Wednesday, December 17, 2014

such a difference… writing on Christ...

when Christ came to the earth
he said, be still and know
he said that darkness has no power against the light 
he said this with a voice so clear 
and free of the wounds that were laid upon him
this was at a time when the people were not giving of their souls 
but were pretending many times to be disciples of the holy one 
the seekers were pretending that they loved this Lord 
and would lay all down for him to be set free of their burden
but when it came to that time to own up and say
yes, this is my savior that is to be crucified 
this is the one i love so dear and without selfishness
many would not say 
and walked away with their minds churning about on 
thoughts that would take them only into more suffering 
but when Christ rose again on the third day 
he came in spirit and taught those that were open to 
give what his word was 
which was to sin no more and be present and real and 
peaceful without thinking all the time 
and being caught up in desire after desire 
for this will not be a life of freedom
the disciples that listened, then went out to teach 
the word as they had within them the holy spirit
which is truly kundalini
it is the serpent fire that comes from the absolute 
and gives the seeker a chance to see what is keeping them
bound to the false

Mary Magdelene, she was filled with seven demons 
and when Jesus looked upon her, she was shaken out of her 
dark turmoil and laid to rest within herself to be able to 
listen to the holy scripture that came from the voice of Jesus
she listened with an openness not seen often with the ones that 
sat by him
he spoke of the light that filled the heart with love, joy
and perfection
she listened to him with love and did not desire him in the flesh
or want to be his partner in that way
but wanted to love his heart in the way of being one with him
she was a woman that came out of turmoil and was grounded in
the light of Jesus and saw immediately the difference in her life 
due to his grace 
and because of this she was committed 100% to him in the way
of service to know her heart as it is without stain
this is like the sadhaka too… he is to see the difference in his life 
that the Guru has opened the way to him and because of this 
his life is different in the best way… even though it is very, very hard still
he knows that without this light that has come.. his life would not be 
grounded in the heart like it is and pointed in the right direction….

Sunday, December 7, 2014

this is the truth

i have no burden to bear
i have no crafty ways of mind 
i have no life or death
i have no pain or sorrow
i have no shifting sands 
i have no house to lay my head
i have no coverings to hide behind
i have no building up or taking down
i have no here or there or in between
i have no form or name or face 
i have no words to speak
i have nothing to give 
i have nothing to take 
i have nothing to find 
i have nothing to know 
i have nothing to be free of 
i have no bondage
i have no ego
no falsity, no voice that speaks of this
or that or me or you
who am i?
my dear your very self
this the truth
you are this beauty that shines of 
love and light 
and stillness
clear, peaceful and without the least bit 
of duality
yes, this is the truth

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

shakti play

what life is not,
is that which mind speaks of
a shadow or a ray
that personalizes all that is seen
and heard and felt
life is not this
dear souls,
it is the shakti play
in all her wondrous ways
it is the leela
the dawn of colors and
dancing appearances
that is imbedded eternally in truth
which is non-dual
this is what is the living dance
it is forever playing it's tune
it is endless in nature
and not to be attached to
or taken in as a thing to be owned
oh dear souls, how very wrong this is
for all that plays is the
absolute perfection
it cannot be separate from it
it has it's life from this
it has it's death in this
it has it's creation from this
it has it's mystery in this
yes, indeed
it is the shakti play
love it as a witness
not like a one that is *lost* in it
oh friend,
love it as a silent witness
then this world will not wreak havoc
on your soul