Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Blood moon energy tantric tarot reading

Tonite, the clear pendulum chose these cards as an energetic diagram of the energies of blood moon.

The first card is, *Ally* which has to do with raw kundalini fire (at times in it's untamed state). This card is a boon as it is a destroyer of the lower energies that can wreak havoc.

The second card is the *Phoenix*, which rises from the ashes -- a symbol of mystical attainment.

The third card is *Deep End* -- represents plunging into the waters of consciousness ...
diving deep into this water without hesitation or need for boundaries...

The fourth card is, *The Magic Carpet* which represents traveling into new realms of the psyche -- moving beyond the physical boundaries of temporal body. Also, the phenomena that occurs in terms of visions, hearing celestial sounds, psychic phenom, spontaneous action, and all the ongoing wondrous ways phenomena plays out during the journey takes one on quite a mystical ride.

The fourth card is, "Just passing through". This is showing that all things in terms of phenomena pass away in time, and that the journey in all it's phases is a transient experience ...

The last card is, "Shiva, the pillar of fire" -- which is the end result of the journey when all phenomena has been burnt up, destroyed and only pure consciousness remain.

A nice reading regarding blood moon energy

Sunday, January 28, 2018

tantra board tarot

strangely my friends 
the pendulums sit on this tantra board 
of the tarot card reading 
they automatically connected the energy
of the seeker with kali's heart-feet
it was odd indeed 
yet really not so strange here to see it 
for there are so much oddities that flow 
at times 
i am not unaccustomed to it 

so the pendulums sit here 
and to pick up the rudraksha pendulum
is something else 
it pulls to the heart 
and leaves the mind empty really
i cannot speak to you about how and why?
i don't know 
there is an energy there that is clearing and 
has come 

dear i will tell you 
the way the cards line up is not something 
i would have chose 
the energy of the pendulum chose them 
like a way to say look! do not miss this card 
this one and this one ---
and they line up this way, no other way
and they are these cards and not the other 
many cards that can be chosen
they are these cards
the stars, kali, vision quest 
yes these cards only


you know friend 
one must be open to hearing and allowing 
the flow of forces that clear to come 
if one is afraid of the mysteries 
then this flow will be blocked 
due to fear 

what comes forward to be seen and cleared 
is not what one thinks 
so much can seem on the surface this or that 
yet it is not 
for i will tell you what the voice of spirit speaks 
if i was saying one thing inside 
spirit would say in the way of yes and no 
and more to my mind-heart that is not true 
this and this is not that way
this is not the way you think
now this would happen when there was that 
spirit communion that was like a grip hold 
and not as strong now 
but what was offered by spirit was something that said
that what was felt as hard or wrong or crooked 
was not that way truly
underlying that cover was something that is not 
made of anything like that 
and that cover too
is always fine in whatever way 
it plays out  
and is felt 
one need not worry about it 
and know that the soul inside is always well, whole
complete and lifted in it's bed of the cosmos 
that gives freely all things 


oh dear 
say this to me sweetly 
for i long to hear your way of speaking 
you have so long been in thought 
but do you feel the whisper of spirit 
that says not these things at all
but something of the mystery way 
it is not absent from you ever 
it is not ever away
not  ever 
it is in you deep and well 
it is in you like the lingum in the yoni

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Spirit heart counsel

Spirit: "Deaf to my song of person. The ears are being shut to my song of person."

*I'm just not even hearing that story hardly any more, ok? It becomes like an old tape
that one has played, and this tape becomes broken and the projector
is just spinning now but the tape is not there.


Spirit: I see your name and it's like"starlight, that's a good starlight to follow
(hand pointing towards Guruji)."

Spirit:"Siddhananda lives spirit, lives Psychic. Good team. Starlight follow."

Spirit: Since being here (in the energy), my mind says not the same things to me.
Mind says, like more lighter things to me... like lightness...

*So things are beginning to shift. They came in here with more heaviness/depression, but now
it is shifting.


Spirit: "Adi, she says (referring to Adi Shankara). Adi she speaks. She says that with right words."
Adi in all things... the living and the dead... Adi in all.... Ahhhhhh Adi, Adi, Adi.....

*they are immersed in the play. They are immersed in seeing what is at the center of it. That unchanging *IS* and then the dynamic play of it. The beauty and fragrance .... that fragrance ... that beauty.....

Spirit: "I am Muslim. I walk like God... I..I am Muslim.  I have many paths though.
I am not staying Muslim just only."

*So they are more open to other traditions even though they are primarily Muslim.
They see that there is that one thread that runs through all traditions.

Spirit: Om flower. Aum flower. (This is the way of the spirit saying thank you).


Spirit: "River, river of beauty...river of spirit speech. Speaks spirit, very nice thank you."

The spirit is appreciative of the work and thankful it has opened up again.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

river of spirit language

on this day of 25 january 2018
i am writing about the spirit light work 
with Guru

today i will say there was more of a fluidity 
to the sessions 
for here, it took awhile to get the sea legs back
because without the crisp clear visions, i had no
feeling of how the work would flow 

but the work does flow dear readers 
as an artist finds it's canvas after awhile 
and the drawing, colors and portraits just 
appear on their own without the doing of that 
one drawing it--
for it lives in their soul-blood
it is like this for sure 

so long ago, from young, there was a seeing 
of things and hearing things 
of which i was not comfortable with 
and a feeling of channeling too
(painful at times)
yes, but these things were not spoken about 
when one is merely a child 
so nothing was said, not ever
and of course this continued
and became more pronounced with time 
and with the energy of kundalini getting stronger 

and now may we return to these sessions
the energy is not like channeling this time 
i must say the channeling done during the blood moon
was an all consuming experience that bubbled up 
and filled the form-mind so that the experience of the spirit
was felt so deeply 
and this is why the visions were preferable to this 
as they would come in an instant with strong illumination
and seeing of the personages of spiritual nature 
in vivid detail, lustre and finery so strikingly heart speaking 
as if being right there
and now the vivid detail
and fine strength of illuminated imagery is diminished,
but not in the least lost in the heart 
as it sings now in a different way 
it is not felt like the heavy intense channeling before, but lighter 
flowing from the heart and head 
as an instrument feels the delicate wisps of the one plucking 
it's strings 
or the beat of the hand on it's texture of skin
it arises from the heart, souls in it's own odd nature of coming forward 
the spirit-rock-energy is held and the sound of the voice of spirit is there 
it does not take over this one's being as before 
it simply vibrates more surface in a way or more lighter 
and that one's spirit-voice-story moves outward in words or displays of what is 
there with hand mudra signs and verbage 
not at all unnatural feeling here, but i must say -- not something that was 
spoken at all about before 
as i felt in some ways 
rather odd and different is the only term to use 
as the seeing of things was so very pronounced for so long 
i felt that i wished for it to go and not come back
as i felt unsettled about having such an odd way of being

i am speaking in a flow of words now my friends 
if you are interested to peak inside the soul of spirit heart vision
but if you are not at all interested then please go and enjoy the moment 
but this is how the hands are moving and speaking now 

so to come to this thing of expression
with the messages and spirit counsel
is something that was honored greatly by Guru
and it was not at all feeling strange when with her 
i have never felt it strange to myself 
but felt it would be odd to others, yes! it's true 
but Guru made a space as sacred light to allow the flow of spirit 
and though this soul pulled back sometimes to not be so 
held in it's spirit-grips which occurred before 
in the blood moon time 
but now the flowing of it is much more settled, though some shakiness
and other energy openings 
are here 
it is fine and even Guru said, that i seem different around it 
partly due to her settled presence of allowing love to flow in it's
partly due to so much clearing being done 
and mantra internally said
and i did tell her thank you for making this very odd way of speaking 
seeing and feeling, blessed, dignified and lit up with light 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

spirit session

spirit session

those roses by my grave stone are dying 
this spirit said 
they have not been refreshed and brought 
me the gift of spirit 
so please oh helpers refresh those roses 
for me 
so i can sip of the wine of heart 
and give of myself to the shining light 
and not bask in the past ways of experience 
oh helpers 
did i do a wrong somewhere that i hardly 
for my heart is heavy with feelings 
and though i have left that experience 
it is still inside me 
oh helpers, Guru
set me on the righteous path 
and the Guru does indeed give guidance 
that is to say 
you, oh soul are not the form and what happened 
happened to the form only
you are spirit only 
so do not weigh yourself so heavily down by
what is now gone 
and move forward into light 

oh dear hearts 
the Christ energy enters into the scene 
and there is not a single way that mind can continue 
to go thru the shadows  
the spirit connects in with his light 
and bows deeply 
and forgets what was so heavy in nature
and sits like a child by his feet 
and sits like an innocent child 
to be blessed in love and light 
and goodness 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

rich music

here is writing on one of the spirit sessions today
though there were several coming in need or to 
simply give a message... this is the one that flowed

one of the spirits was not saying prayers 
from the heart 
Mary mother of love and light 
entered to let us know of this constriction
that was present for this soul
when she came a flood of love took over 
this being 
it was like an angel entered into the heart 
an angel that had only love in it's finest form 
to offer 
she was able to sync up with the energy spirit 
in need of help in a masterful way in which 
the space and time element vanished 
because it was right there
like an instant knowing of what was happening with this 
energy spirit 
what she said was to pray not in a constricted fashion
but to pray like being *one* with the prayer 
as musical notes were seen rising into the air 
as a way to say the prayer is the rich music (of heart)
imbibe it like food for the soul
the prayer for this spirit energy was not soul-based 
it was head based so very, very different
so then some drops of blood were seen
and some bread 
body and blood of Christ in which one consumes 
so as to become that same glorious life
this is the way the prayer should be
consumed in this very same way
it feeds you
it purifies you
it opens the soul to the pathway of light 

Guruji gave some heart-filled teachings on this 
subject which never fails to be in alignment with 
grace in it's entirety

end of this session

Monday, January 22, 2018

in the heart

Session today 1/22/18 with G and Siddhananda

This spirit has engaged in 3rd eye practices in the past

The pointing is:
     Silence is not in the head (or 3rd eye)
     but in the heart

G: All starts in the heart,
     proceeds from the heart and returns to the heart.

Big Baba Light, The Himalayan master and Kali
are called in to aide in helping this spirit
*due to the 3rd eye work, this spirit has a lot to break

Siddhananda (speaking for spirit) :
Fire, Fire
Hari, Hari
Ash, ash
Save yourself.. don't live here in the head (3rd eye)
Live here in heart

G: Let Kali come and break down the rest of the illusion.

Goddess, goddess
beauty dark
goddess, beauty of the night

Mountains cold

G: That is referencing mt. Kailash and the himalayan
     They all have the same truth.*

Mountains cold
ascend and sit in silence
mountains, mountains

dark night goddess, beauty

Fire Baba
Fire Baba here

Essence of sweetness

This spirit is now bowing (they are wearing white)
Spirit: "I want to be good."

They are here (in the heart) now

a release is felt
the ganapate mantra is being said internally
for this spirit
the energy is felt to be running or
washing off
(removing the obstacles)

This energy is felt to have opened up greatly
and can process for now

namaste (hand on heart)

Sunday, January 21, 2018

shaman vision written 11/2015

what arose this morning was of a flower presented
it was large, with open petals
the shaman was there, decked out in his finery of primal fire source energy
he was dancing his dance (and now i see him in my mind)
which happens much as i am writing
he is there looking up to the sky
the sky is dark and ominous with a great opening of light
in which he is looking at or *into*...
he is saying, that he has come from that opening in the sky
in which rain falls pure and light floods through..
he is pointing to that opening and then spreading his arms wide and outward...
he says that it will rain pure on those that are open to growing tall in beauty and spirit
the animals are there with him, he lives in all of them...
then there is a bright fire like a dhuni (but it feels to be native american in energy) that is glowing
it is burning bright as a star in the night sky

he is showing his attire that is decked out with lovely native american symbology
and brushing it away from him to say this is not him,
and pointing to his body too as to say this carcass,
if you want to call it that because i am seeing some buzzards picking at a dead carcass,
is not him
and then i see a spirit rising from this dead body...
it is rising high to be merged with gold light of all

he is reaching over and touching my chin and taking it up
and putting marks of the native american signs on my face
like stripes on the cheeks and such
and then he smiles a big wonderful smile
and looks up to the opening in the sky
there is a lotus at the opening, white and lovely ..
such purity, purity is the feeling...

that seems to be ending this writing
but he says he is not finished
for he wants to speak of the shaman way
which is as a healer that is in awakened consciousness
the shaman aids to bring healing to the body as much as is possible
but mostly to the soul
i am not getting more from him except i see tools,
like (the shaman) provides tools, in a way,
for the soul to find their own direct experience of love and light
that by this connection, grace is opened as a flood gate to allow for spirit growth
he says, though, that grace is the provider,
not this piece of flesh and he is touching his body to say, not this
his tools are spirit light, love, harmony, connection, silence,
family love or spirit family love,
which is the connection with those ones that feed the soul and
give uplifting energies to aide in moving forward (this is very important says he)...
he is not speaking with words, but some is coming through with thoughts,
other times just imagery,
other times just a feeling or a knowing...
he is showing a hammer in his hand and a saw
and grinning wide like these are the tools
which is simply symbolic for the tools of the heart...
and with this writing some hearts are flowing out of his chest
and out of mine and also out of my fingers ....
he seems to be vanishing now... we will see

i did start to write of this morning's vision where
a great flower appeared with big open petals ...
from out of the center of the flower arose the shaman,
he was reaching down and laying some flowers on the ground
and going inward to the center of the flower
where it became darker, richer, fuller ...
from this flower emerged the Guru
and from this another Guru and another ....
speaking to the same fragrance or essence in all...
and then a line of full moons in a row appeared...

this is all for now it seems...
may all be well and open into having direct experience with this moment
and whatever that brings...

om shanti

Opening up spirit work again

Dear souls,

Guru and i were having lunch today and went to a play that was quite boring as it was overacted, so we left early. On our way back, we were talking about the spirit work. Guru was wondering about the spirits that were left waiting as the work ended abruptly after the red moon episode.

So we went into the spirit room to check in with the spirits ... it felt quiet, much different than before as if things went into a kind of "sleep" of sorts is the best way to put it. We did check in with some of the spirits there in waiting and found there were a few that were in need of being worked with. Guru would hold one of the rocks in her hand (this is where the energy of the spirit enters or lives for awhile). Then she would pass the rock to me and ask me what i felt. About one spirit, i said i saw a question mark in my mind -- this is what she said she received from the energy as well. I held the rock in my hand and my hand began to vibrate indicating movement within this rock, then i could see in my mind some mud or darkness dripping down my arm and i also saw a heart embedded within this mud. My hand then went to my heart as a way to describe that this spirit, though very loving towards others was having a hard time loving their own being. Guruji held this rock in her hand then and i could see a whiteness like a fluid river appear with dark ribbons within it, some sparkling stars twinkled above it. There was still some mud there, but this began to lighten up. When she handed the rock back to me, my hand immediately wen to my heart. I could feel such a deep well of love inside my heart that would truly bring tears and it was felt that this spirit was in the heart very nicely and this work could process.

Also Mary was there as a bright form of energy -- there were energetic lines that made a triangle to me, Guru and the statue of Mary that was in the spirit room.. it felt all as one.... as one heart and one flow of love and spirit. There were a few others that we worked with. When Guru said she asked within if there were any that were willing to help from the other side -- this is when this image of Mary appeared in a white draping flowing gown with a heart in the center. This would take place like a connection of spirit is the best way to put it.

I will describe now the difference in the work compared to last. Even in the brief minutes being in there today, the feeling was absolutely different. There was kind of a "sleep" to the spirits and it felt like they were being roused in a way out of a slumber, kind of "oh, wow, there is someone here again.". The work here was different in that so far anyway the imagery is not so crystal clear, not at all actually, it is hazier, yet one knows what is there even in the finest detail without fully seeing it. There is the feeling of it all there without words as usual. There is still imagery and some conveying of language through psychic means, channeling and just knowing. The hands here vibrate to the energy and then there is a playing out with the body that tells the story in a way -- for instance one time the rock- spirit was brought up to the ear to listen and then it could be made out what was there. This may sound strange to others i am sure, but the spirit language is not held with the confines of boxes and logic... but plays out with ways that are felt in terms of energy .. not with concrete language-words.

This evening i am feeling settled as last time there was so much vivid imagery non-stop in it's nature and form -- with spirit energies around this form constantly to no end. Wherever i walked -- in a loving way mostly, but playing about in kind of a celebratory or adorning of this form with flowers, clothing imagery of all sorts -- and much, much more. Tonite there was a ring of flowers placed in the hair and my hair was braided and am seeing some greenery around, but i am not bothered truly by it. The heart is in the lead souls and this mind will fully sink into the heart in it's time and there may still be a "seeing into" with the mind completely still as it feels even without the crisp imagery, there is still a complete seeing of what is there --- very interesting...

It will be interesting to see what unfolds, this time around.

Thank you for being here.
Blessings of love and light always

om shanti

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

a door opened

i came seeking a way out of suffering 
and the door opened 
into the mystic realm of heart 
it is not like one thinks 
a rainfall of bliss at all 
it is like a coming out of all the debris 
in consciousness that rises from the depths 
a hard thing for certain 
and there are times of openings into the mysteries 
that bloom like buds and flowers with various hues 
giving a manifestation of visions, seeing "into" 
and far away
hearing things that are mysterious 
like waters, sounds, names and messages 
these things come dear hearts like waves of 
mystery on the waters of heart 
rising to be seen and washed clear 
it is not something that will last or give peace 
whatsoever to the soul 
it is a showing of the mysteries 
and that all is spirit entirely
and not of form or personality or ego
so one does not rest there to say, look at me 
how wondrous i am 
but continues to move forward, centered in grace which 
is the blessing of Guru

when these manifestations come, there is a 
feeling like being not here in the so called solid 
it is not feeling to be the center 
one moves into different realms truly
you will understand this friend 
as there is the state of sleep nightly in which the mind 
is sunk in oblivion of sorts and dreams come 
then one has no consciousness of the form 
and when you rise, there is bringing in of the familiar attachments 
oh my love, you do this nightly and every morning 
this is the truth 
so you can feel it some ways in what is being said 
yet even when awake, in the mystic land 
different seeing into, clairvoyance, spirit realms come 
yes indeed 

i can speak of this for sure and say to you that these risings 
that are temporary 
begin to fade and fade some more 
and what fills in the place where all these manifestations once lived 
and had life 
is pure silence that is so much better 
and life filled 
and of love, joy, birth of the self 
yes indeed soul

so let's keep our rudders turned toward the holy star of 
light and keep going there 
not letting the mind have it's way and play it's games 
for these things are nothing truly in the end 
instead come to the experiences of heart 
for this is the truth
and what remains in the end 
there can be nothing else that will bring peace eternally 
love yes 
this is the truth


dear souls,
today while with Guru, there was a samadhi state that came
it lasted awhile
the time within this state is like a darkness that is pure,
clean and without imagery and thoughts that cross consciousness
it is not a state that is lacking in grace, peace, depth and beauty
not in the least
it is life-filled
its is awareness without attachments
the body is there and one is aware of it
but one is not feeling in touch with it so much
as it is just there
the ears are hearing
there were some lights that could be seen inward
as the cars came by
the sound of the music could be heard
there was an involuntary state to the body
in which movement was absent
also there was a feeling of not being able to speak
as the verbal communication was muted
which was quite fine and gave no pain whatsoever
there was a peaceful feeling present and a gentle current
of bliss that ran upward and settled in the head and heart
all of this came spontaneous with Guru's grace and presence
in which she was not at all aware that this would take place
nor did she do anything but sit in her usual state of pure
consciousness and quietude
this was all
we were enjoying the ordinary flow of the day
and simply driving back to her place
when the samadhi state hit here

i am feeling still quiet mostly and then more stilling
and feeling of the same flow of pure energy in waves
i am and all that are under the halo of Guru
extremely blessed
for the ones that come in humility
give their hearts to grace with love
and have the prayer to be within stillness forever are
and will be freed of the fetters in time
this is the reality

this is all this coming for now
be well
be blessed with love and light

om shanti

Monday, January 1, 2018

common to the mystics

dear one, 
logic is not the only thing, 
you know 
the mind thinks it knows everything 
and has it all figured out 
but come on now 
there is so much more depth 
in the being than that 
for wait until the time that an experience comes 
that does not fit into this box of logic 
and then 
there will be a shake up of your world that seems so 
very solid to you now 
and like the only thing that is of importance 
it will shake up that thinking construct 
so that it is not so hardened 
and then the mind will not know what to grasp onto 
this can be frightening 
for sure 
but do not be frightened 
stay in the heart and breathe 
let go 
it will be fine 
for the mind will go thru so many changes when the 
path of the mystic is undertaken 
it is like a fluidity that comes and brings up all kinds 
of manifestations that are out of the ordinary 
this is a "normal" part of the the path 
strange to most 
common to the mystics 
and when you experience all the things that are to come 
to be experienced on the path of light 
and they circle around again 
and keep breaking down and down those walls of ideations 
that are blocking the single vision
then there is oneness, samadhi states, non-dual states
slowing of mind, gaps between thoughts 
and even if you feel this is deep 
kundalini will keep going and shaking out those cobwebs 
of mind 
like a flow of light that rises 
and lifts up the debris to be cleared 
this is the way oh blessed soul!
see this is the journey for all 
though there are unique experiences and some seem 
to get more of this or that 
or less of this or that 
it comes down to the same heart 
that all is not separate 
and never has mind existed 
only this 
single heart shines
as all

om shanti

sink in

the only way is inward 
and to stop chasing outward appearances 
as if that is the end all be all
for the heart is not affected or touched by any appearances 
no matter how enticing or seductive 
it lives single, alone, free of worldly drama 
the appearances are not separate from the silence 
yet most only live within the appearances and are
unaware of the silence or space that is always present 
that allows this dance to be 
it is like living on the surface of the water 
and not relaxing and going deeper 
to experience something more of the soul
that is richer, mysterious, and unmoved or 
attached to form, personality, ego
this is the way of the mystic 
to go deeper into the ocean like this 
and the one that is sincere and seeks to know this reality 
that is free 
will let the heart guide 
and sink in 
sink in

be true

love has it's hard lessons for those that are not
allowing it's natural flow
love has it's hard ways
oh yes souls
it is like this when one begins to come inward as well
there are lessons, workings and opportunities
to go deeper
or continue on the same course and not heed the internal calling
that speaks to you;
be true the *heart* and not the *head*
be true to the pull of divine
be true to the deepest parts of your being
and not allow the intrusive mind to be the thing that guides

this one or the other

question the mind, oh soul
for if left to roam it will go on and on
without end 
this is not good 
for the mind is the covering on the heart 
and the heart is the life of all 
that is the best of the best 
the other is ignorance 
which means one is not aware of light, 
peace, non-dual reality 
this is not a thing that most want 
but is what happens when the mind 
is left to roam