Monday, June 22, 2015


the nuns were so beautiful
when in deep contemplation or lost to the fires of love
or drowned in the light of God
or present in the purity of realization
they were strong to go through such austerities
of meager quarters and having little to no fruits of the world to enjoy
and many underwent severe illnesses,
and pain and let God purify the mind through these experiences
not shaken inside by what was happening to the form
how this is so beautiful

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

the sage

the sage 
is free of unrest 
he is unburdened like shiva
he is identical to the absolute
he is free of pride and lust 
he bears no mark of ignorance 
such as attachment to form and
he is rinsed clean of sin
he is a light unto himself
he is a prince of peace 
he is a bright glow
for humanity
he may sit on a tiger skin
or a throne 
or live in the streets 
as a homeless one
and remains unblemished
as his consciousness 
is changeless
and not affected by externals
he sees the world of many
but still his consciousness
is single 
always within shiva 
he has no relationship 
to any 
as he is completely alone
within himself
he is in stillness always
without ups 
and downs of the world
steady as the mountain range
fresh as the rains that come 
to a parched land 
swept clean of stories
of me and mine
shorn of coverings of identifications
he may seat himself in the lotus 
position on the earth 
or walk in the crowded cities
he may wear ordinary clothes 
or nothing at all
he may speak eloquent words 
or be in silence
he may sit by the waters 
and sleep in the deep forests 
with the creatures 
or live in an ordinary home 
he may be outgoing 
or quiet in nature
he may be uncomely
or wear a beautiful face 
he may embody a fine form
or be bent with age
and decrepitude
he remains unattached
and eternally free
of these appearances
he will not be comprehended
by those in mundane mind 
his divine state will be 
recognized only by those that 
are liberated 
as this is the same 
consciousness always 
o ne 
not high
not low 
not anything 
in between
without qualities
what remains when 
the mind falls away
this is the sage  

Thursday, June 11, 2015

lose today

tell me friend
have you loved well?
you know I (the pure soul)
loves you well
and when I love you
I say to you be still
I say to you be quiet
I say to you make your
life wondrous
I say to you make your life
pristine inside
you settle for things seen by
the eyes and heard by the ears
and felt by the hands
but souls, this is only the
surface reality
not the truth
for under this show lies
something more precious
then all the things taken
in and collected
by the senses
under this show lies
that which does not die away
this substance
is the real-ity
it makes the *other* which
is thought, attachment and conditionings
paltry at best
which does not mean what is loved
in duality is to be thrown away
not by any means
but that which is attached to
is where the problem lies
because this is what makes
mind into a personal reality
in the scriptures it says
mind is never yours
yes it states this
mind is just an empty playing
out energy/shakti
movement, not reality
so why put your attention
so strongly there
when you place your attention
in the heart
then you lose the grasp
on mind
eventually the world dies away
and quietude is uncovered
then life is One
so my friends
lose today
lose  the *me and mine* mentality
lose the, our, this, that, he, she, they,
here, there, yesterday, tomorrow, what I did,
what I didn't do, what I should do,
what I,  I,  I
then you lose to gain
then you lose
that which makes your life limited
my friends
forget your little world
be this love that isOne
lose today
be still