Sunday, March 31, 2013


this energy
that lives
as goddess
but not as a timid thing that shies away
from strong currents that rush on
wild and without restraint
not as a little shrinking violet
that blushes
not as a thing that can be played with
or taken casually in truth
because Kali is the life force
that is all
how can anything be set against this?

the one that is beautiful
and inherently compassionate
though most run from her
and she laughs as these ones
cannot get away from
her grace
that lives in all souls equally
and comes forward as maya
or kundalini
whatever the nature
it is only one
mother always...

Kali Mandir Temple

The Kali Mandir Temple in india
makes animal sacrifices on a regular basis
this is shocking to many to hear
but is not an uncommon practice with those
set on rituals that bring purification
the animal nature is what is to be destroyed
this is one of the deeper meanings of this ritual
the animal nature is what creates vibrations that come
from a lower plane
in the way of looking for physical connections and
hungering for pleasures that are not
of spirit or lead to anything holy
the animal nature is cravings, seeking always to satiate the
appetites in one way or another
this is what takes place in the world for many ongoing
...unending in it's pressing desire
so to sacrifice this nature of animal is what is offered over
to grace
to be burnt in the fires that purify...

The Kali Mandir Temple
makes goat sacrifices -
Guruji has spoke on this many times
that it is the stark taking away of life in one instant
in one breath, it is here, and the next gone
never to return as that unique manifestation
this is what death is --
no joke
coming at a time unknown --
and at *any* time...
completely impartial ..
not more lenient with one, than another ..
this is why some of the Buddhist rituals
truly live each moment as if it could be the last
always prepared within and without for death
to take the form-
this is also how the path is to be walked ..
staying in the heart and savoring each moment
without attachment...

The nandi bull is set on the altar facing
the Shiva Lingam
because this is the animal/physical type of nature that is to be subservient
to the absolute --
and to be destroyed in the heat of Kali which is Guru's grace

The body is a vehicle truly and gives an opportunity
to enter into that which has never been born
and never dies ...
this is the end that is the beginning
and is the fruit that comes when one continues..
until then..
one holds steady in the moment ..
one breath at a time ..
one step at a time...


letting light in

the letting in of light is within surrender
not within hoping always
it comes from opening up to what is here
and not pushing away the natural flow of things
not forcing it or
slowing it down
or putting a cover over it...
but opening up and relaxing into the breath and mantra
and pure experience...
allowing quietude to be --
simple in it's way
and yet much harder if one struggles with it...

freedom is within all and for all
to come unto
it is amazing how so many
say within
this one is higher and i am lower
and nurture this kind of thing
certainly the Guru has risen above the suffering
and this is to be honored
but never has it been said to
create an identity around anything
even seeking and being a sannyasi
becomes an identification that one attaches to
and then what has it become
something entirely different...
it is simply a stepping stone towards freedom
but all of it goes in the end...
so be free of all thoughts of this and that ..
one needs to walk the path alone
and come to this peace alone
not grasping at externals
no matter how good or bad

friends, the season of now
is upon us
not tomorrow or yesterday
it is here now
untouched as the bright dawn
and lovely spreading trees of glory
untouched as the pastures of deep green
and succulent fruit that blooms
untouched as the mountain range
steady unto itself as hearty substance
that is unchanging
untouched as shiva in it's purity
untouched as om with it's vibration
that is always here
friends, the season of now is upon us
be in it
live freely as you are made to be
come unto yourself in light and bright wonder
come unto yourself as beauty in it's true nature
and that which is not separate
be living
not dying and being reborn
this is not real
you are always life
true and pure

no words

like a seed now this light 
it is quiet within 
and will open with the right care
and heart tending love 
it will unfold as the flower 
or the sun that rises slow and steady
or settle as the sea that is calm
and dissolve as water in milk
and the river into the ocean
it will make itself known
as the opening of the door 
with light that filters thru
and the clouds parting 
and the winter suddenly changes 
and warm sun shines about 
grace flowing here ..

now friend 
this is the time of joy
for the one that can enter into it 
without putting on it a story of *me* 
will be in this way of seeing clearly
not set apart in the land of shadow
like those that talk a lot without
any true experience behind it
these ones are not present really
but entranced by words that flow
out of the mouth
yet this has nothing to do with peace
for true silence is unutterable and has 
no words  at all 

Saturday, March 30, 2013


men of gathered knowledge
such as those in the psychology fields
have little to give that can set the soul free
what they have to offer as aide is more mentation,
only a different version
which serves to create a higher wall to truth
and pure life
a bigger, better story sounds so great to egos
and may soothe 
those souls needy of confirmation and nurturing
for a time...
but, it is not serving the soul well at all...
for what comes of this, but more self-protection,
justifications and divisive mind play...
which can be worse, because now there has been
a so called authority that has substantiated 
the poor me drama...
just put a twist on it that is supposedly wiser 
and better sounding...  
but, no matter how flowery or self-justified the words sound,
there is no freedom to be found within it...  
a better sounding story is also much more 
difficult to let go of ..
because it brings pleasure to the ego...
and pleasure is much harder to be rid of than pain --
which makes it a bigger thorn and more burdensome to bear
even though within, one has fooled themselves that it is different...
it is not -- 
it stems from the same grasping to a *me* center --
and creating a world of separation and thus suffering..
as Guruji puts it "velvet bars" -- 
harder to break free of indeed...
this is why the Guru is the greatest blessing of one's life --
even if one is not to enter freedom in this lifetime...
still, to open to the wisdom of Guru's blessing
will begin to break down the walls, so light can enter
instead of creating *more* walls and games ...
like the layers of an onion --  
one layer after another is shed until the pure core 
is revealed ...
this is the way the grace of Guru works...
a *loosing* (of the me drama),
rather than gaining a more attractive story 
that will keep one bound even tighter
to the wheel of karma...

Friday, March 29, 2013


seek me here
in the heart
where there is only beauty and
uncreated joy
what has thou to loose
but the suffering
and what has thou to gain
but eternal peace

thou has been away
such a long time
and where have you been?
you could tell me of all the places you
have visited
on your journey --
and all that you have tasted and held
to yourself as precious
or all the things that have been very hard
and put an imprint of sadness on your heart
yet, i will say to you
that this is all untrue and unreal
for it has come and gone
and is not living in this moment
and in this moment
what is truly happening?

i have prayed way back
a lot
and have found that miracles
but this did not bring happiness to
the soul ever
just temporary satisfaction
so i left this behind
and had to face the ego
with it's crafty ways and
hidden agendas
and all the false shows it puts up
and this was much harder than praying
and hoping
yet it has brought a settled peace
after many, many years
it has been the hardest thing
yet worth every bit of it...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

man of truth

if you are a man of truth
you will walk in the land of shadow
but not be touched by it
your eyes will be always on brahman
whether in the city or towns or 
home or out in the world 
this will be no different
whether sitting, walking, 
eating, drinking, 
or being silent

if you are a man of truth
you will not go to the well of unrest
and be tempted there 
as desires will no longer rise to push
the soul about 

what will be your name
what will be your mark
what will be your family
what will be your home
what will be your joy
this moment
what will be your work
pointing the way to truth
what will be your rest
unbroken quietude
where do you reside
kevala or absolute aloneness 

the mind has no answer

since time beginning, maya has cast a shadow
over perfection
creating the false perception 
of *me and mine*
and from here, a world is born
this is quite a mystery indeed
from where does this energy come?
and to where does it return?
the mind has no answer to this...
nothing that comes

since time beginning, maya has created a dream
in consciousness 
that flows on and on
a dream of birth and death
and of everything in between..
this is quite a mystery indeed 
from where does this energy come?
and to where does it return?
the mind has no answer to this..
nothing that comes

since time beginning, maya has created 
the feeling of separation
in which there is an experiencer and 
a world
yet this is completely false and unreal
as a mirage in the desert
this is quite a mystery indeed 
from where does this energy come?
and to where does it return?
the mind has no answer to this..
nothing that comes..

since time beginning, maya has driven
the soul as the wind that moves 
and created waves 
that bring the feel of duality... 
when truly
the one ocean reality is all 
that has ever existed
this is quite a mystery indeed
from where does this energy come? 
and to where does it return?
the mind has no answer to this 
nothing that comes...

maya - the illusive energy..

A misty, illusive play this maya
bringing up waves that jostle and bounce about
continuously --
no still center to be found
the soul that is looking to be freed of this force
is to relax in the heart
see it for what it is
born from lifetimes of clinging to the false
and having no true power within it
if one can see clearly what it is
transient and insubstantial
this is the beginning of pulling away
and witnessing
vs getting lost within it
and losing clarity

this maya has no truth within it
it has no name or face
and cannot be grasped or controlled at all
it can only begin to be
conquered by grace alone
which is the sword of truth
that comes from Guru's words and presence
otherwise maya
will go on and on...

this maya is not real
as the reflection in the water is not real
it is moving within the still center
of grace
captured by the one identifying with ego
it lives and seems to be real
but it is truly just imaginary
as the dream of being a one that is
high or low
or bound or free
or this or that
in reality, eternity is all that exists
even in delusion
this is true always...

this maya carries one away into
a sea of unrest
not having any substance or wisdom
within it
why to chase it and create more of it?
as it will only continue to
torment the being
with restless vibrations
which is not your true nature
begin to see it for what it is
and do not come under it's tempting sway
be here in heart

this maya will never settle itself
only the compassion and sharp words of Kali
which is Guru
will break it down and render it powerless
to haunt no more
never to rise again as separation
what suffering it brings
but have no fear, friends of heart
you are well within
and will come
to know yourself in time
with sincerity
and true efforts
it may take a lifetime(s)
but it will come

this maya haunts
like a play of mirrors
in itself, it is nothing but a reflected
a gross or subtle form of energy
rising from nowhere
be free of it dear souls
rest easily in heart and the
gift of Guru's bright words and
stilled presence
only here, will this dream begin to loosen

this maya has not found anything of reality
or truth
is this not true friends?
has thou found a little bit of insight
and now where has it gone?
it has been forgotten
so do not entertain in this moment
let it go
and it will find another place to roam
where it is given attention
but not here now

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


free of mind 
the man of knowledge does not 
return to the world that brings hunger
and seeking 
his mind is eternally at rest 
within the non-dual
this light satiates the soul
and brings peace to the being
at once

free of pride, sloth and mental
the man of knowledge 
holds nothing within
he rests forever in light 
and knows not anything other 
than brahman
the one and all
he is forever in heart 
seeing nothing but this 
wondrous light 
yet behaving as if completely

calm in mind 
without turbulent waves of thought 
the man of knowledge has no cross
to bear 
or image to uphold 
what is there to uphold or show 
when all is undivided and the same
what is there to be? 
or to become? 
or to cover?
or to bring forward?

kneeling with hands held to the heavens
wandering in search of fresh water 
looking for pleasure always 
the man of knowledge has nothing to 
do with these things as his eyes 
see only the real 
unsoiled by other 
unburdened by hope 
of something better 
or fear of something worse 
these are only shadows created by mind 
not the real ever

Monday, March 25, 2013

mighty light Shiva

mighty light
thou is a blessing as the sweet rains
cooling to the soul
that has not tasted the sweet fruit
of spirit in many a day and year
coming forward
to bring life giving waters to
seekers that walk on thirsty for substance
that is unwavering as the mountain range
against the glorious sky
ablaze with color

the light of all
savior to those
wandering ones
that come to bathe in the waters of
wisdom that wash away
separation from the soul
revealing life in it's purity
as it always is
not divided ever
not as two

left as is
untouched as the clear waters
fresh in life
rich in heart
set always as the sun in the sky
ablaze with life
so pure and healthy
like a swan on the glassy water
completely alone in beauty
like the swan

most auspicious in presence
not at all like mind
that moves unsteady
but at complete
untouched by the transient
as the mountain so glorious
forever in majesty
like the mountain

not praying ever
not made of
heaven or hell
not here or there
not left or right
not set apart
not left out in the shade
not fretting or
not restless or
not sitting or standing
not clothed
not burdened by body
not seeking
or giving
not coming
or departing
just is

Sunday, March 24, 2013


for the saint 
the only birth is the body
the soul has always been eternally free
not this 
not that 
forever whole 

for the saint 
the heart is pure always 
as the seas are made glorious 
and the winds come from 
beautiful stillness
the rains 
and the seasons 
all rise and fall in the same heart
that is one self

for the saint
there has never been other 
only this one 
not ending 
not beginning 
as a light unto itself 
there is nothing that can touch
this purity

for the saint
the prison is the mind 
the mind that is not true 
as it is has no substance 
or constancy within it 
it is made of energy only 
and not immutable like 
pure spirit

for the saint 
all that is seen and unseen
is the same 
not living somewhere apart
and belonging to anybody
just is 
so very natural
yet ungraspable
to mind

for the saint 
peace is not born 
because it can never die 
peace is what is real 
within all 
living as sat chit ananda

for the saint 
life is now always 
it cannot be contained in form 
and mind 
it is a mystery 
an unalterable reality 
that is shiv shakti in one 
not two
not two

for the saint 
love is uncreated 
it is inherent within the soul
of all
it has nothing to cling to 
nor can it be made into 
something to own
it lives always unencumbered 
with no blockages 
like a river

for the saint 
the one reality is what *sees*
as clarity
not the eyes truly
as they are merely instruments 
that are empty
seeing is of spirit
as well as pure intelligence 

for the saint 
me and mine fall away 
to never rise again 
in the heart 
all is well and
forever one
at peace 

for the saint
men and women are simply 
forms of the same one 
not separate 
a play of God in all aspects 
but never dancing apart 
always undivided

Saturday, March 23, 2013


the Guru is the light that shines 
in body as the heart
not to be seen as separate 
from yourself 
the same within you 
is Guru

for the Guru
the way is always clear
of obstacles 
as obstacles are not real 
but made of thoughts that come and go
how much reality does this have?

for the Guru
the mind does not exist
it never has 
it was simply a dream 
that carries nothing of substance
and never will

for the Guru 
the present is all that exists 
unburdened by thought 
without a personal story covering it over 
this has no reality
to the one 
resting in truth

for the Guru
the mystery is the norm
it is not filled with awe 
or anything extraordinary
this is what remains
simply life in it's pure form
not anything else

for the Guru
there is no goal 
what is here is full and complete
nothing added
nothing taken away
no one remains to
strive for anything 
just is 

for the Guru
energy of emotion lives for the moment
it does not go on and on
in waves to start up again
and again
when it is gone 
it is finished 
not to return
this is all

for the Guru
the body simply moves 
in accordance with shakti
no matter this play
of outer appearance 
the still mind
does not change ever 

for the Guru
the absolute is all that exists
there is nothing other
never changing
never dying away
only this

for the Guru
clarity is eternally present
seeing without seeing
hearing without hearing
living and breathing
in the heart
is this light
within truth

for the Guru
there are no devotees
only one undivided essence lives
in reality
yet grace allows for those seeking
a way out
to be purified by this light
that is truly the same SELF

for the Guru
what comes, comes
what goes, goes
no one is there to attach to the movement
or create a story around it..
never is there anything changing
in this reality
that is one

for the Guru
the many are a dream
and unreal as mist on the water
it is compassion that sees one
out of suffering
if one is sincere
to rest within this same light
as truth

Thursday, March 21, 2013

let go

cry not dear 
the light has not forsaken you
this cannot be right 
for it lives within you
and has never been lost 
one need only come to bare the mind 
to truth
so the light that has always been
can melt the suffering away
then what remains simply

cry not dear
the way is clear of obstacles 
if one can see that obstacles 
are self-created 
not produced by the world 
or any other 
see the thoughts come and go
and when they go
where is the obstacle?
where is the world?
where is sorrow?
where is me and you?
the only barrier to truth is mind 

cry not dear
the blessings flow when 
the heart is surrendered into
there is always an opportunity
to let go 
every moment 
pure potential is
a beautiful gift of grace 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shiva, blessed light

Shiva the blessed light
free within as the self
without covers
thou is within all

Shiva the blessed light
sitting inside as beauty and peace
substantial in fullness and glory
what all is made identical to
minus the drama driven way
thou is within all

Shiva the blessed light
that cannot come under the spell
of maya
that is without separation
and has no name, face or form
and nothing to prop itself up
or take itself down
as there is nothing other within
only this
thou is within all

Shiva the blessed light
beautiful as the manifest
in emptiness
and as spirit pure and holy
untouched by sorrow or change
eternally free
thou is within all now

Shiva the blessed light
that does not come or go
that does not fear, pray or lament
being happiness and joy
unencumbered in itself
what is there to do
or to seek?
when all is pure peace
and has never not been
beauty that is
when mind stills
thou is within all

Shiva the blessed light
filled with grace
glorious as the open sky
deep as the oceans
and steady as the mountain
filled with majesty
unsoiled by personal experience
at rest eternally
thou is within all

Shiva the blessed light
untouched by birth and death
distinctly different in nature
than mind
not taking or giving
not adding or subtracting
not following
or staying behind
only here always
within stillness
and light
thou is within all

Shiva the blessed light
equal in heart and grace
unto all
true to all
here as pure presence
for all to come into
and be set free
never to sorrow again
or be reborn as shadow
thou is within all

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


rejoice friend
the shedding of sorrow comes
from leaving out mind
in this moment
then the truth comes of its own
as it is always here

rejoice friend
the transient is not real
it haunts in it's way
but has no power truly
it breathes fire of untruth only
one will not be burned by it
if the heart is pure
and sincere
then all will be made right
like it is
clear and wholesome

rejoice friend
Kali is here always
cutting the bonds
to the world away
with her scythe of compassion
making way for fresh energies
and purifying consciousness with
her lashing tongue of sharp wisdom
that cuts deep
for the one that does not
turn away from this grace
the bonds will be rent asunder
and the heart will burst free
as it is always there waiting
in itself as a bright gem
only now covered over

rejoice friend
if you are wanting of truth
and make efforts
the fruits will ripen surely
this is the way of all things
with the right conditions
the harvest is reaped
and then greatly enjoyed
in its fullness

rejoice friend
thorns of attachment can be removed
by viveka (discrimination)
of the false from the real
this will be born from true desire
and efforts towards freedom only
this will come to the one that gives up
the world inside
this will come

rejoice friend
the clear sighted ones are the example
that light *is*
and is  always well and within
to be uncovered
this will be revealed as itself
when the rains of grace
wash that which is false
then grace shines pure
unrestrained and filled with life
this grace eternally *is*
and cannot go away

rejoice friend
the many are only rays of light
that flow from one singular source
undivided always
and full
in beauty and truth

Guru, the light of all...

in the dark era of Kali Yuga that is now
the Guru's light is imperative
so much so that one should
heed this wisdom well and hold fast
to this grace
there will be nothing else
that will truly right the wrongs
of societal drama and misdeeds or
make this world a lasting safe home for all
than the wisdom of the non-dual teachings
of which Guru embodies and offers
the ones doing social work
are fine for what they give
and can continue there to make
what changes can be made on the temporal
but on the spiritual level, no
only Guru's light will break down the false
waves of separation and unrest
which is the energy that creates divisive,
self-interested behavior
the Guru is the one that will break this spell
of illusion and bring clarity
and deep stillness
it is this pure consciousness that only
gives what is purely intelligent
without wavering into the land of shadows
and misguided ways ever..
that is to settle the mind and settle the drama
so that peace can reign here on earth..
this is a most glorious gift to humanity--
it is given freely to those sincere hearts
open to listen as a means to bring these ones
to be lights as well
which will serve in greater proportions
this unborn truth to humanity
an awesome blessing indeed

May this wisdom that is here now as Guru
be consumed as the holy bread in every moment
to bring heartiness to the soul
and awaken minds to peace and joy everlasting

om shanti

shanti mind

shanti mind 
the direct perception of truth
that cannot be named or 
put into words 
the seeker looks to the word 
but this is not it..
the word is shakti and within division
one can only come to know the truth
by direct experience and not 
by grasping at words...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

fresh water

here is fresh water, friend
i say to you be well 
and imbibe this moment 
like a one without cares 
and a one that is not worried 
about your life and body
for this worry
is what makes the waves 
of mind 
roll out and out

the only trouble is mind 
this is true 
as you will see when stillness
is revealed there is nothing truly here 
but a quiet *be-ing*...
all else was imagination

seated in the lotus position
or working in the world 
the mind can be heart centered
and within grace 
it matters not what the body is doing
the mind is what matters
and can be purified no matter
the action

you just think you are this and that
due to your conditionings
but what makes this any more right 
than a dream of being a king, a prince 
or a wanderer
all mere imagination
and shadows that will fall
when the mind awakens 
to truth

Saturday, March 16, 2013

the one that is true..

for the one that is true within
the time will arise when mind is laid bare
to the light
to be taken away
as the dawn rises in the morning
and swallows the shadows
with this there will be a deep peace that is settled
as the water is unruffled when the winds end
free then is this soul
to go about in the world as a saint and master
though this one will not be noticed by the crowds
as being unusual or stand out for the most part
the only difference is the mind is within
stillness and clarity always
and cannot be shaken by any experience that comes
this one is simply freed to *be*
this is all
so stunningly simple
yet so very hard to come into
the true one will not be daunted by this though
and will bear it well and with lightness
to continue forward into the light
until the world is completely forgotten
like a dream dreamt long ago..

current of grace..

resting in the heart
i sank deep as a one that was lost 
to this beautiful light 
i found that i had not been as i thought 
but something that was completely different
not i, me or anything like this 
but whole in perfection always 
this is the end that is the beginning 

i prayed to be made whole 
and to be a light to humanity
yet i knew not what i was asking 
i wanted to be free 
unburdened by past experiences
that followed on my heels 
always haunting 
i did not know where the journey would lead
to heaven or hell 
the right thing always showed up though
as it does when one is sincere 
and this was not understood by mind ever 
but it felt right deep in the heart 
where words do not touch
so the current of grace pushed the soul onward 
into greater depths that began to take away
the shadow pictures that were once held as truth
and it feels as if nothing ever happened
though the body endured many things it seems
the pure soul has not been soiled at all
by any experience no matter how good or bad
beyond words is this grace
that comes this way...

when i sought myself here in the light 
i found myself not as i was 
but completely whole
undying in itself 
what an amazing thing 
that this purity was here all along 

Friday, March 15, 2013

always the self

where have you gone really?
you can never leave here 
in truth
you are always here as the self
no matter the mind play

keep the mind?

keep the mind
if you choose 
but underneath there lies
a beautiful clarity
that is your birthright 
to come into
it is not that God has kept
this beauty
for only a few
it is that only a few
have the courage
to continue forward 
into the sea of knowledge
that will wash the persona
completely away
to make the light shine 
in fullness and glory
and uncover
deep abiding peace 
that will not be shaken 
but dear ones 
you can always
keep the mind

Thursday, March 14, 2013

the light of all

the most compassionate
soul of all is Guru
this one is the love that lives in all
as a fire that burns the dross
as a mother to the poor in spirit
that are hungry to find reality
the compassionate soul
the same that you are within
is Guru
this one will still the mind
so that it rises no more
to be troublesome and haunting 
if the soul is sincere
verily, this one will be
the blessing of one's life 
if all else can be left behind
except the heart that opens
in love to what is here 
then grace flows from this 
great presence Guru
that is not of form
or anything that can be seen by the eye
or heard by the ear
or understood by the mind 
this light that shines as Guru
is the one light of all
the blessed o ne
coming in body
to free the soul of 
wrong knowledge 
to loose the knot
of identity to body and mind 
to unleash the light within
and call to rest
all sorrow and tears that flow
no more of this friend 
Guru is here... 
the light of all

non-dual always..

those still in the throes of mind 
see the liberated soul
as being so many things 
such as this and that 
or possessing this and that 
but this is never right 
it is only the divided mind 
that sees this way
the liberated one is 
not anything that can be 
defined like this 
as pure consciousness
is not the body ever 
or the qualities seen
by the eye
or defined by the mind
pure consciousness 
is all and nothing 
not this or that 
completely still
non-dual always

Sunday, March 10, 2013

so sad

so sorrowful when actions come from
another place than the heart 
especially if that one has been taken
under the wings of a perfect soul
that sincerely wishes them well and to 
be out of suffering and within peace 
this is what ego is about 
to create shadow and twisted tales 
of poor me when nothing has truly 
taken place at all
and this is what Guru is here to stand for
and show by example
that even with this kind of drama within
there is nothing truly happening at all
there is simply the flow of life and
stillness as usual..
the twisted perspective
and stories so off the mark
are created by the one that is 
grasping and seeking to make themselves right
by doing this 
the one that has helped them is made into a target
this is unconscionable really
yet is exactly what happens when the seeker 
turns a blind eye and nurtures 
dark thoughts and judgements and is unwilling 
to let go and truly *see* if these assumptions 
are valid or not...
but when ego is hell bent on being right 
and in charge no matter what
there is no reaching such a one 
this is sad reality
and we have seen it played out time
and time again...
what to say, but may all learn from
it and strengthen the dedication within
to continue forward
and not be dissuaded by whatever
mind throws up along the way...
stay true to the vows
and be within the heart
and Guru's light

om shanti

Friday, March 8, 2013

one love

dear one
i have you here now
this is where it is to begin
without your haunting
world inside
and without separating
i have you here to say to
your soul
rise forward
be the beauty that you are 
be without your shelter 
be in the heart 
make your life wondrous
and filled with grace
put your efforts into stepping 
out of the shell that you hide
away in
come out into the sun of life 
be within yourself easily
not always grasping 
or creating covers 
send the mind away 
to play elsewhere 
be within the heart 

dear one
i have you here now
with the soul breathing 
the moment 
with the heart open
to what is being said
with the sound of life 
rising and falling 
and the evening resting still
i have you here to say
i am what you are 
non-dual in nature
dissolved of seeking 
without identity
to a heavy form
equal to your heart 
is this truth
the same music of life
pours through 
not different 
and the beautiful
in this one soul
of all
not separate

dear one
i have you here now
to say to you
be a living light 
not afraid and shying away
from life and challenge
be the sun that you are 
awaken all that is hiding 
in you to come forward 
and be set free
there is nothing in there 
that has power 
but what you give it

dear one
i have you here now
fresh within the moment
like a one listening 
to discover yourself
this is what you are to be 
a true one 
do not turn away from
sincere pointings of 
the heart
imbibe this truth well
drink deep of this fresh
and though you may 
not feel it strong in you
it is working deep
within and will 
get to the roots 
of suffering 
it will work night 
and day to 
destroy the barriers 
that mind lays down
it will knock the dream
that is choking out 
pure life 
so the soul can breathe 
fresh air at last

dear one
i have you here now
to say to you
the love of life 
is one 
it is unconditioned
and not harnessed 
to another 
it freely flows
and is inherent in the 
it is compassion 
deep as the ocean
and thick as the 
hearty forests 
open as the sky
this is true love 
not to ever go away
here always

dear one 
i have you here now
in peace and joy
i say to you
life is pure always
not divided in thought
not kept by one
and set apart from another
not free here 
and divided there 
no not ever 
life is pure 
as the lotus 
that blooms 
and unsoiled 
as the white dove
life is



the cure
is in the prescription
of Guru's grace
that guides
the seeker to the waters
of truth
this cure
has no birth or death
or anything in between
it is completely healed
it is always free
and within purity

you are a single
being always
not divided as you think
you are a mystery
and a bright glow
you have no burden
to carry
or any involvement
in the world
you are not a form
you are absolute truth
in reality

the play goes on

lo friend
the earth does not cling
nor does the glorious tree
that sheds it's leaves in the
time of autumn
the sun knows not your
name and woes of the world
the ocean simply moves
within it's own nature
and the mountain rests
steady, unmoving
against the transient play
the call of the gull
comes from emptiness
and dissolves there again
the seasons are driven
by pure intelligence
the winds blow
the rains fall
the moon shines
the play goes on
whether mind is at
the center or not
the flow of life goes on
without ego
as it always has..

Thursday, March 7, 2013


time heals all wounds
as they say
but illumination is not of time
and is not to be made into something
that evolves
like the growth of an organism
this is completely false
it is just the opposite
truth is exposed when
there is a losing of all that has
been gathered and collected
layer upon layer
these layers are to be shed
and dissolved
one by one
for truth to shine
mind is really very much in
the way of being opposite
of what is to bring
a settled pure peace..
om shanti