Monday, February 10, 2014

in the quiet center

if a seeker stays steady in his own self
this is always the best way of being
for then the mind is not driven to be
involved in every experience that is taking place
it is instead more inward and quiet
as one that is watching the play, the dance
and not judging it with thought
an experience, is simply another passing show
that is not personal (though it may seem so)
it is simply another experience in the flow of
so many that come and go
so what does keeping a distance in the mind mean?
it means that one is attentive to the moment
without attaching to every little thing
and making a story about it
more like a relaxed seeing
as the wheel turns
one is in the quiet center
and not turning with the wheel

in oneness the mind is like a heart
that is in love *with*
this is very beautiful in it's way
as all seems so expansive and open
however, this is not the thing to be attached to
as it has within it seeds of mind
that will bloom again when there is a challenge
to ego
so if oneness comes to you as an experience
just relax into it, as it is simply another passing phase
of the journey
it is not the final end which is liberation
eventually the mind will end as it's energy is
exhausted in the heart
then when the mind is quiet and no longer dancing
and playing it's tune of me and mine
the heart is what remains
it is very simple at this point
it is like a mystery that is left as is
and there is no one left to make up imaginings
about the way things are or are not
because life is not a story
or something imagined and thought about
it is what it is
without personhood and without colorizations
of mind

if a seeker wants the truth
then he does not doubt what he wants
he does not say, "today i am in the way of seeking"
but tomorrow "i don't know"…
this kind of thing is what is called *lukewarm*
it is not a one that is serious or truly wanting
to come to the end of the journey
it is not a bad thing if one is not hungry for liberation
it is best however to be honest with yourself on this
and not play games *as if* one is putting liberation
over all else…
then one can simply live according to the natural
energy and direction that is there
one cannot force this type of thing
it comes in it's time, when the heart and mind are ripe
it comes like anything in nature
when the conditions bloom
then it is not a struggle to stay on course
it is more like a choice less choice
it is there, and it cannot be changed no matter
if one tried
so may there be honesty in the search
as this will bring the best about for the soul
no matter where the mind-set is …
the best will come and bring the direct experiences
that are needed to keep one going …

Saturday, February 8, 2014

clear sky

tonite the sky has no clouds
that drift across to cover it's naked light
and the sea sparkles with life so rich
the mountain sits majestic as shiva
and life is revealed to be true and forever,
without suffering

love undying

oh one that is to seek the Self
be watchful of your mind
and do not put the heart in the shade
it will not glow fully there
to create light that brings clarity to your
so be watchful and let not the robbers (thoughts)
be ruler of your reality
these robbers are very crafty and take the mind to
that which is not living
like empty air they are….
though they move about and speak of a world that lives
be watchful and let not the thoughts enshroud
as no man can be clear with a mind that roams
and no man can find beauty in the shade
be sinless
and of the living
which means still, quiet
forgetting of yourself or personal world
only then will truth begin to glow
what is there more important dear seekers
than to glow with the light of God?
there is nothing more important
and if your mind jumps to a conclusion, then
you have not quieted down
to hear and forget that which drives you in circles
come and shed this suffering
be like love itself in freedom
like love that is undying

only truth

come here friend
see the world
it dies in your mind like a stream that
pours it's nature into the one
it dies so many times in you
and there is not anything but truth that
is the substance of all
when it dies there is nothing to be done
or known
what remains is life so pure
and love so fulfilled
yet you cannot seek it
as the *me* that seeks will not remain
this is the joke
that this personal self that is taken to
be so true
has never been
only truth shines
pure and everlasting

in time

in time the night will not rise
then, it will be seen and known
that one heart is the abiding force
sheltered from nothing
and not ever weakened by change
as a rooted tree that does not go away
even as the leaves of experience are shed
one by one
this life force that is wise beyond measure
without a trace of personhood