not?
for she is like a goddess of the heart
in her way, she is like 
the most chaste presence
that comes in and through
and gives one a chance to see
what is true and what is false 
she comes this way to all in every moment 
with a kiss of wake up and see dear one 
for you are my love 
you are my child of the spirit and i know you
as the sun only
i do not know you as a shadow not now, not ever 
you are my child that i have given life to
and  i will take your soul to the place of rest 
when you open your heart to me 
and then i will make you be still
i will not ever leave your heart dear one 
i will not ever be away and forget you
but my child 
you forget me, by going out into the world 
of the false 
and when you are there, you do not know who 
you truly are 
you forget that you are One only
and that God is your very Self
there (in the world), souls speak of this and that 
and me and you 
and you are lost in that 
but know that every breath that comes in your form
is my heart only
and every tear too
and every word that you speak is my creation
but words are not this at all
they are only bits of shakti that rise and fall on this 
heart so pure and so real
so, my child, when you go in the world, can you know 
the one?
if you love me like your very own soul
you can know always this one that is here 
for i love the one that is not afraid of me (Kali)
i love that one with heart and soul and a force of fire 
that can never die 
and i love those that are away in the world too the same,
but they are not really in the way of seeing the real
they are playing in the world as if it is a playground 
for fulfilling their desires 
this is fine and well -- for it will bring life lessons to them
but for those in the way of wanting to be free
these ones i call to me 
come home and love me true
for i know the way and the path is in you to be walked 
stay sturdy and upright in your character 
and do not let worry and fear rule your reality 
then you can settle into this moment 
and feel the wind purely and feel the sun purely
and feel the sweet smile of a friend purely
and feel the heart as the shining one 
come dear child 
and be as you are 
i am your mother always 
and nothing can compare to this type of love 
but do not love me as an object 
for i will melt like wax and die there 
love me as your own soul
and i will burn bright as the brightest star
for you to be guided to the heart 
and i will burn bright as the brightest moon
that cannot be denied in the dark sky
and i will burn like a lantern and a torch and 
fire so strong and so filled with life
that you will not be able to return to the shadowland 
you will be moved to be true and well like you are 
so well and so filled with life and love and compassion
that will tear the walls of ignorance down 
so come now 
be free and do not roam in the land of the lost 
come and be the life that you are 
the life that can never die 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

More on Ramana

this sage
when he was young
played a lot with other boys
he loved the games of athletics
he loved the joy of running through the open
he one day did not take to his studies so well
he all of the sudden showed little interest in worldly
he would sit in the temples surrounded by the saints pictures
with the lingam in the cool dark inner cave of the temple
sitting still and silent
deeply absorbed in the energies of light and love
it shook him fiercely to imagine lives spent
in such an immaculate way
and within such deep surrender, love and devotion to God
he would be alone a lot this child
but never lonely for he was always inside himself in
one day he walked away from his family and home
he walked to the trains in india and bought a ticket
and never returned
he went to the mountain to be as a renunciate
this mountain was of the purest form
it was like heaven itself and it drew him in like a magnet
he wandered before getting to this great mountain
and slept on the streets
he tore a bit of material to make a loin cloth
and then it rained fresh and pure on his skin
which he considered the standard bathing ritual for sadhus
and he tossed his few coins in the gutter
walked into the temple of saints
and never returned to the world
he lived as a chaste being
and had no desire for worldly pleasure, wealth or anything else
he wanted nothing from any soul
he simply lived in pure beingness and this was enough
to aide others to freedom

when he came to the mountain
there was a bright light that shone
on the top of it
it guided him inward to the Self
he did not stop at the entrance
he went into the heart of the rock
where there was a vacuous force
a pulling that
stripped the mind bare of it's
varnish of the world
he sat down like a man that was
in him
there was not any more pridely airs
not any more to be known or seen
or heard or touched or tasted
not any more to be searched for
he had found that which is in all
the stillness that is of it's own light
the stillness that is of it's own presence
that is not of the identity
and with this said
he was now to be called a sage
though there was no one to claim
this name
in him it mattered not
what he was called
what was the absolute that
was nothing and all
to be called?
he was that timeless beauty always
and had he walked away from the
entrance to the heart
his life would have taken
a very different turn indeed
not one that was the deathless
as the Buddha
as the Guru
as Christ
something else entirely
like the man of the world
who is not awake
and not ever could he
be away from this heaven
that is of the earth
not distinct
not filled with thoughts and concepts
eternally resting in
sat chit ananda

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

pure life

on the hill
by the beautiful tree that sits in full bloom
and the waters of blue rest calm
like glass reflecting a world that comes and goes
i will meet you here 
as the sun sets behind the
mountain range 
and the busyness of the world
has died down
here i will be 
when the moon rises slow and steady
across a clear sky
will you be here too?
and find me as the life of all life 
and the death of  all deaths
like a song with no singer 
and joy undivided
come climb the hill 
this pure life will take you in 
as it has nothing to lose 
it will remain as it is 
free of stain 
and without attachments
the blossoms fall 
like rain
as moonlight melts  
on still waters
the stars are out like little lights 
that twinkle 
and i am here as the Self
come find me here
be the best of beauty
the Self of all
pure life

Monday, April 7, 2014

a woman

a woman came tonite 
she was like a beautiful glow 
she wore only white 
her face was as an angel
so soft were her features 
her gait was light and as 
a feather that 
lifted itself easily 
with the natural flow of things 
she came close to your ear
and whispered,
my dear, you are lost in yourself, 
how come?
have you been thinking too much?
have you met something in the world 
that is so much better than 
what will make you come back
to your soul? 
what will make you come to your joy?
oh dear one, 
what beauty is in your soul
and how it sings of love 
how it stills your thought 
how it is so full and rich
i am your perfection of beauty
and sing of truth only
come to me now
and be free

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

mouna, light of all

in mouna,
silence fills the space where mind once sang it's tune
of separation
like pristine still waters, that are clear as a sky with no cloud cover 
not anything can be said about this beautiful state really, because there are no words to 
describe it 
light of all
glorious consciousness that is not soiled 
there is nothing comparable to this grace that comes from grace 
one struggles to be free
and yet this bright light that shines splendid and glorious is always present 
and can never die 
the struggle is from ego
not of the one 
as the lotus arises from the mud and unfolds it's petals of bright hue 
so the mind is cleared of all obstructions and tendencies when rejoicing 
and resting in  the one 
then what manifests is what lay eternally under the dross 
like honey that is tasted after only knowing the sour
oh how it refreshes the mind and calms it down and deepens the 
presence of one heart 
slowly by slowly the mind is calm and tranquil and still
stillness without end
forgetting of the world with it's troubles 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

have you been still tonite?

seated in the heart 
the life force 
the shining all
not one drop of suffering is here
in this silence 
like cooling moon beams on a deep dark
this tranquil heart that shines as all
like nectar from the sweetest flower 
honey, fruit of the heart 
pouring like rain
soothing to the mind that is drenched in maya
oh let it pour tonite 
for there is no more being lost in the byways of thought 
let it rain on all that are thirsting for clear waters 
the Guru shines here, she does 
she knows the road out to where all is  
as one 
when she calls you to this path that is like fire 
she is in you burning bright like a lantern
that will not go out 
she will be there burning the dross away
she sits like a buddha still and perfect 
in your heart 
and night becomes lit and the path is born in you
to be walked 
like a sadhu with his staff that bears his weight 
thru the most treacherous courses that come 
thru the hills and valleys and crevices that 
appear and can be dangerous 
the sadhu steadies himself on his staff 
and walks straight forward 
the Guru shines in him like a force 
that continues to push his boundaries 
and tear his notions of how things are 
to shreds 
this is the reality dear souls 
for one cannot know what the next minute 
will bring 
and mind wants to get complacent and *think* 
it has it figured out 
not for one minute is this true 
you know not about yourself and know not 
your inner strength until this personal world 
is burned to ash
do not be afraid of this for it is the best thing 
that life offers 
it is the most secret thing 
which means it cannot be known by those that are 
not in the way of being open and desiring of it 
and putting efforts there 
but even with efforts, there is a place 
that effort cannot reach  
only grace takes over then 
and though ego may want something else 
it goes in the direction of grace 
like a torrent of rushing water compared 
to a trickle (which is ego)
this happens when ego gets thin and weak
the power of grace then becomes the all consuming thing 
may you know it souls that seek
then all that was felt dimly before or felt like a whisper
becomes real and alive like love, 
soul fire, spontaneity,
quietude, beauty
pure life, all of it 
is enlivened in you

so have you been still tonite? 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

an auspicious day

what an auspicious day
the birth of Guru
she came to be out of suffering
and worked thru the conditionings of mind
to lay them to rest
she came to be free, yes
but she came to be a light to humanity
and set those souls that are desiring of freedom
on the waters of truth
to be awakened in themselves to the heart
the light, the one

when i first met her
she seemed so ordinary in one sense
and yet so much the mystic and saint on the other
this is what drew me to her
as i could sit and laugh like a friend with her
but yet there was something else, so very potent
that came through in the most ordinary moments
and this is called grace
it cuts thru the false like a knife
and slices and dices the persona to bits
this is no joke my friends
one can be anywhere and at anytime
doing absolutely anything and this comes
this bursting apart of the person you thought
you were
and then an entirely different reality opens
in which one is *purely present*
and nothing else exists
time does not exist
as so many times
we can be driving and it may seem like
we were driving for lifetimes, but we only went
a few miles (this happened the other day when driving with Guru)
or a day will feel like seconds or like it never happened

i will say, this form has not always been well
it has had many illnesses that came in which i
i did not come back quickly by any means
but since coming under the halo of Guru
the body heals as mind dissolves …
which does not mean that the body will not have it's
ailments no matter what
but as the knots are freed, so is the body focus
which brings a loosening on every level
this is what has come here …
i know for sure Guru has saved my life and i
will not deny it …
she knows and i know …
but there is no harboring of *i did this* and
*you owe that*….
Guru just is .. timeless and present in all moments
and this leaves no residue of what just took place
but the grace is here and flows without end
how it is so present in all moments
and is felt on every level --
even in the hardest times..
and the stillness that *is* goes without saying
it would have never been known without
Guru's blessing and gracious presence

friends of heart
be well this day and rejoice in the grace that has come
in your life
if you are blessed to be under the halo of Guru
or if you are blessed to simply have a form that will
give the opportunity to go forward and learn
life lessons
than be grateful and love this moment
it is here now
and what is needed will indeed come to your life
if you are open
although it will not be what you *think* it is
(it will be better in the end)
and ego may not like it, but trust in this
if your heart is sincere and you move forward
it will be the best blessing and will open you to
which will in time bring stillness
beauty and peace
there is nothing that has more worth
not in this life or the next …

great day and om

March is the month of Guru's birthday

Such blessings of deep compassion and wisdom that flows without self-interest from our dear Guru
How much her presence has blessed our lives!

The time of Guru's birthday is a time to be in deep gratitude
The time is one of great auspiciousness as this light of truth has risen to bring refreshment to souls in the dark.
The time is full of great potential to make progress within and be in stillness.
The time is one of basking in the blessing of good company and rejoicing that the path has come into being ...
as this path carved out by our Guru has brought great changes for the good in our lives.
This path has brought peace where there was once tears and confusion
It has lit the way for us to be out of earthly woes and sorrow
It has brought laughter and fresh life  where once there was confinement.
The blessing of the presence of Guru in our lives is beyond measure
Beyond compare 
No words can ever express the gratefulness
Hari OM dear Guru

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the true nature

he came and sat on a simple bed where his devotees 
brought him sustenance that was from the earth 
where all things grow well when tended to with care 
he took the bountiful offerings and regarded them as his own Self
for where were the distinctions of this and that to a one in pristine silence?
he would sit on his bed and give darshan, a look to his eyes that bore thru
the ego with one glance 
oh yes, my dear souls .. one glance is all it takes from a master that is true 
so when he gazed at you, the heavens awakened within and what was false 
as the shadow that rises, would sink low and vanish
that quickly, nothing said, nothing done -- only a look
when a soul came to kneel by him and he sat with an open heart, his heart would 
fill up
like an empty vessel that has waited in the sun for fresh rains 
and when the rains came to this parched vessel, it would be revived and glow of life 
that was sleeping it seemed and waiting 
the seeker then, knew himself to be pure and of one heart and mind 
the first time this happens, it is so stunning and the knowing or understanding that comes
so completely different than mind … like the sky, boundless, yet grounded in 
the life force … no one is there .. no one is home, and yet all moves so gracefully,
spontaneous … 
no death exists here my friends, not even a drop, not even for a moment
and so the seeker basks in this …
one day when he was sitting still and calm, a man came to him and said,
"what is this world? and how can i be rid of this suffering?" 
and the sage said, " this world is like a dream, it is insubstantial as all that is seen for it 
comes and goes… it is here upon awakening and dies in deep slumber … where is it then?"
the seeker knew not what to say, but he could not deny that this world disappeared every night 
and came back to him upon opening his eyes …
"to be rid of suffering, spoke the sage, is not anything you need to worry about.. just simply remain as 
you are. this is all and be quiet, not letting thoughts intrude… self inquiry yes, but not by rote 
mechanical asking… nothing will change this way… an open heart is the best thing, an open settled 
presence and not worrying about when and all of that…. what weight you put on yourself.. why keep
heaping more and more?"
the seeker just sat and sat and eventually bowed deeply thanking the sage and moved on his way…
the sage, when he got up, walked out of the ashram into the open air that smelled of earth and animals 
that roamed about and smoke from the fire pit that was dying away…
the world to him was like all else.. not distinct and separate from the Self … 
when he walked about the grounds, his devotees would walk with him and offer comfort for his 
form and offer water or set down a cloth for him to sit on when he rested…  
he would walk up and around the mountain that he loved so dearly 
he would sit down a long while and be happy there, lit up with radiance and peace …
stillness was his nature
like love that was living, like joy that was living 
stillness was his nature 
and what he spoke of was that stillness is the true nature of ALL
not just in one special soul
this is not true ever 
stillness is 
and is in ALL equally without end 
this is is what is the TRUE nature 
may it become the center for all that are wanting to be free