Friday, March 13, 2015

flowers of light

i tried to write the poem
but my hands did not work
for they knew not the passages to write
i tried to see the words to write
but my eyes grew dim
and could not see the words
the mind it knew so many things
i suppose
but when it came to writing the poem
it did not know anything
it was quiet
and then what flowed was of itself
like a divine river of love
like the wings of angels
and the silence of God
it writes itself
and though the eyes see it coming out
there is no one that writes
it writes itself

she is still
forever still
and graces the world with stillness
and puts stillness in you
she makes herself beautiful in stillness
fresh as the first winter snow
fresh as the earth tended to with care
fresh as the dove lit on the branch
in the moonlight
fresh as love rich in heart
fresh as life with no boundaries
fresh as life with no suffering
fresh as life without shadow
she is the beautiful one
dressed in stillness only
dressed in primal being
dressed in primal oneness
dressed in primal singular oneness
how she lives so joyous
she brings
flowers of light to you now dear one
like presents of heart
take them now
and have this joy too
she brings such gifts of heart

Sunday, March 8, 2015

life without stain

she speaks to the soul
of life lived without stain
of life lived without mistaken knowledge
of life lived without the burden of thoughts
for thoughts are the cause of suffering
they are the connection between body and mind
like a knot or the rudra granthi
they make the body appear as
separate and confined to a persona
and make all the world appear
the body is subject to so many things
and will decay in time and be put to
the cremation grounds
or buried or what have you
do not let it be the all of your existence
it is here due to karma and
all that is directed by grace
it knows nothing at all
it is like an inert thing
a vehicle for the soul to experience
life on this plane
a disciple on the path will
not be so enamored by it
for has it not been proven to be
unreliable as the source of happiness?
it is subject to so many things
it dies away someday or today maybe
who knows?
it will be like a corpse soon
but holy it is not
holy it is not
so sisters and brothers when you are
true to God
one does not hold his creations as being
but simply observes quietly
the world and all that comes and goes
in it
how strange it is, yes?
how very mysterious and not understood
by mind at all
it is like a show of color and light
and oddities and beauty and horrors
but this is not to be taken as personal in the least
for when death comes
the mind is stripped of all
like a dissolution of all that has been collected
and that which was identified as a "me" is no more
but one need not wait until death for this process to begin
and can be purified while in body
in this life now
this is the path
and what remains under it all?
this is LIFE in it's purity

and so friends of heart, may it continue forward
in the most beneficial way
may it continue....

om shanti

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

the peaceful o ne

i came in this way of beauty and light
as a dove lit on the branches of sorrow
to aide in those ears that are open
to hearing of the way
i came to haunt this darkness with such a
mighty hand and tongue
of light
that sits in the windows of all that lock
themselves away
so as to say come out friend,
and do not care of this empty voice that
has no true power
i came to fill the heart with great words of peace
and joy so beautiful
and whole as the seas and winds
never ending in the flow of purity as this
is what is real
i came to prey on the dead energies and
put them to sleep so they
have no more steam to rise again ever
i came as a wanderer of the lands and countries
of God
and will not compromise what is true by any means
i came to hear the call of the souls that sit
somewhere else in a place that does not heal
i am here to heal
as a burn and mighty sword that lashes the dark
and paralyzes the wandering ways of mind
i came on the side of beauty, rest and joy
as a lamb of God
that has given up all and everything to this purpose
of love everlasting
i came as freedom in a form
clear as the waters that run fresh from wild
open valleys
and taste sweet to tongues that are thirsty
i came as peace personified
and joy embodied
as earth fresh and deeply churned so as the
small bits of life can
breathe again in the open air
i came as a friend of peace
i came as a danger to the untrue ways
and as a bright star in the night sky
this substance that is what i am
so very whole and sturdy friends
so very much made of no death
and uninterrupted life and light
in this way i came
as light
pure life
and peace
i came..