Saturday, August 31, 2013

When Buddha walked the earth….

when buddha walked the earth
he put his baggage by the roadside 
and did not return there to pick it up
he walked thru the dark forest
of sensual experience
and sat by the wild animals 
and drank from the rivers 
and ate of the earth and shrubs 
and bruised his body on the rocks 
and forgot his past 
and forgot the world that spoke of attachments 
and dreams of this and that 
had he not walked into this jungle 
to find his pure soul
where would he be?
a king for awhile that had all the things 
that money could by 
and all the luxuries and all at hand that 
was beautiful to touch and taste and experience 
but instead he chose the hard road of the mystic 
because in him blazed the fire of a seeker that 
was burning to know the truth 
when he was a boy he would sit by the trees 
and sit in meditation 
he would wonder about what the world was 
composed of 
what it was made of 
was it a solid thing?
was it something that could be held tightly to
or was it as a dream that faded in the mist? 
how he wondered so many things like this
and felt his heart's desire becoming stronger 
to seek out the source of all
then when all were asleep in their dreams 
and he was old enough 
he stole out into the night with his horse and companion
he did not look back or bemoan what he left 
he was as a mystic that would not be turned 
on the wrong roads 
what is this like my friends?
it is like a man that has in him what it takes to persevere 
and to not be persuaded to follow shadows and dark alleys 
that lead to perishable understanding 
for the heart is like the fire that consumes all other
and it is where the mind is to be focused 
when he sat under the bodhi tree
his mind was not looking back or forward 
but inward 
and he became the self of all
he was like the truth 
he was non-dual in nature 
and preserved eternally as this 
what has this to do with you dear souls? 
but to know he found the light unto himself 
that is the same within all
and this is where one is to sit and breathe and be 
like buddha all are awake inside eternally 
and to discover it
one must let go of the false shades of mind 
like this one that sat under the tree of knowledge 
how it is like this 
when one allows the tree of knowledge
to give cooling peace
to a mind that has been in the heat of the search so very long
and my friends 
did buddha worry about his comforts or what was to give him
pleasure or pain or make his life just right? 
he did not 
he lived in the open with no walls to hide behind or doors to lock
as the consciousness is vast like this without end 
without borders 
he lived in the open like being transparent and not seeking private space 
inside yourself to hide away in
and when he walked, he was barefoot on the earth with nothing separating 
his soul from the universe 
and when he ate, he ate what came to him no matter what it was 
he did not think about what he wanted or turn away what he didn't want 
this is a mind that is within equanimity always
not saying all the time within; this is good and that is bad
and this is right and that is wrong 
and when he spoke, his words flowed out spontaneously without thought 
like the river of grace that flows without obstructions 
and when he bathed, he bathed in the rivers or the rain washed his form
of dirt and mud 
as this is what came as grace from the universal mother to wash away the dross
with this blessing of being fully without covers and concealments 
he sat under the bodhi tree or the tree of great knowledge 
and sat and sat and sat 
and what he found there, was his mind that was cast in shadows 
of this and that 
separated out like rays of concepts and thoughts and all the rest 
but he did not look to the thoughts that chanted and tempted 
he looked to his own soul that was pure 
and with this seeing directly experienced the source 
and when he got up to move into the world
he was not in it like before
but purified as God is within light, love and quietude 
as this was what was always present, and not found like something new 
purity of consciousness forever lives here
never will it go away
how glorious is this 
and this time now, stillness is
be within it 
heart of all 
be here 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

mind does not know

i cannot find myself as i was
so much of the time 
my friends how fortunate this is 
it rings of the ripe fruit of now 
it lives as the glorious one 
when i was in the world working 
and raising a child 
i did my very best to be still and free 
but the waves of mind kicked up the dust 
and my attention moved in and out 
how was i to know the difference 
between living amongst good company
and sitting away from the world 
and it's play of me and mine 
and this and that and so, so many things 
that come there 
i did not know the difference until coming here, 
and being in the company of Guru,
and being calm and quiet, 
and taking in the wonder of simply being
(without moving outward into the waves)

it is quite a journey this kundalini brings 
and it is very, very hard and very, very graceful
all at once and one knows not what is around 
the next corner that will awaken the mind 
to what is real
how i mourned in the past for what i was to lose 
and how i wanted to protect *my life* 
and *my way* of being that was familiar
it is like this within ego
as if *my world* and all that has come to it 
was ever my own..
oh friends let go of your world, and see the day 
without the lens of attachment 
it will be better than fine, and better than good 
it will be like you are reborn and washed clear 
of all that has been collected that haunts 
because even if the attachment feels good, 
it brings pain 
and that which is attached to is only a thought, 
a dream, a shadow ...
it is not the thing itself, or the person itself 
that you love or desire ...
it is a thought  .. an energy .. a movement ...
a shadow ...
the person that you love is your very own soul 
it is true and this is so deeply beautiful and simply 
*what is* also ...
it is like a stagnant energy that simply gets absorbed 
into the truth (pure awareness), and then lo,
what a difference and what a wondrous thing
 this mind is simply dream mist 
and all is of ONE beautiful SELF 
oh, it is coming now dear seekers 
may you go on to find the joy of your soul
it will come when the conditions ripen 
and if you continue to follow grace 
and let the doors close that need to close 
and walk thru the doors that open from grace 
without hesitation
then you will make good progress
because the mind knows not what is best for you
it will tell you that this is right and that is wrong 
but how it changes course again and again
with no certainty
so do not believe in it, but stay in the heart 
and be in love with the moment as it is 
all is well here and full and of heart 
be still, quiet and calm
and stay with the practices that have come 
from Guru's grace
and God will take you home 
there is no doubt 
om namah shivaya... 

Monday, August 26, 2013

flow of writing...

*My sincere one, be well and find that resting place that has no name or face... that is like love itself
and is undying, and full, so very full.. like the flowing river of joy. In you this lives my sons and daughters. In you lives the best of all. The mighty light of all. Grievous are those that do not know it for
they sink into darkness and find no solace there, but only the vicissitudes of worldly life that have no satisfying element.

*Now sons and daughters, do not bow down before a persona, for this is not what is to be honored truly... only your very soul that is pure is to be honored and fed and fed well with awareness and love. If you can be still and love the SELF so heartily that all is taken away to be lost in Shiva, then you will
be a light unto yourself.

*Shed not tears dear one, for all is like a dream in the world and all is not true or real. It is as a forgotten thing on the wings of the bird that is in the transient way... and flies in the night and disappears over the mountains. Do not follow there, but be here as truth and light. Do not follow the shadow that is gone tomorrow. It is not your true self. Be like love itself so very much as a lilly of white or like the dove or the swan that is fresh as the first morning, living in God.

*When you arise, be still and pure and do not whisper to yourself of the day and what it is to bring. For has it not been shown that all plays out of it's own accord? Oh my love, how can this not be seen? This moment, the rising of life is present, still and perfect. It is in tune with itself, like the orchestrator, the universe. How he is the master and syncs all up to be as it should be and as it should play out according to karma or according to divine ordainment and not only this, but of truth.

*Master, I have not been still always, but love of all, it is coming by itself finally... and it is like the best
blessing ever. Oh how it is like God and Shiva and nothing at the same time.  See how it rings of love and light and still waters of joy?  Seeker, arise now and find your place in God, for I am here to say
that joy is the basis of all of life and Shiva is what you are.

*My love, how can you not find it? It plays in you as thought now, but you will see one day soon that love and quietude are your true nature and harmony and peace are what is the final end.

*Stay still precious ones, and seek not the false that is thought. Climb to the hill and look around. Do not be afraid, for all is so very wondrous and of reality. Stay alive and in yourself and be free as the wind.. on the wings of God and love and joy.

Sri Anandamayi ma

Sri Anandamayi ma was a saint that bore no marks
of ignorance in her being from a very early age 
she was like Christ in her soul
for she had not entered into the experience that soiled 
the heart 
when she came to the earth, she lived in a small dwelling 
with her family 
she soaked in the energies of the pure teachings without 
really reading
for she was like an open heart in which 
the rivers of truth flowed in 
there was no resistance in her soul to being made like God 
she did not know any other way of being
besides being within quietude
and as a perfect heart of love 
when one was near her, the heavens would open 
and she would sit serene in splendour as a flower 
that was eternally awake 
when she moved,
her halo was there, following about her form 
unsoiled was this one 
she lived in a way that was not really always present to the world 
as she would go very far into herself so that she seemed like not 
even there 
when she was young, she would move about more
lost in the forces of grace
and be with many to give darshan 
she would smile and praise the non-dual scriptures 
and sing of the pure self always without waver
she was a saint that needed her disciples 
to care for her when she got older 
she would be taken care of and bathed and fed 
and adorned with flowers and song from her bhaktas 
she would sit completely gone as if drowned in bliss and light 
and not in her form really like a one that is fully functional
but this, my friends was what was needed at that time 
for her devotees to take care of her 
and sing of the light that is in the soul and adorn and love the absolute 
it was right for them and they found joy in her presence
her eyes would well up with tears when shiva bhajans were sung 
she would smile in delight and then would be still with eyes looking up
or vacant really, lost in truth and light and love 
when she passed, there was a great celebration of her time here on earth 
she was celebrated for her serene countenance and flowing words, 
and still presence that was absolutely surrendered from  her first steps 
on earth it seamed 
a glorious presence and sweet soul that was here once in form
but now as always rests within God essence 
spotless, within joy and eternal peace 
Sri Anandamayi ma

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti was born to a woman that was psychic
she made time for her son
to talk to him about the spirit and she did so 
with great love and feeling
Krishnamurti was a very different boy
from a young age, he would often be found
standing staring
for hours at nothing at all
and his brother would haveto lead him home 
as he looked rather lost to himself
he spent much time at home 
for he was not well so much 
his body was frail and would take to odd illnesses 
very easily
his mother died early on
and the boy would spend time listening to her 
speak to him after she was gone 
about reincarnation and much deep spiritual matters 
he soaked it in like an open vessel it seamed 
in his young adulthood Krishnamurti had many, 
many spiritual experiences
he would sometimes be in trances or find his 
consciousness in the clouds or lose body consciousness 
and speak in tongues in which poetry would flow forth
or words would flow from another realm beyond the physical
he would sometimes be overtaken by great emotion and crying 
and then be fine as if nothing occurred
not an easy life this one had
he had much bodily pain and illness and endured hardships 
with the kundalini phenomena that was very extreme
but he said he didn't mind and endured it all with humour 
and was energetic and light in his presence
when he spoke to the audience, he would speak of how 
this world of me and mine does not exist 
how it is like a dream .. a fabrication of mind 
he would speak in spontaneous words and movements 
sometimes somber.. other times very playful and lively
Krishnamurti showed a great love for nature
he sat in nature so very much alone and would wander the hills
of india or in the states and sit amongst the 
animals and forests completely at peace  
without ever feeling a division there 
and never with any fear, even when dangerous animals were near
such as tigers, monkeys and bears
he would be at peace sitting with them and all was well
Krishnamurti spoke to his devotees about the non-dual consciousness 
but he did so by attempting to engage a dialogue of sorts 
which was not the best way to break down the mind
though his being rested in the source and he went thru the 
fires of purification (kundalini) and he surrendered there with his heart 
he was not able to be fully effective in breaking down the mind 
and most that he attracted were of the new age mind-set
many however stayed around him and were very devoted as they 
felt he spoke to their hearts 
Krishnamurti wrote beautiful flowing poetry in which there 
was much natural imagery and speaking of love and light 
and no separation
he was a bright presence in his way for many
he talked about kundalini and the suffering 
he went thru with it has been documented extensively
he was very close to his brother who died before him
he grieved greatly when he passed and cried and cried 
and after this flood of tears, he emerged as if nothing had happened 
his consciousness through such strong emotions, remaining completely pure 
he was of the saintly way
and had no fear whatsoever of death as he had already died the good death 
that brought eternal life 

this is what has flowed out this evening about Jiddu Krishnamurti...

here is one of the poems written by Krishnamurti -- his book of poetry
was one of the first spiritual books i found and read that really began the
search in earnest for me -- it was probably 23 yrs ago i first found his poetry...
here is the poem:

O friend,
I am anxious for thee.

The long race with time,
the ceaseless dance with the winds of space,
The burden of lonely sorrow
And the gathering in of joy:
They are over and I await thee
As the parched land the coming rains

The love that corrupts the form of its loveliness,
Offerings to pacify the inward fear of thought,
Vain hopes void of understanding,
Visions and dreams ever in the semblance of man,
Death that creates darkness in life:
They are over, and I await thee
As the lotus the cool night air.

Hear me, O friend,
I await thee,
As the snowy peak in a still valley...

Friday, August 23, 2013

as the goddess fair

long ago there was a man
who lived with a goddess
she was fair in beauty and heart
she was like a dove on the branch in the
evening light
so filled with bright presence was she
that the ones that were around her were steadier
in nature and forgiving more
and with increased life and light
but she, my friends
was not interested in romance or this type
of thing as one might think
she manifested to this man only to awaken the truth
in which he was at the time ignorant of
she was so much of heart that she took this man in
and loved him as if he was the most beautiful
being that shined as her very own soul
she took him in and never went about thinking
he was not this or not that and needed to be made
for she was not of this kind of mind that wanted
to make something better or judge it
but was of the mind of truth
which sees the same heart everywhere and at all
within this non-dual vision
what is there that needs to be repaired?
what is there that needs to be remolded?
what is there that needs to be changed?
so with this great understanding of hers
she took this man in and gave him the beauty of the
non-dual teachings
she did this by speaking to him about the self
she said the self is forever non-dual in nature
it is as the unstained heart that shines in beauty and wonder
and glory
it is not touched by heaven or hell or demons or angels
it is not damaged by a single weapon or word or fire
or flood or pollution or killing or birthing
she said the truth was the living waters
that shone forever in splendour
rapture was it's nature
comely and like the best bright morning
and beyond all worldly ways is this truth
so she said to this man
you are this bright beauty
come and love me as this beauty
and love yourself too
for we are as one
and we are as life untouched
and so she spoke to him with flowing words
of light
that came directly from the source
he at first was not understanding what was said
he said
how is it that this is true, my love
when i see all these different things about me
and fail to recognize the soul of truth that you speak
so eloquently of
i am not sure what to think or say about it
for i am lost apparently from this view of the wonder
that is true and glorious
how am i to know it?
the goddess said do not say these things
for if you do not now feel the well of wisdom
you will indeed soon
if you let go of this saying all the time the world is this way
and i am another way
oh how very false you speak dear man
for you cannot know it by saying always you do not know it
this will shade the beauty of the soul
come and be well in your mind as you are thinking too much
and are not being yourself in this thinking but
are being something of deceiving yourself
the waters of abundance live like shiva in nature
on the top of the mountain shaded by nothing that comes and goes
and in you lives  this the peace that passes understanding
the man sighed and went about attempting to experience what
the goddess was saying
he felt she was genuine in her wisdom and he loved her
purity and light and so he went forward into himself
for she said to be still
she said to be alone
she said to be majestic in silence and heart
she said to not touch thought or dance with it
she said to light in the heart and settle there free as the vast sky
oh how he longed to know what she was speaking of
how he longed to be rich with knowledge of the soul
he prayed and prayed to be free
then when he was alone in his heart relaxing
the light shined in peace
and it was not at all a thing that he thought
it was as if he was always this source
and the person was not real anymore and never was
he found himself in this beauty of truth
and did not move from it
he lived in it as non-dual perfection
and with this he was as his love the goddess
as one pure heart
not separate in the waves any longer
but as the life of all life
and the death of all death
as God is
of the silent heart
as sat chit ananda
forever in beauty and truth

Thursday, August 22, 2013

be like this

be meditative in your mind like a waveless ocean
be meditative like a cloudless sky
be meditative like a night that is quiet 
be meditative like God that is not in judgement 
and knows not any face and name 
or actions 
but knows the heart only
be like this 
be still 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

St John of the Cross

when he wrote the poem he was in a prison cell
with barely enough room to move about 
he was given small portions of food and water 
that would hardly keep away the hunger pains 
he was not able even to change his clothes 
or take a bath ever 
he was beaten regularly in front of all to see 
yet he took all of this with grace 
not for a moment was his faith in God shaken
it was in this cell that had a small chink in the wall
where a shaft of light shone through
enough that he could see to write 
that his beautiful words of truth 
flowed out
one poem is called the spiritual canticle
in this poem he explains the mystical journey
to be as a bride that searches for her beloved
and yearns for him greatly
a beautiful flowing poem 
where he speaks with emotion so deeply felt 
of love and longing for God 
where is he? the poem seems to be crying 
as he has come to my heart and left again
gone with the wind it seems 
his words flowing as a one that is in great 
aching to know the heart of all
until at last there is merging with the beloved
in the garden of paradise
then he writes his most glorious poem
where he is merged with God 
and finds that knowing beyond all knowledge 
beyond all thought and form 
transcending all boundaries 
that understanding that comes only 
when all that is known has been washed away
so beautiful are these words 
and so much within truth and fullness 
that it cannot be denied he was a realized saint 
and a soul that endured so so much suffering that 
was not even his fault to bear 
he died later after he was out of confinement
and is now within perfect peace
a saint of great love and light 
St John of the Cross

Transcending all knowledge
(written by St John of the Cross)

I entered into unknowing
Yet when I saw myself there
Without knowing where I was
I understood great things;
I shall not say what I felt
For I remained in unknowing
Transcending all knowledge

That perfect knowledge
Was of peace and holiness
Held at no remove
In profound solitude;
It was something so secret
That I was left stammering,
Transcending all knowledge.

I was so whelmed,
So absorbed and withdrawn,
That my senses were left
Deprived of all their sensing,
And my spirit was given
An understanding while not understanding,
Transcending all knowledge.

He who truly arrives there
Cuts free from himself;
All that he knew before
Now seems worthless,
And his knowledge soars
That he is left in unknowing
Transcending all knowledge

This knowledge in unknowing
Is so overwhelming
That wise men disputing
Can never overthrow it,
For their knowledge does not reach
To the understanding,
Transcending all knowledge

And this supreme knowledge
Is so exalted
That no power of man or learning
Can grasp it;
He who masters himself
Will, with knowledge unknowing,
Always be transcending.
And if you should want to hear:
This highest knowledge lies
In the loftiest sense
Of the essence of God;
This is a work of his mercy,
To leave one without understanding
Transcending all knowledge

Monday, August 19, 2013

pure as the mountain (beyond form and mind)

when he came to the ashram
there was a new bed put in the corner for
him to sleep on
what a funny thing to be sleeping on a bed
he preferred the floor of the cave
where he lived before
as this was just right
but he would sit on the bed and be seen by
his devotees to give darshan
and answer questions
he lived in this bed when he was there
there were no walls
or anything to divide him from his devotees
for he was just as these ones that came to bow
before him
the very same consciousness
the very same heart
why was a wall needed?
he lived there openly and sometimes got
up to walk on the mountain that he loved
for it was as Shiva to him
resting in stillness
beyond all form and ways of the world
he came there long ago when he was a boy
and sat in it's cool interior
where mind was not alive and did not
ever exist in these depths
this was his ashram (this mountain)
a wonderful, sparkling place
to simply be and just *be* he did
for all that was separate vanished as a dream dreamt
long ago
never to come and enter into his mind that was as
the mountain pure and holy
many sages came here to sit of long ago and entered
the heart where beauty and stillness resides
he came too
drawn by this love and light
so much capturing of his heart
when he first came to be by the mountain
he walked up to the temple
where he took a strip of clothing and made a loin cloth
for his body
right before he entered the temple it rained fresh and pure
this was his initiation the universe gave to him
and it worked well
very simple
he entered the temple and immediately sunk into the
brahman consciousness
still, quiet, unmoving
he did not move for days on end ..
then a sadhu found him and took him where there was food
and a more suitable place that he could sleep and bathe
and find water
he was simply led there by grace
it mattered not if he stayed in the temple
or slept on the earth bare
so his form was led to these different places
but his mind that was in stillness
remained unaltered by the different scenes that
came to his eyes
his mind was free no matter where his form resided
he lived here and there around the mountain for a time
and eventually stayed in the caves of the mountain
where many had come to be lost to the source of all
penetrating stillness was in these depths
and he lived there very happy and bright in consciousness and joy
he did not speak for a long long time
he remained in peace
then he was led to the ashram by the mountain where he gave darshan
and lived near his devotees
he gave satsang in the flow of the day
he gave darshan and this was his greatest blessing
for it was in quiet beauty that touched the soul
to awaken in the devotee light and love and truth
beyond the darkness that ego lived
once he told a story of a woman that wanted to feed him
at her house
she was very insistent that he come
to her residence and eat
he did not come as he did not want to leave the devotees
that took their time to be with him and honor the light
so he came to her in a dream and said
my dear, why are you being so stubborn about this eating
my devotees will come to your house and eat in my place
as when you are
feeding them with love and an open heart
you are feeding me
this woman immediately made a beautiful banquet for the
sage's devotees
and they came to her house and she fed them with wonderful
foods that delight the palate
with great love and care and feeling
she fed them
and she was happy

this is the writing that flowed out in this moment
based on some of Ramana's life ...
om namah shivaya


what frees the mind is surrender
that comes with an open heart 
there cannot be letting go without it 
there cannot be freedom without it 
for any that come to the waters to be purified
are to enter in there 
and make their heart like shiva's 
rich with life that is in beauty and truth
like God is 
and in these waters there is living great 
like true love finally unleashed
to dance 
as shiva nataraja dances 
the joy of liberation in it's fullness
the joy of knots finally loosed 
the joy of freedom everlasting
the joy of one without a second

Friday, August 16, 2013

be true

tend to the heart my friends
and all will be well
amongst the thorns 
flowers will grow 
the fragrance will be enjoyed 
and life will become a blessing 
rather than a battle ground 
where one is trying always 
to survive in terms of being right 
or rectifying wrongs 
instead be still and quiet 
set on the soul of all
as a one that is to be in love with
the SELF 
and not enamored by worldly ways 
that are so shaded and without direction
as the mind dissolves into the heart
all will be made clear
all will be set right
for now

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ganesha (destroyer of obstacles)

there are many stories about Shiva
he has been put in character form 
to be an example of what takes place 
on the inner journey
Shiva sits in majestic pose on mt Kailash
as this is representative of the 
unmoving beauty of the pure soul 
that is like that which presides over all 
and is untouched by any coming and going 
his face and form are perfect and handsome 
because he is the beautiful one 
he knows only the still living reality 
nothing can compare to this type of beauty
it is like the most glorious scene on earth 
and beyond this 
as it does not change or die away ever 
once however,
as the Hindu stories go 
he did have a relationship with Paravati 
who is the goddess of love and devotion
he loved her with all his heart 
but he was not in the way of wanting a child 
as his vision was internalized
and though Paravati tried all sorts of ways
to tempt him and to rouse his desire for her
Shiva did not move his gaze from being internal
he sat motionless as the steady mountain
his focus fixed solely on the absolute
Paravati was sad due to Shiva's
as she very much desired a child to love 
she felt that this was a communion of her
love for Shiva
Shiva was away a lot meditating
and doing what gods do 
and Paravati became lonely for his presence 
she became so lonely that she rubbed her skin
with a pumice stone and took this scraped off skin
from her body and mixed it with clay
from the earth to fashion a child 
a boy that she could love
and then she blew her breath on the
image she had created and it came to life
as an energetic boy
this boy was very precocious 
and followed her around with bright stories 
and dancing ways 
and Paravati enjoyed him immensely
when Shiva returned from his meditation
in the forest of india
Paravati had gone to bathe in the river 
and told the boy to bar the door and do 
not let anyone in no matter what
when Shiva returned
the boy did not recognize him to be his father
and he held the door tight shut 
this angered Shiva greatly
he pushed at the door with all his might 
and when it finally opened he found a child 
there and due to his anger 
he cut off the child's head with his trident
Paravati was of course very distressed 
by this scene 
and Shiva swore he would restore the 
child to living again
he told his disciples 
to replace the child's head immediately
the first thing that was found was a baby elephant 
and the elephant's head was cut off to replace
the child's head
as this was representative of replacing
the head of ignorance (that was made from the dirt
of the body) with wisdom
this child was to be called Ganesha or Ganapati 
which means destroyer of obstacles 
Shiva was very happy that a child was 
returned to him and his lovely Paravati
and they both beamed 
and loved his dear presence that was 
so very wise beyond his years
and Shiva said due to this grace 
of restoring his child 
that Ganesha was to be propitiated first 
before any other 
Ganesha was a boy of great and beautiful
he loved his 
mother and father with all his heart 
Ganesha was to be
like a peaceful warrior in a way
for he is the one that keeps the path clean 
of obstructions by bearing his little hatchet 
that cuts the weeds and dross away so 
souls can see clearer the way thru
he destroys the sins and the barriers 
that are made of false substance 
he makes a clear path to the light by his 
shearing the ground and of course 
Shiva is then there at the end of the journey 
as pure consciousness 
Ganesha is always seen with a little mouse 
this mouse is very much of a pest most of the time 
as he runs around and around like thoughts 
and one cannot catch it 
try as one might 
for the little thing will duck into small places 
and then come back out when no one is looking 
and play about again which creates quite a nuisance 
but Ganesha has his little bits of sweets with him 
to feed the mouse and tame him
which is like the sweetness of grace
(in Guru's words and presence)
that strike the mind and render it quiescent
so it is subdued not running about like it does 
Ganesha is very prince like and ornate
in his clothing and colorful presentation 
he can be adorned in flowers which are like
the fragrance 
of experience along the way
rather than getting stuck on the thorns
time and time again
enjoy the fragrant scent of life that is alway present
which can be savored if one has the right outlook
Ganesha also can have quite a look of wisdom 
and also charm to him
he is a charmer indeed as he befriends the
the little beast of ego 
and then subdues him still and silent 
his right tusk is broken off
and what remains is the *one* tusk
that represents single-pointedness
he used the tusk that was broken off
to scribe the mahabharata
which is very heavy book of wisdom
as Ganesha's form is heavy
he sits like a heavy unbudging form for sure
no different than the non-dual scriptures
that radiate great substance of knowledge...
this is a bit about Sri Ganesha the destroyer of obstacles 
and like all the Hindu dieties
they are representative of different types of  energies
and not to be
seen as something outside of the self
each image is deeply rich in symbology that point
always to the non-dual reality
the pure SELF of all

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nisargadatta (in the natural state)

a sage named Nisargadatta lived in india
where he sold beedies (indian cigarettes) 
for a living
he lived in a simple quarters 
with his family
he had in him a desire for freedom
but this did not burn strong until
later when his children were grown
he would sit on the steps by his house 
and contemplate the pure soul of all
he found himself many times lost in the SELF
where he sank deeply
and he had no desire to come out of it 
he had a Guru that passed into maha samadhi
very soon after Nisargadatta was instructed by him
his Guru told him few words 
the main teaching was to stay with the *I am*
so he abided this well
his Guru had also told him that his spirit 
was eternal and beyond form and mind 
Nisargadatta talked to himself words like this 
why would my Guru lie to me?
this must be completely true that my being 
is eternal and filled with light 
he did not let the mind creep in to say words 
to dissuade and pull him into shadow
he kept himself on course by saying
why would my Guru speak untrue words?
and he would spend time contemplating 
his Guru's words 
he would not spend time convincing himself
he was this or that 
but would relax into his Guru's words
and little by little his mind became 
increasingly silent and filled with
love, peace and joy
he continued to sit in silence during his
free time
and eventually he sank into the source
thru the gate of the *I am*
which was to be his main teaching
after finding himself in truth 
beyond one shadow of a doubt
he wandered the plains of india
as a renunciate for a time
but eventually returned to his family
dwelling place
where he stayed and souls would 
come to him and ask questions 
which he would speak with great force 
and fire his responses 
he would speak with absolute conviction
and sterness about the true SELF 
in which all living beings are made of at heart 
he would speak to the eternal beyond form
he would speak to the life force 
the non-dual, deathless reality 
he had no fear anywhere and from anything 
he was a simple man of courage and force 
and fire 
he burned with truth and it was felt deeply 
by those that came near him
he passed into maha samadhi without a single
bit of fear 
he could not be that corpse
that is to turn to dust and blow
with the winds 
how very untrue and unreal that is 
and so he lives as deathless reality as 
all those that are within truth live 
as the SELF of all

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Great King Janaka

in this life you are to make efforts 
if you are in true love 
with yourself 
for when you love yourself 
there is nothing that can
stop you from being as a light 
as a sage like the one 
named King Janaka who
lived in the world 
surrounded by wealth
and all types of mentalities 
yet he did not get soiled by any of it 
he was taught by Ashtavakra
who led him to the waters of the SELF
where he drank as a man 
that finally found the purest source 
and indeed it quenched him well
for when he came forward to be a king 
after this truth was in him burning bright 
he ruled as a detached saintly being 
with no sides that were favored
and no self interest
with a still mind
cleared of obstructions
he gave the best possible
to those under his care
he had great responsibilites, yet did not 
let them *rule* him
how very unbalanced this would be 
he was a king of himself 
which means his consciousness was 
within God always 
he was a swami (lord of himself)
yet he did not wear the ochre robes 
he wore kingly attire which did 
not subtract or add to his purity within
this would be very absurd indeed 
for truth has nothing to do with outer 
it has to do with that which is beyond all of it
as a metal refined and restored
to it's natural beauty
which lay eternally under the dross
such is the way of a man
within truth
King Janaka said words like this 
now i have found the thieves that have 
been stealing the treasure within
i have put them to rest 
and they (thoughts) will not destroy
my kingdom of heaven
which is life pure 
how glorious and majestic
a king was this one 
like no other that is written 
he was not a saint that went about 
feeding the hungry or living on alms 
as the wandering sadhus 
he was a man of stature that lived 
in a palace 
yet he was abiding in stillness
and if a man be a sadhu
with the wrong intention and focus
he is not a sadhu at all
and if a king be still inside
and lit up with God essence  
this man is indeed a true sadhu
this was King Janaka

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bhagawan Nithyananda (the avadhuta)

there was once a sage named Nithyananda
he never failed to give sharp pointings
that cut deep to the bone of the matter
he was a type of avadhuta
which means he came in enlightened
though he had a form
he was not attached to it like those
in the mundane plane
when he was a boy he was very still inside
he did not look to outside sources
for succour but refreshed his being
always in God consciousness
as he moved in the world he
blessed souls that came near by his
words and vibrant presence
some came to be with him and wanted
to live with him
but he told his closest disciple to move on
and find himself in direct experience
and not cling to him as this was not
to make him free
he told his disciple to go get grounding
as this disciple had much phenomena that
was coming forward
Nithyananda went his way about india
with much powers (siddhis) but he was not
attached to them like those that were in ego
he was simply flowing in spontaneous joy
within the absolute
he took to the plains of india on foot
sometimes he would be found in trees
or up in cloud formations
sometimes in the running rivers
his shadow could be seen
sometimes he would be near a sadhu that was
immersed in sadhana with sincerity
sometimes in the winds that moved would be
his spirit, that was vast like the sky
when he was seen in body, there would be
souls that wanted blessings
he would bless them and then say,
now go and find your way
do not stop until the heart is abided in
do not be afraid or lose sight of the truth in your soul
be like Jesus and Mohammed
be like the earth and the stars in glory
do not fret about little things or dream about
what may or may not happen
instead be like allah inside, burning still and pure
he would say this
and then he would go away
vanish really in thin air sometimes it seemed
one day when he was standing by a rock
that was near a bubbling brook that sung
like the angels so beautiful and rich
he was looking like he would be out of body
and he spoke words like this
if there is one disciple that loves me true
and loves me with all their heart
as one that is surrendered deeply
and would die to be as God is
and would lay all down to know the truth
this one i would stay for
but he knew there were none here on earth like this
not one, not even his closest disciple could say
yes, my Guru, i am this one,
this one so true
and so he left his form
and on that day there appeared
a bright light that
raced across the sky
that was as the star of creation
it was blazing so beautiful
and all looked up to say ah, there is my Guru
and all walked away and left what was
a most amazing gift
a light so glorious
and he still lives as reality
here in your heart
this is where one is to go
and be free always ...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kabir (a social reformer)

Kabir was a social reformer
how did he do it?
not by going out and feeding
the poor and hungry
but by being a light to humanity
because he was within
God consciousness
his words were forceful
and filled with fire
in order to wake up
the souls that were in slumber
he did not bring a sword
with him
he did not bring a shield
with him
he did not bring anything
to read or refer to
or draw from
he simply brought his
being which was
lit up with God essence
this is how he lived
and with this fire
he set in motion
a strong force that
shook the dead energies
he lived in a time
in which there was so
much corruption and
idolizing statues and
rituals that were done that
were not benefitting to any
so he came and said no,
how very false that is to worship
an image
how very lame and untrue is that
if you bow to an ox or a goat
or even to cow manure
with great love and care
and find rich life everywhere
you walk
and everywhere you are
then you are finding God
in yourself
this is how he spoke
because minds that are bent
on power and keeping souls
in bondage by their rules
and nonsense of *this group is higher *
and *this one lower*
bring forward and binds
the masses to rituals
that are corrupt in nature
because at their base there
is a desire for personal gain
and so many just follow along
without questioning, what is this about?
so he came and spoke of freedom within
and God that is in the soul of all man
and beast and all things
he was not ever shaken to think
because he *knew* that all is one
and by this knowledge there is no
way to speak untrue words
he was very simple and in love
with the God source
he was in truth
his poetry is sharp and
flows in love and joy
it strums the heart chords with
beautiful words
and at the same time tears away
the coverings
it lights the mind on fire with
it singes the dark energies
it destroys the shadow by simply
being truth
how very beautiful and very
fortunate to have his presence here once
he has left a great legacy
of strength and outspoken words
that still flow in pure being
for those sincere souls to bask in

Kabir (a hard hitting saint)

a long time ago there lived a saint named
he was a man that would weave cloth
he would weave and weave and 
when he did so 
bright words of truth sprang forth
that were like the tapestry that 
he created 
woven with love, care 
and joy
he was a man that spoke only 
to bring those minds that 
were in confusion to awaken
as he spoke and wove his cloth
some would come sit near him
and enjoy basking in his light 
that was like love itself 
but there were also many
that became inflamed by his 
strong forthright wisdom
that would come out 
raw and pure 
to singe the mind and 
make it become alert 
to life as it is 
there were many that spoke 
against him
as being a one that was 
of dark ways 
but this did not stop Kabir 
from speaking up and 
bringing fresh light to the 
stale mentalities that lurked 
he spoke up against the caste system
and the warring of man against man
that was based on the color of 
skin and belief systems 
he spoke up against false spiritual
persons that were out to 
make money off of vulnerable 
souls that did not 
know better 
he spoke up about God 
and what God was and was not 
he did not wear special clothing 
he did not bring special 
magic acts (siddhis) with him
he only spoke truth 
and was simple in his life 
and his way of being 
and though this was not taken in 
well by most while he was alive
his message and beautiful poetry
ring bright 
and are enjoyed by many
how funny that now that he 
is gone 
there is so much devotion 
towards him
but this is the way of minds 
that look to be in love *with*
and do not want the hard hitting