Tuesday, August 12, 2014

how blessed

the non-dual texts speak always of one 
heart friends this is what is real
spoken by voices that are free of illusion
this truth shines so undeniable in this writing 
as the sun pours it's light forth at high noon
and can be felt by all that live under it 
and turn their face upward 
how these words melt into the heart and mind like this 
writing of this sort is of it's own category
and cannot be set up against writing of a dualistic nature 
that speaks to me and you and this and that 
and becoming and gaining and losing and all the 
woes and struggle of mundane existence 
the non-dual writings flow from the source directly
as honey flows from the sweetest body of water 
it quenches deeply and takes away
only what is creating bondage 
this writing is so very rare as to not be of interest 
to those taking up the reins of the cart and horse
of worldly desire
where will this lead? only to more of the same 
but to those souls that are to turn inward into themselves
and look deeply at what is real and lasting
and are graced with Guru's compassion
and teachings 
and are in the way of devoting their lives to the truth 
to these ones 
even a few words spoken from the lips of a completed master 
will strike the cords of the heart 
and begin to tear away the coverings of illusion
how blessed is the soul that opens in this way
how blessed is the soul that keeps as it's steer and rudder 
the faith that all is ONE 
how blessed is the soul that carries not the shadow of the past 
and projections of the future 
how blessed is the soul that discovers the path of heart 
how blessed is the soul that keeps on step by step
and does not turn back to the world of shadow
oh men and women that desire freedom
keep steady
and have faith in the words spoken by those free of 
suffering for they speak the truth that resides in all hearts
these words speak to what has always been 
and cannot be otherwise 
which is that all is ONE 
all is without death and without suffering 
beyond body, beyond mind 
this is the truth